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Alternatives to Nuclear Galadriel thanks to Bing Image Creator aka Copilot Designer


Apr 23, 10:13pm

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Alternatives to Nuclear Galadriel thanks to Bing Image Creator aka Copilot Designer

To anyone else like me who enjoyed the LOTR movies with the exception of the Nuclear Galadriel scene, which just didn't seem to do her justice, I had some fun playing with the above AI art generator using this prompt, which comes closer to my own imagination of the scene:

"Fantasy at night under strong starlight in a private garden with a silver fountain in the background. Main context is a magical Elven queen reaching towering heights like a goddess dominating the earth with magical forces at her fingertips. The scene conveys awe, wonder, and even terror at her unseen powerful aura that can wreak havoc on mortal lands. Light emanates from her as garden falls into shadow. Any observer would feel urge to fall at her feet & worship her."

It led to these 3 images on Imgur. Reminder that this is AI art and by its nature not open to literalist nitpicking. Smile

To my surprise as a book-lover, pasting in the text from the book produced very unsatisfying images (basically a small stone garden statue), but Copilot is good at giving advice on editing prompts to get results closer to the feel of what you want.


Apr 24, 1:01pm

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Wow, pal!

You've got a real knack for the phrase "Make it so!" on that Bing Copilot thingamajig. Gorgeous, George! I'd definitely bow down before that Elf. Even though I was also super impressed with Nuclear Galadriel, I won't be picking any nits with Glowing Galadriel. Wink


Apr 24, 5:18pm

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All shall love my art and despair!

haha, thanks. As someone who struggles to make recognizable stick figures, AI art has released my inner Rembrandt trapped in a body with tree trunks for fingers, I think. Anyway, it's entertaining to see what AI can do, and it's free for now. Just for fun I had Frodo meeting the Witcher in Bree instead of Strider. I was never a fanfic writer, but I guess I cross that line with art.