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Sam Raimi Directing The Hobbit


Jul 27 2007, 2:33am

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Sam Raimi Directing The Hobbit

yeah um... how does that make you feel?,,20035161,00.html

don't know if it's true but if it is. what do you guys think?

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Eärwen Swan Maiden Of Alqualondë

Jul 27 2007, 4:47am

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How does that make me feel?

Like I am going to be sickFrown

Although there really isn't anything new in these articles. Just the same old rehash.



Jul 27 2007, 12:29pm

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What does your heart tell you?

My heart tells me PJ will be doing it. Always has, even when it looked unlikely. And now, based on recent comments from Sir Ian (McK), (see recent TORn home page article) it suddenly looks more likely than ever that it really will be PJ.

There's nothing in these articles re Raimi that is new news.

It'll be PJ and co ... I trust me heart, matey Wink.


Jul 27 2007, 1:18pm

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I admire your faith, Loresilme!



Jul 27 2007, 6:27pm

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I wouldn't count my coneys before they breed just yet...

No official announcement, so I wouldn't bet on it.


Jul 27 2007, 7:16pm

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These are pretty old

The most recent is from April. The fact that nothing further has been said for 3 months makes me think that this isn't looking such a good idea to Raimi any more. And even back then, Raimi was saying he would only consider it if Peter Jackson agreed (which is smart, because the last thing he'd want to do is to draw the displeasure of the army of Jackson fans out there).

Plus, as Loresilme mentions, Ian McKellen is now making it sound as if Peter Jackson is definitely still a player. McKellen says there's "movement in the right direction" (as of just a week or two ago), so that sounds as if the situation has changed since the articles about Sam Raimi came out. Things move in mysterious ways in Hollywood, and there's still every chance that things won't work out the way we'd like. But I get the impression that cooler heads have prevailed and realized that PJ's Hobbit is a 100% guaranteed moneymaker, whereas anyone else's would face controversy and resistance. Especially if the original Gandalf wasn't involved, and I get the impression that he wouldn't be, unless PJ himself agreed that he didn't want to do the movie.

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Jul 27 2007, 7:21pm

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be still my heart

I hope those are wrong and Peter Jackson directs it. I just can't see anyone else doing it but him. Sam Raimi? wow.

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

Eärwen Swan Maiden Of Alqualondë

Jul 27 2007, 9:54pm

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I couldn't agree more!!//




Jul 28 2007, 1:36pm

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Mwaha ... Sam who? Wink

I have extra bucketsessss I'll pass them around!!

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Jul 28 2007, 3:36pm

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Ian McKellen's ...

recent statements sound very optimistic regarding the possibility of Peter directing the Hobbit.

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Jul 28 2007, 8:40pm

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Silent Movies

These are older pieces on Raimi & I don't believe anythings been heard on him directing since. After that last Hobbit rollercoaster ride (which was a bloody mess in my opinion) I am very reluctant to put much faith in anything short of actual evidence. What amazed me about this movie world is how little these people actually talk (do they go by body language mainly ?) While we fans are willing to talk hours on end about even the smallest details.

Eärwen Swan Maiden Of Alqualondë

Jul 28 2007, 11:17pm

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Body language! HA!!!

I just got the funniest mental image of Bob Shaye shimmying around the room and gesticulating wildly while PJ just sits there, looking bewildered!



Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Jul 29 2007, 2:41pm

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That is comical now that you mention it. I had been thinking more of steely looks and arched eyebrows. But I think they would have their representatives actually doing the gestures, and be filming it secretly, for analysis later.


Jul 30 2007, 11:28pm

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Here's the latest on that from Comic Con...

scroll down:

"During the questions, we learned that Sam Raimi is not involved in The Hobbit film, Josh Hartnett was not afraid when making 30 Days of Night, even though director Slade tried to scare him pretty much every day. "Hey, I was in The Faculty," joked Hartnett, "so I wasn't scared." Other tidbits include the fact that the filmmakers shot the movie in New Zealand using fake snow but even then, according to Slade: "when your in an environment with all this fake snow it really feels cold even if it isn't."

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Ainu Laire
Justice League

Jul 31 2007, 9:18am

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I don't see it happening...

While he has displayed interest, he's tied up in the Spiderman franchise right now... though I know he's getting bored with that.

If anything, it HAS to be filmed in NZ, and WETA HAS to work on it. Those two are a must. I am crossing my fingers for PJ though.

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