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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 142288 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 109436 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 2364 0 Oct 12, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for November 2014! cats16 555 20 Nov 13, 10:18am Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)

  Sticky: 'Tis the Season of Spoilers! (Spoiler Policy) Silverlode 1450 0 Nov 20, 3:23am Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

Collapse Sticky: ---> OFFICIAL USER REVIEW THREAD Olorin2607 7843 220 Dec 9, 7:07pm Jump to last post in thread (by arithmancer)

  Collapse Fili And Kili's death Aranarth 289 9 Sun, 11:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by CathrineB)
       We have scant details on the circumstances Spriggan 137 0 Sun, 11:42pm
       The more I think about it Glorfindela 124 0 Sun, 11:45pm
       I felt the most during Fili's death actually! painjoiker 115 0 Sun, 11:49pm
       Collapse Simple reason gkgyver 97 3 12:09am
           Collapse Exactly Ham_Sammy 24 1 15 mins ago
               Even though it's just an afterthought it still describes theirdeaths very well Azaghâl 2 0 1 min ago
           On the other hand Riven Delve 4 0 4 mins ago
       Finally! FrostyLemon 73 0 12:22am
       Actually CathrineB 2 0 1 min ago

  Collapse The 'Witch King' and his morning star or 'Azog' and his morning star.. ecthelionsbeard 357 11 Sun, 8:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by Meneldor)
       In a sense, Azog's was more metaphorical. Spriggan 211 0 Sun, 8:12pm
       Collapse Witchking.... Bladerunner 155 8 Sun, 8:55pm
           Collapse Well... ecthelionsbeard 137 7 Sun, 9:06pm
               Collapse It was when Azog stabs Thorin's foot through the ice... Bladerunner 130 6 Sun, 9:25pm
                   Collapse Oh my bad... ecthelionsbeard 94 5 Sun, 9:51pm
                       Collapse If Azog is a maiar then it would be easy peasy. Spriggan 82 1 Sun, 10:02pm
                           Nah... ecthelionsbeard 77 0 Sun, 10:06pm
                       Collapse Don't forget... DjU 61 2 Sun, 10:33pm
                           Collapse Thats an interesting thought!! ecthelionsbeard 49 1 Sun, 10:53pm
                               Truth. Meneldor 0 0 1 min ago
       Are you kidding? Faramir5 102 0 Sun, 9:45pm

  Collapse Mountain worms? Aranarth 246 12 Sun, 11:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eruonen)
       Collapse Yes, it was an unnecessary creature....a quibble point for me in Eruonen 157 1 Sun, 11:36pm
           How else could they do it? AshNazg 112 0 Sun, 11:50pm
       Reek? sharku 140 0 Sun, 11:38pm
       Collapse They are an interpretation of the were worms Spriggan 145 3 Sun, 11:38pm
           Collapse Ah, well at least there is a canonical reference. Eruonen 111 2 Sun, 11:48pm
               Collapse Worm often means dragon in M-E, but hey ho // AshNazg 71 1 12:02am
                   Based on word origin, which JRRT was certainy aware of as a linguist Eruonen 2 0 3 mins ago
       Collapse I immediately thought of Dune (Frank Herbert) and that PJ had ripped it off - and not justifiably either IMO :( // Xanaseb 116 2 Sun, 11:40pm
         Collapse Sorry... IN TRUTH? Frank Herbert read the Hobbit Bombadil 80 1 12:04am
               Cool Loresilme 39 0 53 mins ago
       Collapse I was fine with them Glorfindela 122 1 Sun, 11:43pm
           Also, even if Azog had dug under Erebor... AshNazg 87 0 Sun, 11:59pm

  Collapse **Geeky Observation List for BofFA - Give me your Observations! :) grammaboodawg 1208 65 Thu, 4:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       Collapse :D Elvanui 533 1 Thu, 5:06pm
           I love that part! grammaboodawg 485 0 Thu, 5:42pm
       Collapse Legolas lost BOTH his white knives stn5 527 3 Thu, 5:17pm
           True! grammaboodawg 478 0 Thu, 5:44pm
           the Borg... swordwhale 172 0 Fri, 12:08am
           I watched for it... grammaboodawg 130 0 Fri, 5:33pm
       also: Elarie 478 0 Thu, 5:45pm
       Collapse Jimmy Nesbitt's kids Ham_Sammy 489 7 Thu, 5:48pm
           Collapse Tilda and Sigrid are a little bit more than cameos Crunchable Birdses 384 2 Thu, 7:26pm
               Collapse Just because... DigificWriter 374 1 Thu, 7:30pm
                   that's what i said - read the post that i was replying to :) Crunchable Birdses 353 0 Thu, 7:34pm
           Collapse Jimmy Nesbitt's kids MomoftheShire 88 3 Sat, 3:43am
               Collapse Awesome! Can you tell me where they show up, please? :) // grammaboodawg 35 2 Sun, 4:16am
                   Collapse They play Bard's two daughters. Silverlode 35 1 Sun, 4:52am
                       Seriously!? :D grammaboodawg 1 0 4 mins ago
       Collapse Re #48 DisDwarfWoman 496 9 Thu, 5:50pm
           I also remember it as Bombur Elarie 449 0 Thu, 5:55pm
           Collapse Bombur // BlackFox 435 3 Thu, 5:55pm
               Collapse And IIRC... BlackFox 445 2 Thu, 5:57pm
                   Not sure... DisDwarfWoman 428 0 Thu, 6:05pm
                 Bomby theory..Bombur is their "Last line of Defense" of Erebor.. Bombadil 429 0 Thu, 6:10pm
           Collapse D'OH! You're Right! grammaboodawg 427 1 Thu, 6:32pm
               Smaug and the Master of Lake-town DigificWriter 420 0 Thu, 6:40pm
           Collapse Bombur swordwhale 152 1 Fri, 12:09am
               yep :) grammaboodawg 115 0 Fri, 5:34pm
       Bells Ham_Sammy 445 0 Thu, 6:04pm
       The return journey syameese 424 0 Thu, 6:51pm
       One very morbid observation BlackFox 455 0 Thu, 6:58pm
     I LOVE YOU Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 418 0 Thu, 7:03pm
       Collapse Another BlackFox 412 1 Thu, 7:07pm
           Despite saying porr bilbo Im glad some give a real punch to some one during the battle Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 383 0 Thu, 7:16pm
       Collapse The Arkenstone appears to be one large radiant beautiful fire opal. elf_wannabee 352 3 Thu, 7:48pm
           Collapse Not based on the book DisDwarfWoman 247 1 Thu, 8:34pm
               Bain's sword DigificWriter 247 0 Thu, 8:47pm
           Without directing stating it…. ecthelionsbeard 136 0 Fri, 1:37am
       Collapse Through all three movies Oleander Took 304 7 Thu, 7:59pm
           Collapse He was eating a banana in AUJ Crunchable Birdses 274 4 Thu, 8:19pm
               Collapse Behind the scenes? Oleander Took 243 2 Thu, 8:33pm
                   Collapse Hmmmm...i honestly don't know now, maybe it was in an extra Crunchable Birdses 225 1 Thu, 8:45pm
                       I remember seeing Oleander Took 208 0 Thu, 9:39pm
               I dont remember this? When? macfalk 154 0 Thu, 11:41pm
           Collapse can't remember if he takes a bite FrogmortonJustice65 191 1 Thu, 10:02pm
               No BlackFox 187 0 Thu, 10:04pm
       The bunny on his back caught my eye as well! joec_34 278 0 Thu, 8:13pm
       Collapse some I remember Cirashala 232 12 Thu, 10:46pm
           Collapse My goodness, Cirashala! MatthewJer18 190 1 Thu, 10:47pm
               funnily enough Cirashala 172 0 Thu, 11:39pm
           Collapse awesome.... swordwhale 159 9 Fri, 12:32am
               Collapse WOW Cirashala 147 1 Fri, 12:37am
                   hee hee heee swordwhale 136 0 Fri, 1:55pm
               Collapse aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.... swordwhale 144 1 Fri, 12:43am
                   cool, that didn't work (type pic of curb bit).... swordwhale 131 0 Fri, 12:44am
               Collapse Gandalf's horse is unlikely to be a Shire Starling 111 4 Fri, 4:13am
                   Collapse ah yes swordwhale 128 3 Fri, 1:33pm
                       Collapse The Stationbred Starling 79 2 Sat, 4:22am
                           Collapse wow swordwhale 50 1 Sat, 10:30pm
                               Not sure if anyone has noticed the wet, husky-mix-looking dog Brethil 15 0 Sun, 10:15pm
       I just posted a bunch of mine yesterday. Silverlode 182 0 Thu, 11:39pm
       After 3rd viewing Ham_Sammy 136 0 Fri, 2:48am
       A few I haven't seen in this thread: SirDennisC 135 0 Fri, 4:02am
       Fili's final words... GloryBox 178 0 Fri, 5:07am
       The jar Ham_Sammy 157 0 Fri, 5:59am
       Ah, Gramma, I have been looking forward to this list! Riven Delve 144 0 Fri, 1:27pm
       It says June 22? Lily Fairbairn 127 0 Fri, 4:14pm
       *** This is GREAT! Keep 'em coming! grammaboodawg 127 0 Fri, 5:37pm

Collapse Thranduil Appreciation Thread Part XXIX Eruvandi 349 31 Sun, 6:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eruvandi)
       Collapse To start us off: An interesting quote from PB about that bow-smashing scene Eruvandi 232 19 Sun, 7:16pm
           Collapse agreed Me85 186 7 Sun, 8:09pm
               Collapse Causing trouble Dragonrnbw 159 4 Sun, 8:38pm
                   Collapse Hey Dragonrnwb I don't think we've met VValar 138 1 Sun, 9:01pm
                       Thank you all Dragonrnbw 127 0 Sun, 9:05pm
                   Collapse no trouble here... Me85 114 1 Sun, 9:30pm
                       I would like Dragonrnbw 98 0 Sun, 10:15pm
               That's the one problem I have with Tauriel kiwifan 156 0 Sun, 8:42pm
               I doubt she thought it through at all. Pure emotion. No logic. Eruvandi 94 0 Sun, 10:26pm
           Collapse This scene becomes more and more my fave On_the_partyelk 162 2 Sun, 8:48pm
               Collapse Cool new avatar Partyelk VValar 127 1 Sun, 9:06pm
                   Sad beauty On_the_partyelk 95 0 Sun, 10:19pm
           Thranduil vs. Tauriel scene VValar 156 0 Sun, 8:50pm
           I've only managed to see BOFA once so far... vanima ephel 95 0 Sun, 10:29pm
           Collapse I find this quote much more interesting in regard to Thranduil and Legolas' relationship BlackFox 67 5 Sun, 11:15pm
               Collapse What Mother wouldn't? Dragonrnbw 60 4 Sun, 11:31pm
                   Collapse Of course BlackFox 55 3 Sun, 11:44pm
                       Collapse true Dragonrnbw 50 2 Sun, 11:51pm
                           Collapse Hehe! BlackFox 42 1 12:02am
                               just to stir the pot Dragonrnbw 37 0 12:07am
     *does quick math* number 29 it is! VValar 183 0 Sun, 8:03pm
       Collapse A responses to XXVIII Eruvandi 183 4 Sun, 8:03pm
           Collapse Pssst surprise VValar 178 3 Sun, 8:21pm
               Collapse haha Me85 161 2 Sun, 8:31pm
                   Collapse I love Dragonrnbw 152 1 Sun, 8:41pm
                       Yep, Gandalf totally caught him! Eruvandi 78 0 Sun, 10:49pm
       Collapse Oh and we're back at page 1 VValar 175 1 Sun, 8:14pm
           *runs into gorgeous elf pic* Oof! Eruvandi 79 0 Sun, 10:41pm
     Still have to thank Lurker for celebrating reaching the 6000 post in TA... VValar 145 0 Sun, 8:54pm
       clip Thranduil vs Tauriel Me85 43 0 12:00am
     I'm in Tol Eressea! Eruvandi 4 0 5 mins ago

  Collapse Where did Legolas Get it From? Girdle of Melian 450 5 Sun, 5:44pm Jump to last post in thread (by peterLF)
       One of his ancestors must have taken a fairy wife // QuackingTroll 205 0 Sun, 5:48pm
       centuries of practise mirkwoodwanderer 129 0 Sun, 7:12pm
       It was a slow-motion camera effect and nothing more DigificWriter 111 0 Sun, 8:01pm
       Maybe a radioactive grasshopper bit him // dubulous 60 0 Sun, 9:25pm
       ... peterLF 3 0 8 mins ago

  Collapse Howard Shore is brilliant. (spoilers) FrogmortonJustice65 743 12 Wed, 3:34pm Jump to last post in thread (by peterLF)
       Collapse Without Shore's Scores... priell3 359 2 Wed, 4:08pm
           just fyi for those who might not know... Magpie 271 0 Wed, 4:59pm
           fantastic review! FrogmortonJustice65 217 0 Wed, 5:10pm
       Lots of fantastic moments from Shore apu FlyingSerkis 279 0 Wed, 4:18pm
       Agree! tiamy 232 0 Wed, 4:41pm
       Collapse I haven't seen the movie but I've listened to the soundtrack one and a half times Magpie 232 3 Wed, 5:06pm
           Collapse I am pretty fanatic when it comes to the LOTR scores priell3 212 2 Wed, 5:13pm
               Collapse have you ever seen this page of my website? Magpie 185 1 Wed, 5:37pm
                   I have not priell3 173 0 Wed, 5:48pm
       Collapse The LotR scores are brilliant, the Hobbit ones? Not so much.... peterLF 149 2 Wed, 7:54pm
           Collapse I think you may Lindele 52 1 Thu, 2:48am
               puhlease peterLF 1 0 11 mins ago

  Collapse The feel of the ending Hamfast Gamgee 335 7 Sun, 10:40pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       Collapse Actually it seems to me that's exactly the feel of the book. Aragorn the Elfstone 188 3 Sun, 10:45pm
           Collapse RA (Thorin) said it Best... Bombadil 175 1 Sun, 10:57pm
               Even the Lord of the Rings Ham_Sammy 106 0 Sun, 11:22pm
           Done well Aranarth 116 0 Sun, 11:13pm
       Remember how the trilogy began hobbitylass 173 0 Sun, 10:53pm
       I think the end was very well done. Eruonen 68 0 Sun, 11:58pm
       I really love it... grammaboodawg 10 0 12 mins ago

  Collapse Jame's Kendrick (Latest review on rotten tomatoes) ecthelionsbeard 475 8 Sun, 8:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
       Collapse I sometimes don't get Kelly of Water's Edge 219 5 Sun, 9:12pm
           Collapse No.... Ham_Sammy 188 4 Sun, 9:22pm
               Collapse I don't think Kelly of Water's Edge 66 3 Sun, 11:14pm
                   Collapse I still can't wrap my head around... Aragorn the Elfstone 63 2 Sun, 11:23pm
                       Collapse Critics are elitists DigificWriter 47 1 Sun, 11:39pm
                           yes Ham_Sammy 3 0 13 mins ago
       It changed to fresh as it should be NecromancerRising 202 0 Sun, 9:21pm
       TBotFA now has a Fresh rating... DigificWriter 68 0 Sun, 11:22pm

  How much more battle footage will we see in the EE ? MouthofSauron 34 0 17 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by MouthofSauron)

  Collapse "Bilbo Baggins! You haven't aged a day!" ghost_matt 109 6 35 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by gkgyver)
       Collapse Just another example of why... Aragorn the Elfstone 87 1 33 mins ago
           Isn't that what the phrase always means? Spriggan 52 0 27 mins ago
       Why will it confuse people? Spriggan 67 0 31 mins ago
       eh deskp 56 0 27 mins ago
       or ….. MouthofSauron 35 0 19 mins ago
       Gollum gkgyver 36 0 19 mins ago

  Collapse Middle-Earth Marathon realisation gkgyver 226 10 Sun, 11:27pm Jump to last post in thread (by gkgyver)
       Collapse 6 haarp 130 2 Sun, 11:32pm
           Collapse It was rather cool gkgyver 111 1 Sun, 11:45pm
               Blimey! Glorfindela 86 0 Sun, 11:48pm
       Nice!!! Ham_Sammy 121 0 Sun, 11:32pm
     Bomby is SSOoo..Happy for you! CHEERS Gaffer!/// Bombadil 62 0 12:07am
       I still can't see these films as a chronological six film series... Aragorn the Elfstone 77 0 12:11am
       I found the Black Riders were scarier in FOTR Ataahua 70 0 12:11am
       i didn't even know these 6 movie marathons exist Me85 58 0 12:22am
       Collapse Nice! I would love to do this Loresilme 47 1 12:29am
           It was gkgyver 18 0 29 mins ago

  Thorin vs Dwalin - who would win? Kilidoescartwheels 33 0 37 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by Kilidoescartwheels)

  Collapse "They want to bury him" irasel 834 32 Sun, 6:20pm Jump to last post in thread (by lionoferebor)
       Collapse Why? Danielos 445 6 Sun, 6:30pm
           Collapse I know it's natural for them to want to bury him irasel 400 5 Sun, 6:39pm
               Collapse Mother Danielos 379 2 Sun, 6:42pm
                   Collapse Kili's Mom Aranarth 56 1 Sun, 11:25pm
                       And she didn't just lose her sons BlackFox 51 0 Sun, 11:31pm
               Collapse They may not yet have found the others. Spriggan 363 1 Sun, 6:42pm
                   Yes, I guess I can see that happening. // irasel 329 0 Sun, 6:44pm
       Collapse I thought she said "I want to bury him" LordotRings93 390 3 Sun, 6:32pm
           I recall it being "they". Spriggan 349 0 Sun, 6:39pm
           Collapse subject marillaraina 39 1 Sun, 11:49pm
               What do elves do with their dead? lionoferebor 18 0 38 mins ago
       Collapse I just assumed "they" were the dwarves Eruvandi 384 6 Sun, 6:39pm
           I like your theory! :-) Nice. irasel 337 0 Sun, 6:41pm
           Collapse Yes, I would agree... Eleniel 161 4 Sun, 8:58pm
               Collapse yep Ham_Sammy 134 3 Sun, 9:19pm
                   Collapse How is this debate? MARRY not BURY tdklimek 89 2 Sun, 10:16pm
                       Collapse Maybe it was "They want to marry him!" Roheryn 76 1 Sun, 10:44pm
                           The drawbacks of being a hot dwarf ;) // irasel 64 0 Sun, 10:48pm
       My thoughts Ham_Sammy 321 0 Sun, 6:56pm
       Collapse Elves don't Get Buried IdrilofGondolin 313 5 Sun, 7:17pm
           Collapse Elves do get buried. Spriggan 255 4 Sun, 7:48pm
               Collapse I'm not sure about that... irasel 217 3 Sun, 8:13pm
                   Collapse Just a few examples Spriggan 193 2 Sun, 8:37pm
                       “Finrod walks with Finarfin his father beneath the trees in Eldamar.” Finrod 172 0 Sun, 8:55pm
                       You're right, thanks for your reply. // irasel 60 0 Sun, 10:51pm
       Collapse I'm pretty sure she said 'I want to bury him' kiwifan 273 2 Sun, 7:21pm
           I'm almost sure she said 'They'. irasel 210 0 Sun, 8:08pm
           Nope. NecromancerRising 203 0 Sun, 8:16pm
       I got the impression Greenwood Hobbit 271 0 Sun, 7:24pm
       Elf and Dwarf cultural differences Lissuin 258 0 Sun, 7:44pm
       Collapse Does the exact wording really matter? DigificWriter 231 1 Sun, 8:12pm
           I totally agree. I just asked out of curiosity. // irasel 207 0 Sun, 8:14pm

  Collapse Just saw the film and i'm not as sad as I thought I would be... delius82 154 4 12:12am Jump to last post in thread (by Aragorn the Elfstone)
       This one is as fast as DOS. Sharkey 52 0 55 mins ago
       I didn't cry as much as I thought I would Kilidoescartwheels 53 0 55 mins ago
       Collapse The first time I watch any of these films Loresilme 47 1 47 mins ago
           My first viewings have been... Aragorn the Elfstone 36 0 39 mins ago
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