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DoS turns 10!

Paulo Gabriel

Dec 13 2023, 11:41am

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DoS turns 10!

"The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" turns 10 years today!


Dec 13 2023, 7:32pm

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I can't believe it's been that long!

I was only turning 16 when it came out! (my birthday is on the 15th)!
I still thoroughly enjoy it! I can't believe it's been ten years.

Happy 10 years Desolation of Smaug!

"Keen, heart-piercing was her song as the song of the lark that rises from the gates of night and pours its voice among the dying stars, seeing the sun behind the walls of the world; and the song of Lúthien released the bonds of winter, and the frozen waters spoke, and flowers sprang from the cold earth where her feet had passed."

Paulo Gabriel

Dec 17 2023, 2:18pm

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Happy 10 years indeed!!!


Hamfast Gamgee
Tol Eressea

Dec 21 2023, 8:26am

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Is it ok to like it now then?

Considering the merciless criticism the production received when it was released. Look up some of the threads at the time.


Dec 21 2023, 1:22pm

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Did the movie get better?

Last time I saw it, DOS was still pretty unwatchable.

"So which story do you prefer?"
"The one with the tiger. That's the better story."
"Thank you. And so it goes with God."

Paulo Gabriel

Dec 22 2023, 9:02pm

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I like DoS...

And so does OldestDaughter, hehehehehe.

Paulo Gabriel

Dec 23 2023, 3:02pm

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I don't care one iota...

How "mercilessly criticised" the production was, I have my own opinion. And if anything, DOS currently sits with a "Certified Fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes, so if anything, the "experts" opinion on the movie is very positive.

Random online fan communities should mean little on the whole picture, if anything, then.

Paulo Gabriel

Dec 23 2023, 3:03pm

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Dec 23 2023, 5:20pm

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Did the movie get better? Last time I saw it, DOS was still pretty unwatchable.

Heh! I say that kind of thing to my family all the time when we're watching something.

"Do you think they'll be able to blow up the Death Star again this time?"

<collective groan>

Somehow the fate of static frames one after the other on a finite reel fades away and maybe, just maybe, this time it will be different.


Dec 25 2023, 12:40am

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Memories of DOS

Actually,the Extended Edition remains one of my favorites. Here's an effort from 10 years ago when Evangeline Lilly was cast as Tauriel.

Don't mess with my favorite female elves.

Paulo Gabriel

Dec 27 2023, 3:05am

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Intergalactic Lawman

May 11, 7:29am

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Remind me...

Did Peter Jackson make these films...or did George Lucas? Hard to tell...

Paulo Gabriel

May 14, 11:10am

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Why should I?

I believe you can fully well research by yourself who was the director of both trilogies. A simple Google entry of about 5 seconds would "reveal" that information to you.

If you are too lazy to do that, however, there is actually one other option: if any of these movies play anywhere near you, you must wait until the end credits. Final tip: the director usually is the first person to appear in any feature film credits roll.

You're welcome!