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More audition news: Actor Bill Bailey auditioned for Gloin

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May 20 2010, 9:05pm

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More audition news: Actor Bill Bailey auditioned for Gloin

Black Books star Bill Bailey wants to play a dwarf in The Hobbit.
Bailey, who is bringing his comedy show Bill Bailey Live to Wellington in June, told The Dominion Post he had auditioned for the part of Gloin the dwarf in The Lord of the Rings prequel.
"I went along for a read-through of The Hobbit. The first read-through was for Gloin," he said from London.

Full story is here.

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May 20 2010, 9:44pm

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At least the auditioning seems to be going forward...

even though there is no greenlight.

I don't know this guy well enough to have an opinion about him either way. Which is probably a good thing.

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May 20 2010, 10:09pm

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you beat me, i was just coming to post this :D

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Captain Salt
Tol Eressea

May 20 2010, 10:32pm

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Cool! Happy to hear serious casting is still going on...

Every time I see one of these brief stories, I have to admit to getting a buzz of excitement.

Can't wait until the major news, spoilers and rumors start coming in, (probably around the end of the summer)'ll be like being goosed with a high-voltage taser! But in a good way...Tongue

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May 21 2010, 12:58am

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*runs to imdb*

HEY!! I Approve!! :D We're hearing more and more people commenting about doing auditions. SO TEASING!!! I really am not that surprised, though. I can't see Peter or GdT sitting still and waiting for any pitfalls to right themselves. I think they're going to be so ready when that green light finally comes on, people are going to be blown away with how much is already done!

I see that Weta's site has a 2012 date posted for The Hobbit. It's in the register/personal information portion.

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I really need these new films to take me back to, and not re-introduce me to, that magical world.

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May 21 2010, 1:46am

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Not shocking but . . .

It means Gloin has lines. One cannot audition without reading something. I would love to find there have been auditions for Fili and Kili.

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May 21 2010, 7:30am

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That is soooo weird

That is sooo weird, I was watching QI last night here in the UK and Bill Bailey happened to be one of the celebrity panellists, and for the first time ever I thought - he'd make a good Dwarf! And now this report - bizarre!

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May 21 2010, 10:40am

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Bill Bailey - fantastic

He's been one of my dream cast from the beginning. I'm ecstatic over this. If I was to have a preference. It would be Dori, always grumbling about carrying Bilbo but becomes his best friend. I'd settle for any dwarf though and Bill wielding an axe shouting "Khazaaaaad" in the battle of five armies would make my day.


May 21 2010, 12:24pm

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He's a musical comedian. I've seen him a few times and he's hilarious. He's also an excellent comedic actor, and played a character called Bilbo Bagshot in the UK sitcom Spaced.

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May 21 2010, 1:25pm

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I have the strong feeling

Dwalin's prominence will be adjudicated to Glóin. More links to Lord of the Rings, and it really doesn't harm the story. Have the important dwarves be Thorin, Balin and Glóin, and it makes perfect bridging sense.

Is this guy any good, anyway?

Here's to Del Toro becoming the Irvin Kershner of Middle Earth!

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May 21 2010, 2:53pm

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Cant really say.

I have been a big fan of his for years, I saw his last stand up show twice. But in terms of acting range as far as I know he has only done comedy, and tbh I dont have much of an eye for acting skill in comedy programmes.

So whilst he is well known, his acting ability isnt.

I suggest watching black books by the way or any of his stand up shows, the guy is hilarious.


May 21 2010, 3:28pm

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According to imdb

He auditioned for Gimli back in the day.

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The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.
Horace Walpole (1717 - 1797)

Tol Eressea

May 21 2010, 5:00pm

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I love Bill Bailey

He's one of my favourite comedians.

I'd still prefer unknowns though, I don't want to be giggling when I see Gloin, remembering a funny joke from Bill's stand up routines!

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May 21 2010, 5:08pm

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He was joking about it in one of his live shows I saw. He's great; very talented and (I believe) humble enough to give himself to the role rather than just try to be himself (as a comedian) in it. I think he'd be great; I'm glad - and not at all surprised! - to know he auditioned.

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May 22 2010, 7:45am

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For what it''s worth...

Sorry if this is OT, but don't know where to put it. Nikki Finke has a little blurb about TH/LOTR in a sotry about PJ and the Universal King Kong ride. As reagards the Hobbit blurb, all I can say is "yawn*, Nikki you weren't paying attention enough..but she dropped in an interesting sentence that I *assume( refers the the 3-D question, in the cntext f the sentence: "..Everything will be decided/fall into place in a powwow in NZ next month." Don't know who her sources are, but Nikki never reports anything unless it is more than rumor. When things are rumors, she says so...and things not labeledby her ss rumors usually turn out to be true. (The "few days" thing with MGM ws obviously an exception, sigh...)

Oh boy...*GLUG* I hope the 3-D monster doeswn[t raise its head again...:)

And BTW, saw Shrek 4 today and there were some great "mocking fairy-tale" parts in the film in which TTT and the Dunharrow camp scenes from ROTK are roasted over the coals in true snarky Shrek fashion. I won't spoil it but I found myself snickering and loving every minute, fan of the films that I am:). Interesting that PJ's LOTR is now seen by the producers as another "fairy tale" to be roasted. You kow how it used to be said that "You haven't made it in the music biz until your song is parodied by Weird Al Yankovic?" Now it might be said that "You haven't made it until you are satirized in a Shrek film!"

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May 24 2010, 2:17am

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And so it shall come to pass....

"Oh boy...*GLUG* I hope the 3-D monster doesn't raise its head again...:)"

Had a look at the 85 responses on the most recent front page article?

I'm just happy there's a light at the end of the tunnel that may have a greenish hue.