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TheOneRing.net Exclusive: Behold! Thorin Oakenshield and Orcrist!
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Captain Salt
Justice League

Jul 17 2011, 4:34pm

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Thorin's brother Gorin? [In reply to] Can't Post


I would rather be watching Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" and Ridley Scott's "Prometheus"...it's going to be a long few years.

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Ainu Laire
Justice League

Jul 17 2011, 4:35pm

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He looks absolutely fantastic. [In reply to] Can't Post

I love that gleam in his eyes! He definitely looks like someone that can lead a party to reclaim a kingdom.

Love Orcrist, too. Definitely looks like something that could come from Gondolin.

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Guardian of the Galaxy / Moderator

Jul 17 2011, 4:36pm

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LoL, Captain Salt [In reply to] Can't Post

Too funny.LaughLaugh

I can tell this is going to be an interesting day. Wink

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Jul 17 2011, 4:38pm

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Maegwen is so excited that ... [In reply to] Can't Post

... she mistakes Bombur for Thorin? Cool Crazy

Once again Orcrist is simply perfect. "Must have it must have it my preciousss ..."
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Captain Salt
Justice League

Jul 17 2011, 4:39pm

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Thanks [In reply to] Can't Post

and yep, this thread should be quite the milestone, probably hitting 1000 posts in the next 45 minutes! Wink

I would rather be watching Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" and Ridley Scott's "Prometheus"...it's going to be a long few years.

(This post was edited by Captain Salt on Jul 17 2011, 4:40pm)

Forum Admin / Moderator

Jul 17 2011, 4:41pm

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I reckon a lot of it will come in the performance [In reply to] Can't Post

Take Matt Smith, the current Doctor in Doctor Who. He's 28. He looks 28, when you look at a photo of him, and in interviews when he's himself he often behaves 28. But his performance says "I'm 900+ years old, I'm wiser and crazier and more alien than any of you lot". It's in the eyes and the way he holds himself. Merely looking at what (I think) is a fabulous costume can't portray that - but I think Armitage could pull off the 195-year-old king in exile pretty well.

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Jul 17 2011, 4:42pm

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PMSL [In reply to] Can't Post

Well at least people can't moan that he's too good looking. Congrats to TORN on getting the pic. I got a text this up whilst doing me ironing.
It's not what I was expecting but think it works.
I like them all to be honest. They have to be suitably different for an audience to identify and be able to follow.

Black Breathalizer

Jul 17 2011, 4:42pm

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Thorin [In reply to] Can't Post

Like other posters, the Thorin in my imagination looked like this---only older. I would have had a couple of distinguished grey streaks in the beard on either side of the goatie. That said, the look is certainly not bad--and I love the sword. I had a similar opinion the first time I saw a picture of King Theoden and when all was said and done, I loved Bernard Hill's performance so I will be keeping an open mind.

All in all, I love the look of Thorin and Company. The designers gave each one a distinctive look that gives clues to their personalities. Given the challenges of giving much screen time or dialogue to 13 separate dwarves, this is very important.


Jul 17 2011, 4:43pm

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I want to see more of Thorin! [In reply to] Can't Post

He looks fierce and ready for battle!

Congrats for the exclusive, well deserve, as many here have already said.

But I want to see Thorin's... boots!

(This post was edited by dwarf_girl on Jul 17 2011, 4:47pm)

Fantastic Four

Jul 17 2011, 4:45pm

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Thorin [In reply to] Can't Post

There's no denying it's impressive. I was actually browsing through google for dwarf pictures and thought this was a mock-up to be honest. It was only when i saw the site it came from was here and the date was the current one that i realised this is indeed it.

Well, six months of virtual cold sweats over what an Armitage Thorin might look like and this is what we get. It'll come as no great surprise that i don't really buy the 'human' head proportions (and body proportions- he looks rather slim, slimmer than he did in the Empire pics). Then again at such a close shot we can't see much of the body (which is a pity since his costume looked like it'd be very cool). Am i sold? No, can't say i am. It's hard not to feel some kind of impact given the intensity of the glare and 'in your face' zoomed in view (as opposed to the rest of the company's rather sedate full body shots) but he's more Gerard Butler than John Rhys Davies and the flecks of grey, while appreciated don't do an awful lot to extinguish that impression or that he is still very much the heart-throb with only the possible addition of a prosthetic nose alongside the beard to disguise his distinctive features.

And yet i'm not disgusted wholly- i like the richness of the black of his costume and the sky blue of Orcrist's baldrick (the strap) is obviously a nod. Orcrist is a bit interesting itself- it looks like it's a single-edged blade as opposed to the double-edged more conventional swords of Glamdring and Sting- are they trying to play up the idea of a dwarf lord weilding an elven blade? I also like the stitched scale armour on his upper arm- it does look like it's part of the clothing rather than a separate garment.

So there's good and there's bad, and it's an interesting take, but in terms of his build and his features he's a million miles from Thorin as i know him.

Dr Death


Jul 17 2011, 4:46pm

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I do like the look in his eyes [In reply to] Can't Post

But he needs a bigger beard.

And he actually looks quite average-dwarf to me... speaking about making the dwarves stand out from each other, I think a similar but older Thorin would have stood out more.

So does he have Orcrist with him from the beginning, or does this mean the pics show the dwarves as they appear later in the films?

Since this (supposedly) younger Thorin still witnessed Smaug's attack on Erebor, how does this affect the timeline?

Third thought? How cruel not to reveal him in full so people on this board can photoshop him into the picture with the other dwarfs.

So true Tongue


Jul 17 2011, 4:47pm

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Congratulations TheOneRing.net! [In reply to] Can't Post

Brilliant! Is he how I imagined Thorin? No. Do I think he'll make a good Thorin? Yes, I do, and I'm looking forward to seeing it happen.

Grey hair - check (well, greying)

Presence, and power of command, and anger - check

Any niggles? It would have been nice to see the whole costume...

(And please TORn, don't scare me like that again. Couldn't quite believe it when I saw that staring back at me from the Home Page! Wink )


Jul 17 2011, 4:48pm

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Thorin Oakenshield [In reply to] Can't Post

He looks like some pirate from RoTK, cool thoughWink


Jul 17 2011, 4:50pm

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Same here. [In reply to] Can't Post

In Reply To
So there's good and there's bad, and it's an interesting take, but in terms of his build and his features he's a million miles from Thorin as i know him.

Dr Death

A million miles what I had expected too. But I will get used to this eventually. Overall they all look great except for Kili. But hopefully he will grow on me too.
And it's one thing see them lined up as ready for the catwalk. It's when we see actual images from the movie we can start to say omg or yay.

And I'm quite postive it will be a big yay when that day comes! Cool


Jul 17 2011, 4:55pm

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Pretty much [In reply to] Can't Post

I disagree with the decision to make Thorin younger, but I understand why they did it. It may be a deviation from the book, but there is potential in this take on the character. So while I'm disappointed, I'll keep my mind open.

The beard is literally the only weak link I find with this design. If ANY dwarf in this company was meant to have an impressive beard, it was Thorin.


Jul 17 2011, 4:57pm

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LMAO [In reply to] Can't Post

Ok, Thorin could be the ultimate rock star.


Jul 17 2011, 5:01pm

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OMG, he looks awesome! [In reply to] Can't Post

OMG, he looks awesome! I was really doubtful that a yound thorin was going to work but he is abserloutly brilliant, I can't wait for the movies and please get a wide shot. keep us posted....

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us- Gandalf to Frodo


Jul 17 2011, 5:05pm

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Mistakes? No no... [In reply to] Can't Post

Bombur is the new leader now, you can tell by how fierce and intense he looks! Tongue

Fantastic Four

Jul 17 2011, 5:06pm

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I love it... [In reply to] Can't Post

Yeah I imagined him with a bit more grey and he does look piratey but I really like it, he makes Gimli look like a mummys boy.


Jul 17 2011, 5:06pm

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Congratulations to TORn on the exclusive reveal !!! [In reply to] Can't Post

Coming to the picture, I am really disappointed !! Why cannot PJ and Co. give the leader of the dwarves a long beard that is the sign of dwarven pride ?? On the other hand, the designs of the costume and orcrist are absolutely beautiful !!!

Fantastic Four

Jul 17 2011, 5:07pm

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The perfect place to reveal Thorin! [In reply to] Can't Post

Good on you, guys, good on you.

While I've always loved the swords in The Lord of the Rings, I've never been knocked off my feet by them—they're tools and they're meant not to distract you. But I think Orcrist is absolutely beautiful. The moon crossbar is just breathtaking. I think I'm in love, guys.

They've widened Armitage's face a little—after observing him in the The Vicar of Dibley finale, he's got a pointed face—and made his nose a little bulbous. Definitely a dwarvish face, if a ridiculously attractive one. Love the salt and pepper (heavy on the pepper) hair, although he does look a bit younger than I saw Thorin. But it's not completely out of left field (Kili) and I have every confidence that Armitage will make it work. Love the Padawan braid, but I don't care for the goatee. Apparently the nobility doesn't care for beards, young or old… I'd have preferred a full, if short, beard to the goatee, but it looks good on Armitage and is at least consistent for the family group.

I do wish we got a full body shot, considering the proportion issues with Kili—Armitage is a tall and fairly lithe gentleman, so I do hope they've bulked him up properly.

(This post was edited by eralkfang on Jul 17 2011, 5:08pm)

Forum Admin / Moderator

Jul 17 2011, 5:07pm

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PERFECTION! [In reply to] Can't Post

Yes, I realize I'm yelling. No, I can't help it. Tongue

My first exposure to The Hobbit was that old Rankin-Bass cartoon, so naturally it colored my perception of what Thorin looked like. Richard Armitage looks nothing whatsoever like that old mental image, and yet he's utterly, wonderfully...PERFECT!

Actually, I love all of the Dwarves, right down to the "pretty one" and the guy with the axe in his skull (Yes, I know their actual names, but I also know that's what all the newbies will end up calling them, so why shouldn't I start now? Wink).

I am now officially jonesing for the Hobbit movies.

Those left standing will make millions writing books on the way it should have been. --Incubus


Jul 17 2011, 5:09pm

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LMFAO! thats exactly what went through my head the moment I first saw him, LOL! [In reply to] Can't Post


All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us- Gandalf to Frodo


Jul 17 2011, 5:11pm

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Unforgettable Tolkien fan moments. [In reply to] Can't Post

The last couple of weeks have been amazing. Thorin looks majestic. Seeing all the dwarves together like this gives me nerd chills. Truly.


Jul 17 2011, 5:12pm

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Congratulations to TORn, for getting this major scoop! [In reply to] Can't Post

and thanks for all the pics together with the names I am STILL getting mixed up.

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