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How Best to Contact an Admin for Help

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Mar 31 2009, 10:49pm

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How Best to Contact an Admin for Help

At least one admin, and probably more than one, should be monitoring TORN at any given moment. For a list of all admins and their local time zones, click here. However, please note that just because a particular admin is probably awake at a given moment, that does not mean s/he is awake and on TORN. We do have jobs, you know. Wink Here are some pointers for those times when you need to get an admin's attention in a hurry.

PMs to Admins

1. Be aware that if you PM an admin, your request only goes to that one person, and it may take that person awhile to respond. That's fine for requests that are specific to that person. However, more "generic" requests are better handled by posting on the Feedback Board. That way, the first admin who logs in and notices them will respond.

Feedback requests:

1. If you want a post changed or deleted, please provide a link to it to make our job easier. We can always edit or delete your request after we've taken care of the problem, if you wish.

2. If you see spam on the board, do not reply to the spammer. Simply post a message about it on Feedback - with a link, please. The link will be removed when the spam is removed.

3. Ditto for trolls. Do not feed the trolls. Just post a message on Feedback - with a link, please. The link will be removed when the troll post is removed.

Exceptions to the above:

1. Issues that are sensitive and/or that you'd rather not air in public should definitely still be handled via PM. In those cases, you'll have to a) PM the admin you think might see it first (using the link to time zones) and/or b) copy more than one Admin.

2. As Superusers, Inferno and Altaira are notified of all PM's via email. Given time-zone restrictions, they are likely to answer PM's in a timely manner. Try to be fairly descriptive of your request /comment in your subject line, as that helps them to know if it's a personal, board-related or technical emergency.

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Apr 1 2009, 5:04am

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Thank you!

It's good to know exactly what to do if I need help. And the link to the Admin list with timezones is really a help; so far I had in some cases to guess where they live and how likely they might be online soon Smile

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Jun 26 2011, 9:29pm

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Thanks for the info


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Jun 18 2015, 10:06am

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Thank you for share..

Thank you for share..Smile