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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 137738 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 107706 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Sticky: TORn's smallish, but hopefully growing BOTFA spoiler summary Demosthenes 3124 15 Jun 23, 6:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)

  Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for October 2014! DanielLB 415 20 Oct 8, 7:32am Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 260 0 Oct 12, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

  Collapse Finally! We know why Smaug doesn't have 4 legs! Bishop 845 33 1:30am Jump to last post in thread (by Earl)
       Collapse PJ is cracked, he is. leonmuse 451 10 2:13am
           Collapse The Legend Of "Mad Jackson" Barrow-Wight 404 3 2:19am
               Littl' ol' me would RATHER WATCH Bombadil 357 0 2:29am
               Collapse THE DECEMBER - The legend comes to life Bishop 335 1 2:34am
                   The legend of PJ the Great, yes, mae govannen 245 0 4:47am
           Collapse interestingly enough, Lindele 303 1 3:08am
               Find this decisison excellent, as you do. // mae govannen 241 0 4:42am
           Collapse Speaking of this specific decision of his, I find it a good one, mae govannen 244 3 5:16am
               I agree. Elizabeth 183 0 7:11am
               Collapse My thoughts exactly BlackFox 135 1 8:53am
                   Ditto! NecromancerRising 93 0 8:54am
       Collapse Well, sometimes it's the simple things that make you realize you've gone way off Earl 377 17 2:21am
           Collapse In the cartoon Barrow-Wight 357 7 2:29am
               Collapse That is very true... Earl 334 5 2:31am
                   Collapse I'm very fond of the old 1977 Hobbit Cartoon/animation leonmuse 321 3 2:35am
                       It is cute, I'll give it that Earl 306 0 2:39am
                       Collapse ugh Lindele 281 1 3:12am
                           I didn't grow up with the cartoon QuackingTroll 37 0 1:02pm
                   New Hobbit animated feature leonmuse 310 0 2:38am
               IMAGINE yourself in Seatoun in 1996? Bombadil 301 0 2:41am
           Collapse This is true for many things Bishop 308 3 2:49am
               Collapse Thanks for putting that in context Earl 296 1 2:51am
                   The BTS Bishop 282 0 3:07am
               Probably because movement looks odd with 4 legs Scorchster 262 0 4:08am
           In full agreement with you. // mae govannen 237 0 4:39am
           Collapse Isn't Gollum described as looking like a frog QuackingTroll 58 3 11:52am
             THARzz NO Bitch'n BOUT Big Guy..... Bombadil 57 0 12:04pm
               Collapse Tolkien did not describe him, but he illustrasted Smaug Bishop 10 1 7 mins ago
                   I'd like to think that PJ saved the four-legged dragon design for Glaurung :D Earl 1 0 6 secs ago
       I think that was a great choice. tsmith675 320 0 2:41am
       Collapse PJ says more than him looking like a dog. Arannir 105 1 9:50am
           Thank you for these important additional precisions. mae govannen 40 0 12:52pm
       Finally? DjU 6 0 2 mins ago

  Collapse Total Film magazine out today - "ultimate Hobbit/LOTR edition" Avandel 1297 8 Fri, 3:47pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ataneruo)
       Will have to purchase this for the collection. Elessar 520 0 Fri, 4:04pm
       Darn PredatoR 512 0 Fri, 4:10pm
       Yes, I have this Glorfindela 441 0 Fri, 5:24pm
       Will there be a one-shot from TORn? Otaku-sempai 321 0 Fri, 7:22pm
     Collapse PS - Bummer for the U.S. fans - delayed arrival again Avandel 246 1 Fri, 9:27pm
           Same with Empire magazine here in Norway Carne 221 0 Fri, 10:15pm
       You can get it digitally... TheHutt 95 0 8:44am
       Some insights from the issue Ataneruo 7 0 13 mins ago

  Collapse The Hobbit - Animated feature film series leonmuse 458 4 3:19am Jump to last post in thread (by leonmuse)
       Collapse Interesting... Lost Hobbit 223 1 4:01am
           Although bald dwarves are apparently not canon... QuackingTroll 88 0 11:22am
       Collapse Will this be on TV shadowdog 22 1 57 mins ago
           ONLINE leonmuse 9 0 14 mins ago

Collapse Fill in the blank BlackFox 54 1 2:39pm Jump to last post in thread (by Calmandcloudless)
       fish oil and... Calmandcloudless 18 0 19 mins ago

Collapse Thranduil Appreciation Thread Part XX Lurker in the Mirk 654 101 Thu, 10:38am Jump to last post in thread (by Eruvandi)
     Collapse Whoa that went fast! VValar 319 4 Thu, 10:55am
         Collapse *THUD* Lurker in the Mirk 311 2 Thu, 11:16am
             Collapse Welcome for the piccie! Can't take my eyes off it VValar 127 1 Thu, 8:21pm
                   *phew* Good you know the exact dimensions Lurker in the Mirk 67 0 Fri, 3:05am
           Gosh LP looks great in this closeup as Thrandy in Battle ltnjmy 114 0 Thu, 9:13pm
     Collapse Fan art: Thranduil in armour Lurker in the Mirk 320 6 Thu, 11:02am
           Collapse Knew she wouldn't let us down mariel 292 1 Thu, 11:43am
             There's always more images than I can beat you to, surely Lurker in the Mirk 293 0 Thu, 11:48am
         Collapse Hey great find VValar 128 1 Thu, 8:18pm
               *Hee" stay tuned... I'm just having to find the time and the momentum to put up stuff Lurker in the Mirk 66 0 Fri, 3:07am
           Small GiF of that black-armour look and LP training Lurker in the Mirk 62 0 Fri, 4:01am
           Fan art: looking like a royal portrait work-in-progress Lurker in the Mirk 107 0 Fri, 4:32am
     Collapse BTS: Thranduil in black tunic - higher res Lurker in the Mirk 314 2 Thu, 11:47am
         Collapse Yay close ups of that beautiful black tunic VValar 95 1 Thu, 10:24pm
               You'll like this GIF set then Lurker in the Mirk 65 0 Fri, 3:14am
       Collapse Cute BTS of T&T on FB (Con't) Lurker in the Mirk 297 1 Thu, 12:21pm
           more GIFs (HTR!) Lurker in the Mirk 282 0 Thu, 12:42pm
       Collapse BTS Thranduil smiles (con't) Lurker in the Mirk 297 3 Thu, 12:25pm
         Collapse Another smiley one Lurker in the Mirk 64 2 Fri, 3:30am
             Collapse Addendum: Bigger version of this smile Lurker in the Mirk 141 1 Fri, 2:55pm
                 Aaaaawwww this right here just made my weekend VValar 118 0 Fri, 9:27pm
       BTS: T&T scene (con't) Lurker in the Mirk 287 0 Thu, 1:01pm
       Collapse Practice image mariel 292 14 Thu, 1:02pm
         Collapse *FWOAR* What a hi-res source image!!! Lurker in the Mirk 280 2 Thu, 1:04pm
               Collapse Oh good mariel 266 1 Thu, 1:08pm
                   *waves bye-bye to mariel's phot-bucket* Lurker in the Mirk 261 0 Thu, 1:20pm
           Collapse Another similar mariel 268 10 Thu, 1:40pm
             Collapse Shoe trials! Lurker in the Mirk 254 7 Thu, 1:49pm
                 Collapse Massive New Photos ...i’m dead… stn5 389 6 Thu, 2:02pm
                     *FATALLY THUDDED* Lurker in the Mirk 253 0 Thu, 2:06pm
                       I just died with you! mariel 242 0 Thu, 2:10pm
                       Eh, I made smaller images here Lurker in the Mirk 172 0 Thu, 2:19pm
                       PS: stn5, i shared the picture source in a new thread Lurker in the Mirk 164 0 Thu, 2:40pm
                     *SQUEEEEE* Those are some awesome pictures! VValar 88 0 Thu, 11:35pm
                     Fan edits Lurker in the Mirk 63 0 Fri, 3:22am
             Collapse Very cool pics mariel! VValar 88 1 Thu, 11:24pm
                   I think it's the lighting Lurker in the Mirk 65 0 Fri, 3:26am
     Collapse BTS Thranduil in red plaid Lurker in the Mirk 287 2 Thu, 1:26pm
         *snigger* Lurker in the Mirk 259 0 Thu, 1:46pm
         @Eruvandi: re goofing pic where sneaksy LP looks like doing his own theme music Lurker in the Mirk 258 0 Thu, 2:02pm
       That famed vid - GIFs Lurker in the Mirk 266 0 Thu, 1:34pm
       Collapse Sketchbook cover mariel 248 4 Thu, 2:08pm
           Nice! Lurker in the Mirk 168 0 Thu, 2:11pm
           Collapse Fan art? Elk2013 70 2 Fri, 2:41am
               Fan art book cover of fan art sketches Lurker in the Mirk 67 0 Fri, 2:51am
               Addendun: Found the art on deviantart Lurker in the Mirk 58 0 Fri, 2:38pm
       Collapse The deleted Thranduil and Legolas scene VValar 126 10 Thu, 9:38pm
           Collapse About Tauriel's 'tragic ending' VValar 99 1 Thu, 11:47pm
               Actually, i have no idea where this will go Lurker in the Mirk 73 0 Fri, 3:00am
           Collapse Can we talk about it? =) Lurker in the Mirk 76 4 Fri, 2:53am
               Collapse Re your "little rant" mariel 74 1 Fri, 1:09pm
                   Right you are! Lurker in the Mirk 63 0 Fri, 2:31pm
             Collapse RE Can we talk about it? =) VValar 109 1 Fri, 10:42pm
                   hmm... ... I thought I did mention it but Lurker in the Mirk 45 0 9:01am
           GIF set Lurker in the Mirk 66 0 Fri, 3:57am
         Collapse Fan art, and musings Lurker in the Mirk 140 1 Fri, 2:51pm
               It's such a shame VValar 115 0 Fri, 9:37pm
     Collapse DOS EE BTS: Concept and Design of Thranduil's throne [spoiler-free] Lurker in the Mirk 77 4 Fri, 2:43am
         Collapse GIFs of Thranduil on and around the throne Lurker in the Mirk 109 1 Fri, 5:22am
             THUD, that left gif VValar 102 0 Fri, 10:52pm
           3 more GiF sets... but severe warning re stay away if you want image of Thranduil the forever elegant beauty intact Lurker in the Mirk 106 0 Fri, 5:29am
           *Squee!* those last two photos are to die for VValar 108 0 Fri, 10:00pm
       New BotFA poster... not feeling it (con't) Lurker in the Mirk 69 0 Fri, 3:42am
       Collapse BTS White Armour images (con't) - more fan art Lurker in the Mirk 118 4 Fri, 4:15am
           Collapse Hmm mariel 78 2 Fri, 12:33pm
             Yeah Lurker in the Mirk 58 0 Fri, 2:24pm
               The crown looks like a concept as well VValar 93 0 Fri, 11:13pm
           Fan addition to his white outfit VValar 101 0 Fri, 10:49pm
       BTS - that antler crown + fan creations (con't) Lurker in the Mirk 111 0 Fri, 4:28am
       Collapse BTS - orc interrogation scene Lurker in the Mirk 112 1 Fri, 4:38am
           another set of stills Lurker in the Mirk 105 0 Fri, 5:12am
       Collapse BTS - wardrobe and wardrobe issues Lurker in the Mirk 111 6 Fri, 4:58am
           Collapse Battle Map stn5 107 3 Fri, 5:09am
               Thanks, stn5! And 1 suggestion about posting... if you don't mind Lurker in the Mirk 103 0 Fri, 5:16am
               Collapse There aren't a whole lot of Elves in comparison to the other races looking at this pic VValar 111 1 Fri, 10:07pm
                   [spoiler] I'd say Lurker in the Mirk 53 0 8:30am
           More GIFs and stills Lurker in the Mirk 106 0 Fri, 5:10am
           Various GIFs of wardrobe, including cloak throwndowns Lurker in the Mirk 107 0 Fri, 5:41am
       Collapse The first deleted scene: More images/GIFs, and thoughts Lurker in the Mirk 113 1 Fri, 5:55am
           Yeah that's right Dwalin, you annoy His Kingship to no end VValar 103 0 Fri, 11:01pm
       Collapse DOS EE random snerkles Lurker in the Mirk 109 2 Fri, 6:00am
           Collapse Ha ha mariel 74 1 Fri, 12:36pm
               heheh Lurker in the Mirk 58 0 Fri, 2:25pm
     BTS other stuff - appreciation for mirkwood elves and LOL on other random characters =P Lurker in the Mirk 110 0 Fri, 6:04am
     Collapse A DoS EE disappointment comment on tumblr [spoilerish] Lurker in the Mirk 118 1 Fri, 6:10am
           Oh dear mariel 77 0 Fri, 12:38pm
     Collapse Article: Did Tolkien Elves Rest their Minds by Thinking of Beautiful Things? Lurker in the Mirk 71 2 Fri, 2:42pm
           Interesting article! VValar 99 0 Fri, 11:03pm
           Frustratingly mariel 20 0 1:05pm
       Btw just look at these cute earrings VValar 122 0 Fri, 9:30pm
     Now we're on the armor subject VValar 94 0 Fri, 11:30pm
       Collapse HR Thranduil piccies VValar 102 1 Fri, 11:31pm
           Drat mariel 17 0 1:11pm
       Thranduil reads VValar 66 0 8:06am
     Collapse Fan art (HTR!) Lurker in the Mirk 59 1 8:52am
           Thanks mariel 20 0 1:09pm
     Collapse Info from Total Film stn5 63 1 8:54am
           Oh... yeah... Lurker in the Mirk 48 0 9:08am
     Collapse [potential BotFA spoiler] PH quote about Thranduil/LP and thoughts Lurker in the Mirk 68 1 9:03am
           Hmm mariel 22 0 1:27pm
       Playing catch up Eruvandi 4 0 28 mins ago

  Collapse Hoping the Elves will be kept at a minimum Scourge of the Stoors 862 18 Fri, 2:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by NecromancerRising)
       Not minimum Arannir 421 0 Fri, 3:54pm
       Collapse Maybe Thorin won't look too bad. joec_34 341 1 Fri, 5:12pm
           Thorin never "looks bad" Avandel 285 0 Fri, 6:20pm
       I think Glorfindela 320 0 Fri, 5:23pm
       No, I don't agree at all dormouse 321 0 Fri, 5:58pm
       Collapse I hope to see a great deal of Elves Riven Delve 298 2 Fri, 6:20pm
           More dwarves! more dwarves! *grins* Avandel 262 0 Fri, 6:44pm
           Yeah, depends on the elves for me dubulous 216 0 Fri, 8:14pm
       Completely Agree! MorgolKing 249 0 Fri, 7:00pm
       Collapse I disagree too. NecromancerRising 214 1 Fri, 8:17pm
           Seconding you on all points...// mae govannen 82 0 7:23am
       Collapse Whether we want it or not, I’d be very surprised if we don’t see quite a bit more of the Mirkwood Elves in TBOTFA Noria 221 4 Fri, 8:17pm
           Me too!... *grins* // mae govannen 82 0 7:26am
           Collapse I would really love NecromancerRising 77 2 8:15am
               Collapse I get it Noria 29 1 1:28pm
                   Oh i enjoyed his excellent choreography NecromancerRising 23 0 1:47pm
       I'm hoping the dwarves don't get knocked off of their feet so easily while fighting Orcs.... Bladerunner 145 0 Fri, 11:43pm
       I don't necessarily agree Scorchster 59 0 11:35am

  Collapse the willhem scream haarp 1152 64 Thu, 6:03pm Jump to last post in thread (by Noria)
       Collapse we have that topic on the second page, right ? NoelGallagher 582 5 Thu, 6:04pm
           Collapse 7 haarp 576 3 Thu, 6:11pm
             why ? because its in fact, a forum NoelGallagher 543 0 Thu, 6:13pm
               That's my main gripe with tORn as well // Bofur01 512 0 Thu, 6:15pm
               There is a way to alleviate that. Faleel 527 0 Thu, 6:20pm
           it's fine to bring up topics again Altaira 322 0 Thu, 10:26pm
       Spoiler alert. tsmith675 559 0 Thu, 6:14pm
       Collapse Honestly, I didn't think the scream was that bad... Elutherian 512 41 Thu, 7:30pm
           Collapse Exactly. Olorin2607 469 26 Thu, 7:47pm
               I absolutely hate it Bishop 447 0 Thu, 8:16pm
               Collapse Youtube link! leonmuse 437 24 Thu, 8:18pm
                   Collapse SPOILER! Olorin2607 436 23 Thu, 8:27pm
                       Collapse Thank you, Nagini6! leonmuse 352 22 Thu, 9:38pm
                           Collapse Bad joke, yes exactly Bishop 316 21 Thu, 10:57pm
                               Collapse I shouldn't think so. Spriggan 304 20 Thu, 11:03pm
                                   Collapse I agree Bishop 281 17 Thu, 11:41pm
                                       Collapse I don't know about ubiquitous Spriggan 278 16 Thu, 11:54pm
                                           Collapse From wikipedia: Bishop 278 10 Fri, 12:17am
                                               Collapse Oh yes certainly used a lot Spriggan 261 9 Fri, 12:29am
                                                   Collapse Right Bishop 255 8 Fri, 12:39am
                                                       Collapse Is it a joke at all? Spriggan 251 7 Fri, 12:48am
                                                           Collapse It's funny... Bishop 253 6 Fri, 12:59am
                                                               Collapse Plus Faleel 249 4 Fri, 1:07am
                                                                   Collapse That's why...Christopher Tolkien can't be blamed... leonmuse 281 3 Fri, 3:01am
                                                                       Collapse I doubt that he would mae govannen 197 2 Fri, 9:45am
                                                                           Collapse People on several movie boards certainly slaughter PJ's decision... Arannir 199 1 Fri, 9:48am
                                                                               Funnily enough I was thinking about this last night Spriggan 180 0 Fri, 10:27am
                                                               It's that part I'm not sure about Spriggan 227 0 Fri, 6:07am
                                           Collapse I'm having a hard time... Aragorn the Elfstone 248 4 Fri, 5:21am
                                               Collapse I think that may be a question of salience. Spriggan 228 2 Fri, 6:11am
                                                   Collapse In fairness... Aragorn the Elfstone 231 1 Fri, 6:24am
                                                       Yes, it's tricky to get a handle on from the outside Spriggan 172 0 Fri, 10:07am
                                               Dante's Peak Shagrat 197 0 Fri, 8:54am
                                   Collapse "inherently amusing about the sound effect itself" painjoiker 131 1 Fri, 12:48pm
                                       I can honestly say not Spriggan 122 0 Fri, 1:12pm
           I wasn't and i did not notice NecromancerRising 411 0 Thu, 8:27pm
           Collapse I HONESTLY don't think most of the 'general public' have a clue about the WIlhelm Scream... adt100 156 12 Fri, 12:08pm
               Collapse I agree... but... Arannir 150 1 Fri, 12:12pm
                   I guess, but let's not forget this is The Hobbit, not Schindler's List... adt100 144 0 Fri, 12:17pm
               Collapse Right, so then why do it for that moment? Bishop 107 9 Fri, 2:22pm
                   Collapse We can only guess. Spriggan 83 8 Fri, 4:05pm
                       Collapse It's not "Haha" funny (THORIN SPOILER IN POST) Bishop 167 7 Fri, 5:02pm
                           Collapse Well I would say the carrot cameo Spriggan 159 6 Fri, 5:15pm
                               Collapse This is the beauty of different viewer experience Bishop 154 4 Fri, 5:22pm
                                   Collapse Well not the same as your example, certainly Spriggan 152 2 Fri, 5:36pm
                                       Collapse Boy I couldn't disagree more! :) Bishop 143 1 Fri, 5:46pm
                                           For me, it's experiencing films on different levels. Spriggan 137 0 Fri, 6:08pm
                                   The Faleel 125 0 Fri, 6:36pm
                               PJ has a cameo in AUJ too. leonmuse 142 0 Fri, 5:51pm
       Collapse The thing is... jf300 248 3 Fri, 5:46am
           Collapse Thrain's death Mooseboy018 239 1 Fri, 6:37am
               It reminds me of Haldir's death: mae govannen 207 0 Fri, 9:31am
           (Spoiler) I agree! leonmuse 90 0 Fri, 3:58pm
       I honestly don't see the problem with it. DanielLB 233 0 Fri, 6:43am
       Let them slaughter... We don't need to. mae govannen 186 0 Fri, 10:12am
     Collapse There must be something wrong with me then BlackFox 159 8 Fri, 12:18pm
           Nothing wrong Voronwë_the_Faithful 141 0 Fri, 12:48pm
           Collapse Something wrong with me (or not) then too. Noria 110 6 Fri, 8:29pm
               Collapse huh? Bishop 79 5 Fri, 11:22pm
                   Collapse I think Faleel 75 3 Fri, 11:31pm
                       Yeah, you're probably right. Bishop 65 0 Fri, 11:54pm
                       Collapse I think it would be wise... jtarkey 38 1 10:22am
                           I do not think anyone ever doubted NecromancerRising 21 0 10:54am
                   The scream Noria 9 0 1:22pm

  Collapse MANY assorted character and BTS images in good resolution [potentially spoilery] Lurker in the Mirk 1028 28 Thu, 2:39pm Jump to last post in thread (by Elessar)
       Collapse Some "confirmations" Arannir 499 2 Thu, 2:50pm
           And Gandalf with Radagast's staff in one picture? Spriggan 411 0 Thu, 3:14pm
           Of course they do! Kilidoescartwheels 284 0 Thu, 5:09pm
       Collapse Some awesome pics there! adt100 471 3 Thu, 2:52pm
         Collapse Yeah, so awesome duplicate threads are sprouting // Lurker in the Mirk 336 2 Thu, 3:57pm
               Collapse I did say thank you tho Avandel 194 1 Thu, 9:45pm
                   Yes, thank stn5 for sharing // Lurker in the Mirk 143 0 Fri, 2:26am
       Collapse Thranduil's battle armor is amazing (pic inside) MatthewJer18 360 2 Thu, 4:05pm
         Thranduil is amazing, period! But did anyone notice... Lurker in the Mirk 153 0 Fri, 2:22am
           Addendum: Interesting, on the TORn homepage feature of the images Lurker in the Mirk 25 0 8:28am
       Collapse The power of the three dubulous 354 11 Thu, 4:19pm
         Collapse So does... Lurker in the Mirk 150 9 Fri, 2:24am
               Collapse Galadriel was known for her athletic prowess too. mae govannen 97 8 Fri, 2:27pm
                 How nice! A lovely pic of Galadriel just appeared mae govannen 88 0 Fri, 2:35pm
                 Collapse Yeah, I know Lurker in the Mirk 89 6 Fri, 2:35pm
                       Collapse Why be sarcastic? mae govannen 80 5 Fri, 3:01pm
                           Collapse Clearly the smiley is insufficient indication Lurker in the Mirk 74 4 Fri, 3:10pm
                               Collapse So sorry then to have misinterpreted it! mae govannen 40 3 3:45am
                                   Collapse Wow, what a dollop of beyond-dry skin-flaking dessicant accompaniment in your reply Lurker in the Mirk 26 2 8:27am
                                       Oh my, no, not at all, what an awful misunderstanding, mae govannen 16 0 12:03pm
                                       I re-read my previous answer, mae govannen 14 0 12:23pm
           Excellent question!!! I hope mae govannen 95 0 Fri, 2:13pm
     Collapse Noticed the quotes for images of Tauriel vs Kili Lurker in the Mirk 106 2 Fri, 1:55pm
           Collapse One is John Howe's point of view, isn't it? mae govannen 83 1 Fri, 2:40pm
               Just pointing to the authors of the image source Lurker in the Mirk 80 0 Fri, 2:44pm
       Collapse Very nice! Elessar 72 2 Fri, 3:35pm
           Collapse Getting quietly excited myself Lurker in the Mirk 26 1 8:13am
               I hear ya. :) Elessar 9 0 1:17pm

  Collapse What was the original Thrain-subplot, and why was it changed? MTT Gandalf 246 4 12:39pm Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       Collapse Not sure it changed... QuackingTroll 134 2 12:43pm
           Maybe... MTT Gandalf 121 0 12:49pm
           I think the idea it was planned as a flashback is unlikely. Spriggan 95 0 1:12pm
       One would imagine it was just fleshed out somewhat. Spriggan 100 0 1:07pm

  Collapse The Battle's Climax - SPOILER Arannir 1370 39 Fri, 11:53am Jump to last post in thread (by Elessar)
       Collapse Dwarf Kings together Mithfânion 623 2 Fri, 12:11pm
           Collapse There can be a climax between the two. Arannir 599 1 Fri, 12:14pm
               This is exactly how I think it should be done, too. Boromir Stark 532 0 Fri, 12:30pm
       Collapse I'm still wondering... Shagrat 572 2 Fri, 12:17pm
           Collapse I'd love a showdown between Bolg and Beorn in man-form first, wielding his giant axe. Boromir Stark 531 1 Fri, 12:32pm
               fit of anger schadowfax 491 0 Fri, 12:46pm
       Collapse Personally, I'm expecting Thorin to down Azog Kendalf 597 30 Fri, 12:19pm
           I hope you are wrong... Arannir 556 0 Fri, 12:20pm
           Collapse Popcorn Movie? Elessar 515 28 Fri, 12:58pm
               Collapse Insulting? Kendalf 478 4 Fri, 1:12pm
                   Collapse When I think of popcorn movies Elessar 389 1 Fri, 2:48pm
                       Agree with you...// mae govannen 101 0 4:11am
                   Collapse I wouldn't call "popcorn-movie" one that mae govannen 101 1 4:16am
                       For me, "popcorn movie" is no insult Kendalf 104 0 7:11am
             Collapse Beornzz TRANSFORMATION needs to seen.. Bombadil 485 1 Fri, 1:14pm
                   Beorn Elessar 381 0 Fri, 2:49pm
               Collapse I think it's the chance to end it in an almost Shakespearean way (BOOK SPOILERS) Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 323 14 Fri, 5:11pm
                   Collapse Well said Elessar 286 1 Fri, 5:33pm
                       Beorn man form Mithfânion 193 0 Fri, 9:46pm
                   Collapse Shakespeare and Jackson's "Hobbit" shouldn't appear the same sentence, I'm afraid Kendalf 148 11 12:18am
                       Collapse You know what they say Elessar 104 4 4:20am
                           Collapse I thought that's what forums were for? Kendalf 106 1 7:23am
                               They are for discussing Elessar 17 0 1:06pm
                           Collapse You missed the last bit ... DanielLB 88 1 8:08am
                               LOL Elessar 14 0 1:08pm
                       Collapse No reason not to have them in the sane sentence. Spriggan 96 3 7:46am
                           Collapse Phew Kendalf 90 1 7:56am
                               Guys I had no idea it's forbidden to use the term "almost Shakespearean" as a reference but... Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 55 0 9:10am
                           Exactly Spriggan. NecromancerRising 76 0 8:11am
                       Oh my... NecromancerRising 86 0 8:01am
                       Others have said it... Arannir 44 0 9:57am
               Collapse Wouldn't use this term for them either. // mae govannen 104 1 4:19am
                   Agreed Elessar 101 0 4:22am
               Collapse Would also not call these movies that way. // mae govannen 119 3 4:31am
                 Collapse My comment above keeps being posted in the wrong place!!! mae govannen 121 2 4:34am
                       Collapse It's all good :) Elessar 121 1 4:55am
                           You're right... LOL...// mae govannen 114 0 5:21am
       Collapse I don't see much of an issue. Spriggan 493 1 Fri, 1:20pm
           That is how different one can see such things :) Arannir 408 0 Fri, 2:29pm

  Collapse Why Thrain was brought to Dol Guldur and tortured? xxxyyy 526 14 1:51am Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       Stuff Yngwulff 308 0 3:09am
       Good question Shagrat 171 0 8:32am
       Collapse Well the EE implies heavily Spriggan 184 2 8:40am
           Collapse So... Shagrat 145 1 8:56am
               It's very plausible in the texts too Spriggan 139 0 9:02am
       Collapse I'm not sure he was kept and tortured... QuackingTroll 101 7 10:52am
           Collapse Well, the book also says he was tortured. Spriggan 91 4 10:59am
               Collapse But the film there's no mention of it... QuackingTroll 91 3 11:04am
                   Collapse Well Thrain says Spriggan 79 2 11:14am
                       Collapse Oh okay. My bad... QuackingTroll 73 1 11:17am
                           No worries. Spriggan 30 0 1:04pm
           Collapse I like this theory Shagrat 84 1 11:07am
               We may see more of him... QuackingTroll 81 0 11:11am
       The location of the map and the key // Fŕfnir 64 0 11:28am

  Collapse BOT5A...the fate of Daisy the Warg??? NateGate 420 3 Fri, 9:55pm Jump to last post in thread (by DanielLB)
       Manu Bennett TheHutt 84 0 8:43am
       Collapse Let animals be animals, please! Danielos 77 1 9:01am
           Wargs aren't ordinary animals, at least not in the book. DanielLB 66 0 9:37am

Let's watch and comment both extended editions all together! werewormses 196 0 9:08am Jump to last post in thread (by werewormses)

Collapse Magestic Thorin Appreciation Thread NateGate 548 28 Wed, 4:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       I hear you! Azaghâl 274 0 Wed, 4:47pm
       Collapse Thorin Appreciation threads Kilidoescartwheels 256 3 Wed, 5:34pm
           Collapse Thank you. Glorfindela 240 2 Wed, 5:44pm
               Collapse It's a selfie Kilidoescartwheels 202 1 Wed, 7:04pm
                   I don't care those eyes are like sapphires backlit by the GLOW of STARS Avandel 191 0 Wed, 7:32pm
       Collapse For Thorin fans mariel 230 1 Wed, 6:35pm
           THANKS! "squeee!" Kilidoescartwheels 202 0 Wed, 7:08pm
       Collapse LOL NateGate you have ESP Avandel 202 2 Wed, 7:30pm
           Collapse quicky 'shop new poster Avandel 173 1 Wed, 8:51pm
               I was seriously considering starting a new one myself... Queen of Erebor 148 0 Wed, 10:41pm
       Loving Thorin! delius82 133 0 Thu, 1:55am
       Collapse All hail the king! Kim 137 1 Thu, 2:11am
         Love that picture Avandel 117 0 Thu, 3:52am
     Collapse Congratulations on making an appreciation thread Lurker in the Mirk 124 2 Thu, 4:19am
           Collapse Evil Avandel 71 1 Fri, 12:40am
             Evil indeed. Misrepresentation Lurker in the Mirk 10 0 8:47am
       Collapse It's high time one of these happened again! Arveldis 121 7 Thu, 5:09am
           Collapse Excellent selection Arveldis! Kim 122 2 Thu, 5:35am
             Lost indeed! Avandel 62 0 Fri, 12:50am
               Why, thank you! Arveldis 52 0 Fri, 3:17am
         Collapse Well tho Arveldis Avandel 64 3 Fri, 1:05am
               Collapse All right, I concede. Arveldis 59 2 Fri, 3:31am
                 I never forget Fili (or Kili) Avandel 50 0 Fri, 4:54am
                   I never go for blondes... Queen of Erebor 34 0 Fri, 10:20pm
     More appreciation Avandel 71 0 Fri, 12:38am
       And more art - just because.... Avandel 36 0 Fri, 10:20pm
       Collapse For your consideration VValar 33 1 Fri, 11:18pm
         OMG Thank You! I needed a good file of that image! Avandel 20 0 5:25am

  Collapse Entertainment Weekly posts concept art (?) of the BOTFA Battle (Spoilers) Buchanicus 1791 37 Thu, 11:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by DanielLB)
       Collapse Done and thank you Avandel 973 1 Thu, 11:24pm
           Not sure how I feel about the trolls... QuackingTroll 766 0 Thu, 11:57pm
       Collapse eagles Faleel 851 18 Thu, 11:33pm
           Collapse *slow clap* QuackingTroll 801 14 Thu, 11:49pm
               Collapse Wha? Faleel 764 13 Thu, 11:50pm
                   Collapse PJ openly admitted he's aware of a gaping plot-hole in the series QuackingTroll 764 12 Fri, 12:02am
                       You're reading way too much into it MatthewJer18 685 0 Fri, 12:04am
                       Collapse He doesn't say it's a plot hole does he? Spriggan 670 7 Fri, 12:05am
                           Collapse ...yes QuackingTroll 656 6 Fri, 12:06am
                               Well I think that is clearly a joke! Spriggan 645 0 Fri, 12:10am
                               Collapse That's not a plot hole, that's a fact. tsmith675 639 3 Fri, 12:22am
                                   Exactly dubulous 318 0 Fri, 7:48am
                                   Collapse Not a plot hole eh? MouthofSauron 66 1 12:43am
                                       So Faleel 61 0 12:44am
                               It's not a plot hole There&ThereAgain 571 0 Fri, 1:04am
                       Collapse I think it's more an acknowledgement of others' *perceptions* that there is a plot hole. Silverlode 576 2 Fri, 1:02am
                           Collapse The Eagles Elessar 492 1 Fri, 2:40am
                               Also, the eagles were probably pretty sure the men wouldn't be aiming at them during the battle... Earl 472 0 Fri, 3:02am
           Collapse Good to hear that, PJ! xxxyyy 696 2 Thu, 11:58pm
               Collapse The possibility that Smaug is still there and alive? tsmith675 648 1 Fri, 12:24am
                   I don't think so... xxxyyy 572 0 Fri, 1:04am
       Collapse Nice read Skaan 765 6 Thu, 11:35pm
           Collapse I got that too Shagrat 309 5 Fri, 8:16am
               Collapse Sounds horrible… Glorfindela 247 4 Fri, 12:18pm
                   Collapse I see your point of course Shagrat 218 3 Fri, 12:38pm
                       Collapse Battle Plan Arannir 223 2 Fri, 12:42pm
                           Collapse Smaug Mithfânion 104 1 Fri, 9:43pm
                               No we didn't MouthofSauron 61 0 12:44am
       YAY! This means 45 minutes of Shore's battle music B-) Earl 639 0 Fri, 12:55am
       Cool! Thanks for sharing Lurker in the Mirk 503 0 Fri, 2:37am
       Collapse Gahh redgiraffe 469 4 Fri, 4:37am
           Will we get the crown? There&ThereAgain 409 0 Fri, 5:46am
           Yay!! NecromancerRising 398 0 Fri, 5:49am
           Collapse Gwaihir was CGI rendered in the LoTR already so.. Mithfânion 270 1 Fri, 12:09pm
               What it vaguely implies to me... QuackingTroll 61 0 1:03am
       Good. Arannir 351 0 Fri, 7:44am
       I'm guessing the numbers (17,18,19) refer to ... DanielLB 33 0 8:43am
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