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Kiwi Cartoonist Tom Scott's Latest

News from Bree

Jan 30 2011, 5:02pm

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Kiwi Cartoonist Tom Scott's Latest

Kiwi cartoonist Tom Scott comments on Peter Jackson's stay in hospital in his latest comic.

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Jan 30 2011, 10:33pm

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Looks More Like Spielberg To Me

I miss Fat Peter at times for seemed at his best when was a portly Hobbit


Jan 30 2011, 10:52pm

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I'm just so glad he lost all that weight before this happened to him. Imagine how much that would have

complicated his illness and recovery. Take it from one who knows--you don't even breathe as well when you're very overweight.

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Tol Eressea

Jan 30 2011, 11:08pm

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Fat vs thin Peter

He looked so much happier and jolly when he was fat, but now while thinner, he doesn't appear to sparkle as much as he did.

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Jan 30 2011, 11:19pm

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He's not Santa Claus.


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Jan 30 2011, 11:48pm

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Although if he were,

the toys would be *awesome*.

"Look what I got! A catapault!"

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Jan 31 2011, 3:12am

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And can you imagine the deranged Christmas carols?

"I want a Numeorean for Christmas! Only a Numenorean would do!
Don't want a Smaug,
nor lembas made from soy,
just a Numenorean to play with and enjoy!"

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Jan 31 2011, 3:26am

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Pardon me for being dense, but...

What is the joke in this cartoon? Is is that the level of technology in Middle-earth is so primitive that surgery performed there would end up looking as depicted in the cartoon?

The level of skill (and technology) in Middle-earth surgery would depend upon which race was performing the procedure. I would expect orc surgery to be pretty gross, dwarf surgery somewhat less so, and elf surgery would be pretty advanced.

Remember, Elrond was supposed to have drawn out the fragment of the Morgul-knife that was working its way towards Frodo's heart. There was a small scar left on his left shoulder (as we are told when he awakens afterwards). Certainly nothing like that depicted in the cartoon. PJ's doctor would appear to have been at the level of orc or dwarf surgery, as the cartoon depicts the results.

Pardon me for going all Michael Martinez on you all here, but it was because I didn't quite get the joke.


Jan 31 2011, 3:42am

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The joke is addressed to the 99% of people who think LotR is standard fantasy fare

You're right about the details of Tolkien's works regarding medical care and surgery. But most people who will read that cartoon don't know those details, and don't even know they don't know. To them, LotR is a famous medieval sword and sorcery epic movie that won a lot of awards and made a lot of money for Sir Peter Jackson. In the generic version of such books and movies there are a lot of medieval style clothes that "lace up" rather than using, say, buttons or zippers. Thus the joke is that Sir Peter's surgery was "laced up", grommets and all. It's not meant to be realistic either with regard to Tolkien's world or ours.

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Jan 31 2011, 3:45am

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It is kind of hard to tell, but...

I think those might be rings attached to the sutures.

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At the bottom of the deep sea, I could hear a voice.

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Jan 31 2011, 4:12am

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Rings attached to sutures?

Are those supposed to be the nine rings of men, then? If so, there are only eight round rings (actually, grommets) in those laced sutures. The lowest suture does appear to have a square "buckle" on it. Maybe that's the Nazgul-lord's ring, which would make nine.

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Jan 31 2011, 5:26pm

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Ow... ow... ow... :( //


sample sample

I really need these new films to take me back to, and not re-introduce me to, that magical world.

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The Grey Wanderer

Jan 31 2011, 5:41pm

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I assumed that it was Warg Rider style repair

though if I remember correctly, that was even more outlandish...


Feb 1 2011, 9:48am

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As squire pointed out, they do seem to be grommets. Maybe I just can't reconcile a Middle Earth fan who'd perform that sort of surgery on Peter Jackson----maybe if they were also a D&D player, though. Crazy I've known some larp-players who'd....well, let's just say I wouldn't be surprised to see THEM coming up with the idea.Sly

Was the world being born what called me...?
At the bottom of the deep sea, I could hear a voice.