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Image Posting Guidelines


Jul 14 2008, 7:56pm

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Image Posting Guidelines

version 2

Information on using images in a variety of forms is available at
Torn Image Posting Guide

For the purposes of the movie board you might be interested in these pages:

size requirements
determining the size of an image
changing the size of an image using Online Image Resizer (see note below)
sample sizes
uploading the image from your harddrive
uploading the image from a website you own

(Addenda for Mac users: on some Macs, the file cannot be seen if there are any spaces in the filename; for example, "My Picture.jpg", needs to be renamed "MyPicture.jpg". Use Basic Editor to upload the file: click on "Browse" to locate it, check the "Inline" box, then click "Upload attachment". Then insert the picture into your post using [Inline MyPicture.jpg].)

Image Hosting Sites: Version 1 of this website had a series of walkthroughs using Photobucket as an online image editor to reduce the size of images. This worked for reducing pixel sizes but not for reducing file sizes (KB size). In fact, Photobucket was increasing the file size of images as it decreased pixel size. Therefore, I have removed all tutorials involving Photobucket. Instead, I've substituted the tutorials for the Online Image Resizer. See link above.

The Online Image Resizer does not host images and so the tendency will now be to have TORn host all images embedded in a post. This is something TORn graciously does for us. But, there is a limit to server space. I do not want to discourage anyone from hosting the images they embed in a post here at TORn on an image hosting site. For more info on image hosting sites, go HERE. I do not have any tutorials on how to use any of these sites. First, the interface changes very frequently and my tutorials become outdated when they do. Second, these sites have their own help sections that should function fairly well for most people. If you'd like to use an image hosting site and have a question or are struggling with a step, ask for help on Feedback. If I can't get to it quickly, I'm betting someone else can.

I'm going to recap the guidelines for images embedded in a post below.

Size: Images Displayed in a Post
Should be no larger than
670 pixels wide
210,000 pixels squared (width x height). For example, An image 670 pixels wide can be no higher than 313 pixels tall.
50 KB for each image and 250 KB total for all images within one post

Doing the Math:

To find the square pixels of your image, multiple the pixel height by the pixel width.

If you have a width you want and you need to find the maximum height, divide the number 210,000 by the number of pixels wide you want. The answer is the maximum height.

This works in reverse: if you know how tall you want the image, divide that number into 210,000 and you get the maximum width.

Google functions as a calculator. In the search field, enter your calculations. If you want to know the square pixels of an image that is 300 x 500 then type in:


and hit 'enter' or 'search'.
To multiply, use the asterisk: *
To divide, use the forward slash: /
To add, use the plus sign: +
To subtract, use the minus or dash sign: -

Sample Sizes:

You can turn these sizes 90 degrees so they look like this:

These are just sample sizes. There are many more variations possible. And remember, the images can be smaller. These are the maximum sizes.

magpie avatar gallery ~ soundtrack website ~ Torn Image Posting Guide

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Jul 14 2008, 8:05pm

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Google functions as a calculator?

That is very neat, and so easy!

Thanks, magpie!

...and the sails were drawn up, and the wind blew,
and slowly the ship slipped away down the long grey firth;
and the light of the glass of Galadriel that Frodo bore
glimmered and was lost.


Jul 14 2008, 11:33pm

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bookmarks, prints out and runs to get teenage son...

THANK YOU for tspelling this out so clearly! You've given me what I need to consult with my local help desk, aka, my 15 year old kid.

One of these days, I will post a photo correctly!!!