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Entertainment Weekly Talks 'Hobbit' - BIGTIME!
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Oct 4 2007, 6:18pm

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Entertainment Weekly Talks 'Hobbit' - BIGTIME! Can't Post

Steele writes: Just a heads up, if case you didn't know, that there is a huge 7(!) page cover story on the current status of The Hobbit in the Entertainment Weekly which hits newsstands tomorrow (10/05). I would call it cautiously optimistic - confirmation that New Line and PJ apparently are now talking - and a good overall summation of the PJ/New Line/Hobbit situation to date. BTW, love your web site.

Michael Regina
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Oct 4 2007, 6:32pm

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How many times [In reply to] Can't Post

can you ignore the horde at the door?

There has been so much expectation - and to some degree, demand - from the public for a Hobbit film that New Line surely can't hold out forever, particularly when the deadline must be looming for the expiration of their rights to the story. It's pure speculation, but ... maybe there's some behind-the-scenes arm-twisting that means NL can extend the rights only if they've got PJ on board?

However this all pans out, the background story to this saga is going to be a fascinating read someday!

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Oct 4 2007, 6:43pm

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A little birdie told me... [In reply to] Can't Post

That a certain TORN staffer had a hand in writing the EW piece, and has a neat little 'factoid' box somewhere in those pages...scans tomorrow!

Michael Regina
Editor in Chief/Segment Producer
PH: 514.947.5221


Oct 4 2007, 6:49pm

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agreed [In reply to] Can't Post

The behind scenes to this story will be very interesting.

Superuser / Moderator

Oct 4 2007, 6:50pm

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Cool! [In reply to] Can't Post

I'll have to check my mail early tomorrow (or 'at all' - it's a block away so it doesn't always get checked right away - tomorrow will be an exception). Smile

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Oct 4 2007, 6:50pm

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Excellent! [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks in advance! Smile

Registered User

Oct 4 2007, 6:58pm

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Wonderful [In reply to] Can't Post

This is absolutely fantastic news. I will definitely have to check this out.


Oct 4 2007, 7:35pm

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7 pages!! [In reply to] Can't Post

That'll be something to read ... though Im not sure we get that mag in these parts ...
But no doubt the goss will be here on TORN!!
Puts kettle on ...

The Road Goes Ever On and On ...
Happy 70th Birthday to The Hobbit!!

Tolkien was a Capricorn!
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Tol Eressea

Oct 4 2007, 8:26pm

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Now this is promising news! [In reply to] Can't Post

The fact that PJ and New Line are talking gives me hope that I will see this film in my lifetime!

Wouldn't it be a wonderful holiday gift to get an official announcement by the end of the year that PJ, Fran, and Phillipa were working on a script and that filming would start in 2008?


(This post was edited by Altaira on Oct 5 2007, 3:44am)

Tol Eressea

Oct 4 2007, 10:17pm

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And I see our own Xoanon is quoted in the article [In reply to] Can't Post

"Would fans go see the movie if someone else directed it?'' asks the editor-in-chief of TheOneRing.net, Michael Regina. ''Maybe 90 percent would, but they'd be upset about it. It would break their hearts.''

I couldn't agree more!

(This post was edited by Altaira on Oct 5 2007, 3:45am)


Oct 4 2007, 11:15pm

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If they can get 7 pages in EW before this film is even made... [In reply to] Can't Post

..I think we should expect a whole issue devoted to The Hobbit once it finally gets done!

This amount of coverage at this stage certainly says something about how hot a property the Hobbit is...

Intriguing news, thanks for the heads up!


Registered User

Oct 4 2007, 11:16pm

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The Hobbit [In reply to] Can't Post

 I hope that New Line and PJ can sort things out so we can see the Hobbit made by the right people. It just wouldn't be the same if some one else tried their hand at making the Hobbit.Smile


Oct 5 2007, 1:55am

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Ho-boy, gramma is gonna have a cow, look out! [In reply to] Can't Post

I think the constant pressure from all sides is showing some wear. It was said before that money and 'movie formulas' speak loudly in the movie business but i just cannot understand the lack of dimension in foresight and common sense. New Line seems to have all the imbecilic characteristics of a Frank Burns.

"Tolkien, like Lewis, believed that, through story, the real world would become a more magical place, full of meaning. We see its patterns and colors in a fresh way. The recovery of a true view of the world applies both to individual things, like hills and stones, and to the cosmic - the depths of space and time itself. For in sub-creation, in Tolkien's view, there is a "survey" of space and time. Reality is captured on a miniature scale. Through stories like The Lord of the Rings, a renewed view of things is given, illuminating the homely, the spiritial, the physical, and the moral dimensions of the world."

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Oct 5 2007, 2:21am

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Hobbit NOW [In reply to] Can't Post

1- well I can't wait for a Hobbit movie

2-I'd be excited at what they'd do with an "Appendix movie", essentially composed of various vignettes from the Appendices and other sources.

I think the Middle-earth "Prequel Duology" will be a heck of a lot better than the Star Wars Prequels, as The Hobbbit was 1-actually written first and 2-is already a best-selling book

Forum Admin / Moderator

Oct 5 2007, 3:32am

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Yes, I think [In reply to] Can't Post

most of us (and those more casual fans who aren't part of the ongoing LOTR fandom) would go see it - once. But whether it could get us to go back multiple times is another question entirely. It's the repeat business that gives a movie "legs" and racks up those huge profits. It would be entirely possible for a movie of lesser pedigree to open big and then drop like a rock if the fans were disappointed.

These latest tidings are interesting. I'm cautiously hopeful.


"Of all faces those of our familiares are the ones both most difficult to play fantastic tricks with, and most difficult really to see with fresh attention. They have become like the things which once attracted us by their glitter, or their colour, or their shape, and we laid hands on them, and then locked them in our hoard, acquired them, and acquiring ceased to look at them.
Creative fantasy, because it is mainly trying to do something else [make something new], may open your hoard and let all the locked things fly away like cage-birds. The gems all turn into flowers or flames, and you will be warned that all you had (or knew) was dangerous and potent, not really effectively chained, free and wild; no more yours than they were you." -On Fairy Stories


Oct 5 2007, 3:44am

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I could not have said it better myself. [In reply to] Can't Post

I wouldn't boycott it, cause I'd have to look. But it would indeed break my heart, and I'd only see it once. I want the full meal deal here.

I would say that 90% may be a little high, though.

For Gondor!


Oct 5 2007, 4:05am

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I must get out and get this mag. But in the meantime... [In reply to] Can't Post


For Gondor!


Oct 5 2007, 4:08am

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" ...the Shire still hold him in its spell" [In reply to] Can't Post

Wel, he most certainly is not the only one now is he? Wink This is good news and I agree that if EW would devote a 7 page spread, there is " more to this Hobbit than meets the eye."

As far as this line...


In fact, Jackson may turn out to be the only person who never once lost hope in the movie

Hmmm...they haven't met Grammaboodawg yet have they? Cool

Whether because Frodo was so worn by his long pains, wound of knife, and venomous sting, and sorrow, fear, and homeless wandering, or because some gift of final strength was given to him, Sam lifted Frodo with no more difficulty than if he were carrying a hobbit child pig-a-back....
Frodo opened his eyes and drew a breath....'Thank you, Sam,' he said in a cracked whisper. 'How far is there to go?' --RotK, "Mount Doom"
Formerly A'amel from days gone by.

SandWitch King

Oct 5 2007, 4:33am

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Glad for the coverage but there isn't much news here [In reply to] Can't Post

This was over-written and under-reported, mostly re-hashing old news. (Including stories at TORn! But thank goodness the article didn't get TORn and TORc mixed up again.)

Funny enough, perception is reality and because EW did the story it adds to the weight of everybody getting along and making nice.

Missing from the story is the pressure from Time Warner on New LIne to produce. NL has a string of badly performing movies
and Shaye and others are probably feeling some pressure. Remember "Elf"? That was the last big hit at New Line while Shaye's pet projects, like his own directed "The Last Mimzy" were genuine box office bombs.

Anyway, it is curious that EW did such a major story. I am a subscriber and I am sick to death of TV coverage at the magazine so this was a welcome relief.

No wonder all writers want to direct: one still has to put up with a load of nonsense, but even if wearing two hats (writer and director), there is one under which one is not called a thief and then raped - David Mamet


Oct 5 2007, 4:34am

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That's right, Rivendweller! [In reply to] Can't Post

I can't wait for her to see this.

For Gondor!


Oct 5 2007, 4:57am

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I've got to say that this: [In reply to] Can't Post

"When New Line began planning to sell the LOTR props and costumes at auction, Jackson intervened and said that he'd like to have them, both for sentimental reasons and for a museum he hoped to set up one day. The studio balked. Jackson then pointed out that he had never signed a contract for the extended Return of the King DVD. He informed New Line that he'd be happy to accept the costumes and props as his fee — the suggestion being that he might not work on the DVD otherwise. Those extended cuts had become far richer revenue streams than anyone could have predicted. Jackson got his props. "

...was news to me. I'd never heard this bit of scuttlebutt before.

For Gondor!

Finding Frodo
Tol Eressea

Oct 5 2007, 5:33am

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And Michael Lynne and Bob Shaye are on Charlie Rose right now [In reply to] Can't Post

It's after midnight on a school night so I should be sleeping, but I clicked through the on-screen tv guide one more time and lookee here: They're talking LotR at this moment! They're on because of New Line celebrating its 40th anniversary.

BS: Every film is a gamble.
CR: Has it exceeded your expectations?
ML: The total cost for the 3 films would be at least $300 million, but this was covered with our investors, licensing agreements, etc. Everything depended on the first film being a success.

Earlier they were talking about how New Line had made the greatest number of franchise films. Except for the Nightmare on Elm Street films (their first franchise) they made sequels that were as good as or better than the original (Rush Hour 3 was cited as example. Gag.)

CR: PJ and you (Bob) had a disagreement. Is it all about money or is it personal?
BS: Initially it was all about money. We have nothing to gain from duplicity in accounting. We welcome audits. I don't think we've ever been sued by anybody because we've always settled.
(Referring to statement about PJ never working for NL) I said things in a time of emotion.
CR: Hobbit. You're looking for another director and thinking of Sam Raimi.
ML: We're not saying that. He's a great director and so is PJ. There are lots of rumors. There are lots of people who could direct it.

So, there's no news here at all, but still it was interesting. Bob Shaye really comes off as prickly and short-tempered while Michael Lynne seems more friendly and diplomatic.

Where's Frodo?


Oct 5 2007, 5:55am

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OH man, I wish I'd seen that... [In reply to] Can't Post

thanks for this info, FF. Go to bed now!

edited to add:

hopefully it will be here soon.

thanks for alerting us to this FF.

For Gondor!

(This post was edited by Patty on Oct 5 2007, 6:04am)


Oct 5 2007, 9:22am

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OH GEEZ!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

*tears* thisis an awesome article!!! They've got everything in there! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!!!

THere's stuff I didn't know about in there...

"When New Line began planning to sell the LOTR props and costumes at auction, Jackson intervened and said that he'd like to have them, both for sentimental reasons and for a museum he hoped to set up one day. The studio balked. Jackson then pointed out that he had never signed a contract for the extended Return of the King DVD. He informed New Line that he'd be happy to accept the costumes and props as his fee — the suggestion being that he might not work on the DVD otherwise." I LOVE THIS MAN EVEN MORE!!!!!

He saved the props for THe HOBBIT! Yeah for the amazing exhibit... but HE KNEW he'd be needing them! Peter Jackson has been patient, unswerving, masterful in handling this. Of course he meant it that IF IF NL would let Shaggy Shaye have his WAY... he'd be done with THEM as far as the filming goes... be he also knows that SHAYE is not the only body in the building. He knows Michael Lynne, Mark Ordesky (though his job's changed) and others are in that company that are SANE!

I'm shaking..... omg..... and to reference TORn... LOOKIE! and XO... you're quoteed... This is an awesome areticle! I'm going to have to go re-establish my prescripti... I mean... renew my EW mag subscription..............

I had to race to the homepage and read this. It's not real until the homepage says so.. and there iit is... *tears flwing agan*

Trust Peter. He knows what he's doing.

You guys called it at DragonCon.. *twitch*

"[Panel discussion] Ramie was discussed in July 2007 to work in association with Peter, but now Shaye's waffling on Raimi directing because he has "bigger fish to fry." Calisuri: No one really knows what the project is ... Calisuri continues [a prediction]: ... what we will end up seeing is Peter Jackson is actually the executive producer of The Hobbit with Sam Raimi directing... which might not be ideal in all cases, but with Peter overseeing, we can expect to have a very similar vision of what we've had. If there's going to be a happy medium in this process that, hopefully, is the happy medium. Obviously we want Peter to do the whole thing.

Corvar: Just being able to have the whole artistic team be involved versus being off in New Zealand with no input will make a big difference. Being able to have the same people who designed sets and those types of things [including the screenplay by Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens] work on it... that everybody would be under contract to Peter [who] might be out and excluded if Peter wasn't involved.
MrCere: And it's my personal belief... I'm not speaking for anyone but me... I think you can bank on that happening..."

... I'm still holding out for Peter Jackson Directing! I want it all!!! He'll be back and this will be done right! It has to... it would be so wrong for Tolkien's story to not be done right!
DREAM BIG! DREAM RIGHT!!! ... because In Dreams...

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And we come, to end of days
In the dark I hear a call
Calling me there
I will go there
And back again.

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Trust him... The Hobbit is coming!

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Oct 5 2007, 1:16pm

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It's certainly a hopeful article! [In reply to] Can't Post

I made the following posting in their comment area after the article:

The Hobbit needs the combined resources of Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Weta and Ian McKellen to be all the movie it could be. I hope New Line and the Kiwi crew resolve their issues soon.

I bought the boycottnewline.com domain and collected a few thousand signatures from people who, like me, were annoyed enough to boycott all New Line films. It is my greatest hope that I won't have to renew the domain and can take down the "Boycott New Line" petition down soon!

Boycott New Line!

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