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Nationwide Rally to Keep The Hobbit in New Zealand

News from Bree

Oct 23 2010, 6:43am

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Nationwide Rally to Keep The Hobbit in New Zealand

New Zealand is not going down without a fight! Join the effort to keep The Hobbit in New Zealand by participating positive rallies throughout the country. A facebook page has been setup for the effort, including dates and times when rallies will be taking part in your town. If you are in New Zealand, join your fellow Kiwis this Labour Day Monday! [Facebook Page] [Rally Event Page to RSVP]

If you do attend, please send in your reports to We'd love to hear from you all.


Oct 23 2010, 12:05pm

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Absolutely brilliant editing. //


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Welsh hero

Oct 23 2010, 12:13pm

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like the page


Oct 23 2010, 12:55pm

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Very well done!

I don't think Warner Bros. could ignore that, were they to see it. Wink

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Oct 23 2010, 1:33pm

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I have this vision.....

...Of a press conference on Tuesday with the NZ Prime Minister, PJ & and reps from WB and SPADA jointly announcing that The Hobbit will stay in NZ.

Gotta think positive....Wink


Oct 23 2010, 2:14pm

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if only I stayed in NZ would love to take part.

The Shire

Oct 23 2010, 2:34pm

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With you from across the globe!

Great editing in the video! I like that they used the Return of the King trailer for the sound. Very poetic actually..
Wish I were in NZ to rally with you.
We are with you PJ and company! I hope the Hobbit stays were it belongs..

Best wishes from Greece!

- PF

Kangi Ska

Oct 23 2010, 3:39pm

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We need to join the Ralley.

The people of New Zealand have earned the right to have the Hobbit Movies made there.

Kangi Ska Resident Trickster
New Zealand is as close to Middle-earth as you can get.

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Oct 23 2010, 4:06pm

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This video

gave me the chills. Very well done!


Oct 23 2010, 5:59pm

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That is SO good!


Major kudos to the editor of that. Such a touching tribute to the Kiwis.

Monday -- we fight! For New Zealand!!!

Ainu Laire
Tol Eressea

Oct 23 2010, 6:13pm

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Brilliant editing!

Wow, that was inspiring- and I loved how Sir Richard seemed as if he was speaking Aragorn's lines.

I am cheering NZ on! I'll definitely be watching...

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Oct 23 2010, 6:19pm

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So, it boils down to what?

what does Warners need to see and hear for this to stay in NZ? Some sort of promise from the government that they will not allow any sort of roadblock or disruption during the making of these films? Or are they in fact headed there to get the ball rolling for relocation? It really would not be a good idea to move production in my opinion. Yes, they will still manage some pretty good films but it won't be the same. The locations, Pete and company's moods, money that should be spent on the films will be diverted to pay for the cost of relocation, re-building sets, on and on it goes. This just so needs to stay in NZ.

The Trees will have their revenge! And they will have it in glorious 2D!

The Shire

Oct 23 2010, 6:35pm

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How about calling for a boycott ....

... if the Hobbit will not be made in New Zealand?

O.k., I admit this might be a bit over the top and not really helpful, putting the Hobbit production in even more peril (for fearing to fail at the box office (if this could ever happen) ?).


I really want to see the Hobbit made were it belongs and I strongly think that Warner Bros. could need some convincing about the views of their prospect audience!
(Its not only some nutcase wannabe union that can wreak havoc, we have a voice too and we will be the ones ULTIMATELY paying for the movie! Crazy )

Can't someone set up a homepage with a petition to keep the Hobbit in Hobbiton (meaning New Zealand here)!

I'm not from New Zealand and I can't join some local folklore over there to fight for the right decisions to be made!
But I dawn sure would like to make my voice heard (from Europe) and my demands known (to Warner Bros.) that "The Hobbit" belongs were it belongs!

(PS: Are there any public relations email-addresses were one could file one's point of view to those in charge at Warner?)

I've not actively taken part in the forums yet - just have been an avid reader - but this stupid backfiring hijacking attempt by those megalomaniac union puppets really drives me out of my cosy mine and makes me a very

Angry Dwarf

The Shire

Oct 23 2010, 6:46pm

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They need to hear from US!

What Warner needs to see and hear is the voice of the fans and their future audience!

We have to make our desire heard for The Hobbit to stay in New Zealand and tell them that We are the ones who pay them their revenues!

Compared to a disappointed audience a petty union will be a laughable problem for them!


Oct 23 2010, 6:55pm

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Yes, I'm sure

that they have been keeping tabs on what the fans want when it comes to all aspects of this project. What I'm wondering is, what can PJ, the actors, techs and the NZ government say to Warners on Monday that will ease their concerns? It has to be more than "The fans want it in NZ". Well, we all know that. What kind of guarantee is there that the union won't get up to some more shenannigans mid way into the project and derailing everything?

The Trees will have their revenge! And they will have it in glorious 2D!


Oct 23 2010, 7:29pm

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Geez, where is everyone?

This is crunch time folks! It's the weekend. You have plenty of time to sit at the computer and make yourselves heard. Get Posting!!!

The Trees will have their revenge! And they will have it in glorious 2D!

The Shire

Oct 23 2010, 7:47pm

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Does Warner really know?

I'm not so sure that Warner would actually care very much for the secret wishes of some fans.
For them it would not matter what some "fans" want unless they risk a major PR disaster!

Compared to the vast crowd of paying customers, a few fans, especially as long as they stay silent and passive, will not matter for their business decisions!

But back to your main question:

I highly doubt that PJ or the technical stuff can do anything significant to influence the decision making at this point!

The government could cough up a couple of millions to "ease" some decision - but they can't really change anything and even offering to change laws cannot actually be considered in the decisions by 'Warner that have to be made right now, since it would take time (years?) of parliamentary process, have an unsure result (will it actually pass?), and simply won't be in time to be of any significance right NOW when now is the time these decisions have to be made.

The only ones, I think, who could actually do something (except for the fans to threaten to cause an uprising and a PR and box office disaster!) would be the actors.
The actors in NZ and worldwide (since the blacklisting was an internationally organized union boycott call!) to state in a convincing manner that they, the actors, would never follow any boycott call concerning The Hobbit, would undermine and thwart any further attempt to do so and would even risk internal repression from unions in order to safeguard the making of The Hobbit in NZ, if any "union" ever would dare to threaten the production of The Hobbit again.

But how likely is that?

And that the Whipping Guy has left the country only tells me that he:
a) has done the damage he could
b) is not really interested in cleaning up or even only calming down the mess he has caused.

(He might not have achieved his goals but he sure as hell gives a s#*t about the consequences of his campaign!)

What anybody can do?

I think it's definitely down to the good will of Warner and whether they will predominantly listen to their accounting numbers or the spirit of a movie.
(And guess how bleak that perspective looks!)

The only ones (apart from "all" the individual actors worldwide) who have not already thrown everything in they have, are the fans worldwide.

The prospect audience of The Hobbit is the only group that (publicly) remained silent until now and it's the only group that could actually significantly still matter now to influence Warners decisions!

The Shire

Oct 23 2010, 7:51pm

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We need to rally our voices!

and make Warner understand what their paying audience wants!


Oct 23 2010, 7:58pm

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nicely spelled out

I think you hit it right on. We at least need to attempt to make our collective voices heard. Who knows, maybe we will have an honorable mention on the DVD extras! :)

The Trees will have their revenge! And they will have it in glorious 2D!


Oct 23 2010, 7:59pm

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Maybe we should form a...

ah forget it.


Oct 23 2010, 8:05pm

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Let's set records!

C'mon folks. Post here like there's no tomorrow! But let's not crash the site. ;0
The Orcs are at the gate with a HUGE battering ram wrought with spells! PJ has his sword held aloft and is rallying us with a powerful, heartfelt speech.
We can have fun commenting on what actor is cast and all that later. Let's concentrate on this and be heard!!!
For the SHIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Trees will have their revenge! And they will have it in glorious 2D!

Superuser / Moderator

Oct 23 2010, 8:18pm

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... fellowship?


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Tol Eressea

Oct 23 2010, 8:20pm

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roflmao //


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Tol Eressea

Oct 23 2010, 8:35pm

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The fans don't matter too much in the great scheme of things

What about the casual fans and the people who are only tangentially interested in The Hobbit? The people who haven't read the books, and whose only foray into Middle-earth was through Jackson's films? These people probably don't even know where the LotR films were shot, and let alone do they follow the daily developments on TORn and get worked up over funding woes and union boycotts. Casuals aren't going to know about the filming location – much less care about it. These people comprise the majority of viewers. In comparison to these masses, what the fans want is just not relevant in the eyes of the Warners. If they can produce the film more cheaply and safely in another country, they will ignore the voices of the fans and do just that. Come on... you know you're going to see it, no matter where it's shot.

It might be a 'major PR disaster', but such a 'disaster' will be confined to a small group of Tolkien and Jackson fans who will almost certainly pay to see the films anyway. If I were Warners I wouldn't exactly be whimpering in fear at this prospect. The unions, however... now they are in for a PR catastrophe if The Hobbit moves, because it will have been their fault.

The Shire

Oct 23 2010, 9:53pm

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Nice show of international solidarity

currently developing over on Youtube:


Oct 23 2010, 10:10pm

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Absolutely!!! What a great idea!!

Once again... NZ is a "can do" nation!

sample sample

I really need these new films to take me back to, and not re-introduce me to, that magical world.

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Oct 23 2010, 11:04pm

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I reposted this on my facebook.....just sayin'......

Registered User

Oct 23 2010, 11:52pm

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wish I lived in NZ

I sort of feel useless sitting here in the States just watching things happen.


Oct 24 2010, 8:45am

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WOW - that brought tears to my eyes! ...


I'll be posting here tomorrow to show my support for sure.
Wish I was in NZ.
New Zealand is Middle-Earth!!!
I can't see The Hobbit going anywhere else.


Oct 24 2010, 10:44am

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Looking forward to it.

I'll attend the Christchurch rally as I'm confident of being in these movies if filmed in 'Zealand.

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Oct 24 2010, 6:36pm

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Sad but true

You're right about the money men only caring about the masses getting their butts in theater seats. However, if I'm not happy with the film I won't go more than once and I had planned on seeing it in the theater 3 times like I did with the other films. I also won't be as interested in owning the DVD or whatever format or any other merchandise. The masses might go to the theater once. Is that enough for the money men to consider it financially successful? Is box office the sweetest plum? I though it was DVDS and other merch. But, sadly you may be right. Not enough of us hardcore fans to make much of a difference I guess. It is also the masses that are the deciding factor in these films being 3D. So lame. I guess it's bitter sweet. Without the masses there would be no films but to please them is to sacrifice quality. And by that I'm referring to the location possibly being lost without fan consideration and the 3D nonsense.
Heavy sigh

The Trees will have their revenge! And they will have it in glorious 2D!