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Saw FOTR at Radio City last night!!!!!


Feb 7, 7:12pm

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Saw FOTR at Radio City last night!!!!!

First, it was great to sit with fans of all ages and clap, laugh, and cheer for Howard Shore, the musicians, and favorite scenes, characters, musical moments…Radio City is the perfect venue for this show!

Second….this was a performance of special significance… as the orchestra is from Ukraine… let that sink in…just let that percolate as you ponder Tolkien’s tale and world events…they are the real deal, directed by the amazing Ludwig Wicki…it was a night to remember…

Third… the vocalists and choir… the great Kaitlyn Lusk’s voice is other worldly, and she sang Enya’s May It Be. Lump in throat. Brooklyn was in the house, the Youth Chorus was phenomenal and the young kid who soloed was brilliant.

Back to the FANS!!! Omg lots of costumes and cloaks and Elf ears!! All ages, all races, all giddy with excitement. Laughing at 20 year old jokes we have heard a million times. Applauding characters and scenes, lots of cheering!!! One does not simply walk into Mordor….YEAH!!! You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring….WOO!!! Goodbye Bill the Pony….YEEESSS!!!! Yes we cheered for Bill.
The young lady next to me and I were cheering and clapping at the same things, but she made my night when she practically leapt out of her seat when Boromir said They Have A Cave Troll!!!! She said later it was her favorite line. That’s why it is so much fun seeing this event with other fans, and the whole audience participated. I suspect some people were there supporting family members but they were all caught in the spell…

Back to the music and the MAN, Howard Shore. As much as there was laughter and applause, there was rapt attention and silence during scenes like the lament for Gandalf. You could really hear every note in the score and realize again just how amazing it is and that Howard Shore is a genius. Listening to the Chorus and vocalist blend with the orchestra gave me the shivers at times!!

I was so happy I got to experience this again, at age 59 having been through health issues in recent years (am doing well). I saw FOTR and TT at Radio City the last time, maybe a decade ago, but it was like listening with new ears. AND they are coming back with the Two Towers!! I don’t know why ROTK never played, we need to make that happen!!

If you get to go this week, enjoy!! For those on the fence, go!!! There was a bar party in Moots but I could not make it…thanks for reading, it brings me joy to share here as we shared it last night!!


Feb 7, 10:42pm

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Glad to hear it was a fun time!

Thanks for the report. Smile

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Feb 10, 2:38pm

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*shivers, tears, laughter* Just reading your post!! :D

*flying tackle hug* OH HOW I WISH I'D BEEN THERE!!! Your excitement and joy of being there washed over me like I felt when I was there for FotR & TT years ago! THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME A REBOOT ON THAT JOY! :D

20 years later! What a perfect tribute to Tolkien, Jackson's accomplishment and Shore's magic! We're so lucky to be a part of their journey and that they brought this world to life for us!

Being with that audience is so perfect when everyone is riding the wave together! But I gasped when you said it was an orchestra from Ukraine!!! *CHEERS* I'm getting goosebumps all over again just saying it now. It took perfect and catapulted it into the heavens. I'm so SO happy for you that you could have this incredible adventure AND that you had someone (lots of them ;) next to you that "got it"!! That shared in your passion :D After 20 years, those costumes, jokes, and love of lines/scenes have become so much a part of us!

I was bummed that they never finished the trilogy at the RCMH with RotK, but I did see it a year or so later in the same presentation (orchestra/theater/stage) in Grand Rapids, Michigan... and they did it proud :D

I would so love to be there with you for the remaining 2 films/stories; but, alas, I don't do the travels anymore. Fundage and brain-power aren't cooperating; but I still thank Goodness that I was there before and shared it with amazing, and very patient, sibs. LOVE YOU ALL!

Thanks again for this! *massive hug* I can't wait to see your next adventure's report ;) *more hugs*


We have been there and back again.

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Feb 10, 2:54pm

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And I'm so glad you're doing well after your challenges! Happiest outcome of all :D *high five*


We have been there and back again.

TIME Google Calendar


Feb 20, 1:52am

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You are most welcome!

I can’t wait for the Two Towers!!!


Feb 20, 2:01am

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So happy you enjoyed my post!

I remember meeting you a decade ago, at a pub party in NYC, probably before either ROTK or TT at Radio City!! If I have it correct!!
So glad you enjoyed my review!! Goosebumps for sure!!
So glad you got to see ROTK!!
I hope it will come to Radio City!!
So sorry to hear you are not physically traveling anymore, but we can travel to Middle earth from our couch, somedays that is all I can do.
You Rock, don’t ever forget!!!