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Mar 25 2011, 7:00am

Views: 1434 Our pumpkins grow in Hobbiton

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They're knobbly, distinctive and grown in Richmond, and a company working on The Hobbit reckons they will look the part on the shire in Hobbiton.

Eyebright co-owner Peter Owen said a Miramar-based film company 3 Foot 7, working on the Peter Jackson-directed movie The Hobbit, had approached his Richmond company and asked if they had any pumpkins.

Mr Owen said Eyebright showed them the gourds and Turk's Turbans they grew and they loved them, ordering 10 of each.  [Read More]


Mar 25 2011, 9:51pm

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Thanks for posting

Great little snippet and a small example of how the movies support local industry in NZ Smile