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TORN Picture Posting Guidelines - Please Read!


Nov 8 2008, 6:54pm

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TORN Picture Posting Guidelines - Please Read!

If you'd like to post pictures of your Fan Art on this board, please follow the site's picture posting guidelines explained in detail at the top of the Movie Board and in the FAQ/TORn 201 on the Welcome Board. A good resource for posting pics is also Magpie's TORn Image Posting Guide.


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Mar 5 2009, 11:30pm

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Hi Altaira- need some help here.

Was posting a Paint pic yesterday, then saw a reply today that it didn't come through. Apparently, it exceeds the maximum picture size. What should I do?

Thanks Tongue


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Nov 25 2016, 6:12pm

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Some help needed please...

I am trying to upload an image onto a post and in your TORN image posting guide it says to click the image icon in the tool tray above the compose windows, once having uploaded the image. I can't find the tool tray, so I am experiencing some problems. I might be doing something stupid, but if you could explain it that would be great.