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General notice re book discussions and the use of copyrighted materials

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Jun 20 2007, 5:15am

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General notice re book discussions and the use of copyrighted materials

Hi everyone

Admins and some TORN staffers have been talking about how much leeway we have in quoting from books that are under discussion, and have come up with these guidelines:

* Be sparing with the quotes we take directly from the text. These should be used only as lead-ins to discussion questions or to flesh out answers, not as substitutes for anyone who doesnít have the book.
* Feel free to reference themes that arise.
* Discussion leaders: Try to not replicate wholesale a bookís structure (so that it feels like a step-by-step condensed version of the book).

Note that people should try to have a copy of the books that are under discussion so that we donít need to quote entire blocks of text from their pages. This would enable participants to just refer to the section under discussion, or even provide the page number (if it helps), so that others can read the necessary text from their own copies.

Also, by using quotes from various outside sources, introducing several general ideas from the text under discussion (supported by a small quote), and/or the use of a few general questions, those who might not have a copy of the book should be able to take a full part in the discussion.

If you have any questions, feel free to post a query here or on Feedback, or send a private message to any admin.

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Jun 20 2007, 12:34pm

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Thanks for clarifying

I'd wondered about those disappearing links; thought it must have something to do with copyright concerns. I'm glad to have the guidelines before my discussion week arrives.

None such shall return again.