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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 138629 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 108353 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Sticky: TORn's smallish, but hopefully growing BOTFA spoiler summary Demosthenes 3933 15 Jun 23, 6:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 608 0 Oct 12, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for November 2014! cats16 219 20 Nov 13, 10:18am Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)

  Sticky: 'Tis the Season of Spoilers! (Spoiler Policy) Silverlode 140 0 Thu, 3:23am Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

  Collapse Misty Mountains Theme Absence? KingTurgon 1084 27 Fri, 5:16pm Jump to last post in thread (by Retro315)
       Collapse Because the Company left the Misty Mountains behind them in AUJ. // BlackFox 528 7 Fri, 5:20pm
           Collapse That's a very litteral interpretation Fàfnir 514 4 Fri, 5:40pm
               Collapse I didn't come up with it myself BlackFox 477 2 Fri, 5:57pm
                   Collapse Clearly an excuse King_horse 456 1 Fri, 6:06pm
                       But not entirely illogical BlackFox 395 0 Fri, 6:51pm
               Not to mention... Macfeast 370 0 Fri, 7:04pm
           Collapse Also, if you notice Lindele 496 1 Fri, 5:47pm
               Timestamp? Faleel 442 0 Fri, 5:59pm
       Collapse Because of copyright issues King_horse 563 1 Fri, 5:55pm
           I did notice this now that you mention it. Imladris18 457 0 Fri, 6:09pm
       Collapse Written by a third party - WB didn't license it for anything beyond AUJ Crunchable Birdses 485 1 Fri, 6:51pm
           Wow, I had no idea Bishop 394 0 Fri, 7:06pm
       Collapse Has to be the copyright issue. macfalk 404 1 Fri, 7:12pm
           And Faleel 379 0 Fri, 7:13pm
       Collapse Howard Shore didn't write it, so maybe wanted it gone asap sycorax82 369 1 Fri, 8:20pm
           this There&ThereAgain 244 0 Fri, 11:08pm
       Collapse It's a huge shame Glorfindela 219 3 12:14am
           Collapse I Faleel 190 2 12:43am
               Collapse As far as the 'best' Dwarf theme is concerned Glorfindela 203 1 12:52am
                   Don't Faleel 178 0 1:23am
       Collapse Yeah, I love that song myself Old Toby 147 1 3:34am
           Maybe it will be present in BOFA? zzdecapitator 103 0 7:05am
       Perhaps a preference by Howard? Aragorn the Elfstone 119 0 7:20am
       Collapse I love the Misty Mountains theme but am fine with its absence.. Noria 51 1 1:48pm
           Same here... dormouse 30 0 3:15pm
       Nothing about copyright Alex Maglor 23 0 3:53pm
       Re Retro315 0 0 3 secs ago

  Collapse New behind-the-scenes still from Empire Carne 646 8 11:45am Jump to last post in thread (by Bishop)
       Thorin on Ravenhill without Orcrist battling Orcs. Pretty cool ! // Fàfnir 239 0 12:23pm
       Collapse Too few outdoor location shots Danielos 267 5 12:24pm
           Collapse A real frozen mountain top with dwarven architecture Spriggan 247 2 12:43pm
             Would love any... Bombadil 177 0 1:36pm
               I'm not convinced... Bishop 4 0 1 min ago
           Collapse That photo doesn't look quite right, either... Eleniel 148 1 1:57pm
               The Costume Department must be Customizzin' each Suit? Bombadil 116 0 2:08pm
     He can fly! Eruvandi 58 0 3:37pm

  Collapse Favourite orch of the six movies? Danielos 243 9 2:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by Retro315)
       Collapse Favourite orc? Rated by how many good characters they kill? dormouse 131 1 3:06pm
           Ditto // Eruvandi 85 0 3:25pm
       Collapse Lurtz has my vote Elarie 76 1 3:37pm
           Lurtz should have survived Fellowship King_horse 69 0 3:43pm
       Collapse Narzug! Skaan 71 1 3:45pm
           HARD to pick one... Bombadil 43 0 50 mins ago
       This guy BlackFox 15 0 16 mins ago
       I'm gonna go with the obvious and say Azog Fàfnir 15 0 14 mins ago
       Re Retro315 2 0 4 mins ago

  Collapse OFFICIAL 'The Last Goodbye' Music Video - IM CRYING. Annatar598 2262 51 Fri, 2:20pm Jump to last post in thread (by sarahb1863)
       Collapse new scenes Fleuz 1074 1 Fri, 2:30pm
           There were some nods to LotR in TH that I'd never noticed... AshNazg 964 0 Fri, 2:48pm
       Collapse That was a very touching video NecromancerRising 928 2 Fri, 2:35pm
         What A Perfect EDIT..Thang you berry Buch..// Bombadil 843 0 Fri, 2:43pm
           What he said BlackFox 574 0 Fri, 5:17pm
       Can't stand that awful song. Ugh. Crunchable Birdses 924 0 Fri, 2:48pm
       GREAT video! Kilidoescartwheels 821 0 Fri, 3:06pm
       Collapse Pretty great song and video. tsmith675 799 1 Fri, 3:11pm
           InterCutting Billy in the Studio Bombadil 811 0 Fri, 3:22pm
       2.52 - 2.55 Wordofmask 819 0 Fri, 3:54pm
       Wasn't sure how I felt about the song when I first heard it. Imladris18 685 0 Fri, 4:42pm
       Collapse Dwalin, Thorin, Fili and Kili at Ravenhill Fàfnir 726 2 Fri, 4:46pm
           Exactly...The Dwarves are Likely... Bombadil 662 0 Fri, 5:04pm
           yeah...looking that way... Snowghost77 192 0 1:18am
       Collapse I'm speechless Elessar 640 4 Fri, 5:12pm
           Collapse Beautiful.... heartbreaking.... dormouse 553 1 Fri, 5:51pm
               agreed :-) Elessar 468 0 Fri, 6:39pm
           Collapse Agreed Elessar. So many perfect moments Brethil 483 1 Fri, 6:33pm
               That was perfect Elessar 461 0 Fri, 6:40pm
       Youtube caglarkuraner 634 0 Fri, 5:19pm
       Yup, I creid // dubulous 539 0 Fri, 5:40pm
       Collapse Azog has come a long way since AUJ Fàfnir 627 11 Fri, 5:45pm
           Collapse CGI is so subjective AshNazg 572 10 Fri, 6:03pm
               Collapse I mean... tsmith675 549 5 Fri, 6:06pm
                   Collapse I think a lot comes down to the viewer's ability to suspend disbelief. Imladris18 490 4 Fri, 6:35pm
                       Collapse Yeah same tsmith675 457 2 Fri, 6:54pm
                           Collapse Another thing people may not be considering Smaug Report 474 1 Fri, 7:08pm
                               Agree with Smaug Report 100% NecromancerRising 423 0 Fri, 7:19pm
                       It's worth noting that Azog isn't CG by choice, though... AshNazg 394 0 Fri, 8:23pm
               Collapse Very subjective indeed. dubulous 471 3 Fri, 6:48pm
                   Me neither. // BlackFox 432 0 Fri, 6:56pm
                   This macfalk 418 0 Fri, 7:16pm
                   Oops, I didn't mean to imply he looked bad... AshNazg 375 0 Fri, 8:09pm
       Brought tears to my eyes Aitieuriskon 542 0 Fri, 5:57pm
       Wow, just incredible Smaug Report 474 0 Fri, 6:53pm
       Collapse Too much LOTR nhui06 421 2 Fri, 8:10pm
           I think... Imladris18 405 0 Fri, 8:14pm
           From the accompanying article BlackFox 353 0 Fri, 9:12pm
       Collapse All the LOTR footage looks better than TH sycorax82 437 1 Fri, 8:17pm
           Oh yes. Merovech 265 0 Fri, 10:59pm
       A speech by Gandalf would have been nice.... EomundDaughter 320 0 Fri, 9:36pm
       It made me get teary–eyed. Pipe Dream 266 0 Fri, 10:50pm
       Very beautiful Glorfindela 207 0 12:30am
       This says it all Barrow-Wight 197 0 1:08am
       Collapse Dear God... Evoking all the joy and sorrow of my life. AinurOlorin 186 3 2:02am
           Collapse *Passes tissues* // Starling 124 1 4:29am
               Takes tissues Ham_Sammy 101 0 6:24am
           I agree. This is really moving. Arannir 74 0 9:14am
       Wonderful song and video! LadyEmmaE 53 0 11:02am
       Oh Retro315 5 0 11 mins ago
       Wow, very nice! sarahb1863 1 0 5 mins ago

  Collapse 3D HFR for last time? Danielos 358 12 10:20am Jump to last post in thread (by Kendalf)
       That's the saddest part IMO utku 198 0 10:52am
       I'll watch it in 48 HFR Glorfindela 173 0 11:02am
       Collapse Well we still have James Camerons "Avatar" sequels to come Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 137 4 12:11pm
           Collapse Ditto Lieutenant NecromancerRising 108 2 12:36pm
               Collapse Thritto. // Estel78 82 1 1:24pm
                   After checking Dolbyzz website 16 major Bombadil 78 0 1:41pm
           I hope Cameron is *still* into HFR... Kendalf 16 0 36 mins ago
       Collapse I hope to see it at least once in HFR just for the experience Elarie 72 3 2:01pm
           Collapse Except that it seems to work the other way as well..... dormouse 48 1 3:04pm
               That's interesting Elarie 34 0 3:34pm
           That "tweaking" might involve even *more* frames per second... Kendalf 10 0 25 mins ago
       I'm in! Kendalf 24 0 42 mins ago

  Collapse A fundamental question! Andreorn89 234 4 2:13pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eurolock)
       Collapse We don't have any official information about Beorn in BoFA Fàfnir 96 3 2:34pm
         IT might be a TIP-OFF but Bomby doez THINK Bombadil 70 0 2:54pm
           Collapse Beorn . . . of great importance.... Bracegirdle 52 1 3:36pm
               Why wouldn't PJ want to show this? Eurolock 38 0 3:56pm

  Collapse Thorin's "suicide run" Kilidoescartwheels 654 3 12:32am Jump to last post in thread (by dave_lf)
       Collapse The charge Shirriff Anthony 305 1 2:03am
           Sons of Durin dave_lf 29 0 3:53pm
       I think that maybe this later review was a strategy to distract of that review that steted Thorin Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 167 0 8:24am

  Collapse For one last time, Will you avoid all of reviews and reactions coming in 2 weeks? Wordofmask 837 28 Fri, 7:40am Jump to last post in thread (by EomundDaughter)
       For good or for worse NecromancerRising 459 0 Fri, 7:47am
       Down under.. OrangeBerserk 392 0 Fri, 8:45am
       I don't think I can dubulous 380 0 Fri, 8:53am
       Collapse For The Hobbit, probably not There&ThereAgain 390 1 Fri, 9:00am
         LOL about "Im going.... bad"!!! Me too!... mae govannen 16 0 1:06pm
       Ha! I wish. Name 308 0 Fri, 11:36am
       Collapse Review embargo Danielos 354 6 Fri, 11:53am
           Collapse I predict... Bernhardina 274 2 Fri, 1:34pm
               Collapse Well since the major complaint of these movies was that they're too long Annatar598 260 1 Fri, 2:04pm
                   Bomby Never likes to be DIS-Agreeable, BUT.. Bombadil 244 0 Fri, 2:29pm
           Collapse Like Rotten Tomatoes even means a thing. tsmith675 240 1 Fri, 2:36pm
               Insterstellar Danielos 234 0 Fri, 2:45pm
           I think it has a good chance of reaching 80+ macfalk 132 0 Fri, 7:02pm
       Yes. // dormouse 276 0 Fri, 12:35pm
       I will try BlackFox 263 0 Fri, 1:13pm
       Collapse I will avoid spoilers only Bernhardina 258 1 Fri, 1:37pm
         Highly UNLikely for Bom... Bombadil 227 0 Fri, 2:10pm
       Collapse already read a few Kilidoescartwheels 227 1 Fri, 2:56pm
           Bomz Best Friend had a WAyCOOL Comment.. Bombadil 207 0 Fri, 3:12pm
       Yes, this time I am - goodbye for now :)! Loresilme 193 0 Fri, 3:14pm
     Absolutely - was hoping to stick around until Dec 1, but will head for the shore as needed Avandel 178 0 Fri, 4:16pm
       I'm going to force myself... Gianna 117 0 Fri, 8:08pm
       Working hard to avoid everything except the official trailers Elarie 98 0 Fri, 9:32pm
       Not for me. I enjoy reading them. Spriggan 93 0 Fri, 10:13pm
       Yes Kim 75 0 Fri, 11:07pm
       Quite easily FoundEntwife 45 0 4:55am
       Reviews and reactions I'll avoid, but spoilers I'll love.! mae govannen 17 0 1:33pm
       Love to read them too much and EomundDaughter 12 0 2:34pm

Collapse Thranduil Appreciation Thread Part XXV Lurker in the Mirk 920 83 Thu, 4:27am Jump to last post in thread (by stn5)
       Collapse Some MFE to start Lurker in the Mirk 434 15 Thu, 4:37am
           Collapse Quarter of a century! mariel 349 1 Thu, 9:05am
               My pleasure Lurker in the Mirk 169 0 Fri, 5:47am
           Collapse Seems we always tip the thread and get threadlock after 10pm my time Eruvandi 221 1 Thu, 11:44pm
               Timezones are such a hassle Lurker in the Mirk 171 0 Fri, 6:17am
           Collapse Armour!Thranduil MFE Lurker in the Mirk 187 4 Fri, 6:25am
               Collapse That last one mariel 166 3 Fri, 8:31am
                   Collapse I think it's from the BotFA preview in the DOS EE Appendices Eruvandi 90 2 Fri, 10:21pm
                       Yeah Lurker in the Mirk 50 0 4:29am
                       Thanks for that mariel 45 0 8:24am
         Collapse Fab White!Amour edits Lurker in the Mirk 182 5 Fri, 6:30am
               Collapse Very nice mariel 164 2 Fri, 8:36am
                   Really? Eruvandi 92 0 Fri, 10:29pm
                   Me too Lurker in the Mirk 52 0 4:30am
               Collapse Wow, I hand no idea about the skull either... vanima ephel 67 1 1:51am
                   *LoL* right? I was just saying the same to mariel Lurker in the Mirk 54 0 4:33am
     Collapse Thranddy Daddy and Leggy Sonny Lurker in the Mirk 467 7 Thu, 4:45am
           LoL Strip [Reverse FLAST, sorta] Lurker in the Mirk 408 0 Thu, 5:13am
           Collapse More daddy and son moments Lurker in the Mirk 180 2 Fri, 6:22am
               Collapse Hey that's a cool edit(?) of 'father and son' VValar 97 1 Fri, 8:47pm
                   Of course! Lurker in the Mirk 51 0 4:41am
           Collapse lol! But the joy of a fandom fantasy life is I CAN HAVE BOTH... vanima ephel 67 1 2:18am
               Ditto! And another *awww*Thranddy and baby Leggy fan art Lurker in the Mirk 58 0 4:43am
         Another one Lurker in the Mirk 63 0 5:27am
       Collapse Responses to TAXXV Lurker in the Mirk 405 5 Thu, 5:54am
         Collapse *waves* BlackFox 350 3 Thu, 8:57am
               Collapse *waves back* Lurker in the Mirk 173 2 Fri, 5:44am
                 Collapse You know what they say... BlackFox 158 1 Fri, 9:44am
                       HAHA Lurker in the Mirk 51 0 4:44am
         That is a good one On_the_partyelk 295 0 Thu, 1:24pm
     Collapse Food for thought: Thranduil... isolationist? Lurker in the Mirk 421 16 Thu, 6:02am
           Collapse To be honest Adanel 398 8 Thu, 6:32am
               Collapse Isolationist Danielos 384 5 Thu, 6:55am
                   Well like I said Adanel 378 0 Thu, 7:07am
                   Collapse its symbolic of a "major power" staying isolationist MouthofSauron 376 3 Thu, 7:13am
                       Collapse His father & 2/3 of greenwood troops died Elk2013 369 2 Thu, 7:48am
                           YAWN...Tired EYESzz....you ThrranyThrallzz Bombadil 338 0 Thu, 10:18am
                           Great analysis Elk2013, Mouth of Sauron & Adanel about Thrandy ltnjmy 281 0 Thu, 3:11pm
               Collapse I see your pov, Adanel Lurker in the Mirk 174 1 Fri, 6:09am
                   Well.......... Adanel 167 0 Fri, 7:08am
           Collapse Good articles mariel 345 6 Thu, 11:17am
               Collapse Great analysis mariel as well ! ltnjmy 268 1 Thu, 3:14pm
                   Hi Itnjmy *waves back* mariel 251 0 Thu, 4:11pm
             Beautifully said (I'd send a carton of Dorwinion's finest with compliments, if I could) Lurker in the Mirk 183 0 Fri, 5:58am
               Collapse I wholeheartedly agree with all your comments... vanima ephel 80 2 1:34am
                   Yeah, it grates, re the father-son moments Lurker in the Mirk 55 0 4:48am
                   Agree with you comments too mariel 26 0 12:43pm
       Collapse "A King's private life" fan edit mariel 315 1 Thu, 1:47pm
         KEWL~ Lurker in the Mirk 174 0 Fri, 6:10am
     Collapse Ohhh what a lovely OP VValar 246 9 Thu, 9:00pm
         Collapse YOU jus' GAVE...Bomby a **FLASH of Insight** Bombadil 220 3 Thu, 9:28pm
               Collapse Here you go BlackFox 225 2 Thu, 9:33pm
                   Collapse THANKS...Looks a bit more LIKE Elrond..?// Bombadil 210 1 Thu, 9:50pm
                       Indeed BlackFox 216 0 Thu, 9:53pm
         Collapse *waves good-bye* Have fun! [and GoT Xover stuff] Lurker in the Mirk 176 4 Fri, 6:15am
               Collapse Thanks and I love the GOT crossovers VValar 69 3 Fri, 8:39pm
                   Collapse Of course~ Lurker in the Mirk 54 2 4:51am
                     Addendum: Thranduil owning it Lurker in the Mirk 50 0 5:10am
                     Lol mariel 51 0 8:21am
       Collapse Some baby Leggy cuteness, a FLAST, and a couple of Thrandy pretty! things Eruvandi 236 4 Fri, 1:16am
         Ahaha On_the_partyelk 212 0 Fri, 1:54am
           Collapse *LoL* the Leggy FLAST Lurker in the Mirk 179 2 Fri, 6:18am
               Collapse Think I'm caught up Eruvandi 81 1 Fri, 10:50pm
                   Yay and "Oh dear" Lurker in the Mirk 50 0 4:54am
       Collapse A little something to raise a smile mariel 185 4 Fri, 8:50am
           *THUD* a little warning next time will ya? VValar 65 0 Fri, 8:42pm
           Collapse Somehow... vanima ephel 59 1 2:54am
               *LOL* Lurker in the Mirk 51 0 4:55am
         Another one Lurker in the Mirk 54 0 4:38am
       Collapse Pretty fan edit mariel 142 6 Fri, 1:51pm
           Collapse And one more mariel 144 4 Fri, 2:08pm
             WOAH On_the_partyelk 113 0 Fri, 4:06pm
               Thud, ltnjmy hits the floor ltnjmy 97 0 Fri, 5:29pm
               *THUD* Eruvandi 87 0 Fri, 11:03pm
               LOVES!!! It's wallpaper size too (and one for Ronan fans) Lurker in the Mirk 55 0 5:05am
         LOVELY! And two more Lurker in the Mirk 54 0 5:03am
       Fan art of Thranduil and wifey and a potential HTR Lurker in the Mirk 54 0 5:19am
       LOL and PieKing! And some scruffy LP Lurker in the Mirk 47 0 5:26am
       Collapse @Kerewyn: the TA '000th post list Lurker in the Mirk 68 1 5:37am
           Ooh, I was number 5000! mariel 26 0 12:55pm
       A little more fan art to pass the time mariel 26 0 12:53pm
       some pretty On_the_partyelk 22 0 1:29pm
       Legolas - Orcrist - Thorin stn5 23 0 1:40pm

  Collapse Will we see the Iron Hills? Wootton Major 822 9 Fri, 12:18am Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       Collapse Bom'zz Theory? YES// Bombadil 361 7 Fri, 1:34am
           Collapse Bom sez yes cuz ... Yngwulff 332 6 Fri, 3:09am
               Collapse WHAaa..? ZAT mean..// Bombadil 263 4 Fri, 4:05am
                 Collapse Re-Post of bomz theory (Modified) Bombadil 277 2 Fri, 4:32am
                       Collapse I like that idea.... Wootton Major 205 1 Fri, 7:27am
                           sort of EE-stuff to me :// NoelGallagher 187 0 Fri, 7:47am
                   A joke arithmancer 253 0 Fri, 5:35am
               LOL MouthofSauron 271 0 Fri, 4:29am
       I like the way you imagine the place mae govannen 23 0 1:23pm

  Collapse BOFA Spoiler Questions Requested - Answers frodo284 6483 152 Wed, 6:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Eleniel)
       Collapse Very disappointed if this is true. thomasofrohan 2418 4 Wed, 6:46am
           Very disappointing, indeed KeenObserver 2211 0 Wed, 6:50am
           Collapse Thranduil frodo284 2311 2 Wed, 6:51am
               Collapse How well does the film portray Thorin's "dragon sickness"? thomasofrohan 2074 1 Wed, 6:52am
                   dragon sickness frodo284 2189 0 Wed, 7:13am
       Can you elaborate on Dain's dialogue? thomasofrohan 2025 0 Wed, 6:57am
       Collapse If this is true, MatthewJer18 2020 3 Wed, 7:11am
           Collapse Bard's role frodo284 2218 2 Wed, 7:15am
               How does the Master die, if I may ask? MatthewJer18 1947 0 Wed, 7:20am
               Glad that Alfrid finally plays some useful role mae govannen 771 0 Wed, 1:09pm
       Beorn Looke89 1979 0 Wed, 7:14am
       There are some identical and some really contradictory NecromancerRising 2064 0 Wed, 7:14am
       Collapse Spoiling Danielos 2071 14 Wed, 7:26am
           Collapse this is depressing boldog 1989 13 Wed, 7:40am
               Collapse but if your not a troll boldog 1923 4 Wed, 7:41am
                   Collapse I can answer that KeenObserver 1872 3 Wed, 7:57am
                     Collapse i sure hope that reference makes the cut boldog 1766 2 Wed, 8:05am
                           Collapse I'd venture to guess . . . KeenObserver 1731 1 Wed, 8:17am
                               ok This is hard for me to do boldog 1161 0 Wed, 8:19am
               Collapse I share the sentiment, boldog KeenObserver 1807 6 Wed, 7:52am
                   Collapse Bilbo doesn't finish the book until he reaches Rivendell right? There&ThereAgain 1784 4 Wed, 7:55am
                       Collapse That's right KeenObserver 1735 3 Wed, 8:12am
                           Collapse writing Mooseboy018 1715 2 Wed, 8:19am
                               Exactly KeenObserver 1108 0 Wed, 8:25am
                               haha good point! There&ThereAgain 1081 0 Wed, 8:32am
                   I hate if Dain is like that tattooed_dwarf 1173 0 Wed, 8:19am
               I think that might be quite a specific assumption Spriggan 1715 0 Wed, 8:19am
       From the Visual-Companion Book lidlessEye 1954 0 Wed, 7:43am
       I hate to say it.... nobofthepony 1926 0 Wed, 8:07am
       this is depressing Olorin2607 1135 0 Wed, 9:18am
     Need more of Beorn than there was in DoS Glorfindela 1048 0 Wed, 9:43am
     Collapse Hold up KeenObserver 1125 10 Wed, 9:58am
           Collapse Blog Spriggan 1036 6 Wed, 10:38am
               Collapse Oops! KeenObserver 974 5 Wed, 10:46am
                   Collapse No worries but it is interesting Spriggan 890 4 Wed, 11:25am
                       Collapse My preference KeenObserver 822 3 Wed, 12:04pm
                           Collapse Interesting Spriggan 832 2 Wed, 2:09pm
                               Collapse Thank you, Spriggan KeenObserver 782 1 Wed, 11:46pm
                                   That's awfully nice of you to say. Spriggan 405 0 Thu, 1:52pm
           Collapse I think he just means that the people who die in the book die in the movie. Boromir Stark 930 2 Wed, 10:43am
               Collapse Indeed KeenObserver 889 1 Wed, 11:04am
                   Yeah, Thrain II 836 0 Wed, 11:30am
       Deleted my earlier response here. Arannir 1042 0 Wed, 10:00am
       I am a little bit proud... Arannir 1062 0 Wed, 10:15am
       Thranduil? stn5 971 0 Wed, 10:49am
       Couple of questions I'd love to see answered Mithfânion 920 0 Wed, 11:25am
       Sigh... BornOutOfTheWest 925 0 Wed, 11:26am
       Galadriel Nerven 773 0 Wed, 1:03pm
       Collapse I come to you at the turn of the tide... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 869 6 Wed, 1:04pm
           Collapse So much THIS! NoelGallagher 774 1 Wed, 1:15pm
               Agreed. There's nothing too new here Annatar598 737 0 Wed, 1:19pm
           Collapse He had seen AuJ... Arannir 758 3 Wed, 1:21pm
               so then it shouldnt be a problem for him NoelGallagher 938 0 Wed, 1:33pm
               Collapse wow, you're right Fàfnir 961 1 Wed, 1:34pm
                   actually NoelGallagher 909 0 Wed, 1:47pm
       Thanks! MJM 938 0 Wed, 1:25pm
       Well damn.. Drakblod 857 0 Wed, 2:09pm
       Collapse eh... jackster 856 3 Wed, 2:22pm
           Collapse Billy Connolu stated JamesPaganini 919 1 Wed, 2:25pm
               I was about to say the same thing! Eleniel 820 0 Wed, 2:29pm
           Yes.That is true NecromancerRising 783 0 Wed, 2:40pm
       Collapse Questions about Rings and staves. xxxyyy 737 4 Wed, 2:55pm
           Collapse You forgot about the flaming and significant matter of NecromancerRising 736 3 Wed, 2:58pm
               Collapse im really in a struggle NoelGallagher 708 1 Wed, 3:03pm
                   Seems plausible to me. Spriggan 692 0 Wed, 3:05pm
               Yeah... those birds... xxxyyy 653 0 Wed, 3:17pm
       Collapse Not convinced Smaug Report 809 15 Wed, 2:56pm
           Collapse well I believe you are mistaken Olorin2607 771 9 Wed, 3:02pm
               I do not remember him doing the same for DOS in public. NecromancerRising 721 0 Wed, 3:05pm
               Collapse People are acting like this is The Phantom Menace now... Smaug Report 747 7 Wed, 3:07pm
                   Collapse wouldnt you be disappointed ? Olorin2607 712 1 Wed, 3:11pm
                       Not at all! NecromancerRising 685 0 Wed, 3:14pm
                   Collapse He answered more specifically via messages in 2012 Arannir 729 3 Wed, 3:14pm
                       Well to be fair... tsmith675 642 0 Wed, 3:51pm
                       Collapse Ultimately though DjU 917 1 Wed, 4:30pm
                           not to mention Smaug Report 905 0 Wed, 4:37pm
                   Hear, hear...! Well said. mae govannen 483 0 Thu, 11:53am
           Collapse Smaug Report wrong Mithfânion 738 4 Wed, 3:57pm
               Cue Crunchable Birdses 631 0 Wed, 4:00pm
               Ripping off Alexander Nevsky? / Darkstone 960 0 Wed, 4:09pm
               Collapse regardless... Smaug Report 936 1 Wed, 4:25pm
                   one thing we all must remember.... Snowghost77 832 0 Wed, 7:41pm
       Collapse Okay, that's it - Hanzkaz 1016 2 Wed, 4:24pm
           Collapse This is sad tsmith675 959 1 Wed, 4:27pm
               After the mostly awesome 4chan 'spoilers', Hanzkaz 948 0 Wed, 4:41pm
     Collapse ---> Spoilers have been edited out of subject lines Altaira 943 7 Wed, 5:01pm
           Collapse A small English language question mae govannen 462 6 Thu, 12:54pm
               Collapse What you're seeing Silverlode 432 5 Thu, 1:37pm
                   Collapse Thanks for your kind clarification, Silverlode! mae govannen 379 4 Thu, 2:21pm
                       Collapse Yep Altaira 340 3 Thu, 3:30pm
                           Collapse Frodo has not returned Mithfânion 237 1 Thu, 10:23pm
                               At some point, for a brief quarter of a second Guert 230 0 Thu, 10:47pm
                           No problem! Now I'll know, thank you... mae govannen 207 0 Fri, 4:45am
       Collapse If Thorin's gkgyver 881 15 Wed, 5:45pm
           Collapse Looks more like an alcove of Dale to me Shagrat 813 14 Wed, 5:47pm
               Collapse Why? gkgyver 767 13 Wed, 5:56pm
                   Collapse Because Shagrat 761 10 Wed, 5:57pm
                       Collapse Yes, but ... gkgyver 739 9 Wed, 6:02pm
                           Collapse The main poster for BoFA Crunchable Birdses 751 8 Wed, 6:06pm
                               Collapse It's not a montage gkgyver 728 7 Wed, 6:10pm
                                   Collapse I know I'm just saying Crunchable Birdses 717 4 Wed, 6:14pm
                                       Collapse Soundtrack sample gkgyver 707 3 Wed, 6:25pm
                                           Collapse Or MatthewJer18 674 2 Wed, 6:28pm
                                               Collapse No, but ... gkgyver 664 1 Wed, 6:36pm
                                                   LOL...Right!!! // mae govannen 435 0 Thu, 1:01pm
                                   Collapse subject marillaraina 745 1 Wed, 8:19pm
                                       I fully disagree with you on everything you say here. // mae govannen 437 0 Thu, 1:03pm
                   Collapse Because it provides a nice, dramatic pose for a poster. Doesn't mean it's in the film thomasofrohan 755 1 Wed, 6:01pm
                       But doesn't mean either that it is not in the film. // mae govannen 430 0 Thu, 1:05pm
       Collapse Well the Dol Guldur details in the post further up Spriggan 685 1 Wed, 6:53pm
           Yes dubulous 597 0 Wed, 7:08pm
       Collapse Here's what Frodo just posted, detailing the entire Dol Guldur sequence (spoilers!): MatthewJer18 1079 35 Wed, 6:59pm
           Sounds good NoelGallagher 653 0 Wed, 7:03pm
           Collapse Is Galadriel suppose to be that powerful? nhui06 622 18 Wed, 7:11pm
               Sigh. I do hope the warhammer Spriggan 927 0 Wed, 7:17pm
               Collapse Changes made I believe Carne 922 3 Wed, 7:20pm
                   Could that have been replaced with the scene of him battling Sauron himself in DOS? // dubulous 882 0 Wed, 7:25pm
                   Collapse I like the described stuff NoelGallagher 871 1 Wed, 7:31pm
                       And great things already in DOS itself, vs Sauron for example.// mae govannen 425 0 Thu, 1:25pm
               Collapse Well, Hanzkaz 854 12 Wed, 7:47pm
                   Collapse I disagree Name 794 11 Wed, 8:07pm
                       I agree. AncalagontheBlack 758 0 Wed, 8:12pm
                       Collapse Jackson - Hanzkaz 743 5 Wed, 8:33pm
                           Collapse I don't think any of the characters have static "power levels" Spriggan 679 1 Wed, 8:50pm
                               Needs to be repeted hundred times probably...! // mae govannen 410 0 Thu, 1:31pm
                           Collapse Completely agree with you Name 662 2 Wed, 8:56pm
                               Collapse Interesting, so Boyens gets her way Mithfânion 672 1 Wed, 9:03pm
                                   No need to incriminate this or that person, they were a team mae govannen 406 0 Thu, 1:40pm
                       Collapse If that was the case... Eleniel 690 3 Wed, 8:47pm
                           Collapse Getting beside the point of this thread but dubulous 675 1 Wed, 8:54pm
                               Quite correct, I would say. // mae govannen 399 0 Thu, 1:45pm
                           Sure, in a way. Name 617 0 Wed, 9:06pm
           Collapse Doesn't explain Radagast's staff gkgyver 948 1 Wed, 7:18pm
               This is only what pertains to the Dol Guldur sequence... (SPOILER) mae govannen 428 0 Thu, 1:53pm
           If true sounds pretty cool to me. Elessar 913 0 Wed, 7:26pm
           Collapse Sorry if I'm oblivious here Name 927 3 Wed, 7:44pm
               Collapse It was posted in a thread that was then removed by the mods // Voronwë_the_Faithful 811 2 Wed, 8:10pm
                   Collapse Why removed? Olorin2607 486 1 Wed, 10:25pm
                       Removed because the thread was redundant with this one Voronwë_the_Faithful 855 0 Wed, 10:31pm
           Collapse This sounds excellent if true. NecromancerRising 750 3 Wed, 9:07pm
             Collapse 'If true' KeenObserver 639 1 Wed, 9:36pm
                   Yeah,we do not really have NecromancerRising 578 0 Wed, 9:48pm
               Gleefully agree...! Had the same concern there...// mae govannen 402 0 Thu, 2:01pm
           . Nerven 585 0 Wed, 9:45pm
           *Goosebumps all over* Wow!... mae govannen 470 0 Thu, 1:19pm
           Collapse Three More recycled lines from Saruman and Theoden in The Two Towers and Gothmog in Return of the King :0P... Bladerunner 100 1 Fri, 10:51pm
               Yeah, I know, right? Eleniel 59 0 8:44am
     Collapse --> Please remember to take rumors with a grain of salt Altaira 837 1 Thu, 12:46am
           At least tonight I'll go to bed happy right now, mae govannen 369 0 Thu, 3:03pm
       Collapse Where is Frodo? Danielos 739 2 Thu, 4:10am
           its being interrogated by Beorn Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 626 0 Thu, 8:37am
           LOL...! At first I was surprised as you seemed to be quoting mae govannen 425 0 Thu, 2:32pm

  Collapse Empire Magazine's January issue subscriber's cover Carne 1110 8 Fri, 4:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by Joe20)
       Collapse Great armour Shagrat 446 3 Fri, 4:15pm
           Collapse Why wouldn't we see Thorin fight in armour? Mithfânion 232 2 Fri, 7:58pm
               Collapse Dwarven Armour aragorn5391 63 1 7:12am
                   I can't see them missing out on putting that moment to screen Joe20 56 0 7:34am
       Collapse Thank you tho Avandel 422 2 Fri, 4:22pm
           Collapse As a subscriber I fear the regular cover will be more "epic" looking Carne 426 1 Fri, 4:25pm
               Here's a link to the Cineplex cover Avandel 502 0 Fri, 4:30pm
       Must have it Elessar 350 0 Fri, 5:14pm

Collapse WILL Dain have an IRONFOOT? Bombadil 735 8 Fri, 12:10am Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       That hadn't even occurred to me dave_lf 358 0 Fri, 12:24am
       peg leg Yngwulff 286 0 Fri, 3:10am
       I don't mind if this happens or not Seaber 195 0 Fri, 9:37am
       Collapse What I understood mae govannen 140 4 Fri, 3:29pm
           Collapse Bomzz Guess iz Based on... Bombadil 108 1 Fri, 4:38pm
               I will be surprised if that isn't exactly it dave_lf 83 0 Fri, 7:43pm
           Collapse Yeah, you remember correctly... Eleniel 77 1 Fri, 9:45pm
               Thanks for the kind confirmation... it's mae govannen 24 0 5:00am

  Collapse Was Gandalf the real villain of The Hobbit? Elutherian 697 1 2:15am Jump to last post in thread (by MouthofSauron)
       SPOILER ALERT MouthofSauron 379 0 3:33am

  Collapse Early BOTF Review - - SPOILERS at request! frodo284 5551 135 Wed, 1:38am Jump to last post in thread (by Merovech)
       What Faleel 2120 0 Wed, 1:40am
       Collapse Does it have a prologue? And Thrain II 2138 1 Wed, 1:44am
           Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers - - frodo284 2465 0 Wed, 1:48am
       Collapse Without going into too much detail... Joe20 2036 1 Wed, 1:44am
           Can you say how the Laketown destruction and Dol Guldur sections were? frodo284 2197 0 Wed, 1:54am
       Collapse Questions Dcole4 2009 3 Wed, 1:46am
           Collapse Questions by Dcole4 frodo284 2229 2 Wed, 1:50am
               Collapse Thank you! Dcole4 1833 1 Wed, 1:58am
                   Thank you frodo284 1919 0 Wed, 2:09am
       Collapse Questions jackster 1938 7 Wed, 1:52am
           Collapse Questions frodo284 2122 6 Wed, 2:05am
               Collapse Alfrid Faleel 1834 1 Wed, 2:07am
                   Alfred - comedy frodo284 1987 0 Wed, 2:08am
               Collapse ? jackster 1213 2 Wed, 2:12am
                   Collapse Also-last question :) jackster 1241 1 Wed, 2:15am
                       Also - Last Question frodo284 1424 0 Wed, 2:23am
             FRO284..You might want of Allow people to ask Questions through Bombadil 1209 0 Wed, 2:15am
       Collapse Any nods to the future of the remaining Dwarves? Joe20 1861 1 Wed, 1:53am
           Any nod to future Dwarves? frodo284 2086 0 Wed, 1:56am
       Collapse Can you prove you saw the film in any way? MatthewJer18 1884 8 Wed, 1:55am
           Collapse If you look at his posting history... skyofcoffeebeans 1972 6 Wed, 1:57am
               Collapse AUJ thread isn't much to go by. MatthewJer18 1783 2 Wed, 2:01am
                   Collapse AUJ thread - clarification frodo284 1436 1 Wed, 2:11am
                       Put my hand into the final scene/nod to FOTR question skyofcoffeebeans 1211 0 Wed, 2:14am
               Collapse Post deleted by tsmith675 tsmith675 1766 2 Wed, 2:01am
                   Collapse What points, specifically? MatthewJer18 1750 1 Wed, 2:02am
                       Oops tsmith675 1164 0 Wed, 2:15am
           Can you prove you saw the film in any way? frodo284 2084 0 Wed, 1:58am
       Collapse A few questions The Grey Pilgrim 1844 3 Wed, 2:01am
           Collapse A few questions frodo284 2017 2 Wed, 2:07am
               Collapse Score Faleel 1183 1 Wed, 2:13am
                   Score frodo284 1310 0 Wed, 2:15am
       Collapse Question on CGI... NateGate 1722 3 Wed, 2:11am
           Collapse Question on CGI frodo284 1384 2 Wed, 2:14am
               Collapse What do you mean? NateGate 1128 1 Wed, 2:24am
                   What do you mean? frodo284 1290 0 Wed, 2:26am
       Collapse Still a little skeptical, but can you describe the Sauron/Saruman confrontation at Dol Guldur? MatthewJer18 1195 10 Wed, 2:15am
           Collapse Still a little skeptical, but can you describe the Sauron/Saruman confrontation at Dol Guldur? frodo284 1477 9 Wed, 2:24am
               Collapse cliffhanger...? Mooseboy018 1018 8 Wed, 3:58am
                   Collapse I think... FiliSonOfDis 980 7 Wed, 4:23am
                       Collapse You are correct frodo284 1311 6 Wed, 5:58am
                           Collapse still sounds terrible Olorin2607 1066 5 Wed, 6:17am
                               Collapse Strange they'd have the final line of this scene in the trailer then :/ adt100 477 4 Wed, 4:03pm
                                   Collapse I doubt it is. Imladris18 474 3 Wed, 4:11pm
                                       Collapse I'd have thought it would be a stuntman Crunchable Birdses 449 2 Wed, 4:19pm
                                           Correct. Carne 431 0 Wed, 4:24pm
                                           Judging from the EE stuff... Imladris18 448 0 Wed, 4:24pm
       Do any of the 'lesser' dwarves get a cool moment? There&ThereAgain 1125 0 Wed, 2:21am
       Inbox your requests frodo284 1290 0 Wed, 2:27am
       Who kills... StarGodziller 1083 0 Wed, 2:55am
       Critic reaction?! MJM 1052 0 Wed, 3:01am
       About the Three Rings of Power. xxxyyy 1038 0 Wed, 3:02am
       Collapse Terrible news Danielos 1142 23 Wed, 4:18am
           Collapse What Danielos said KeenObserver 948 20 Wed, 4:34am
               Collapse but still Mooseboy018 853 19 Wed, 5:14am
                   Collapse Moreover,he said NecromancerRising 1114 16 Wed, 5:30am
                       Collapse I think we are all getting carried away here with this discussion Annatar598 1099 1 Wed, 5:34am
                           This guy/girl is pretty legit Joe20 1067 0 Wed, 6:08am
                       Collapse Moreover frodo284 1315 13 Wed, 6:01am
                           Collapse Fili xeia 1058 9 Wed, 6:04am
                               Collapse Fili & Kili frodo284 1281 8 Wed, 6:06am
                                   Collapse How was the Azog vs Thorin fight? Joe20 1054 5 Wed, 6:11am
                                       Collapse Azog vs Thorin frodo284 1241 4 Wed, 6:44am
                                           Collapse no NoelGallagher 925 3 Wed, 7:23am
                                               Collapse ... Saneliur 894 2 Wed, 7:27am
                                                   Collapse yes but NoelGallagher 883 1 Wed, 7:29am
                                                       BUT NoelGallagher 833 0 Wed, 7:54am
                                   One last question by me NecromancerRising 1010 0 Wed, 6:15am
                                   spoilers xeia 1031 0 Wed, 6:23am
                           Collapse Looks like PJ continues to mess up the scenes we want the most Mithfânion 736 1 Wed, 12:21pm
                               YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE. tsmith675 494 0 Wed, 4:18pm
                           Beorn AncalagontheBlack 660 0 Wed, 2:11pm
                   Collapse While the cut we'll get in Dec. might be 'great' . . . KeenObserver 1041 1 Wed, 6:23am
                       If this is genuine Glorfindela 754 0 Wed, 9:35am
           Collapse Same dubulous 438 1 Wed, 4:19pm
               Unless... Crunchable Birdses 431 0 Wed, 4:21pm
       Is Bilbo the main character? Peterthorn of Rohan 859 0 Wed, 4:32am
       Heroic dwarf moments? tattooed_dwarf 943 0 Wed, 6:36am
       Thranduil? stn5 802 0 Wed, 8:51am
       Collapse Aren't you violating some confidentiality clause ? Fàfnir 853 6 Wed, 9:04am
           Collapse . skyofcoffeebeans 819 3 Wed, 9:23am
             Collapse I kinda agree with Fàfnir KeenObserver 730 2 Wed, 10:11am
                   Collapse what im missing NoelGallagher 639 1 Wed, 11:10am
                       Yes, it feels to me like the guy from 4chan who just learned his lesson Fàfnir 649 0 Wed, 12:55pm
           You would think so wouldn't you! // adt100 569 0 Wed, 1:14pm
           Probably, but... Darkstone 560 0 Wed, 4:32pm
       How does Bard get out of jail? // Carne 691 0 Wed, 9:46am
       Collapse I'm inclined not to believe you Crunchable Birdses 836 35 Wed, 11:16am
           Collapse Rubbish... Arannir 864 29 Wed, 11:26am
               Collapse That's...pretty depressing if true Crunchable Birdses 808 12 Wed, 11:33am
                   Collapse Agreed. Arannir 760 7 Wed, 11:38am
                       Collapse Can't see the strength of reaction. Spriggan 750 5 Wed, 11:59am
                           Collapse To be fair though Spriggan Mithfânion 686 4 Wed, 12:24pm
                               Collapse It's the other way around... arithmancer 647 2 Wed, 12:38pm
                                   Collapse Since you ask (well sort of ask!) Spriggan 631 1 Wed, 2:23pm
                                       Orcrist/emotion arithmancer 270 0 Thu, 1:59am
                               Well, I'm very open to you offering a view on why it is important, rather than a personal comment. Spriggan 643 0 Wed, 2:13pm
                       i REALLY hope NoelGallagher 701 0 Wed, 12:07pm
                   Collapse Totally DISAGREE... adt100 604 3 Wed, 1:19pm
                       Collapse Nope Crunchable Birdses 558 2 Wed, 1:28pm
                           Collapse TBF, I thought AUJ had too much bloat, but DOS was well paced...... adt100 540 1 Wed, 1:34pm
                               Well... Crunchable Birdses 638 0 Wed, 2:15pm
               Collapse Well, that sounds uplifting macfalk 769 1 Wed, 11:33am
                   Sounds like the Kingdom of Heaven debacle Crunchable Birdses 757 0 Wed, 11:38am
               Collapse How can someone already know it's the best CGI ? Fàfnir 644 4 Wed, 12:51pm
                 you remain my hope,Fafnir! NoelGallagher 632 0 Wed, 12:53pm
                   Collapse By now... Arannir 633 2 Wed, 12:59pm
                       Collapse I am feeling pretty deflated but the source seems for real Mithfânion 661 1 Wed, 1:04pm
                           This is EXACTLY what happened with ROTK! adt100 609 0 Wed, 1:30pm
               Collapse Those are the core checkboxes I'm looking for at this point. Imladris18 715 8 Wed, 1:53pm
                   Collapse I'm sorry Elessar 688 7 Wed, 2:04pm
                       Collapse concerning Dol Guldur NoelGallagher 701 1 Wed, 2:09pm
                           I could see that Elessar 412 0 Wed, 4:28pm
                       Collapse I get that he has credibility due to AUJ... Imladris18 564 4 Wed, 3:18pm
                           Collapse I'm with you 100% Elessar 490 3 Wed, 3:50pm
                               Collapse People are calm Mithfânion 458 2 Wed, 4:05pm
                                   No tsmith675 447 0 Wed, 4:14pm
                                   Doesn't appear that way Elessar 560 0 Wed, 4:31pm
           Collapse As much as I want to agree... Shagrat 712 4 Wed, 12:31pm
               Collapse the funeral was shot... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 694 3 Wed, 12:58pm
                   Collapse Yes, the funeral has been filmed Carne 641 2 Wed, 2:49pm
                       Collapse i just hate the fact NoelGallagher 622 1 Wed, 2:53pm
                           That would be really, really bad news Glorfindela 306 0 Thu, 12:49am
       No zombie Smaug, right? macfalk 777 0 Wed, 11:19am
       Kili and Fili sueb1863 810 0 Wed, 11:29am
       Seriously everyone needs to calm down tsmith675 581 0 Wed, 3:31pm
       Collapse It sounds like you're copying the info we already know sycorax82 466 5 Wed, 4:20pm
           Collapse He provided accurate information about AUJ around this time in 2012. thomasofrohan 456 4 Wed, 4:24pm
               Collapse I've said this a few times and I'll say it again. tsmith675 677 2 Wed, 4:29pm
                   Collapse If he's truly trying to troll this board for attention... thomasofrohan 636 1 Wed, 4:35pm
                       The user on 4chan did the exact same thing tsmith675 669 0 Wed, 4:38pm
               Also... tsmith675 657 0 Wed, 4:32pm
       Collapse The most convincing reason this seems legit Bishop 435 1 Thu, 12:32am
           Unfortunately... Merovech 50 0 3:02am
       New question arithmancer 365 0 Thu, 2:00am
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