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**Countdown to Founders Day -- Eight Maids (and Maidens) a-posing...**


Apr 18 2011, 2:57pm

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**Countdown to Founders Day -- Eight Maids (and Maidens) a-posing...**

Hello Fan Art folk!

We're counting down to Founders Day, TORn's official "holiday" when we honor the four wonderful folks who created this site -- it's coming up on April 26, and the day promises a lot of fun games and a few surprises!

This year's Founders Day will mark TORn's 12th anniversary! In recognition of that milestone, our countdown is a parody of the 12 Days of Christmas, with posts on a different board every day, each tied into the number of the day.

Today, we're pleased to bring the Fan Art Board Day #8 -- Eight Maids (and maidens) a- well, they aren't milking-- but they do pose well for pictures!

I've hunted through the board and found some wonderful images of 8 of Tolkien's finest females. Here are links to our various ladies, as created by you talented TORn artists!

1. Galadriel -- looking fair (by Goldie Took)...and perilous! (by echoladyuk)

2. Rosie, by Frodo's Pearl-- with her happy husband, Sam Smile

3. An Entwife!, on her Shadowfaxfan

4. Shelob -- just hanging around -- by demanon

5. Melian and Luthien -- mourning her WonderBroad (an extra maiden comes with this one!)

6. Celebrian -- it's morphin' time! Elistariel

7. Eowyn -- lots of cool Eowyns: in armor by Daughter of Nienna, as the white lady by EowynDernhelm, as a sculpture by AranNZ, as a sketch by Kelvahrin, as a shield maiden by Aragorn Strider,

8. Arwen -- and lots of cool Arwens! in her room, by Ainu Laire, as a sketch, by galadhwen, along with Eowyn, by Anorien, a small one, by fitzbellatrix, as a living doll (along with friends), by my immortals

I'm only an occasional visitor here, but I really enjoyed looking through the selection of artwork here to find images for this post -- you folks have some talent with a brush, pencil, charcoal, computer, clay, or whatever. I am impressed and will need to check out TORn's "Art Gallery" more often!

In the meantime, hope to see you at Founders Day --it's a lot of fun, so please join in!



Apr 18 2011, 4:51pm

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wow, thanks for this

Hadn't seen most of these before. Good stuff. Especially liked that Melian and Luthien image. Very talented artists we have here!

Speaking of Luthien, I like this image of her that I found on Tolkien Gateway...

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Apr 18 2011, 5:40pm

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you're welcome -- it is interesting to compare all the different versions!

You could almost have a whole "gallery show" on some of the characters who have been most frequently rendered...

The image you posted of Luthien is lovely! Thanks! I only had 8 slots so I couldn't include Luthien in my "8 maidens" list, though I snuck her in on the Melian are the results of a search for images of her, though, on this board:

Luthien images and discussions



Apr 18 2011, 7:01pm

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Very cool! Thanks for digging those up weaver!

I've seen some of those and it was neat to see some new ones. Thanks!

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Apr 19 2011, 1:22am

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Wow it's knid of nice

to see some of these images again... collected in one place. Thanks weaver.Smile

Grey Havens

Apr 19 2011, 3:19pm

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Talented Folks here//


Fourth Age Adventures at the Inn of the Burping Troll

Wraith Buster

May 9 2011, 2:45am

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Just got a chance to look at those

Really cool! Smile

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