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LOTRO Kinship: TheOneRing

The Shire

Apr 3 2007, 4:43am

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LOTRO Kinship: TheOneRing

The official kinship for TORn has been created on the Meneldor server for Lord of the Rings Online. The kinship name is TheOneRing. If you are interested in joining this kinship, please drop me a note here, or send a message in the game to Farother.


Apr 7 2007, 10:49am

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I would like to.


Elven by name, Hobbit by nature

'Road lead ever on and on
down from the door where it began
now far ahead the road has gone
down from where all began' -FOTR-

and through all the world has changed
the ages come and go with time
and yet those remain unchanged
unto they journey westward
over the sea...

The Shire

Apr 8 2007, 4:38am

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Just need your character name

    Sure thing. Just let me know what your LOTRO character name is, and the next time I see you online, I will send you an invite.

The Shire

Apr 13 2007, 2:53pm

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Other servers?

Any plans to extend this kinship to other servers? I am on Silverlode.

The Shire

Apr 13 2007, 6:23pm

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Other Servers

    We're still barely established on the current server, so it's probably too soon to consider expanding to include other servers. If we get enough members on Meneldor to support the kinship, then we should consider expanding to other servers.

That being said, if the community thinks the kinship would be better off on another server, we could consider moving it over.

The Shire

Apr 14 2007, 10:13am

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good to know

I may end up making a character on there then. If I do, will let you guys know.

Registered User

Apr 26 2007, 5:43am

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Is this still happening?

I would like to join your Kinship on Meneldor.

I have the following names...

Mithwindras, Beordin, Billobald, Hamli and the temporary Ithilrod (it will change).

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Apr 26 2007, 11:50am

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RE: Is this still happening?

I've added all those names to my friends list, if I see you online I'll send you a tell/invite. I'll probably be on as "Farahir".

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Apr 26 2007, 3:24pm

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Good news! What time are you typically online? I'll try to get on with either Mithwindras (Elven Guardian) or Beordin (Human Captain)

The Shire

Apr 26 2007, 8:31pm

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    I have also added you to my friends list. I'm typically on between 9-11PM EST, and sometimes during the day between 12-4PM EST.

Registered User

Apr 26 2007, 9:23pm

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Beordin is in the Kinship

Thanks to CarpeDM for getting my level 6 Captain, Beordin of Dale, into the Kinship. I'll probably be playing him the most though I did see a lack of Guardians in the Kinship. I rolled Mithwindras as an Elf Guardian just incase you'd rather me work on him. I have some tanking experience (Mostly from City of Heroes). Aside from those two, Hamli is a Dwarf Champion, Billobard is a Hobbit Minstrel, and Numenole is an Elf Lore-Master (though I'm still not totally happy with the name).

Let me know which you'd like to see me focus on. Also, I'm Mithwindras on the main forums.

Registered User

Apr 27 2007, 2:31am

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TheOneRing Kindhip

I would like to join TheOneRing kinship. My forum name is "Trotter," both here and at Turbine. I just made some new characters on the world "Meneldor," and they are: Storiodoc (Hobbit Burgler), Finenlas (Elf Hunter), Stigli (Dwarf Guardian), Starthalion (Elf Loremaster), Steowulf (Man Champion).
Do you think TheOneRing will establish kinships on other servers? Thanks for doing this. I have never played a MMORPG, but I love Tolkien (I just dived into The Children of Hurin this week as well as this game) and am looking forward to meeting and playing with others who enjoy Middle-Earth.
Thank you for setting this up!
Stephen "Trotter" Holland,
at your service.

Registered User

Apr 27 2007, 7:46am

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Hello from Baroness DeWynter

Hello all! I am Baroness DeWynter, Champion of the Lone Lands, Protector of the Shire, Guardian of Ered Luin, Goblin-Hewer, Ogre-Slayer, Mistress of the Quick Post and an (in Hobbiton) an Honourary Sheriff! I play a level 21 human female Guardian. I was made an officer this morning by the Boss, so if you need an invite message me ingame. I have had over ten years experience of MMOs including EverQuest and World of Warcraft and this game beats all of them! I have been playing since the first day of Open Beta so there is a lot I know about the game (and lots yet to discover!) so if you need any help, just sing out! Or play your lute or flute! Well, off to The Old Forest to have a chat with Tom Bombadil about some evil tree that has awoken...

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Apr 28 2007, 11:52pm

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Msgs in game

Thanks for the reply!
I do not know how to send messages in game. I haven't gotte that far in the manual - I'm a mailman, I'm married, and I'm reading two other books - but I'll send the message as soon as I figure it out.
Thanks again!
Stephen "Trotter"

Registered User

May 3 2007, 11:53pm

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TheOneRing Kinship

I am not having any luck reaching any of you in game to send a request to join the kinship. If you see me online I would be very grateful for an invitation. Here are the names of my characters:
Stephen "Trotter"
at your service