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Broken link report


Apr 28, 6:58pm

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Broken link report


The green font TORn Image Posting Guide found here;;page=unread#unread redirects to now. (From Main Index/Welcome/TORn Links & Archives.)

Magpie's other link is similarly broken, the one under Movie Discussion: Lord of the Rings, Image Posting Guidelines:;sb=post_time;so=DESC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread .
But luckily the info is pasted below, just the link above is dead and should probably be removed or redirected.

And same non-functioning Magpie link appears under the sticky under Fan Art, TORN Picture Posting Guidelines - Please Read! :;;page=unread#unread .

You can probably tell that it took me a bit of work to find the page with info. Is there some way to make it easier to find?

Thanks, Modar!


Apr 28, 7:29pm

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PS. A handy resize tool + GIF maker site, free

I have zero personal/financial/etc connection to this site, but I do find it handy, and it's still free after several years. It's fast at resizing images: It has limited other photo editing tools available too.


Apr 29, 12:39am

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This will come in handy when I inevitably struggle to upload an image down the road. Thanks for sharing. Smile

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