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Add TRoP forum to "Forum Nav"?


Jan 22, 5:55pm

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Add TRoP forum to "Forum Nav"?

The Rings of Power forum has existed for five years now and I assume that it is among the most well-frequented on these message boards? Wouldn't it be a rather simple process to add it to the "Forum Nav" section?

Now now Bill, you swore this was a battle between warriors, not a bunch of miss nancies, so warriors is what I brought


Jan 25, 1:08am

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Not a bad idea, I think

I'm not sure how many people use that to navigate between boards, but I can see how it would be a fast way. Calisuri would have to do it though as that's part of the overall TORn design and operation, not that of the forums.

However, if there's not room for an extra link, one of the existing ones may have to go. It looks like maybe Fan Art would be a good candidate as the last post was in November. Of course, Fan Art would still be accessible in several ways, just not from that menu (for any Fan Art aficionados).