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The One Ring Forums: Off Topic: The Pollantir:
Do you believe in Ghosts?
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Poll: Do you believe in Ghosts?
Yes, I do.
I am not sure but I am open to this.
Absolutely not!
I like everything paranormal
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Semper Fi

May 26 2013, 6:07pm

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You are so right! [In reply to] Can't Post

I was devastated when I woke up (I think I woke up immeduately knowing what had happened).

And your example is exactly the reborn thing. They don`t say cats have 9 lives for nothing.


May 26 2013, 6:26pm

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I don't have any solid theories or beliefs. [In reply to] Can't Post

I entertain many notions about what "could be" without feeling the need to decide on anything ... most of the time, anyway. I can remember some strange experiences, however. Many of them involved dreams or intuitions or what could likely be imagination - but they still made me wonder. I will just share the few details that I find hard to explain by any natural causes.

My building had a fire and the source came from the unit right below mine. All the units around mine had fire damage except mine. I can only guess why or how. For one, I had suspicions that the unit was haunted from when I first moved in because of flickering lights that come on and off randomly - at least when I first moved in they did - it kind of dissipated over time. Then I met someone who talked about things like psychic warfare and circles of protection and I tried one just to see. They talked about vortices later when I mentioned how pictures on my wall had started falling down randomly and breaking. Was it ghostly protection? Was it a vortex? Was it just the ventillation that made my unit totally untouched by fire damage at the top and center of a building fire? I couldn't tell you.

I was in the car and the driver (and all the rest of us) were getting quite roudy and silly in a dangerous and not good way - swerving back and forth down the road with no seatbelts and the passenger seat person hanging out their window. The car rolled and in an instant (I had been daydreaming - something I do very nearly constantly) the figure (who happened to be Elrond btw) I had been talking to in the daydream suddenly shouted "Duck!" and I did - causing me to roll. So then I ended up under the passenger side guy who was hanging over me by his seatbelt - I was at his feat and had cleared all the dashboard and him and the centerpiece between driver and passenger and the shifter and all of it and had done a flip in mid-air - something I do not know how to do.

My sister and her friends were using the Oija board when we were very young grade-school age kiddos. I had never used it before and as I was walking up the steps, something literally yanked me by my shirt-collar down a step or two (without me falling). I shrugged it off (I laugh now at the thought of slipping backwards two steps without falling - could I really have done that?) and kept going only to find that when my sister and her friends asked "the spirits" if I could join in the fun that the answer was "no".

I was daydreaming again (I do this almost constantly still) - this time much older. In the daydream I was arguing with the person about whether or not they were real / had a body. Suddenly I fell while just walking on pavement. It felt like I had been picked up and "dropped". The scars afterward shifted shape slightly as they healed. At first it looked like a triforce (from Zelda) and then it looked like four hearts and then two and then one.

My cousin says that she caught my sister and I having a dream-conversation in our sleep once when we were sleeping over at her house.

I once was stuck on a math problem and as I was walking to school, I saw the shape of the symbol I was mixing up a detail about in the tree branches and leaves. I immediately figured out what my mistake was.

There is a lot more! But the rest of it is far less concrete so I can explain it using purely psychology and the words "overactive imagination". Even that last one with "seeing things" in the trees could easily just be something psychological like some kind of rorschach effect. I really prefer to try to find some kind of explanation like this for things than to assume something about the existence of supernatural forces that I honestly do not claim to understand. I think I may have convinced myself that the reason my apartment had no damage was either because all the other tenants around me were taking advantage and making false claims (I was out of town when it happened) or because my door was somehow more tightly closed than the others. But my neighboor didn't seem to believe it when I told her my unit had no damage - either that or she had some reason to want me to put in a claim ... but what could it matter to her? The thing with the car could have just been my own subconscious coming through in a strange way and the thing with my sister could be just a matter of our dream-talking being randomly coincident and being able to "fit" with some interpretation and not necessarily a real conversation. Well - who knows anyway! If I don't have to decidedly decide anything then I simply won't. I am okay with just saying that I don't know.

(This post was edited by Escapist on May 26 2013, 6:29pm)


May 26 2013, 8:59pm

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There have been reports of ball lightning lasting up to half an hour [In reply to] Can't Post

And causing significant damage. Was there thunder and lighting nearby? Though it's incredibly rare for it to last beyond a couple of seconds.

Whether it was ball lightning or a UFO, what a sight! Did you manage to get a picture?

Tol Eressea

May 27 2013, 1:17am

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Haha! Yes, we went on one of those tours :) [In reply to] Can't Post

We had gone on one the previous evening. I would think that our experience on the wall was the result of the power of suggestion, but, as you said, the tour was total hocum and suggested very little. Laugh But it was an entertaining two hours and a fun way to see the city.

BTW, I'm so jealous! York is beautiful and has so many layers of history; I'd go back in a heartbeat. Smile

(This post was edited by zarabia on May 27 2013, 1:18am)


May 27 2013, 2:42am

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If you want a scientific possiblity [In reply to] Can't Post

- I mean... before you go to power of suggestion -

It's possible it wasn't echoes of your footsteps but the sound of someone else's being bounced around in odd ways.

I used to visit a dome house and someone talking in a soft voice in the open area on the second floor -- which hung like a balcony above the main living area -- could be heard very clearly on the first floor as if they were sitting next to you. It was VERY spooky because you'd swear someone was sitting next to you talking quietly just to you but no one was there.

I've had this happen and heard of it happening in other environments however... they might need to be curved like the dome house.

And, for this to be an explanation in your case, you'd need to have someone in the area walking (running?) urgently and it doesn't sound like the sort of place they would do that.

This isn't to force a scientific explanation onto a possibly mystical one. I only offer it as an alternative to you making it up in your head! :-)


Whispering Gallery - National Statuary Hall - US Capitol


May 27 2013, 2:02pm

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Actually, it was a pretty clear night, as I recall... [In reply to] Can't Post

In Reply To
And causing significant damage. Was there thunder and lighting nearby? Though it's incredibly rare for it to last beyond a couple of seconds.

Whether it was ball lightning or a UFO, what a sight! Did you manage to get a picture?

No, I didn't get a picture (unfortunately). This happened years ago, when I was in my mid-teens, maybe the summer of 1975. I happened to wake up around three in the morning and saw the light out of my window, off to the west (towards Niagara Falls). I woke up my parents; my father refused to get up, but my mom came out with me to view the phenomenon outside until it disappeared. What finally happened is that the light dipped slightly to the right (north) and then sped off at an upwards angle, like a giant checkmark. Weird.


May 28 2013, 12:13am

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Ghosts [In reply to] Can't Post

Wow thanks to all those who've shared their opinions and story. I didn't thought that this poll would have some success.

Just to be clear, By Ghost I meant entities,spirits,full body apparation, poltergeist ect. I've placed the whole range of phenomena under the term ''Ghost'' to simplify the question.


(This post was edited by sam90 on May 28 2013, 12:14am)

AlassŽa Eruvande

May 28 2013, 2:54pm

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Interesting, Daniel, [In reply to] Can't Post

that your scientific leanings, as you say, cause you not to believe in God. I'd say my scientific leanings have enhanced my belief in God. I find that difference fascinating. Smile

AlassŽa Eruvande

May 28 2013, 3:03pm

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I've never seen a ghost. [In reply to] Can't Post

But I do believe in them.

I have never felt a presence of any kind. Both my parents are dead; my father when I was nine, and my mother two years ago. My maternal grandparents died when I was a teenager. I suspect the lack of their presences here with me is owing to the fact that it was indeed their time to go. All their work was completed on earth and there was no reason to hang around. My brothers have never mentioned feeling any of their presences.

I also have never had a pet hang around after death, not even a cat. Our current cat does look like my last cat, but I wouldn't say one is the reincarnated version of the other.

But, just because I don't see them, doesn't mean they aren't there. Smile


May 28 2013, 3:55pm

Post #35 of 48 (275 views)
And what was your mother putting in [In reply to] Can't Post

all those baked cookies Daniel?Laugh

Joking aside, that is most curious. I always contend that we take for granted that we have the ability to take in everything with our senses and discern everything with our minds, but beyond our finitism lies not just that 'shell on the beach' but an ocean to tap into if we only evolve or learn to do so.

Fredeghar Wayfarer

May 29 2013, 8:55am

Post #36 of 48 (282 views)
Open-minded [In reply to] Can't Post

I think, like Agent Fox Mulder, "I want to believe." I've never had a paranormal experience but I'm open-minded about it and have heard plenty of accounts from people that don't seem to be easily explained. The part of me that loves fantasy and the supernatural wants to believe and wants to have such an experience. But the other part of me that's a big sissy would probably be scared out of my mind if it ever happened.

Regardless, I do think that there's more to the universe than science can explain. Whether that means there is paranormal phenomena or just things science hasn't figured out yet, I don't know.


May 30 2013, 2:12pm

Post #37 of 48 (246 views)
'ghosts' might not be the right word [In reply to] Can't Post

At least three of my loved ones who have passed over have made contact with me.


May 30 2013, 2:18pm

Post #38 of 48 (252 views)
my dog hung around for years [In reply to] Can't Post

my cat could see her; I couldn't, but I could feel she was there - usually either in her favorite corner under a table, or riding in the backseat of the car.

A friend of mine named Carla died a couple of years ago. The day after, another friend who had not heard the news was heading into church, saw Carla on the steps, greeted her, and got a nod in reply. Later, as I put the programme together for Carla's service, I kept hearing her tell me all this fuss was not necessary. I finally said out loud "Carla, I understand you think so, but WE need it!" and she quieted down.


May 30 2013, 2:22pm

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someone once said [In reply to] Can't Post

that we shouldn't be afraid of the dead; after all, they are our own loved ones.

All my experiences have been very positive; clearly the only "agenda" those who have visited me had was to help me move past grief.


May 31 2013, 12:23am

Post #40 of 48 (243 views)
I saw a UFO once [In reply to] Can't Post

there were two people with me who saw it too. We watched it in silence, and after it had gone, eventually one of the others said "uh . . . did you guys see that?" We agreed that we had, and then we didn't talk about it again.

Tol Eressea

May 31 2013, 7:52am

Post #41 of 48 (227 views)
At first I thought, "Aha!" [In reply to] Can't Post

I thought maybe you were on to something because I had it in my head that the walls of York were kind of parabolic shaped like other walled cities I've visited. But then I started trying to picture the scene and remembered the walls are made up of straight sections. I even looked on Google Earth to be sure. Yep, they are straight, no curves.

It was a good suggestion, though.Smile Once you suggested it, I remembered experiencing that effect in domes and at a science museum. Oh well...the mystery continues. LaughTongue


May 31 2013, 9:54pm

Post #42 of 48 (252 views)
I know that feeling about not discussing it [In reply to] Can't Post

Once while playing cards with friends in a room and having normal conversation, out of the corner came a loud, guttural (yes, vaguely scary) "No!" That was all. I thought I was going crazy hearing a voice from nowhere, then one of my friends turned to the corner and said, "Yes!" We all laughed nervously and never talked about it again. It was in a room in our house where other weird things happened, but there'd never been a voice before (of after).

Aunt Dora Baggins

Jun 2 2013, 2:16am

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Hmmm, interesting. I've seen hallucinations twice. [In reply to] Can't Post

Once when I climbed a long, hard mountain, and was very tired, as we were coming down I saw our little son sitting on a rock by the trail. I knew he was really at home with my mom, and the vision only lasted an instant. I wasn't spooked, because I'd read about waking dreams (can't remember the word for it) in a Psychology Today magazine.

The other time I saw Jack the Ripper coming down the hallway toward my bed. That was spooky, but because I'd read that article again I wasn't freaked out by it.

Aunt Dora Baggins

Jun 2 2013, 2:23am

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"Believe" isn't the right word. [In reply to] Can't Post

I like to imagine that my mom has made contact with me through synchronicity: after she died, I'd been feeling hideously guilty for choosing, at the urging of hospice, not to prolong her life artificially through IV hydration. So I sat by her bed and watched her die of thirst. Afterward I wept and said, "Mom, please send me a sign that what I did was OK."

A couple of nights later I was in the ER with my father-in-law, who had pneumonia (it was a tough time). My husband noticed both the nurses' nametags said "Nancy". I commented to one of them that that was my mom's name, and that we had scattered her ashes that day. She gave me a strange look and said, "What was her middle name?" I said "Anne." She said, "With an E?" I said, "Yes.' She said, "That's my middle name. Anne. With an E. And that other Nancy over there? Also Anne, with an E."

I burst into tears, and that young woman with my mom's name put her arms around me and held me to her heart and said, "Oh, it's OK, sweetie, it's OK." I sobbed, "I asked my mom for a sign that it was OK, and you just gave it to me." She said, "Yes, it really is OK".

Was that a "ghost"? Not in the conventional sense. But it sure felt like something. I don't know if I believe in signs from the dead, but I like to imagine that that was one.

(This post was edited by Aunt Dora Baggins on Jun 2 2013, 2:23am)

Aunt Dora Baggins

Jun 2 2013, 2:25am

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After one of our cats died [In reply to] Can't Post

my husband and I both felt him walking across our feet in bed, just as he used to in life.

Tol Eressea

Jun 3 2013, 12:52am

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No [In reply to] Can't Post

I do believe in afterlife, but that's it. People die and go where they go, and never come back.


Jun 4 2013, 3:18am

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simple but thought provoking question [In reply to] Can't Post

I don't pretend to know one way or the other whether ghosts exist.

The Shire

Jun 4 2013, 7:50pm

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Well..... [In reply to] Can't Post

as a Christian I believe in spirits, both good and evil. Angels and Demons. I don't think I should elaborate as to what I believe about the spirits of dead people, as I don't wish to offend anyone or "start" something. I will say that I have done a bit of studying, and for those fellow Christians (or anyone else interested) I would highly recommend the book, "The Testimony of Dr. Richard Eby". There also may be some of his testimony on video available on the net, just google his name (I saw an excellent video of a talk he gave at a Christian Businessmen's lunch in Chicago sometime back in the 80's). Dr. Eby died for the 3rd and final time on December 26th, 2002.
As an aside, his cousin coach Floyd Eby was the high school basketball coach at my high school (but not my contemporary) and a local pastor; he authored the book, "God Is My Co-Pilot".

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