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Peter Jackson's KING KONG continues his trek through LA...

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Jun 4 2010, 7:16am

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Peter Jackson's KING KONG continues his trek through LA...

We received more images and video of a very large animal trekking its way to Universal Studios! This time, it is leaving a path of destruction through Los Angeles's famous Santa Monica Pier. Check out the video above, and we've got a few great photos posted after the break. (Obviously this is a promotion for Peter Jackson's KING KONG 360 3-D Ride that will be opening at Universal Studios Hollywood very soon - and since it is such a fun promotion, we just have to share it with you all!)

Surfers, tourists, and local Los Angelenos alike were stunned yesterday morning by a rather HUGE mystery: the discovery of 15 foot long footprints in the sand at Santa Monica Pier!

A local fisherman was perhaps the only person who caught a glimpse of the creature responsible. “Everything started shaking,” he said. “Then I saw this thing. Bigger than any whale…eyes dark and menacing, teeth as big as the poles under the pier here.” Police are cautioning people not to panic, and to be careful not to fall into the deep footprints on the beach. Residents and tourists are wondering what kind of monster could be responsible for footprints so massive.

Some people are suggesting that the footprints belong to none other than King Kong, who has been making his way through Los Angeles en route to his new home at Universal Studios Hollywood. Last week, Kong wreaked havoc at Dodgers Stadium by marking up the baseball field with his gigantic footprints, similar to the ones found at Santa Monica Pier. King Kong will be headlining King Kong 360 3-D, the brand new, revolutionarily interactive attraction designed by esteemed director Peter Jackson, and it’s possible that Santa Monica Pier was just his latest stop on his journey to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Do you think King Kong is accountable for this giant mystery at Santa Monica Pier?

For more information on Peter Jackson's KING KONG 360 3-D Ride at Universal Studios, visit the Official Website.


Jun 4 2010, 4:59pm

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HAHA - Terrible!

That is the WORST acting I've ever seen. I love it.


Jun 4 2010, 5:34pm

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The Mysterious Calisuri


Jun 5 2010, 3:43pm

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Haha- to be honest....

Horrible acting. Cool


Jun 8 2010, 2:34pm

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Like... totally chilling!

FootSTEPS? Really? Look like footPRINTS to me!

I heard them mention Peter's involvement with creating the King Kong ride during the Harry Potter theme park special last Sunday night! I'm saving my pennies to get there, fersher!

sample sample

I really need these new films to take me back to, and not re-introduce me to, that magical world.

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