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Looking for someone who can help me with the value of some items

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Apr 13, 6:25pm

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Looking for someone who can help me with the value of some items

If I'm in the wrong part of the message boards, my apologies.
Let me know where I can post this and I'll do that.

I have a big batch of items which were mostly giveaways from when LorT premiered and some from the Hobbit as well, including international posters.

These weren't sold anywhere and have no bar codes. I've tried searching on ebay, but not having any joy there.

Is there someone who can help me with finding a resource to give me an idea of how much any of these might be worth, if anything?

If I'm in the right virtual place, I'm happy to take pictures and post them.

Ethel Duath

Apr 16, 7:48pm

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I would try posting this in Off-topic. That would get

the most views, and it's fine to post something general like this there. Smile Wish I knew something myself, but I have no idea . . .


Apr 18, 5:38am

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Have you looked at TradeMe, New Zealand?

Check TradeMe "Browse marketplace/antiques collectibles/movie tv memorabilia/Lord of the Rings" as in the link above if link doesn't work. It might give you an idea for prices.
I've seen some things there that were giveaways from LOTR and Hobbit events here in New Zealand. Just check which currency they are listing, probably NZ$. Australia uses the same site, I think. Good luck!