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New Line Cinemas pre-LOTR movie pitch booklet thingy

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Sep 18 2023, 2:58pm

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New Line Cinemas pre-LOTR movie pitch booklet thingy

Hi All. Been about 20 years since Iíve posted on here but glad to see the blood still runs strong 💪🏻

Years before FOTR was released, but just after the original announcement was made - a pitch art/storyboard booklet was released (A3 -ish size) - medium card, very nice quality. I canít recall where I purchased it at the time but it was from the studio itself I believe. I am also quite sure this was a very limited release. Iíll take some photos and upload soon - but does anyone have any information about these ? Iíd imagine it would be worth a fair bit by now.

Anyways - thanks TOR gang 😃

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Oct 31 2023, 10:18am

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Found it


Feb 22, 1:47am

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is it for sale?


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