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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 136787 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 106966 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Sticky: The courtesy of our hall is somewhat lessened of late. (Admin Announcement, ALL PLEASE READ) Silverlode 23968 90 Aug 28 2012, 7:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by entmaiden)

  Collapse Sticky: TORn's smallish, but hopefully growing BOTFA spoiler summary Demosthenes 2610 14 Jun 23, 6:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Demosthenes)

  Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for September 2014! cats16 547 43 Sep 5, 12:40am Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)

Collapse A Hair Thread? Bombadil 323 9 4:39am Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       Collapse I remember ironing my hair on my mom's ironing board... Elarie 127 2 12:09pm
           Elarie, I did that too! Noria 106 0 12:49pm
         FUR... THAT? Whole Generation... Bombadil 105 0 12:49pm
       Collapse The ULTIMATE hair competition Kilidoescartwheels 100 4 1:27pm
           Collapse Kidzz..? YOU can Moderate thizz Hairy Thread..? Bombadil 83 2 1:49pm
               Collapse Overpaid... zalmoxis 35 1 4:56pm
                 From a Historical point of View? Bombadil 3 0 2 mins ago
           Galadriel's hair Elarie 78 0 2:11pm
       Making the dwarf wigs Elarie 90 0 1:46pm

  Collapse Billy Conolly on playing "Dain" (Yahoo Movies) Arannir 1353 43 Mon, 2:12pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eleniel)
       Collapse Thank you! and diplomacy Avandel 627 1 Mon, 3:47pm
           As long as he does his job well... Arannir 565 0 Mon, 4:16pm
       Collapse As long as he Elessar 610 15 Mon, 4:10pm
           Collapse Judging by your post FrodoEyes 512 14 Mon, 6:08pm
               Is he family? Elessar 484 0 Mon, 6:18pm
               Collapse You can add me to your list too Avandel 452 12 Mon, 6:39pm
                   Collapse I don't see anything wrong with his comments here. FrodoEyes 443 11 Mon, 6:49pm
                       Collapse Then you might want to think twice Eowyn of Penns Woods 399 10 Mon, 7:36pm
                           Collapse I'm sorry.... FrodoEyes 366 9 Mon, 7:59pm
                               Collapse Ah, then I'll retract the profile-diving portion... Eowyn of Penns Woods 320 4 Mon, 8:46pm
                                   Collapse Really? FrodoEyes 318 3 Mon, 8:50pm
                                       Collapse This is where I'm supposed to yell "And don't call me Shirley!"... right? ;) Eowyn of Penns Woods 285 1 Mon, 9:15pm
                                           Heehee FrodoEyes 274 0 Mon, 9:20pm
                                       It's a matter of Silverlode 307 0 Mon, 9:16pm
                               Collapse Honesty is one thing Ataahua 280 3 Mon, 9:50pm
                                   Collapse Thank you FrodoEyes 256 2 Mon, 10:11pm
                                       Don't sweat it. Elessar 207 0 3:21am
                                       A quick response Glorfindela 169 0 7:34am
       I think people that think Billy Connolly is a jerk... tsmith675 588 0 Mon, 4:22pm
       As far as the comments he makes go... dormouse 556 0 Mon, 4:27pm
       - Dain will speak "Dwarfish with an Glaswegian accent" Moahunter 474 0 Mon, 6:14pm
       Collapse I would love to see Billy Connolly Starling 436 9 Mon, 6:43pm
           Collapse Did I miss any steps? Spriggan 401 8 Mon, 7:19pm
               Lol FrodoEyes 350 0 Mon, 7:52pm
               Collapse It's not the only article out there Avandel 347 6 Mon, 8:06pm
                   Collapse Hotel? Spriggan 318 3 Mon, 8:29pm
                       Collapse Now I am frustrated and will look for it! Avandel 283 2 Mon, 9:10pm
                           Collapse Well, difficult to make any proper comment Spriggan 265 1 Mon, 9:26pm
                               I know Avandel 259 0 Mon, 9:35pm
                   Collapse I've spent 14 years in the service industry! FrodoEyes 326 1 Mon, 8:34pm
                       manners and suchlike Avandel 271 0 Mon, 9:32pm
       Collapse He's not alone. Silverlode 300 5 Mon, 9:48pm
           Collapse Oh darn it, Silverlode Starling 180 1 7:31am
               Well..... Silverlode 169 0 7:46am
           Collapse Exactly, Silverlode Noria 137 2 12:33pm
               By us, it was.... dormouse 130 0 1:30pm
               That's why... leonmuse 89 0 3:41pm
       Collapse Could this be Dain? PryftanAW 116 5 3:25pm
           Collapse This is Dain. Arannir 101 3 3:44pm
               Collapse Isn't that... DeadRabbits 59 2 5:54pm
                   Yes, plus... FrodoEyes 40 0 6:33pm
                   Yes, I guess I was mistaken. Arannir 22 0 35 mins ago
           Could well be... Eleniel 11 0 28 mins ago

  Collapse Possible SPOILER: Tauriel may... Na Vedui 1349 53 Mon, 12:32am Jump to last post in thread (by Elthir)
       Collapse I certainly hope so BlackFox 455 8 Mon, 12:56pm
           Exactly! // Eruvandi 364 0 Mon, 2:15pm
         Collapse But from a movie standpoint Avandel 139 6 5:49am
               Collapse Don't know - it's a tricky one, isn't it dormouse 118 5 8:01am
                   Collapse I agree BlackFox 106 3 8:51am
                       Collapse That's why Feren, the horn blowing elf is our elven red-shirt Eruvandi 68 2 2:15pm
                           That's an interesting theory BlackFox 44 0 4:02pm
                           Best line in this thread! Glassary 42 0 4:50pm
                   I don't think this sort of thing is a concern in principle for me. Spriggan 100 0 9:25am
       Collapse I have a good feeling she will survive as well. Imladris18 443 41 Mon, 12:56pm
           Collapse Maybe as Kili is dying...He hands the Rune Stone Bombadil 440 40 Mon, 1:19pm
               If that's how it happens... Eruvandi 405 0 Mon, 2:17pm
               Collapse Get the tissues ready Glassary 331 38 Mon, 4:52pm
                   Collapse Is Tauriel allowed to sail into the West? Otaku-sempai 311 37 Mon, 5:27pm
                       Collapse Yes, she is BlackFox 305 36 Mon, 5:45pm
                           Collapse But she may not be Eldar. Otaku-sempai 301 31 Mon, 6:04pm
                               Collapse Touché BlackFox 276 2 Mon, 6:27pm
                                   Collapse There is that. Otaku-sempai 264 1 Mon, 6:32pm
                                       True BlackFox 228 0 Mon, 7:01pm
                               Collapse Jackson's sources Elthir 280 18 Mon, 6:33pm
                                   Collapse Nimrodel and Green-elves Otaku-sempai 251 17 Mon, 6:52pm
                                       Collapse Tyler Elthir 234 16 Mon, 7:00pm
                                           Collapse A correction. Otaku-sempai 197 15 Mon, 7:42pm
                                               Collapse Tyler Elthir 218 14 Mon, 7:49pm
                                                   Collapse A technicality... Otaku-sempai 208 13 Mon, 7:55pm
                                                       Collapse later works Elthir 195 12 Mon, 8:03pm
                                                           Collapse I don't see a conflict. Otaku-sempai 176 11 Mon, 9:38pm
                                                               Collapse I've mentioned this before Cirashala 137 8 3:55am
                                                                   dueling definitions Elthir 73 0 12:38pm
                                                                   Avarin migrations Elthir 67 0 1:17pm
                                                                   Collapse Avarin chatter Elthir 56 5 2:31pm
                                                                       Collapse Here you go Voronwë_the_Faithful 41 4 3:34pm
                                                                           Collapse Thank you sir... Elthir 34 3 4:29pm
                                                                               Collapse regarding language Cirashala 32 2 5:35pm
  Collapse the separation of tongues Elthir 24 1 6:28pm
       PS Elthir 9 0 46 mins ago
                                                               Collapse the conflict Elthir 77 1 12:31pm
                                                                   Tauriel and the Undying Lands Otaku-sempai 60 0 2:22pm
                               Collapse Does that matter? DanielLB 214 8 Mon, 7:36pm
                                   Silvan Elves sailing Elthir 193 0 Mon, 7:43pm
                                   Collapse Re: Does it matter? Otaku-sempai 185 5 Mon, 7:46pm
                                       Collapse Another (not so relevant) thought ... DanielLB 222 4 Mon, 7:51pm
                                           Collapse Good question... Otaku-sempai 206 3 Mon, 7:59pm
                                               Collapse Perhaps that is it ... DanielLB 192 2 Mon, 8:50pm
                                                   Collapse No real passion has been established for Tauriel/Kili. Otaku-sempai 183 1 Mon, 9:47pm
                                                       I don't worry about which branch Glassary 162 0 1:05am
                                   Hear, hear! BlackFox 228 0 Mon, 7:48pm
                           Collapse East-elves Elthir 252 3 Mon, 6:47pm
                             Collapse Hey, Elthir! BlackFox 232 2 Mon, 7:04pm
                                   Collapse Wait... there's a movie? Elthir 230 1 Mon, 7:07pm
                                     Oops! BlackFox 226 0 Mon, 7:11pm
     Yay! Eruvandi 405 0 Mon, 2:14pm
       Very interesting thread mae govannen 89 0 12:45pm

  Collapse Extended Edition dilemma MirielCelebel 1520 26 Sun, 12:12am Jump to last post in thread (by SafeUnderHill)
       Collapse Apparently the DVD is a Walmart exclusive. tsmith675 686 1 Sun, 12:30am
           tsmith that is the most depressing thing I've heard all day MirielCelebel 679 0 Sun, 12:35am
       Collapse What is your objection to Blu-Ray? Elizabeth 638 11 Sun, 2:08am
           Collapse I just bought a new one for $90 Aragorn the Elfstone 606 1 Sun, 2:35am
               I'm generally happy with DVDs myself - Hanzkaz 594 0 Sun, 2:55am
           Collapse I don't have a moral objection to Blu-ray MirielCelebel 600 7 Sun, 4:41am
               Collapse DVDs USFRumpleteazer 577 4 Sun, 4:59am
                   Blu-ray looks a lot better tripecac 549 0 Sun, 5:55am
                   Collapse Blu-rays play DVDs just fine. Elizabeth 515 2 Sun, 6:56am
                       Collapse That is true but.... glor 220 1 Mon, 2:45am
                           would a blue ray player connect to a box tv via the dvd/vcr combo? Cirashala 186 0 Mon, 5:43am
               Collapse I miss Laserdiscs! sauget.diblosio 348 1 Sun, 4:54pm
                   My god Bishop 322 0 Sun, 6:32pm
           . SafeUnderHill 253 0 Sun, 9:00pm
       The DVD is Walmart-exclusive... TheHutt 528 0 Sun, 7:15am
       I hear ya Old Toby 380 0 Sun, 3:20pm
       Thats unfortunate SafeUnderHill 273 0 Sun, 8:59pm
       On DVD/BluRay TheHutt 271 0 Sun, 9:08pm
       Collapse Concerning Bluray Welsh hero 184 7 Mon, 6:49am
           Collapse Blu-ray Otaku-sempai 146 6 Mon, 2:23pm
               ^This tsmith675 125 0 Mon, 2:49pm
               Streaming is also unstable in its playback... Aragorn the Elfstone 116 0 Mon, 4:51pm
               Collapse Disagree all you want - it's going to happen Welsh hero 82 3 Mon, 10:31pm
                   Collapse I was able to pre-order the DVD from my local bookstore kiosk... Queen of Erebor 77 2 12:06am
                       Collapse Nobody NEEDs 3D! Elizabeth 40 1 7:14am
                           But SafeUnderHill 11 0 51 mins ago

  Collapse Final guesses as to how the Thrain arc will play out in the EE? Shagrat 739 9 Mon, 6:20pm Jump to last post in thread (by Mr. Arkenstone (isaac))
       Collapse I would make the point Spriggan 373 1 Mon, 7:12pm
           To be honest Shagrat 353 0 Mon, 7:18pm
       My guess ... DanielLB 360 0 Mon, 7:16pm
       Collapse Relief At Last Michelle Johnston 170 5 6:07am
           Collapse how couldnt Sauron just search Thrain and take the ring from him? Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 136 4 8:13am
               Collapse Offtopic... Ereinion Nénharma 58 3 5:26pm
                   Collapse Right-click and 'View Image' // BlackFox 50 1 5:30pm
                       Thank you! Ereinion Nénharma 45 0 5:34pm
                   I´m gonna change mine, you can use it if you want to Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 23 0 6:44pm

  Collapse Was Bard planning (or at least considering) a rebellion? Scorchster 438 10 Mon, 4:35pm Jump to last post in thread (by Darkstone)
       Collapse Actually Faleel 283 6 Mon, 4:57pm
           Collapse The does not seem right. arithmancer 254 2 Mon, 5:15pm
               Well Faleel 232 0 Mon, 5:45pm
               Agreed. The weapons were previously smuggled by him. DaughterofLaketown 149 0 Mon, 8:53pm
           Collapse Bard knew enough to find or make those weapons. Otaku-sempai 242 2 Mon, 5:20pm
               Collapse Yes. I think you're right dormouse 200 1 Mon, 6:04pm
                   That is true... Scorchster 23 0 5:07pm
       I always got the impression Cillendor 45 0 3:54pm
       If I had to make up a backstory for movie-Bard Loresilme 18 0 5:47pm
       Charter member of "Dragonday Preppers". / Darkstone 15 0 6:02pm

  Collapse How do we think the Kili/Tauriel romance will play out in BOTFA JamesPaganini 967 28 Sun, 5:02pm Jump to last post in thread (by Elthir)
       Collapse I am a fan, too kilifili 549 13 Sun, 5:34pm
           Agreed. Kelly of Water's Edge 427 0 Sun, 8:08pm
         Collapse This is interesting. I haven't heard this mentioned before. DaughterofLaketown 411 11 Sun, 8:40pm
               Collapse I didn't know that before either! Holly Hobbit 311 10 Mon, 12:23am
                   Collapse Perhaps... Otaku-sempai 161 9 Mon, 2:17pm
                       Collapse Silvan Elves sailing Elthir 115 8 Mon, 7:36pm
                           Collapse East-elves are Avari. Otaku-sempai 100 7 Mon, 7:50pm
                               Collapse Avari Elthir 90 6 Mon, 8:18pm
                                   Collapse Default. Otaku-sempai 79 5 Mon, 9:50pm
                                       Collapse mixing definitions Elthir 47 4 12:59pm
                                           Collapse Some confusing statements here... Otaku-sempai 38 3 3:02pm
                                               Collapse Elves from the East Elthir 27 2 5:05pm
                                                   Collapse Just what are the East-elves? Otaku-sempai 24 1 5:17pm
                                                       Easterners Elthir 21 0 5:32pm
       Collapse Hopefully not at all.// sauget.diblosio 488 1 Sun, 6:00pm
           I'm 100% sure you will be disappointed then. JamesPaganini 486 0 Sun, 6:21pm
       I bet we'll see more of these lovebirds Bernhardina 465 0 Sun, 6:57pm
       Collapse I'd rather not think of it at all dubulous 459 1 Sun, 6:59pm
           That's just about what I think Glorfindela 346 0 Sun, 10:14pm
       I could be wrong. Farficom 453 0 Sun, 7:32pm
       Makes sense to me. Bumblingidiot 399 0 Sun, 8:33pm
       Collapse I love it too! DaughterofLaketown 392 1 Sun, 8:37pm
           Perhaps they will both Bumblingidiot 374 0 Sun, 9:09pm
       I could see it going either way... Holly Hobbit 317 0 Mon, 12:03am
       Just a shadow and a thought... Bladerunner 305 0 Mon, 12:48am
       I'm very curious to see how this plays out Elarie 312 0 Mon, 1:18am
       Collapse In a minor key. dormouse 254 1 Mon, 8:01am
           Prediction: Imladris18 190 0 Mon, 1:01pm

Collapse There's More Elves and Gandalf! caglarkuraner 1358 12 Mon, 9:27am Jump to last post in thread (by zalmoxis)
       Collapse Is that the first mention of Spriggan 671 8 Mon, 9:45am
           Collapse No, PJ mentionded trolls in the interview with Empire Magazine... DeadRabbits 534 7 Mon, 11:52am
               Ah thanks Spriggan 484 0 Mon, 12:04pm
               Collapse I don't really see a confirmation of trolls... TheHutt 465 5 Mon, 12:30pm
                 Collapse Key Quote from TF... Bombadil 471 1 Mon, 12:39pm
                     Oh... zalmoxis 37 0 3:53pm
                   Collapse Well, coupled with the quote from Total Film... DeadRabbits 433 2 Mon, 12:59pm
                     Collapse Well, wazz Watching EE of AUJ last night... Bombadil 441 1 Mon, 1:15pm
                           Most certainly, I expect Azog/Bolg's bodyguard to be massive... DeadRabbits 421 0 Mon, 1:39pm
       Collapse Much of Peter's conflict resolution is built-in... Otaku-sempai 433 1 Mon, 2:09pm
           The most interesting conflicts... Bladerunner 147 0 1:37am
       More news... Arannir 444 0 Mon, 2:31pm

  Collapse Why Doesnt anyone from the white council accompany Gandalf back to Dale/Erebor boldog 934 35 Sat, 11:01am Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Battle? What battle? Otaku-sempai 499 0 Sat, 12:36pm
       Gandalf goes to Erebor to find and check up on the dwarves... dormouse 464 0 Sat, 12:48pm
       They reveal their power only at a pinch Michelle Johnston 408 0 Sat, 2:29pm
       Collapse The reason is I think, destroying of Dol Guldur erdildeniz 398 1 Sat, 5:21pm
           Hmmm... Otaku-sempai 311 0 Sat, 8:21pm
       Collapse Presumably for the same reason Spriggan 316 1 Sat, 8:51pm
           yup lol. Kind of reminds me of the U.N. MouthofSauron 229 0 Sun, 2:14am
     Collapse Because the dwarves aren't hedgehogs Avandel 232 20 Sun, 4:59am
           Collapse The White Council is too concerned with the Big Picture Otaku-sempai 171 19 Sun, 4:00pm
               Collapse That's quite a generous interpretation for Saruman. Spriggan 161 2 Sun, 5:11pm
                   Collapse Perhaps... Otaku-sempai 153 1 Sun, 5:25pm
                       Hmmm, the quote Spriggan 154 0 Sun, 5:40pm
             Collapse As always *grins* many thanks and April '14 RA interview Avandel 167 15 Sun, 5:36pm
                   Collapse Multiple replies... Otaku-sempai 144 14 Sun, 6:07pm
                       Collapse Oh I tend to agree on precedence Spriggan 134 10 Sun, 6:22pm
                           Collapse LotR Otaku-sempai 126 9 Sun, 6:44pm
                               Collapse Hmmm - so to me, precedence wouldn't come into then. Spriggan 121 8 Sun, 6:56pm
                                   Collapse Pride and Prejudice Otaku-sempai 111 7 Sun, 7:39pm
                                       Collapse Well I don't disagree with that.. Spriggan 105 6 Sun, 7:50pm
                                           Collapse Perhaps by the time of 'The Hobbit' Otaku-sempai 104 5 Sun, 8:02pm
                                               Collapse I think even before that. Spriggan 97 4 Sun, 8:19pm
                                                   Collapse It is not so much quotes. Otaku-sempai 123 3 Sun, 8:26pm
                                                       Collapse Well, not much more to say then I guess. Spriggan 116 2 Sun, 8:33pm
                                                           Collapse Not that strange. Otaku-sempai 111 1 Sun, 8:46pm
                                                               Well, as I say, strange to me, personally. Spriggan 108 0 Sun, 9:12pm
                       Collapse Gandalf knew Avandel 131 2 Sun, 7:13pm
                           To be honest, it would be rather out of character Spriggan 117 0 Sun, 7:27pm
                           Thanks for the clarification, Avandel. Otaku-sempai 107 0 Sun, 7:50pm
       Collapse Remember we still don't know what happens at Dol Guldor... moreorless 94 6 Mon, 11:25am
           Collapse Indeed we do not. Michelle Johnston 83 5 Mon, 12:41pm
               Collapse Radagast with Gandalf at Dale... Otaku-sempai 71 4 Mon, 2:30pm
                   Collapse Leaving DG not arriving Dale Michelle Johnston 60 3 Mon, 4:27pm
                       Collapse Thanks for the clarification. Otaku-sempai 54 2 Mon, 4:42pm
                           Collapse Beorn's Horse Michelle Johnston 33 1 5:11am
                               Yes... Otaku-sempai 14 0 2:31pm

Collapse Thranduil Appreciation Thread Part XV Eruvandi 957 102 Fri, 10:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
     Collapse Mwahaha! Eruvandi 481 3 Fri, 10:14pm
           Collapse *yawnz, stretches & looks around bleary-eyed* Lurker in the Mirk 450 2 Sat, 2:03am
               Collapse *hangs head in shame* Eruvandi 363 1 Sat, 2:23pm
                   Ok, ok, though... Lurker in the Mirk 225 0 Sun, 2:57am
     Collapse Various general responses to posts in XIV Lurker in the Mirk 449 6 Sat, 2:26am
         Collapse You're welcome on the wallpaper VValar 264 3 Sat, 10:27pm
             Those are cute! Lurker in the Mirk 231 0 Sun, 3:07am
               Collapse Oh yes that is a particular LP cutie pic! Kerewyn 175 1 Sun, 9:27am
                   Cutie LP VValar 149 0 Sun, 10:03pm
           Collapse Intriguing :) Kerewyn 172 1 Sun, 9:37am
               *hangs head in embarrassment* Lurker in the Mirk 227 0 Sun, 11:13am
       Collapse In response to VValar's post "Thranduil's Elk missing armour" Lurker in the Mirk 442 9 Sat, 2:52am
           Collapse Re: Armored horses USFRumpleteazer 435 3 Sat, 4:23am
               LOL Lurker in the Mirk 424 0 Sat, 4:38am
               Collapse On armoured horses VValar 247 1 Sat, 10:22pm
                   I'd like to see you and Eruvandi, resident Horse Experts discuss this in detail Lurker in the Mirk 224 0 Sun, 3:23am
         Collapse MFE VValar 295 4 Sat, 10:04pm
               Collapse MFE and lexicon curating Lurker in the Mirk 221 3 Sun, 3:07am
                   Collapse Lexicon VValar 174 2 Sun, 8:00pm
                       Collapse *THUD THUD* Lurker in the Mirk 133 1 Mon, 3:22am
                           Re lexicon VValar 51 0 10:23am
       What happens after the War of the Ring (from TAXIV) Lurker in the Mirk 435 0 Sat, 3:08am
     Collapse Thranduil's wardrobe discussion (continued from TAXIV) Lurker in the Mirk 452 6 Sat, 3:21am
           Collapse Re wardrobe post from previous thread VValar 299 5 Sat, 9:53pm
               Collapse The colour definitely looks right Lurker in the Mirk 229 4 Sun, 3:01am
                   Collapse green cloak VValar 194 3 Sun, 7:36pm
                       *THUD* Lurker in the Mirk 138 0 Mon, 3:18am
                       Collapse Now hey! Kerewyn 194 1 Mon, 5:20am
                         Happy to provide new Thranduil imagery VValar 49 0 10:51am
     Collapse More random snerkles Lurker in the Mirk 444 24 Sat, 4:35am
           Collapse New Leggy pic? mariel 426 10 Sat, 7:17am
               Collapse Clicky link for Leggy pic mariel 428 9 Sat, 7:46am
                   Haven't seen that one before Lurker in the Mirk 395 0 Sat, 8:44am
                   Collapse Re new Leggy picture VValar 306 7 Sat, 9:31pm
                       Collapse Don't mind at all mariel 196 6 Sun, 7:31am
                         Collapse That's ok VValar 155 5 Sun, 9:59pm
                               Hear, hear! mariel ftw! Lurker in the Mirk 137 0 Mon, 3:54am
                               Collapse Practice image adding - HTR if it works mariel 160 3 Mon, 1:30pm
                                   Collapse Well done! 2/3! You pass Lurker in the Mirk 150 1 Mon, 2:21pm
                                       Thanks - 2 out of 3 ain't bad mariel 66 0 7:12am
                                 *claps* great job! VValar 44 0 11:02am
           Collapse Love it! Bernhardina 393 1 Sat, 9:12am
             Haha... you don't say Lurker in the Mirk 223 0 Sun, 3:26am
           Collapse Ohhh the horrible portrayal of cartoon Thranduil VValar 307 1 Sat, 9:35pm
               I wonder what the prof Lurker in the Mirk 229 0 Sun, 2:59am
         Collapse Sassy Thrandy VValar 301 1 Sat, 9:40pm
               Heheh Lurker in the Mirk 226 0 Sun, 3:00am
         Collapse Young fathers (Crossover... this one's for you Kerewyn) Lurker in the Mirk 237 5 Sun, 3:18am
               Collapse LOLOL Kerewyn 190 4 Sun, 9:17am
                 *wipes tears* LMAO!!! Lurker in the Mirk 227 0 Sun, 11:03am
                 Collapse Ooh now I get that freaky looking foal VValar 153 2 Sun, 10:03pm
                     Collapse I thought Norse mythology Lurker in the Mirk 137 1 Mon, 3:42am
                           Don't know much about VValar 50 0 10:36am
         *heheh* potheads... pffft. That wittle forehead scar ain't nuthin Lurker in the Mirk 30 0 1:47pm
       Collapse Continuing the Thingol and Thranduil discussion - swords! Lurker in the Mirk 398 2 Sat, 9:22am
           Collapse Anglachel and Anguirel Kerewyn 167 1 Sun, 9:31am
               *seals lips* Lurker in the Mirk 224 0 Sun, 11:05am
       Collapse My TORniversary Eruvandi 356 2 Sat, 4:36pm
         Your TORniversary VValar 310 0 Sat, 8:58pm
         Brought some gifts Lurker in the Mirk 229 0 Sun, 2:54am
     #15 VValar 329 0 Sat, 8:40pm
     Collapse Thranduil Pretty! VValar 320 1 Sat, 9:09pm
         Oooh Lurker in the Mirk 224 0 Sun, 3:25am
     Collapse Fan art: Bunches of father and son mo (VValar and Eruvandi) Lurker in the Mirk 242 5 Sun, 3:13am
         Collapse Fanart VValar 173 2 Sun, 8:21pm
               Collapse Welcome! Lurker in the Mirk 132 1 Mon, 3:24am
                   Re father-son images VValar 55 0 10:28am
           Collapse Another cutesy Lurker in the Mirk 79 1 4:54am
             Another Thrandy/Leggy cutie VValar 42 0 11:07am
     OT PSA: If you have been having problems with posting and post-death... Lurker in the Mirk 228 0 Sun, 3:30am
     Collapse On Thranduil and Aragorn (Continued from TAXIV) [Silmmie/LotR spoilery] Lurker in the Mirk 239 22 Sun, 3:47am
           Collapse Welcome to Tol Eressea! BlackFox 191 3 Sun, 8:48am
             Collapse Thanks, BlackFox! Lurker in the Mirk 160 2 Sun, 10:49am
                   Collapse Such a lovely picture. cats16 231 1 Sun, 11:27am
                       Thanks, cats16 Lurker in the Mirk 227 0 Sun, 11:33am
           Collapse Elessar Elfstone Kerewyn 179 1 Sun, 9:22am
             heh Lurker in the Mirk 226 0 Sun, 11:04am
           Collapse Thranduil and Aragorn VValar 159 15 Sun, 9:57pm
               Collapse *cough* fic and TWC [TWC spoilers] Lurker in the Mirk 144 14 Mon, 3:53am
                   Collapse Thranduil kept in the loop USFRumpleteazer 148 9 Mon, 4:12am
                     Collapse Looks like notations by Gandalf... Lurker in the Mirk 151 8 Mon, 5:16am
                           Collapse LOL!// USFRumpleteazer 125 3 Mon, 7:37pm
                             Collapse Thanks for the insipration // Lurker in the Mirk 81 2 4:13am
                                   Collapse :-) USFRumpleteazer 80 1 4:29am
                                     Quote: "LP is so pretty!!" Lurker in the Mirk 80 0 4:49am
                           Collapse I second that LOL ! mariel 113 1 Mon, 9:17pm
                               =O) Good to know // Lurker in the Mirk 79 0 4:14am
                           Collapse That's very funny Kerewyn 107 1 Mon, 10:06pm
                               Heheh Lurker in the Mirk 83 0 4:17am
                   Collapse Thranduil and Galadriel Kerewyn 109 2 Mon, 10:23pm
                       Collapse Well, yes and no... [book - Silm and others - spoilers] Lurker in the Mirk 81 1 4:44am
                           Lorien / EL relationship VValar 45 0 11:06am
                   Your fic VValar 51 0 10:47am
       Collapse Roomies! Kerewyn 174 6 Sun, 10:52am
           Collapse *thinks* Lurker in the Mirk 233 4 Sun, 11:25am
               Collapse Foreword etc Kerewyn 228 3 Sun, 12:16pm
                   Collapse Inspirations... n fic stuff Lurker in the Mirk 219 2 Sun, 1:37pm
                       Collapse TW Kerewyn 104 1 Mon, 10:11pm
                           Looking forward to it! Lurker in the Mirk 79 0 4:21am
           Re roomies VValar 160 0 Sun, 10:06pm
     Thranduil piccie VValar 55 0 11:13am
     Assorted Fanart of (mostly) Elves aka follow-up on that Dark-haired Elvenking creation (HTR!) Lurker in the Mirk 31 0 1:48pm

  Collapse DOS Chapter of the Week: Smuggled Cargo Kim 549 51 Sep 20, 2:25am Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)
       Collapse Quite alright. Retro315 252 1 Sep 20, 6:42am
           Orcs Kim 172 0 Sep 21, 3:30am
       Collapse Great Arannir 236 1 Sep 20, 9:54am
           Thanks Arannir! Kim 166 0 Sep 21, 3:36am
       Collapse Smuggled cargo indeed Noria 195 1 Sep 20, 9:07pm
           Thanks Noria! Kim 167 0 Sep 21, 3:43am
     Collapse More great scenes in a great movie Avandel 216 7 Sep 20, 9:09pm
           Collapse **warning RD, more magnificent Thorin pics!** Kim 188 6 Sep 21, 4:00am
             Collapse very good point! Avandel 156 5 Sep 21, 5:17pm
                   Collapse yes Kim 149 4 Sep 21, 5:50pm
                     Collapse Needs a TORn member to gently remind me of the TRUTH of the #Majesty Avandel 87 3 Sep 22, 11:57pm
                           Always happy to help a fellow TORnling Kim 74 0 Sep 23, 2:39am
                         Collapse *uncontrollable giggles* Eruvandi 116 1 Sep 23, 3:28pm
                             LOL Eruvandi - it's Kim reminding me of what is IMPORTANT Avandel 103 0 Sep 23, 11:54pm
       Collapse I come prepared this time! Riven Delve 158 10 Sep 21, 7:15pm
           Best answer ever Kim 151 0 Sep 21, 7:28pm
           Collapse actually Cirashala 122 8 Sep 22, 7:56am
               Collapse So it's more of an oar than a rudder? Riven Delve 114 7 Sep 22, 11:31am
                   Bard's boat Noria 109 0 Sep 22, 12:18pm
                   I believe that Bard is sculling his boat. Otaku-sempai 102 0 Sep 22, 4:57pm
                   it's possible that it's both Cirashala 100 0 Sep 22, 5:17pm
                   Collapse A little more information about sculling boats... Silverlode 83 3 Sep 22, 11:16pm
                       Collapse Thanks for the info, everyone! Riven Delve 130 2 Sep 23, 11:32am
                           Collapse You are most welcome. Otaku-sempai 114 1 Sep 23, 2:44pm
                               you are all most welcome :) Cirashala 99 0 Sep 23, 10:31pm
       Collapse Hope I'm not late Eruvandi 105 4 Sep 22, 5:23pm
         Gloin is traumatized Avandel 86 0 Sep 22, 10:49pm
         You're never late for CHOWs cats16 80 0 Sep 22, 10:56pm
           Collapse An Eruvandi is never late Kim 79 1 Sep 23, 2:53am
             Lol! Eruvandi 124 0 Sep 23, 2:18pm
       Collapse Supremely late... Lurker in the Mirk 89 5 Sep 24, 10:59am
           Collapse Better late than never! Kim 76 1 Sep 25, 2:20am
               Me too Lurker in the Mirk 71 0 Sep 25, 3:36am
           Collapse lol Cirashala 77 2 Sep 25, 2:56am
               Collapse I don't remember fiscal hamfistedness... Lurker in the Mirk 77 1 Sep 25, 3:46am
                   I believe that trait was laid out in the appendices Cirashala 74 0 Sep 25, 4:36am
       Collapse (Coming to this one over the weekend, Kim.) // cats16 74 6 Sep 25, 8:18am
           Collapse Now where have I heard that before? ;-) // Kim 57 1 Fri, 2:27am
             *scratches head* I have *no* idea what you mean. // cats16 58 0 Fri, 2:57am
         Collapse I won't believe it until I see it BlackFox 56 3 Fri, 11:20am
               Collapse Hahaha! cats16 47 2 Fri, 10:52pm
                 Collapse I didn't say I wasn't up for a surprise BlackFox 40 1 Sat, 10:13am
                     I'm going to extend this... cats16 36 0 Sun, 11:29am
       Collapse *swoops in* cats16 26 7 6:09am
         Collapse Bless my beard! BlackFox 21 6 8:39am
               Collapse 'I love deadlines. cats16 15 5 8:46am
                   Collapse I was actually thinking about that quote as I was typing my reply BlackFox 14 4 8:59am
                       Collapse Well, then... cats16 13 3 9:11am
                         Collapse It's amazing how quickly the tables can turn BlackFox 7 2 10:46am
                               Collapse And, naturally... cats16 9 1 11:34am
                                 I feel bad for laughing at this... // BlackFox 3 0 12:55pm

  Collapse Thread Locked Billy Conolly talks about Dain, is this new info? (bit of spoilers) Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 340 1 7:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)
       Thread Locked It's already being discussed Silverlode 160 0 7:47am

  Collapse DOS Chapter of The Week (CHOW): "The Nature Of Evil " Lurker in the Mirk 876 54 Sep 7, 6:10am Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       My $0.02 Lurker in the Mirk 433 0 Sep 7, 9:28am
       Collapse Just saying... Bofur01 417 1 Sep 7, 10:09am
           Didn't realise that Lurker in the Mirk 368 0 Sep 7, 2:31pm
       Collapse Confusion regarding Thranduil's orders and Tauriel's actions.... Bladerunner 397 9 Sep 7, 1:51pm
           Collapse I agree the timings on orders, their scope and conveyance need clarifications but Lurker in the Mirk 375 8 Sep 7, 2:40pm
               Collapse Iagree... Bladerunner 322 1 Sep 7, 10:50pm
                   Thanks, Bladerunner Lurker in the Mirk 235 0 Sep 8, 1:00pm
               Collapse A couple observations Riven Delve 227 5 Sep 8, 3:10pm
                 Collapse I think it's implicit Lurker in the Mirk 171 4 Sep 9, 2:38am
                       Collapse To play a little devil's advocate here... Riven Delve 118 3 Sep 9, 6:10pm
                         Collapse Well, someone's scarfing down that crow for sure Lurker in the Mirk 91 2 Sep 10, 3:03am
                               Collapse With your last line, Riven Delve 81 1 Sep 10, 11:07am
                                   *LOL* looking beyond the horizon Lurker in the Mirk 57 0 Sep 11, 5:15am
       Collapse Nature of Evil Kim 376 3 Sep 7, 6:33pm
           Collapse Thanks for answering all the questions, Kim Lurker in the Mirk 240 2 Sep 8, 12:57pm
               Collapse That bottom gif makes him almost look like Lucius Malfoy DaughterofLaketown 232 1 Sep 8, 1:37pm
                   ? Lurker in the Mirk 231 0 Sep 8, 1:42pm
     Collapse *Applauds* VValar 322 1 Sep 7, 11:25pm
         Heh... thanks for reading my $0.02 Lurker in the Mirk 231 0 Sep 8, 1:03pm
       Collapse Thank you for posting this, Lurker Glorfindela 267 3 Sep 8, 10:32am
           Collapse Thanks, Glorfindela Lurker in the Mirk 235 2 Sep 8, 1:07pm
               Collapse In reply Glorfindela 224 1 Sep 8, 2:20pm
                   Thanks for responding Lurker in the Mirk 214 0 Sep 8, 2:28pm
     Collapse My first CHOW reply!! VValar 261 3 Sep 8, 12:40pm
         Collapse Very good first CHOW response Lurker in the Mirk 229 2 Sep 8, 1:41pm
               Collapse Thanks for reading my reply as well VValar 172 1 Sep 9, 12:08am
                 Yeah, it's fascinating to me too Lurker in the Mirk 145 0 Sep 9, 3:36am
       Collapse Lurker, thanks for pulling this excellent presentation together so quickly. Noria 222 1 Sep 8, 3:17pm
           Great to know you liked it, and for the responses Lurker in the Mirk 153 0 Sep 9, 3:06am
       Collapse What a depressing speech! Riven Delve 226 1 Sep 8, 6:08pm
           Yeah, jaded, jaundiced eye and all Lurker in the Mirk 151 0 Sep 9, 3:33am
       Collapse Woo! Look at this thread go... cats16 153 1 Sep 9, 4:08am
           *cough* well, as you can see... Lurker in the Mirk 140 0 Sep 9, 8:35am
       Collapse Elements of Shakespeare's King Lear DwellerInDale 153 1 Sep 9, 5:05am
         Interesting viewpoint Lurker in the Mirk 135 0 Sep 9, 8:47am
       Collapse Beyond Good and Evil. cats16 140 5 Sep 9, 8:52am
         Collapse Great answers here, cats16. Thanks! Lurker in the Mirk 130 4 Sep 9, 9:46am
               Collapse My pleasure cats16 128 3 Sep 9, 11:25am
                   Collapse speaking of... Lurker in the Mirk 124 2 Sep 9, 12:54pm
                       Collapse Haha, true. cats16 98 1 Sep 10, 12:39am
                           I am the code monkey of the "Reply" and "Quote" markups Lurker in the Mirk 87 0 Sep 10, 2:26am
       Collapse I think I've answered just about every question Eruvandi 121 4 Sep 9, 4:40pm
         Frightened Leggy VValar 122 0 Sep 9, 6:17pm
         Collapse WOW! I'd have to like almost every one! Lurker in the Mirk 95 2 Sep 10, 2:49am
             Collapse Morgul Sharpies *tee-hee!* Eruvandi 73 1 Sep 10, 8:21pm
                   There is actually a brand called Sharpies?? *am i psychic or what* Lurker in the Mirk 49 0 Sep 11, 9:29am
       Collapse One of my favourite scenes in DoS Kerewyn 117 1 Sep 9, 10:12pm
         Hey Kerewyn! Lurker in the Mirk 90 0 Sep 10, 3:46am
       Collapse my answers elostirion74 39 2 Sep 12, 4:45pm
           Collapse Thank you, elostirion74 Lurker in the Mirk 49 1 Sep 13, 2:42am
               actually morgul shaft does not necessarily mean related to THE Morgul Blade Cirashala 45 0 Sep 13, 5:36am
       Thanks to everyone who participated Lurker in the Mirk 26 0 Sep 15, 10:54am
       Collapse A very late Nature Of Evil vanima ephel 17 1 Mon, 11:02pm
           Late, but MOST welcome addition to the CHOW! Lurker in the Mirk 7 0 7:24am

Collapse How A..bout? a Thread about your Favorite Funny PJ MovieMoments... Bombadil 443 12 Sun, 3:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       "That would be the door." Arannir 265 0 Sun, 4:11pm
       My favorites leonmuse 266 0 Sun, 4:43pm
       Collapse Here they are! DaughterofLaketown 195 1 Sun, 8:50pm
           Bombur's barrel roll was awesome! Holly Hobbit 144 0 Mon, 12:34am
       I love the humor in the Hobbit movies Elarie 152 0 Sun, 11:59pm
       TH: - These shots of Gollum in Riddles Lissuin 125 0 Mon, 6:27am
       Collapse funny moments Cirashala 133 4 Mon, 6:43am
         Collapse Cira..YOU are the Sweetest POTATO in IDAHO! Bombadil 89 1 Mon, 12:27pm
               Thanks Cirashala 70 0 Mon, 5:18pm
           Collapse You counted 13? Kilidoescartwheels 52 1 Mon, 9:25pm
               Ok, here's the weapon count Cirashala 33 0 3:25am
       My funniest moments Kilidoescartwheels 54 0 Mon, 9:21pm

Collapse Bilbo's Birthday Bash: Let's talk Bilbo's contract (book spoilers) Lurker in the Mirk 257 7 Sat, 4:14am Jump to last post in thread (by Kerewyn)
       Collapse The Original Contract Otaku-sempai 120 3 Sat, 12:50pm
           Collapse Book-verse does seem quite open and shut Lurker in the Mirk 78 2 Sun, 1:54am
               Collapse The Contract in the Film(s) Otaku-sempai 70 1 Sun, 3:04am
                   Yup, links to analysis and the contract in OP for ref// Lurker in the Mirk 70 0 Sun, 3:08am
       Collapse Seems to me he was released from his contract by Thorin Bumblingidiot 49 1 Sun, 9:24pm
           So does that mean Lurker in the Mirk 41 0 Mon, 3:26am
       Great topic! Kerewyn 24 0 Mon, 10:18pm
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