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A Tribute to "The Return of the King"


Dec 15 2023, 5:50pm

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A Tribute to "The Return of the King"

Here's a tribute I wrote for the 20th anniversary of this great film. Hopefully it will resonate with you as well.


Feb 8, 3:08am

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great post!

I was also in college when i beheld the movies and also the books and life has never been the same since. I think i recovered from teenage problems because of LotR and all the wonderful messages. it has.
I loved the scenes you mentioned as iconic from Grey Havens, to For Frodo to the Ride of the Rohirrim. There will not be any movies that can rival RotK, FotR and TTT for long while .

"By Elbereth and Luthien the fair, you shall have neither the Ring nor me!" ~Frodo

"And then Gandalf arose and bid all men rise, and they rose, and he said: 'Here is a last hail ere the feast endeth. Last but not least. For I name now those who shall not be forgotten and without whose valour nought else that was done would have availed; and I name before you all Frodo of the Shire and Samwise his servant. And the bards and the minstrels should give them new names: Bronwe athan Harthad and Harthad Uluithiad , Endurance beyond Hope and Hope Unquenchable.." ~Gandalf, The End of the Third Age , from The History of Middle Earth series

"He knew now why Beregond spoke his name with love. He was a captain that men would follow, that he would follow, even under the shadow of the black wings."- Siege of Gondor, RotK