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Hobbit Extras Casting News: The Final Answer

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May 19 2010, 1:41am

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Hobbit Extras Casting News: The Final Answer

We've received word from the folks at 3Foot7 regarding the casting of extras for The Hobbit. Earlier in the year, incorrect contact and address details were posted to TORN and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. 3Foot7 would like to reconfirm how the process works:

"We are casting in the usual way. IE: we will contact people ONLY if we want to take their application any further. As it happens, we do not need any further applications at this time, and we will not be acknowledging that we've received applications to date. There are just too many!

Correspondence should only be forwarded directly through 3 Foot 7's postal and email addresses."

Three Foot Seven Limited

PO Box 15 104
Wellington 6243

The email address for extras is:
(Extras should be NZ residents with eligibility to work in NZ)

For more information on being and extra, crew member, etc. visit The Hobbit FAQ (soon to be updated with this information)

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May 19 2010, 6:08am

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how can there be too many of you? You are only 4 million people in NZ!


The Shire

May 19 2010, 6:27am

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Clarity Please????????

Does this mean you can still apply to be an extra??

The post contradicts itself.. Why do they state they already have enough applications if an email + postal address has been provided??

This is the news ive been waiting for for over 6 months... Fingers crossed!!!

The Shire

May 19 2010, 6:31am

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Email Address Does Not Work ??????

And on another note.. The email address does not appear to be valid??

I just got a Delivery Status Notification (Failure)???

Whats the score guys???

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May 19 2010, 12:46pm

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Speaking without any authority...

... I'd hazard a guess the "7" is missing from "3foot7" in that email address.

I'd wait for Altaira to be certain of that though Smile

Leviathan's Bane

May 19 2010, 2:00pm

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I'm interested, but... Hobbiton28, can we still apply to be an extra? If the answer is "yes," then how?

The Shire

May 20 2010, 10:14pm

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they must have got a flood of applications back when, unless they are going through agencies? you apologise for wrong address details but then how did they get them/too many?

i wanted to apply but i patiently waited for official word, grrr i would be dissapointed if i missed out on this too. i was over seas for both kong and lotr. not that they would have needed/picked me, but still.


May 21 2010, 9:56am

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The address that you posted today is the same one that was run on the Noldor Blog ages ago so I don't see how the previous address was wrong. I believe the chap from Noldor was the one who posted the initial message on these pages.

If you followed his guidelines (as I did) then your photos will be in the middle of some towering pile in deepest darkest Wellywood.

Good luck to all.

The Shire

Jun 29 2010, 5:18am

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Casting Call on StarNow

Hi guys,

Look what I just stumbled over by accident:
I checked it out and it seems to be genuine. Apparently, the waiting game is finally over :-)

Cheers from NZ