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Welcome to the Reading Room (-->Including links to old RR discussions!)


Dec 28 2006, 3:11am

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     Welcome to the Reading Room (-->Including links to old RR discussions!)

Did you ever want to ask a troublesome Tolkien question? Just who the heck is Tom Bombadil, anyway? Does the Ring think for itself? Well, you've come to the right place!

The Reading Room is intended to be a forum for critical analysis and on-topic discussion of Tolkien's literary works. Reading Room features include ongoing discussions of Tolkien-related books and topics, where volunteers lead 'formal' discussions, as well as posts of general interest you can make at any time!

So please feel welcome, don't be shy (we don't bite!) and jump right in! Whether you are a life-time Tolkien Scholar who wants to share an insight or a brand new reader with questions, we encourage you to post away!

Enjoy! Smile

Edited to add a link to N.E. Brigand's wonderful mathom presented for his 3000th post:

Links to Reading Room threads for 2001, early 2002, and early 2007.

Note that the links provided by N.E. Brigand will take you to our old message boards (pre-February 2007), so don't panic! They look and act very different than these new boards, but there is such a wealth of great discussion there it's worth the adventure. Smile

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