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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 149072 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 111839 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 9445 0 Oct 12 2014, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

  Collapse Sticky: NEW! Official Hobbit movie reviews - post them here! entmaiden 3289 61 Dec 29 2014, 1:40am Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)

Collapse Sticky: Folks from the Uni of Waikato want to know YOUR opinion on BotFA! greendragon 1121 23 Jan 21, 4:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by Mr. Arkenstone (isaac))

  Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for February 2015! DanielLB 739 15 Jan 23, 8:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by DanielLB)

Collapse Sticky: Admin announcement: a clean-up of The Hobbit discussion board Ataahua 2795 5 Jan 24, 10:10pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bumblingidiot)

  Collapse I predict the future! painjoiker 743 19 Sat, 3:03am Jump to last post in thread (by Hanzkaz)
       Collapse It does seem that way... AshNazg 644 4 Sat, 3:14am
           Collapse Not much happens... Jeffrodo 625 3 Sat, 3:36am
               There could be, but would it be interesting? QuackingTroll 614 0 Sat, 3:51am
               Collapse I meant not much happens in the book... AshNazg 609 1 Sat, 3:56am
                   You could I spose argue Aragorn's character might be the main basis for the film.. moreorless 297 0 Sat, 4:15pm
       Yep!! My thoughts exactly! ecthelionsbeard 604 0 Sat, 4:04am
       What about Tauriel? Moahunter 583 0 Sat, 5:22am
       Collapse I hope not. Mooseboy018 487 1 Sat, 9:55am
           8 haarp 460 0 Sat, 11:08am
       Collapse I don't think I could stomach any more of Orlando Bloom Glorfindela 449 2 Sat, 11:42am
           Collapse They could do an animated TV show... AshNazg 419 1 Sat, 12:40pm
               Yes, that could be an idea Glorfindela 386 0 Sat, 1:51pm
       Collapse As much as I would love that... frodolives 302 3 Sat, 4:22pm
           Collapse Not by crtiics... Pandallo 265 2 Sat, 5:17pm
               Collapse My perception only frodolives 249 1 Sat, 5:39pm
                   Sounds a bit odd... Spriggan 248 0 Sat, 5:43pm
       Collapse It's possible, but... burrahobbit 187 1 Sat, 8:51pm
           I can see a few personally... moreorless 77 0 5:58am
       One of the benefits of the relative lack of source material - Hanzkaz 8 0 27 mins ago

  Collapse Fascinating quotes by Guillermo del Toro frodolives 725 21 Sat, 4:12pm Jump to last post in thread (by squiggle)
       Collapse yep balbo biggins 628 7 Sat, 4:38pm
           Collapse Or, y'know... Pandallo 568 3 Sat, 5:14pm
               Ugh! frodolives 543 0 Sat, 5:32pm
               Collapse He left because of legal issues... QuackingTroll 491 1 Sat, 6:05pm
                   GDT's enthusiasm seemed less than genuine to me glor 32 0 11:31am
           Collapse It's important to remember SafeUnderHill 418 2 Sat, 7:20pm
               Collapse yes balbo biggins 411 1 Sat, 7:27pm
                   8 haarp 382 0 Sat, 8:11pm
       Collapse Yes, they are interesting...... dormouse 618 8 Sat, 4:53pm
           Collapse Stop confusing the issue with facts Voronwë_the_Faithful 602 3 Sat, 4:57pm
               Collapse Oops, sorry! dormouse 598 2 Sat, 4:59pm
                   Collapse Seems pretty cozy in there Voronwë_the_Faithful 574 1 Sat, 5:10pm
                       Welcoming things, teapots! // dormouse 504 0 Sat, 5:51pm
           Excellent find! Kirly 591 0 Sat, 5:01pm
           Collapse Great stuff frodolives 566 2 Sat, 5:12pm
             Collapse Perhaps he should be asked to do a fan edit? Glorfindela 351 1 Sat, 8:52pm
                   LOL /// Kirly 143 0 5:20am
       For myself Glorfindela 528 0 Sat, 5:45pm
       Collapse I, too, like a certain lead singer and rhythm guitarist, believe virtually everything I read... xxxyyy 500 1 Sat, 6:01pm
           Huh? frodolives 485 0 Sat, 6:10pm
       PJ film making team of Hobbitt ees thus far couldn't be better to me squiggle 12 0 32 mins ago

  Collapse Does anyone else wish the battle looked more like this Thorins_apprentice 562 8 Sat, 2:59am Jump to last post in thread (by Eleniel)
       Collapse But it did look exactly like that! AshNazg 512 1 Sat, 3:20am
           I thought so too! CathrineB 492 0 Sat, 3:42am
       I simply would have enjoyed more dwarves! banaili 248 0 Sat, 3:49pm
       yes balbo biggins 234 0 Sat, 4:34pm
       Collapse imagine that ElendilTheShort 159 1 Sat, 8:15pm
           Yeah CathrineB 92 0 1:08am
       Collapse Who's Alan Howe? QuackingTroll 20 1 11:08am
           I really like Matt Stewart's work.. Eleniel 10 0 46 mins ago

  Collapse Will we ever see any of GDT's designs? frodolives 348 13 Sat, 3:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by glor)
       Collapse well deskp 322 1 Sat, 3:43pm
           Cool! frodolives 315 0 Sat, 3:46pm
       Collapse Yes MedwedtoBeorn 316 2 Sat, 3:51pm
           Collapse After? frodolives 299 1 Sat, 4:08pm
               well deskp 284 0 Sat, 4:38pm
       Collapse Regarding ST Kirly 281 5 Sat, 4:47pm
           Collapse Yes, they thought he was too young frodolives 273 3 Sat, 4:50pm
               Collapse That's right, I remember that detail now Kirly 267 1 Sat, 4:54pm
                   Townsend as Aragorn. Otaku-sempai 167 0 Sat, 8:38pm
               Townsend glor 13 0 52 mins ago
           Reading between the lines at the time, c. when FotR was being made Glorfindela 29 0 11:13am
       Collapse We apparently have... Pandallo 259 1 Sat, 5:12pm
           And the stone giants scene... frodolives 251 0 Sat, 5:15pm

  Collapse Use of Dwarvish/Khuzdul in the Hobbit movies Kim 118 4 7:01am Jump to last post in thread (by QuackingTroll)
       Dwarvish was a secret language. Elizabeth 105 0 7:42am
       More Dwarvish! Ilmatar 45 0 10:20am
       From memory Glorfindela 30 0 11:06am
       Also, the elves speak in common tongue in The Hobbit... QuackingTroll 19 0 11:32am

  Collapse JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit: On the Doorstep Goldeneye 405 13 Sat, 6:10pm Jump to last post in thread (by TheHutt)
       Collapse In the book... arithmancer 347 1 Sat, 6:21pm
           re: Goldeneye 343 0 Sat, 6:25pm
       Collapse Another poster gave you one helpful suggestion... dormouse 343 8 Sat, 6:39pm
           Collapse dormouse Goldeneye 340 7 Sat, 6:45pm
               How about "My edit of Peter Jackson's Hobbit" Voronwë_the_Faithful 286 0 Sat, 7:54pm
               It's a confusing thread name burrahobbit 271 0 Sat, 8:22pm
               Not sure why you need a title for something that's meant..... dormouse 195 0 Sat, 11:04pm
               Collapse Here's a few titles... AshNazg 187 3 Sat, 11:20pm
                   Collapse There and Back Again Goldeneye 177 2 Sat, 11:42pm
                       Just cut out the filler: 'Th Hbbt' // QuackingTroll 167 0 Sat, 11:52pm
                       Or 'The Hobbit: Legoless Edition' QuackingTroll 158 0 12:19am
       Why not just call it Bishop 153 0 12:30am
       Do consider changing the title TheHutt 57 0 8:11am

  Collapse CGI Dain: any reason why they did this? Goldeneye 721 20 Fri, 6:19pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Collapse Earlier discussion Ilmatar 664 14 Fri, 6:22pm
           Collapse ah... Goldeneye 646 13 Fri, 6:39pm
               Collapse One certainly can't disagree that it was Connolly's performance... Spriggan 638 1 Fri, 6:45pm
                   I agree with this! banaili 204 0 Sat, 3:44pm
               Collapse I enjoyed Billy Connolly's performance, same as Spriggan.... dormouse 609 10 Fri, 7:16pm
                   Collapse meh Goldeneye 473 9 Fri, 10:36pm
                       Collapse Eh? CathrineB 410 1 Sat, 12:24am
                         Well, shucks, I didn't even know Dain had been CGI'd except for the obvious Avandel 103 0 Sat, 9:26pm
                       Collapse Or maybe they were just under a lot of pressure? dormouse 327 6 Sat, 8:19am
                           Collapse dormouse Goldeneye 224 5 Sat, 3:03pm
                               Collapse I'm not one for CGI interest but Spriggan 174 4 Sat, 5:38pm
                                   Collapse spriggan Goldeneye 159 3 Sat, 6:04pm
                                       I'm pretty sure it's the colour grading... Bofur01 156 0 Sat, 6:09pm
                                       Then again..... dormouse 145 0 Sat, 6:33pm
                                       I wonder if memorialise "realism" in a way. Spriggan 122 0 Sat, 7:34pm
       Reason? Avnar 552 0 Fri, 8:32pm
       I wish ... DanielLB 480 0 Fri, 10:31pm
       Collapse I think Dain looked fine Glorfindela 282 1 Sat, 11:44am
           Quite impressive, in fact /// Kirly 181 0 Sat, 5:04pm
       Sums up what is wrong with this trilogy frodolives 211 0 Sat, 3:35pm

  Collapse Glowing Tauriel Milieuterrien 910 40 Wed, 7:42pm Jump to last post in thread (by Elthir)
       Collapse She's still a Silvan elf, though. Bofur01 594 23 Wed, 7:54pm
           Collapse All elves glow around Bilbo when he wears the Ring Milieuterrien 589 21 Wed, 7:57pm
               Collapse Yeah... Bofur01 571 20 Wed, 8:01pm
                   Collapse So you are affirmative when you believe Milieuterrien 564 18 Wed, 8:04pm
                       Collapse Well, I can't remember for certain... Bofur01 552 17 Wed, 8:06pm
                           Collapse So let's call for the scholars Milieuterrien 549 16 Wed, 8:09pm
                               Collapse Or cast off the shackles Spriggan 487 1 Wed, 10:27pm
                                   I would say output AND input Milieuterrien 461 0 Wed, 10:52pm
                               Collapse One does not have to dig too deep... The Grey Wanderer 424 13 Thu, 12:23am
                                   Collapse No, not quite right.... Morthoron 383 12 Thu, 4:42am
                                       Thanks for explaining this.. Eleniel 315 0 Thu, 1:58pm
                                       Collapse Respectfully disagree in part - and admit error in others... The Grey Wanderer 188 4 Fri, 1:16am
                                           Collapse Eldar revisited Elthir 75 2 Sat, 2:44pm
                                               Collapse Interesting. I hadn't realized he had been so inconsistent on this issue. The Grey Wanderer 40 1 Sat, 4:49pm
                                                   the citations Elthir 27 0 Sat, 6:28pm
                                           a flood of words Elthir 57 0 Sat, 3:08pm
                                       Collapse I always read "on the other side" swordwhale 173 5 Fri, 6:48am
                                           Collapse Nope.... Morthoron 169 4 Fri, 7:16am
                                               Collapse Circumstances may play a role Milieuterrien 148 2 Fri, 12:42pm
                                                   Personally... arithmancer 130 0 Fri, 2:29pm
                                                   this sounds reasonable... swordwhale 101 0 Fri, 6:01pm
                                               ah, I see the light swordwhale 102 0 Fri, 6:00pm
                   Silvan but still Teleri. Otaku-sempai 510 0 Wed, 9:45pm
           And yet... BlackFox 493 0 Wed, 10:13pm
       Well Thrain II 590 0 Wed, 7:57pm
       Collapse Here's the thing.... dormouse 462 1 Wed, 11:22pm
           Enthousiasticly yours. Milieuterrien 443 0 Wed, 11:28pm
       Collapse Non-Glowing Galadriel Girdle of Melian 351 2 Thu, 9:20am
           Glowing Tinne 339 0 Thu, 10:28am
           Gandalf has a presence on the unseen plane, too. Bofur01 312 0 Thu, 1:45pm
       Collapse Ha! find any reason that pleases you to justify a terribly executed scene jtarkey 333 2 Thu, 12:43pm
           Or maybe they just don't agree with you BlackFox 326 0 Thu, 1:02pm
           "Terribly executed" ? Come on.... Milieuterrien 307 0 Thu, 2:50pm
       Collapse my headcanon explanation marary 295 5 Thu, 4:20pm
           Collapse Rather romantic, but no less cheesy Milieuterrien 281 4 Thu, 4:34pm
               Collapse It definitely did look awkward marary 254 3 Thu, 4:49pm
                   Collapse Tauriel glows gritty, that's indeed the point Milieuterrien 243 2 Thu, 5:09pm
                       Collapse *standing ovation* marary 228 1 Thu, 6:29pm
                           They did also very well with Eowyn Milieuterrien 207 0 Thu, 7:22pm
       I don't know about the literary legitimacy sauget.diblosio 116 0 Fri, 4:29pm

  DOS Chapter of the Week: Under Arrest Starglass 101 0 Sat, 4:32pm Jump to last post in thread (by Starglass)

  Collapse Survey: A study of the Hobbit Trilogy grimbeorn15 715 23 Thu, 2:35am Jump to last post in thread (by grimbeorn15)
       2 pages grimbeorn15 499 0 Thu, 2:54am
       Collapse Made it clickable for you... Queen of Erebor 521 1 Thu, 3:15am
           Awesome. Thanks so much! grimbeorn15 397 0 Thu, 1:14pm
       Collapse Done! MyWeeLadGimli 484 1 Thu, 3:30am
           I couldn't find one for DoS... Queen of Erebor 473 0 Thu, 3:50am
       Collapse Would like to explain my answers Kilidoescartwheels 482 3 Thu, 4:55am
           Collapse I agree with almost everything marary 444 2 Thu, 7:43am
               I have to go with ... swordwhale 211 0 Fri, 6:43am
               I don't think it was an either/or situation... moreorless 207 0 Fri, 7:22am
       Collapse Done - almost dormouse 442 2 Thu, 9:09am
           Collapse Good point. grimbeorn15 401 1 Thu, 1:15pm
               Fair enough... dormouse 391 0 Thu, 2:01pm
       Done! BlackFox 421 0 Thu, 10:19am
       Collapse Done... Gianna 348 5 Thu, 6:27pm
           Done, but bom objects to the Question? Bombadil 298 0 Thu, 10:09pm
           Collapse Hoping for better character resolution in the EE grimbeorn15 109 3 Fri, 10:01pm
               Collapse Me too, especially for Tauriel // Gianna 107 2 Fri, 10:06pm
                   Collapse They'll probably not have saved any Tauriel scenes... Bofur01 100 1 Fri, 10:27pm
                       You're probably right... Gianna 99 0 Fri, 10:30pm
       Done// Bladerunner 255 0 Fri, 12:00am
       Collapse Nice survey! Brethil 257 1 Fri, 12:12am
           Thank you! grimbeorn15 53 0 Sat, 1:43pm
       Thanks to all of you have responded so far! grimbeorn15 111 0 Fri, 9:59pm

  Collapse The King Under the Mountain and The Seven Houses of the Dwarves chauvelin2000 1205 42 Feb 16, 10:29am Jump to last post in thread (by chauvelin2000)
       Collapse Firstly - and someone should say it.... dormouse 642 17 Feb 16, 1:52pm
           Collapse I'm curious also BlackFox 359 16 Feb 16, 9:02pm
               Collapse That passage... Pandallo 350 11 Feb 16, 9:24pm
                   Collapse That is from Tolkien Otaku-sempai 340 2 Feb 16, 9:42pm
                       Collapse Clarification Pandallo 321 1 Feb 16, 10:06pm
                           Your welcome. Otaku-sempai 304 0 Feb 16, 10:19pm
                   Collapse The Woodland queen would yet have been alive at the time of commission ... chauvelin2000 319 7 Feb 16, 11:46pm
                       Collapse A wonderful and gracious reply. Michelle Johnston 301 3 Feb 17, 12:14am
                           Collapse Great thoughts ... and an excellent idea for the Celebrían story! chauvelin2000 287 1 Feb 17, 12:33am
                               Thank you for your endorsement Michelle Johnston 264 0 Feb 17, 3:55am
                           Agreed. Arannir 233 0 Feb 17, 9:38am
                       Collapse Thank you for this and well said... dormouse 235 1 Feb 17, 9:23am
                           Thanks for your comments and insights! chauvelin2000 177 0 Feb 18, 1:24am
                       Thank you for these wonderful ideas to think about and discuss Riven Delve 203 0 Feb 17, 4:36pm
               It may have occurred in just that way ... chauvelin2000 327 0 Feb 16, 9:32pm
               Collapse I'll hazard a guess Otaku-sempai 322 2 Feb 16, 9:34pm
                   Collapse Thranduil's wife more questions than answers Michelle Johnston 311 1 Feb 16, 10:18pm
                       And what are we to make of Legolas? Otaku-sempai 299 0 Feb 16, 10:30pm
       Grrrr 8 Konrad S 524 0 Feb 16, 2:12pm
       Collapse Bifur, Bofur, Bombur Otaku-sempai 523 3 Feb 16, 2:30pm
           Collapse I think this is the best spot entmaiden 489 2 Feb 16, 2:57pm
               Collapse Could be. Otaku-sempai 480 1 Feb 16, 3:00pm
                   Eastern cousins, ancient Gems, 'fire-drake' exceptions to solidarity . . . chauvelin2000 406 0 Feb 16, 6:21pm
       Well done! Pandallo 442 0 Feb 16, 4:31pm
       Thank you very much for your thoughtful post Glorfindela 436 0 Feb 16, 5:01pm
       Fascinating - thank you! Avandel 416 0 Feb 16, 5:40pm
       Collapse The Longbeards and Belegost Otaku-sempai 397 2 Feb 16, 6:37pm
           Collapse Tolkien and the ability of individuals — and races — to change . . . chauvelin2000 351 1 Feb 16, 8:59pm
               The Belegost Connection Otaku-sempai 326 0 Feb 16, 9:30pm
       Collapse Just posting to say that I am reading Voronwë_the_Faithful 391 11 Feb 16, 7:40pm
           Nothing about History but Bombadil 355 0 Feb 16, 8:36pm
           Collapse You are not alone! Kirly 148 9 Feb 19, 2:39am
               Collapse Ancient wanderings of Durin 'the Deathless' and his 'Longbeard' folk from Gundabad . . . chauvelin2000 106 8 Feb 22, 7:31pm
                   Collapse Disposition of the Dwarven Houses Otaku-sempai 90 4 Feb 22, 9:25pm
                       Collapse The Dwarves' western and eastern Houses . . . chauvelin2000 80 3 Feb 22, 11:30pm
                           Collapse Bifur, Bofur and Bombur Otaku-sempai 68 2 Feb 23, 12:28am
                               Collapse Momentary (off-topic) digression . . . chauvelin2000 62 1 Feb 23, 1:03am
                                   Thanks. Otaku-sempai 58 0 Feb 23, 1:28am
                   Collapse Gunderbad maybe the oldest Dwarven City of ME Michelle Johnston 53 2 Feb 23, 6:54am
                       Collapse Natal-shrines, Wraithworlds, Palantírs ... Oh, my!! chauvelin2000 52 1 Feb 23, 9:35am
                           Gundabad and the Rings of Power . . . chauvelin2000 21 0 Sat, 1:23pm
       What a wonderful scholastic achievement Michelle Johnston 318 0 Feb 16, 10:12pm

  Collapse Galadriel's Orc Blasting.... Girdle of Melian 845 13 Thu, 9:25am Jump to last post in thread (by elvish.mafia)
       Collapse the more Dol Guldur in the EE NoelGallagher 668 2 Thu, 11:55am
         Collapse Bom viewed THAT?..this way... Bombadil 653 1 Thu, 12:16pm
               Bolg's blog DeadRabbits 613 0 Thu, 1:39pm
       Collapse Orc blasting Kilidoescartwheels 609 3 Thu, 2:32pm
         Collapse KDCW..WoW sounds like a T-Shirt IDEA? // Bombadil 587 2 Thu, 2:51pm
               Collapse Glorious G-Girl CAME prepared... Bombadil 511 1 Thu, 6:02pm
                   Or more simply "G-Girl has Game"// The Grey Wanderer 304 0 Fri, 1:23am
       Collapse The blast was very cool... Nolane 504 2 Thu, 6:21pm
           Collapse Minimal involvement, maximal impact Milieuterrien 453 1 Thu, 7:33pm
               Waste of Energy... Girdle of Melian 375 0 Thu, 10:41pm
       she is fantastic mirkwoodwanderer 459 0 Thu, 7:27pm
       Galadriel is demonstrating to the nine & Necromancer her power squiggle 346 0 Thu, 11:44pm
       Should've given Frodo a lesson in phialling... elvish.mafia 93 0 Sat, 8:47am

Collapse The USE of Orcrist, Glamdring & Sting? Bombadil 788 30 Feb 24, 12:22pm Jump to last post in thread (by tunagirll)
       Collapse Am I the only fan of Rankin/Bass' Sting? QuackingTroll 484 2 Feb 24, 12:28pm
           actually not radically different... swordwhale 382 0 Tue, 4:33pm
           I like it too. Mooseboy018 347 0 Tue, 6:23pm
       Collapse I'll add my voice to yours BlackFox 457 12 Tue, 1:16pm
           Collapse Why would only STING Glow Blue..? Bombadil 410 11 Tue, 3:39pm
               Collapse All should have glowed Otaku-sempai 401 9 Tue, 4:06pm
                   Collapse Well? PJ did give a good Answer Bombadil 412 1 Tue, 4:16pm
                     heee heeee heeeeeeeeee swordwhale 388 0 Tue, 4:37pm
                   Collapse No mystery over Glamdring... Eleniel 303 6 Tue, 8:58pm
                       Collapse Indeed. Otaku-sempai 288 2 Tue, 9:09pm
                           What for? Bracegirdle 257 0 Tue, 11:23pm
                           Bom does remember Elrond's Spech in TH, but Bombadil 256 0 Tue, 11:34pm
                       Collapse a well done article... in a sense... Elthir 191 2 Wed, 1:42pm
                           Collapse Yes. DanielLB 179 1 Wed, 1:56pm
                               No problem... Elthir 159 0 Wed, 2:40pm
             A little bit of fun BlackFox 331 0 Tue, 7:13pm
       Collapse Beautiful swords! Starglass 416 3 Tue, 3:57pm
           Collapse There is a particular moment in Bombadil 413 2 Tue, 4:07pm
               Collapse Yes! Starglass 251 1 Tue, 11:49pm
                 SPARKS Flew ONCE fighting AZOG..TOO!../// Bombadil 244 0 Wed, 1:44am
       Collapse Orchrist!!! Kilidoescartwheels 367 9 Tue, 6:43pm
           Collapse What a great screencap of Fili there. Brethil 326 8 Tue, 7:56pm
               Bom thinks John Howe was the Sneeky littl' Guy Bombadil 320 0 Tue, 8:02pm
               Collapse It's extremely heavy tunagirll 233 6 Wed, 7:46am
                 Collapse Welcome to TORn , Tunagirll! Brethil 127 4 Wed, 8:09pm
                       Collapse In the Book & the Movie Bombadil 94 2 Thu, 2:48pm
                           Anor is the Sindarin name for the Sun BlackFox 91 0 Thu, 3:15pm
                           Yes, I agree with our BF about the Flame. Brethil 85 0 Thu, 4:17pm
                       Thank you! tunagirll 28 0 Sat, 12:23am
                   even less than that ElendilTheShort 42 0 Fri, 6:44pm

  Collapse Creative work and editing/adaptations GoBlue 1075 85 Thu, 4:13am Jump to last post in thread (by Bladerunner)
       Collapse PJ has not cut pages out of Tolkien's actual book and paraded it around as a better version of the novel. Aragorn the Elfstone 722 42 Thu, 4:36am
           Collapse Not following your logic GoBlue 715 41 Thu, 4:51am
               Collapse That would be fine. Aragorn the Elfstone 719 15 Thu, 4:54am
                   Collapse But why is it WRONG? AshNazg 681 14 Thu, 5:50am
                       It's not wrong Bishop 677 0 Thu, 5:57am
                       Collapse I don't care what anybody does in their own privacy... Aragorn the Elfstone 677 1 Thu, 5:58am
                           I agree with this a bit! banaili 206 0 Thu, 3:43pm
                       Like I said in the other thread... BlackFox 602 0 Thu, 10:25am
                       Collapse Simple. Darkstone 323 9 Thu, 5:29pm
                           Collapse But that doesn't make the fanedit itself wrong. Gianna 298 7 Thu, 6:09pm
                               Collapse Well Darkstone 291 6 Thu, 7:02pm
                                   Collapse ... Gianna 180 4 Thu, 11:00pm
                                       Collapse So it's wrong... Darkstone 136 3 Fri, 2:23pm
                                           Fan edits may be sauget.diblosio 111 0 Fri, 4:23pm
                                           No, that's not what I was saying at all. Gianna 91 0 Fri, 5:53pm
                                           Would you consider it not OK to.... Bladerunner 58 0 Fri, 11:21pm
                                   It is not wrong as you've described. Otaku-sempai 116 0 Fri, 4:01pm
                           Be careful waving that common sense around. It might go off by accident. // Brethil 207 0 Thu, 9:35pm
               Collapse Spot on - that is the difference. Spriggan 582 21 Thu, 1:24pm
                   Collapse Editing is one step in a process Bishop 528 20 Thu, 2:55pm
                       Collapse But surely the editor who works on the film itself ..... dormouse 535 19 Thu, 3:03pm
                           Collapse I was just making a point Bishop 521 18 Thu, 3:16pm
                               Collapse I'm not denying the skill involved.... dormouse 509 14 Thu, 3:26pm
                                   Collapse We're not really disagreeing here Bishop 213 13 Thu, 3:37pm
                                       Collapse The view is that the director is the only "artrist" involved AshNazg 200 12 Thu, 4:02pm
                                           Collapse I beg to differ Bishop 192 8 Thu, 4:08pm
                                               Collapse Agreed, but editors are artists too! :) banaili 175 4 Thu, 4:34pm
                                                   Collapse i think it is absurd Lindele 156 3 Thu, 4:58pm
                                                       Collapse Sorry... >_< banaili 131 2 Thu, 5:13pm
                                                           Collapse I know Lindele 126 1 Thu, 5:17pm
                                                               Gotcha! banaili 122 0 Thu, 5:19pm
                                               Collapse hahaha Lindele 160 2 Thu, 4:53pm
                                                   Collapse I was kidding Bishop 146 1 Thu, 5:00pm
                                                       good Lindele 135 0 Thu, 5:01pm
                                           Collapse Ah, but.... dormouse 169 1 Thu, 4:49pm
                                               But the editor also creatively constructs the final product... AshNazg 123 0 Thu, 5:22pm
                                           this is highly incorrect Lindele 155 0 Thu, 4:56pm
                               Cuts and editing burrahobbit 512 0 Thu, 3:30pm
                               Collapse I agree with all that! Spriggan 307 1 Thu, 5:29pm
                                   It can be an annual event Bishop 295 0 Thu, 5:43pm
               Collapse you can do adaptations swordwhale 188 2 Fri, 5:53am
                   Collapse You can do those activities entmaiden 93 1 Fri, 6:11pm
                       indeed, with permission of course swordwhale 87 0 Fri, 6:16pm
       Collapse I've got no interest in fan edits Kilidoescartwheels 696 1 Thu, 5:08am
           They're anti-fan hack attacks. /// Kirly 194 0 Fri, 3:07am
       Some thoughts Bishop 682 0 Thu, 5:24am
       I don't see the big deal seelbach 637 0 Thu, 7:53am
       Easy.... dormouse 618 0 Thu, 8:50am
       Quoting from my posts on the subject from the other thread Glorfindela 578 0 Thu, 11:34am
       i think the debate here is of the notion of a fan edit, it is clear its no legal without his permission Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 564 0 Thu, 1:22pm
       Collapse OK - here's another question - for you, for anyone here.... dormouse 558 7 Thu, 2:21pm
           Collapse Hmmm - is personal censorship what we mean by censorship, though? Spriggan 541 5 Thu, 2:33pm
               Collapse OK, I take your point.... dormouse 532 4 Thu, 2:40pm
                   Collapse They might come from the same place, but... I'm not sure that that actually means anything. Macfeast 499 3 Thu, 3:29pm
                       Collapse Fair enough.... dormouse 215 2 Thu, 3:31pm
                           Collapse I like bouncing, bouncing is fun. // Macfeast 198 1 Thu, 3:39pm
                               Me too :-) // dormouse 156 0 Thu, 4:50pm
           Abridgement Darkstone 235 0 Thu, 9:09pm
       In terms of artistic expression there are precedents Elarie 527 0 Thu, 3:05pm
       Collapse IMO, fan edits are created by a destructive process rather than a creative one. Noria 230 8 Thu, 3:37pm
           How would you feel Bishop 208 0 Thu, 3:47pm
           George Lucas case is a bit unusual burrahobbit 215 0 Thu, 3:52pm
           Yes to this dormouse 178 0 Thu, 4:35pm
           Collapse Peter Jackson didn't edit the films! AshNazg 138 1 Thu, 5:10pm
               well Lindele 123 0 Thu, 5:22pm
           2200 hours versus 9 hours Darkstone 297 0 Thu, 6:15pm
           noria: Goldeneye 254 0 Thu, 7:50pm
           What is your opinion on fan edits of movie trailers?// Bladerunner 118 0 Fri, 1:59am
       There is a major difference Lindele 179 0 Thu, 4:52pm
       Collapse Fan edits are waste of time... Nolane 300 2 Thu, 6:37pm
           Collapse Well said Glorfindela 278 1 Thu, 6:48pm
               the word you may be looking for is... swordwhale 183 0 Fri, 6:07am
       goblue: Goldeneye 264 0 Thu, 7:22pm
       Creative alterations Elarie 258 0 Thu, 7:56pm
       Collapse In my opinion, there is no difference. RosieLass 233 9 Thu, 9:33pm
           Collapse The FILMS are Peter Jackson's. Aragorn the Elfstone 214 8 Thu, 9:47pm
               Collapse To be clear Goldeneye 204 7 Thu, 10:09pm
                   I'm not speaking of legality... Aragorn the Elfstone 200 0 Thu, 10:19pm
                   Collapse To be clear (again) Voronwë_the_Faithful 198 4 Thu, 10:24pm
                       Collapse I think what fanedit.org was trying to get across... Bofur01 193 3 Thu, 10:29pm
                           Collapse I edited my post at the same time that you were replying to it Voronwë_the_Faithful 193 2 Thu, 10:31pm
                               Obviously you are more expert than I... Spriggan 186 0 Thu, 10:53pm
                               re voronwe: Goldeneye 151 0 Fri, 12:57am
                   Dunno Darkstone 192 0 Thu, 10:46pm
       D.I.Y. aftermarket customization... Bladerunner 218 0 Fri, 2:24am

  Collapse Thread Locked Did anyone else get the feeling in PJ's video message that maybe...just maybe...more movies?? Jeffrodo 583 12 Fri, 8:22pm Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)
       Collapse Thread Locked Hope not... Avnar 521 7 Fri, 8:35pm
           Collapse Thread Locked So true! BlackFox 506 4 Fri, 8:44pm
               Thread Locked Oh! Lindele 483 0 Fri, 8:55pm
               Thread Locked Gonna be tough days ahead in the Reading Room. // Brethil 473 0 Fri, 8:57pm
               Collapse Thread Locked A Morgul-book! How scary! // cats16 466 1 Fri, 9:00pm
                 Thread Locked *mods up* // BlackFox 459 0 Fri, 9:02pm
           Thread Locked DESTROYED?!??! Mooseboy018 503 0 Fri, 8:50pm
           Thread Locked well, you have to admit Magpie 496 0 Fri, 8:54pm
       Collapse Thread Locked I absolutely think that Magpie 500 1 Fri, 8:51pm
           Thread Locked I think there's probably studio interest... AshNazg 464 0 Fri, 9:07pm
       Thread Locked I just said something similar on Main, but... cats16 466 0 Fri, 9:02pm
     Thread Locked ---> Please post in the existing thread on Main. Thanks! // Altaira 442 0 Fri, 9:12pm
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