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Dec 28 2006, 3:02am

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     Welcome to Main

The Main Board is for general discussion of TORN and Tolkien-related topics. Pretty much anything under these general topics goes. Main is also the home of LOTR-related quizzes, games and parodies. Posts on the books and movies are welcome here too, or head on over to the LOTR Movie board, Hobbit Movie board or the Reading Room for more specific discussion - whichever you prefer.

Note that news and updates on what’s new with the LOTR actors, TORN anniversaries and birthday mathoms, etc. should be posted on the Off-topic board as they're not *really* Tolkien-related. Off-topic is also the home of Monday’s “What Movies have you been Watching” posts, Wednesday’s “What Books have you been Reading” posts and our “Fiesta Friday”
socializing thread.

Also Note: To indicate a “no text” post, write “nt” or “NT” at the end of your post, or simply write a forward slash “/”. To indicate a spoiler, simply write the words “Spoiler,” “Spoiler inside!” or some similar variation.

New to the boards? Feel free to introduce yourself in the Official Introduction and Welcome thread on the Off-Topic board!

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