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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 143432 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 109643 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 2914 0 Oct 12, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

Collapse Sticky: ---> OFFICIAL USER REVIEW THREAD Olorin2607 8583 244 Dec 9, 7:07pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)

  Collapse Sticky: Help us Thank the entire cast & crew of 'All Six Middle-earth Films' News from Bree 175 3 Tue, 4:27am Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

  Collapse According to PJ, "There is a reason for the raised hand of Saruman" irasel 867 22 1:43pm Jump to last post in thread (by Curunir The White)
       I think a source would be useful! Spriggan 448 0 1:53pm
       What? Name 444 0 1:56pm
       Collapse Make sense! Simon 438 1 2:04pm
           . Nerven 364 0 2:49pm
       Collapse I find it hard to believe that Saruman could already be plotting against the White Council BlackFox 366 11 3:03pm
           Collapse i actually thought NoelGallagher 353 5 3:14pm
               Collapse But to have him hinder Galadriel just a few moments after he learns of Sauron's return... BlackFox 342 4 3:21pm
                   Collapse true Foxy NoelGallagher 322 1 3:25pm
                       Exactly BlackFox 309 0 3:28pm
                   Collapse What if he hadn't just learned it? Eruvandi 203 1 5:46pm
                       I have thought of this too BlackFox 192 0 6:02pm
           Collapse I loved the line "Leave Sauron to me" because of its different possible interpretations Elarie 307 4 3:41pm
               Collapse Me too BlackFox 273 3 4:13pm
                   Collapse I wouldn't worry too much... Snowghost77 216 2 5:34pm
                       Collapse I was just surprised to read about such a possibility BlackFox 196 1 5:54pm
                           I know, im with you... Snowghost77 152 0 6:56pm
       Collapse Why is this idea so implausible to some people? DigificWriter 278 1 4:28pm
           It is not Saruman's character that is the source of my skepticism BlackFox 225 0 5:44pm
       Actually it is impossible because.. erdildeniz 147 0 7:27pm
       Except that.... Osskil 87 0 8:26pm
       Alas, I have read this post... Ceres_the_Dwarf_(planet) 86 0 8:37pm
       Hmm Curunir The White 10 0 17 mins ago

  So where does the Morgul dagger storyline go? Annatar598 22 0 21 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by Annatar598)

  Collapse Post your EE wishlist here! KingTurgon 995 41 Wed, 8:13pm Jump to last post in thread (by DeadRabbits)
       Collapse What I really-really want... BlackFox 592 3 Wed, 8:31pm
           Collapse Wow Thrain II 519 2 Wed, 8:35pm
             Collapse Well... BlackFox 479 1 Wed, 8:38pm
                 Indeed! Thrain II 446 0 Wed, 8:50pm
       For me Thrain II 512 0 Wed, 8:34pm
       Mine: NecromancerRising 479 0 Wed, 8:49pm
       I'll give it a try, borrowing some of yours MechaGodzilla 471 0 Wed, 8:49pm
       Collapse Above all, the funeral scene Elarie 441 1 Wed, 9:03pm
           The general audience wouldn't care about the funeral, mae govannen 172 0 7:32am
       Collapse Similar to others.... Avandel 463 13 Wed, 9:08pm
           Collapse Noooo. NecromancerRising 436 1 Wed, 9:10pm
               LOL yessss *grins*...my Alfrid! Avandel 422 0 Wed, 9:19pm
           Collapse This is pretty much my list as well... Queen of Erebor 402 1 Wed, 9:34pm
             I'm not big on the funeral scene either Avandel 318 0 Wed, 10:58pm
           Collapse But confused about the rallying. Isn't that already in? Spriggan 378 8 Wed, 9:47pm
               And let's not forget... BlackFox 366 0 Wed, 9:55pm
               Collapse No, but gaawwgh, I can't find this image... Avandel 352 6 Wed, 10:29pm
                   Collapse this image? Kim 280 1 12:56am
                     That's the one! Many thanks Kim! Avandel 79 0 3:22pm
                 Collapse LOL, you managed to make me laugh about Thorin!!! mae govannen 157 1 7:48am
                     Well, after watching the Mountain King walk through a dooway in AUJ Avandel 72 0 3:48pm
                   Collapse That line is in the movie, though. Silverlode 137 1 9:59am
                     LOL - that's what I get for ASSUMING based on one picture Avandel 69 0 3:51pm
       More CathrineB 416 0 Wed, 9:33pm
       Collapse one thing nymmerod 376 1 Wed, 9:57pm
           Exactly! Also, more about the Three, please! xxxyyy 74 0 3:39pm
       Collapse Let's see... Sharkey 353 1 Wed, 10:26pm
           party tree Mooseboy018 186 0 3:37am
       more mirkwoodwanderer 310 0 Wed, 11:16pm
       Collapse More... Riven Delve 299 1 12:08am
           I'm with you on that list of yours... mae govannen 150 0 8:53am
       My list BalrogTrainer 241 0 2:34am
       Collapse Mine: Glorfindela 251 4 2:48am
           Collapse Why are so many... BalrogTrainer 218 3 3:14am
               Collapse Because Glorfindela 201 1 3:22am
                 "Youzz GroovyGuys&Gals" R..Jus'.. Great! Bombadil 181 0 5:43am
               Alright, here it goes: DeadRabbits 6 0 23 mins ago
       ... Salmacis81 116 0 12:54pm
       Collapse Okay... Otaku-sempai 85 1 3:36pm
           Balin should say something (just a line would suffice) about retaking Moria (now that Azog is dead) at Thorin's funeral or Dain's coronation // xxxyyy 60 0 4:27pm
       My take on why the funeral scene was cut sycorax82 43 0 6:30pm

  Collapse A slight shake of the head lionoferebor 837 12 Wed, 5:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by Elanor of Rohan)
       Collapse Make me cry... Angharad73 364 4 Wed, 6:00pm
           Collapse Sorry... lionoferebor 318 3 Wed, 6:32pm
               Collapse That's exactly it Angharad73 291 2 Wed, 6:43pm
                   Collapse Was starting to cry as well... mae govannen 86 1 7:17am
                       En fait... Angharad73 65 0 9:50am
       Collapse I like both of these interpretations Kim 298 2 Wed, 6:31pm
           Collapse That makes sense too lionoferebor 283 1 Wed, 6:37pm
               Yeah, there's a lot running through his mind Kim 269 0 Wed, 6:54pm
       I took it Ham_Sammy 178 0 Wed, 10:02pm
       A multi-layered "no" Elizabeth 179 0 Wed, 10:37pm
       oh gosh Cirashala 156 0 Wed, 11:34pm
       Replying late Elanor of Rohan 12 0 27 mins ago

  Collapse Beorn deleted Aranarth 1232 27 Wed, 3:40pm Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       Collapse I just hope Glorfindela 644 1 Wed, 3:49pm
           He will be .. don't worry.. mirkwoodwanderer 590 0 Wed, 4:04pm
       Collapse IMO much could have been different Avandel 521 1 Wed, 4:27pm
           What amazes me Glorfindela 476 0 Wed, 4:45pm
       Collapse Beorn v. Trolls MorgolKing 514 1 Wed, 4:35pm
           This is one of the things I was hoping for too. Boromir Stark 401 0 Wed, 5:37pm
       Collapse I'd like to hear the reasoning behind this KingTurgon 487 16 Wed, 4:49pm
           Collapse Putting aside the odd Boyens bit, why not flip the question? Spriggan 441 15 Wed, 5:41pm
               Good way to look at it MedwedtoBeorn 378 0 Wed, 5:54pm
               Collapse Would have justified his introduction in DOS... Eurolock 260 2 Wed, 10:03pm
                   Collapse That's a bit circular. Spriggan 216 1 Wed, 11:44pm
                       Agree....but... Eurolock 168 0 2:04am
               Collapse Well, those are three really good reasons. Elizabeth 237 2 Wed, 11:09pm
                   Why would it offer a broader range of allies? Spriggan 209 0 Wed, 11:48pm
                   but for those who didn't see the EE Cirashala 204 0 12:28am
               Collapse Beorn's function... Bladerunner 121 5 8:11am
                   Collapse Great to hear about your reading of him. Spriggan 72 2 10:47am
                       Collapse Beorn's Function (Continued)... Bladerunner 37 1 3:46pm
                           Would you say that Bilbo showed a similar affinity Spriggan 5 0 54 mins ago
                   Collapse Beautifully put re. Beorn, Bladerunner Glorfindela 58 1 1:28pm
                       Thanks Glorfindela! Bladerunner 33 0 3:57pm
               Collapse Beorn's function (continued)... Bladerunner 105 1 8:48am
                   Too much Legolas /too little Beorn Hobbithole 91 0 9:24am
       Collapse I agree about Beorn. Greenwood Hobbit 470 2 Wed, 4:56pm
           The TE arithmancer 461 0 Wed, 5:05pm
           The conspiracy revealed! Brandybuckled 462 0 Wed, 5:20pm
       That's my biggest issue Thrain II 291 0 Wed, 8:54pm

Collapse Thranduil Appreciation Thread Part XXIX Eruvandi 1150 198 Sun, 6:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)
       Collapse To start us off: An interesting quote from PB about that bow-smashing scene Eruvandi 629 73 Sun, 7:16pm
           Collapse agreed Me85 569 38 Sun, 8:09pm
               Collapse Causing trouble Dragonrnbw 546 23 Sun, 8:38pm
                   Collapse Hey Dragonrnwb I don't think we've met VValar 519 1 Sun, 9:01pm
                       Thank you all Dragonrnbw 505 0 Sun, 9:05pm
                   Collapse no trouble here... Me85 494 1 Sun, 9:30pm
                       I would like Dragonrnbw 477 0 Sun, 10:15pm
                   Collapse I'm stoking the flames then! Lurker in the Mirk 245 18 Mon, 2:10am
                     Collapse Classic! On_the_partyelk 191 16 Mon, 12:16pm
                         Collapse Point! OPT! Lurker in the Mirk 168 13 Mon, 12:57pm
                               Collapse yes, AUJ meme is missing On_the_partyelk 195 12 Mon, 6:47pm
                                   Collapse hmm... Lurker in the Mirk 122 11 Tue, 1:14am
                                       Collapse Too cheesy or lame? On_the_partyelk 174 10 Tue, 3:12am
                                           Woah, OTP! Talk about gettin on it in a Thranduil fastdraw! Lurker in the Mirk 174 0 Tue, 3:47am
                                         Collapse Addendum: whaddaya think? Lurker in the Mirk 146 8 Tue, 9:40am
                                             Collapse Yes, please! On_the_partyelk 117 6 Tue, 1:53pm
                                                   Collapse *LoL* yay! so i legit made a meme! Lurker in the Mirk 202 5 Tue, 2:58pm
                                                     Collapse *thumbs up for that meme* On_the_partyelk 167 4 Tue, 6:05pm
                                                         Collapse Sure! Some changes though. Lurker in the Mirk 145 3 Wed, 5:41am
                                                             Collapse Just saw it on Tumblr On_the_partyelk 118 2 Wed, 10:36am
                                                                   Collapse *phew... thanks! ... wait... Lurker in the Mirk 105 1 Wed, 12:15pm
                                                                       :) On_the_partyelk 93 0 Wed, 2:16pm
                                               Hope the Thrandy Threads will Continue for a Little While - ltnjmy 189 0 Tue, 5:19pm
                           This has got to be one of my fav TA posts VValar 155 0 Mon, 9:51pm
                         He-he! Eruvandi 161 0 Wed, 5:13pm
                     Hey, wait a minute... Eruvandi 160 0 Wed, 4:56pm
               Collapse That's the one problem I have with Tauriel kiwifan 550 12 Sun, 8:42pm
                   Collapse Exactly! Which is bizarre, to me Lurker in the Mirk 240 11 Mon, 2:21am
                       Collapse Does anyone else Dragonrnbw 230 3 Mon, 2:34am
                         Collapse I do. Eruvandi 215 1 Mon, 3:41pm
                               Thrandy such a sexy fighting Cat Like King ltnjmy 220 0 Mon, 4:11pm
                           oh yeah! Lurker in the Mirk 120 0 Tue, 1:17am
                       Collapse did you say moar Thranduil?! On_the_partyelk 204 4 Mon, 6:37pm
                           Collapse *thud* OTP! slap a HTR! warning next time, will ya Lurker in the Mirk 119 3 Tue, 1:19am
                               Collapse Note taken- will add HTR warning next time On_the_partyelk 179 2 Tue, 2:27am
                                   Collapse *THUD X 5!!!* Lurker in the Mirk 140 1 Tue, 9:22am
                                     Thanks for the hint On_the_partyelk 121 0 Tue, 8:41pm
                       Collapse Lurker could you please never again post that image VValar 156 1 Mon, 9:57pm
                           *hangs head in shame* Lurker in the Mirk 115 0 Tue, 1:21am
               I doubt she thought it through at all. Pure emotion. No logic. Eruvandi 473 0 Sun, 10:26pm
           Collapse This scene becomes more and more my fave On_the_partyelk 554 4 Sun, 8:48pm
               Collapse Cool new avatar Partyelk VValar 502 3 Sun, 9:06pm
                   Collapse Sad beauty On_the_partyelk 477 2 Sun, 10:19pm
                     Collapse The party throne, hmmm wonder what that would look like VValar 173 1 Tue, 5:36pm
                           Lots of lights and balloons all around the party throne? On_the_partyelk 124 0 Tue, 8:09pm
           Thranduil vs. Tauriel scene VValar 540 0 Sun, 8:50pm
           Collapse I've only managed to see BOFA once so far... vanima ephel 476 1 Sun, 10:29pm
               Hi vanima Lurker in the Mirk 102 0 Wed, 12:20pm
           Collapse I find this quote much more interesting in regard to Thranduil and Legolas' relationship BlackFox 471 24 Sun, 11:15pm
               Collapse What Mother wouldn't? Dragonrnbw 309 21 Sun, 11:31pm
                   Collapse Of course BlackFox 297 5 Sun, 11:44pm
                       Collapse true Dragonrnbw 292 4 Sun, 11:51pm
                           Collapse Hehe! BlackFox 284 3 Mon, 12:02am
                               Collapse just to stir the pot Dragonrnbw 280 2 Mon, 12:07am
                                 Collapse Actually... BlackFox 209 1 Mon, 10:35am
                                     DNA report or nuthin doin Lurker in the Mirk 201 0 Mon, 10:44am
                   Collapse *beginning to feel like a stalker* Ditto (again), Dragonrnbw! Lurker in the Mirk 231 13 Mon, 2:24am
                       Stalk away!! LOL!! Dragonrnbw 214 0 Mon, 2:36am
                       Collapse Does this mean that... BlackFox 207 11 Mon, 10:46am
                           Collapse My take is Lurker in the Mirk 203 10 Mon, 10:54am
                               Collapse And yet... BlackFox 199 9 Mon, 10:58am
                                   Collapse And that's why I don't get it Lurker in the Mirk 197 8 Mon, 11:02am
                                       Collapse It's an unnecessary and underdeveloped subplot BlackFox 196 7 Mon, 11:08am
                                           Collapse Oh I agree, but it's not sticking for me Lurker in the Mirk 187 6 Mon, 11:54am
                                               Collapse Understood and agreed BlackFox 169 2 Mon, 12:50pm
                                                   Collapse Not at all. Lurker in the Mirk 162 1 Mon, 12:58pm
                                                       *high five* // BlackFox 160 0 Mon, 1:06pm
                                               Collapse The last two links are broken BlackFox 172 2 Mon, 12:55pm
                                                   Collapse Thanks for fixing them, BlackFox :) // Lurker in the Mirk 161 1 Mon, 12:59pm
                                                       It was nothing BlackFox 156 0 Mon, 1:07pm
                   true but... Me85 197 0 Mon, 6:12pm
               Collapse True Eruvandi 230 1 Mon, 2:00am
                   *nods* BlackFox 197 0 Mon, 10:40am
           a late reply Ilmatar 35 0 7:50pm
     *does quick math* number 29 it is! VValar 553 0 Sun, 8:03pm
       Collapse A responses to XXVIII Eruvandi 558 5 Sun, 8:03pm
           Collapse Pssst surprise VValar 563 3 Sun, 8:21pm
               Collapse haha Me85 537 2 Sun, 8:31pm
                   Collapse I love Dragonrnbw 529 1 Sun, 8:41pm
                       Yep, Gandalf totally caught him! Eruvandi 460 0 Sun, 10:49pm
           Response to Lack of Bubba armor (and another plothole, imo) Lurker in the Mirk 216 0 Mon, 2:39am
       Collapse Oh and we're back at page 1 VValar 559 4 Sun, 8:14pm
           *runs into gorgeous elf pic* Oof! Eruvandi 462 0 Sun, 10:41pm
           Collapse oh my... that is a very nice edit! Lurker in the Mirk 117 2 Tue, 1:24am
               Collapse Elves and their uniforms VValar 154 1 Tue, 6:21pm
                   I think Luthien & Beren were included in FOTR - ltnjmy 134 0 Tue, 7:18pm
     Collapse Still have to thank Lurker for celebrating reaching the 6000 post in TA... VValar 519 1 Sun, 8:54pm
           *LOL* you're welcome! (And a note on post count for thread-trackers) Lurker in the Mirk 228 0 Mon, 1:46am
       clip Thranduil vs Tauriel Me85 297 0 Mon, 12:00am
     Collapse I'm in Tol Eressea! Eruvandi 247 10 Mon, 1:24am
           Collapse Congrats Dragonrnbw 239 6 Mon, 1:32am
               Collapse Lol Eruvandi 233 5 Mon, 1:56am
                 Collapse That's it, I'm lodging a complaint! Lurker in the Mirk 247 4 Mon, 2:53am
                       Collapse Sorry to inform you Dragonrnbw 247 3 Mon, 2:56am
                           Collapse Naughty Thranduil is punishment? Lurker in the Mirk 182 2 Tue, 2:04am
                             Collapse Uuuhhhh lala On_the_partyelk 169 1 Tue, 5:47pm
                                   Re special rated thread... Lurker in the Mirk 102 0 Wed, 12:22pm
         Woot! Enjoy Tol Eressea, Eruvandi Lurker in the Mirk 228 0 Mon, 1:47am
           Woot! BlackFox 197 0 Mon, 10:37am
           Congrats on reaching Tol Eressa! VValar 148 0 Mon, 9:54pm
       Collapse Yay! TAXXIX! Lurker in the Mirk 238 2 Mon, 1:36am
           Collapse I found that pic in the previous TA thread Eruvandi 234 1 Mon, 1:53am
               Pity... Welp! Lurker in the Mirk 227 0 Mon, 2:12am
       Collapse PSA: LP interview vids from TAXXVIII [BotFA Spoilery] Lurker in the Mirk 228 2 Mon, 2:31am
           Collapse Cool vids VValar 149 1 Mon, 10:02pm
               yeah. highly entertaining stuff though Lurker in the Mirk 115 0 Tue, 1:29am
       Collapse Response request: Questions for those who have seen BotFa twice or more Lurker in the Mirk 226 2 Mon, 2:42am
           Collapse Answers to questions.. Dragonrnbw 215 1 Mon, 2:53am
               Thanks, Dragonrnbw Lurker in the Mirk 129 0 Tue, 11:50am
       Thank you, mariel Lurker in the Mirk 215 0 Mon, 2:47am
     Collapse Look for Strider? Yeah, right :P Lurker in the Mirk 212 5 Mon, 10:45am
         Collapse ROFL On_the_partyelk 192 4 Mon, 6:54pm
               Collapse LOL don't know where that came from VValar 158 2 Mon, 9:48pm
                   i saw these too! Lurker in the Mirk 118 0 Tue, 1:32am
                   ElOhEl On_the_partyelk 169 0 Tue, 2:56am
               Too right! gotta admit tho Lurker in the Mirk 115 0 Tue, 1:37am
       Collapse Continuing Dragonrnbw's "Issues with the back story" subthread Lurker in the Mirk 187 3 Mon, 12:54pm
           Collapse thranduil & legolas scene stn5 168 2 Mon, 2:26pm
               Collapse one more facepalm stn5 161 1 Mon, 2:52pm
                   thoughts Lurker in the Mirk 130 0 Tue, 12:00pm
       wow 74 posts already. Me85 143 0 Mon, 3:00pm
       Collapse Nice rear view edit mariel 200 7 Mon, 8:03pm
         gorgeous beyond believe On_the_partyelk 171 0 Mon, 9:28pm
           Never seen that image before VValar 164 0 Mon, 9:40pm
         Collapse Thia is impossble! Lurker in the Mirk 191 4 Tue, 1:40am
             Collapse I aim to please mariel 146 3 Tue, 8:43am
                 Collapse *LoL* This has to be the understatement for all of TA Lurker in the Mirk 141 2 Tue, 9:19am
                       Collapse Commiserations mariel 114 1 Tue, 1:43pm
                           Thanks! I will try my hardest to Lurker in the Mirk 104 0 Tue, 2:13pm
       Collapse Just had to bop in and put in my 2 cents worth: VeArkenstone 154 2 Mon, 10:44pm
           Welcome back! Lurker in the Mirk 185 0 Tue, 1:42am
           Welcome! VValar 170 0 Tue, 5:44pm
       Collapse Thranduil and Tauriel Adrianna 145 3 Tue, 12:04am
           Hi! Holly Hobbit 188 0 Tue, 1:45am
           Welcome, Adrianna! Lurker in the Mirk 187 0 Tue, 1:53am
           Welcome as well! VValar 165 0 Tue, 5:59pm
       Collapse Hi! Mind if I jump into the Thranduil Appreciating a little late? Holly Hobbit 140 2 Tue, 12:48am
         Hi Holly! Always a time for Thranduil Appreciation to begin Lurker in the Mirk 194 0 Tue, 1:57am
           Welcome Holly Hobbit! VValar 165 0 Tue, 6:11pm
       A warrior Adrianna 194 0 Tue, 2:26am
       :) On_the_partyelk 185 0 Tue, 2:38am
     Interesting LP Interview byJim Parsons of the Big Bang Theory Lurker in the Mirk 152 0 Tue, 10:23am
       Collapse Review Collection from the net stn5 128 7 Tue, 1:34pm
           More Review 2 stn5 116 0 Tue, 2:08pm
           Collapse More Review 3 stn5 237 4 Tue, 2:16pm
               Friendly advice BlackFox 218 0 Tue, 2:30pm
               Great review stn5 Adrianna 200 0 Tue, 4:11pm
               Collapse I... Laineth 192 1 Tue, 11:14pm
                   Hello Laineth Lurker in the Mirk 80 0 11:51am
         Thanks for the read VValar 154 0 Tue, 6:25pm
       Collapse More of Vendelina's edits mariel 125 1 Tue, 1:51pm
         The first one.... Lurker in the Mirk 217 0 Tue, 2:18pm
       Collapse Woah we're on page 6 already! VValar 185 7 Tue, 5:28pm
           Collapse Thanks VValar - thud - I hit the floor again ltnjmy 175 1 Tue, 5:33pm
               Woops, I forgot a HTR-alert for this pic VValar 175 0 Tue, 5:39pm
         Collapse and two more...hold onto something On_the_partyelk 169 3 Tue, 6:16pm
             Collapse *SQUEEEEE* Those eyes indeed! VValar 148 1 Tue, 6:31pm
                   I could happily drown in his eyes On_the_partyelk 201 0 Tue, 9:38pm
               on the party elk - thanks for nice image of Thrandy from his tent ltnjmy 138 0 Tue, 7:19pm
           huh? Me85 206 0 Tue, 9:05pm
       Collapse First-time poster in this thread DigificWriter 174 1 Tue, 5:58pm
           Welcome! VValar 145 0 Tue, 6:33pm
     Collapse Buzzfeed did it again! On_the_partyelk 216 1 Tue, 9:21pm
           Just LoL at the author's obvious use of auto-correct Lurker in the Mirk 102 0 Wed, 12:25pm
       Collapse I'm about to have a temper tantrum! Adrianna 173 1 Wed, 1:41am
           i know how you feel Me85 146 0 Wed, 5:19am
       New video with Lee Pace with armor stn5 159 0 Wed, 5:17am
       Collapse BTS: Lee Pace in Thranduil's armour... look away if you're sensitive about such things Lurker in the Mirk 157 6 Wed, 6:15am
           Collapse omg! Me85 143 1 Wed, 6:45am
             How about seeing Thranduil in Thranduil's armour? Lurker in the Mirk 104 0 Wed, 1:48pm
         Collapse *Oh my* VValar 158 2 Wed, 5:28pm
             Collapse How about father and son with their contemporary faces but in armour? Lurker in the Mirk 80 1 11:57am
                   I totally have a thing for his armor On_the_partyelk 23 0 8:44pm
           *is struck speechless* Eruvandi 58 0 5:13pm
       Collapse Some BotFA stills - HTR warning mariel 138 3 Wed, 8:46am
           Ohh... Pretty! Thank you Lurker in the Mirk 107 0 Wed, 12:28pm
           Pretty Hot and Tempting! Adrianna 86 0 Wed, 3:17pm
         Love love love the entire set VValar 160 0 Wed, 5:30pm
     Collapse Season's Greetings from the Elvenking [some HTR] Lurker in the Mirk 110 4 Wed, 1:10pm
         Season appropriate smiley Thranduil Lurker in the Mirk 98 0 Wed, 1:55pm
         Sassy Seasonal Thranduil Lurker in the Mirk 98 0 Wed, 1:57pm
         More Thranduil Xmas Style VValar 157 0 Wed, 5:47pm
         *skips in* More Season's Greetings from Thranduil Lurker in the Mirk 72 0 12:34pm
       Collapse Merry Chistmas from the king On_the_partyelk 95 2 Wed, 2:23pm
           My thoughts exactly re the Partythrone VValar 154 0 Wed, 5:52pm
           - I loved this party elk ltnjmy 151 0 Wed, 6:20pm
       Collapse Merry Christmas Dragonrnbw 91 1 Wed, 3:22pm
           Merry Xmas Dragonrnbw Lurker in the Mirk 79 0 11:58am
       Collapse WHY? Adrianna 180 1 Wed, 3:42pm
           =) Take a deep breath, Adrianna Lurker in the Mirk 84 0 12:11pm
       something to consider On_the_partyelk 152 0 Wed, 9:39pm
       Collapse Merry Christmas, Thralls! BlackFox 80 2 12:21pm
           Collapse Merry Xmas, BlackFox! Lurker in the Mirk 77 1 12:23pm
               Good to Go! Adrianna 49 0 6:54pm
       another new photo On_the_partyelk 27 0 8:36pm
       Collapse Any chance we might have additional Thranduil scenes in the EE ? Lúthien125 16 1 9:23pm
           Fingers crossed! BlackFox 14 0 9:30pm
     Expert opinions would be appreciated BlackFox 14 0 9:27pm

  Collapse Tauriel/Kili Appreciation... Laineth 739 43 Sun, 1:08am Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)
       Collapse Well if you're going to have an elf/dwarf romance, Ataahua 486 5 Sun, 2:05am
           Collapse Yes! tarasaurus 422 2 Sun, 2:41am
               Collapse It was. Laineth 44 1 2:05am
                   Me neither BlackFox 24 0 11:00am
           Oh, Ataahua!... I had no idea mae govannen 371 0 Sun, 5:08am
           Yes. Laineth 45 0 1:52am
       Collapse Hi marillaraina 434 3 Sun, 2:07am
           Collapse Agreed. BalrogTrainer 373 1 Sun, 3:39am
               I liked it too. Laineth 42 0 2:07am
           Thanks! Laineth 43 0 2:03am
       Collapse I love these two DigificWriter 393 15 Sun, 3:46am
           Ditto, ditto, ditto... I love those two!!! mae govannen 357 0 Sun, 5:05am
           Collapse Are you sure you were watching the same film as me? Eleniel 333 11 Sun, 7:52am
               Collapse Let me clarify what i meant DigificWriter 326 9 Sun, 7:59am
                   Collapse I think that is a matter of interpretation... Eleniel 319 8 Sun, 8:05am
                       Collapse He was already intent... arithmancer 258 7 Sun, 2:36pm
                           Collapse Hmmm - yes. I'm not sure Spriggan 247 6 Sun, 2:51pm
                               Collapse No one is suggesting that he would have run away... Eleniel 237 5 Sun, 3:09pm
                                   Collapse Well, they were there to remove the leadership. Spriggan 219 4 Sun, 4:32pm
                                       Collapse subject marillaraina 182 3 Sun, 6:04pm
                                           Collapse Other way around :) Cirashala 112 2 Mon, 8:54am
                                               subject marillaraina 99 0 Mon, 8:59pm
                                               I know... Laineth 39 0 2:50am
               subject marillaraina 186 0 Sun, 5:49pm
           She does. Laineth 47 0 2:26am
           ETA: Laineth 29 0 6:41am
       Collapse subject marillaraina 392 2 Sun, 5:07am
           Beautifully said! Agree with you...// mae govannen 362 0 Sun, 5:10am
           Yes! Laineth 40 0 2:27am
     Collapse Re: PWOKristy 364 1 Sun, 5:32am
           I agree. Laineth 41 0 2:28am
       Collapse Just posting to say... arithmancer 246 3 Sun, 3:36pm
           subject marillaraina 183 0 Sun, 6:02pm
           Collapse Yes. Laineth 40 1 2:47am
               bits and pieces Ilmatar 13 0 8:53pm
       I love Tauriel and I love Kili and I love their friendship...just not their romance // Nira 184 0 Sun, 5:53pm
       Collapse Tauriel/Kili Appreciation... Ilmatar 168 1 Sun, 8:58pm
           Thanks Laineth 32 0 3:44am
       Collapse here goes Ilmatar 106 2 Tue, 12:06am
           Links to Youtube videos are allowed BlackFox 65 0 Tue, 11:06am
           Yes Yes Yes! Laineth 35 0 2:56am
       *dash in* i guess this fan art belongs right here Lurker in the Mirk 64 0 Tue, 11:47am
     A little bit of fun BlackFox 7 0 9:21pm

  Collapse Two questions about the lovely Thranduil Glorfindela 271 8 5:28pm Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)
       Collapse I wonder whether it is linked to Arandir 159 2 5:54pm
           WE will see it next summer in E.E. mirkwoodwanderer 142 0 6:13pm
           It is BlackFox 137 0 6:30pm
       Collapse Let's see... BlackFox 131 2 6:29pm
           Collapse To my mind Glorfindela 90 1 7:21pm
               Agreed on all accounts BlackFox 79 0 7:34pm
       Collapse Is this subject explored in the books ? Lúthien125 38 1 9:09pm
           No BlackFox 35 0 9:11pm

  Collapse Battle of the Five Armies: Missing Animation (Weta?) Starsky 809 13 Tue, 1:28pm Jump to last post in thread (by Starsky)
       Collapse Sometimes people just stand still? AshNazg 341 1 Tue, 1:45pm
           / Starsky 310 0 Tue, 1:52pm
       Collapse Perhaps you should write to them and let them know. Spriggan 285 4 Tue, 2:04pm
           Collapse / Starsky 252 3 Tue, 2:13pm
               Collapse Perhaps they have a special address or unit for feedback such as this? Spriggan 237 2 Tue, 2:23pm
                   Collapse / Starsky 223 1 Tue, 2:36pm
                       I'd say avoid the all-caps red ink Crunchable Birdses 201 0 Tue, 3:11pm
       Collapse if someone really write them down for telling them about this I would like them to tell us how the story ends Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 204 1 Tue, 3:32pm
           / Starsky 186 0 Tue, 3:36pm
       Collapse I wouldn't get your hopes up Brandybuckled 182 1 Tue, 3:49pm
           / Starsky 169 0 Tue, 3:52pm
       Collapse Wow! I noticed it too! NateGate 145 1 Tue, 4:56pm
           / Starsky 6 0 8:18pm

  Collapse ‘Hobbit’ Finale Crosses $100 Million Mark in U.S. - Merry Christmas PJ & all! Avandel 613 8 Wed, 9:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by Glorfindela)
       Woot! BlackFox 315 0 Wed, 9:57pm
       That's brilliant! Glorfindela 202 0 2:39am
       Collapse YAY!... Thanks for the update on this... mae govannen 167 4 7:01am
         Collapse View #4 tomorrow, I hope.... Avandel 83 3 3:14pm
               Collapse Argh! BlackFox 78 2 3:22pm
                   Collapse I hate to wait! Avandel 73 1 3:58pm
                       That's true BlackFox 67 0 4:09pm
       Now $383 worldwide as of yesterday Glorfindela 42 0 7:29pm

  Collapse Amazing Dain Andreorn89 882 22 2:03am Jump to last post in thread (by ecthelionsbeard)
       He will be in E.E. mirkwoodwanderer 461 0 2:24am
       Collapse A waste. Elizabeth 494 6 2:25am
           Collapse Don't forget the head bashing. DanielLB 353 1 5:08am
               Well in a movie tattooed_dwarf 270 0 8:11am
         It's obvious tattooed_dwarf 248 0 8:13am
           Collapse The boar isn't so stupid, Elizabeth. ShireHorse 212 2 10:59am
               Thank you for that info, ShireHorse Elarie 127 0 2:40pm
               Very interesting, ShireHorse – thank you Glorfindela 80 0 5:32pm
       Collapse I didn't expect I would care for Dain Old Toby 447 2 2:36am
           Collapse He's great! DisDwarfWoman 301 1 5:21am
               I thought he was great! ecthelionsbeard 275 0 7:01am
       Collapse Here's what I thought (heads up: get ready for some Black Sabbath) Ruxendil_Thoorg 399 4 4:09am
           Collapse *mods up* BlackFox 206 1 10:18am
               Thank you BlackFox! Ruxendil_Thoorg 106 0 3:02pm
           Collapse BRAVO SIR!!!! BlackCountry 189 1 10:30am
               Thank you BlackCountry! Ruxendil_Thoorg 106 0 3:01pm
       An instant favourite since my first viewing NecromancerRising 256 0 8:24am
       Collapse yes more MedwedtoBeorn 161 1 12:13pm
           so truth mo0on-light 140 0 12:39pm
       The 'battle-pig' was a misfire Otaku-sempai 122 0 3:24pm
       Collapse Loved him Oleander Took 67 1 6:12pm
           Did anyone else... ecthelionsbeard 50 0 7:02pm

Collapse A,a,a,...a "Super-Cinematographer-GEEKS" Thread... Bombadil 252 1 Wed, 10:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by Annatar598)
       Nice thread! Some of my favourite shots are... Annatar598 29 0 6:37pm

  Collapse What is the real reason of showing Galadriel so powerful? erdildeniz 920 30 Mon, 11:06am Jump to last post in thread (by Salmacis81)
       Must say Glorfindela 542 0 Mon, 11:07am
       This way Saruman has a more ambiguous role. irasel 486 0 Mon, 11:53am
       I always thought that the Istari aren't allowed to challenge Sauron with pure power... Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 482 0 Mon, 11:53am
       Collapse It's a femine conspiracy. // Riven Delve 420 1 Mon, 12:13pm
         *snort* BlackFox 385 0 Mon, 12:58pm
       Collapse . Nerven 428 2 Mon, 12:19pm
           Good quotes! Tend to agree with your last point, mae govannen 359 0 Mon, 1:34pm
           Feanor never killed any Balrogs. In fact, with the exception of a factually flawed AinurOlorin 64 0 Tue, 4:24am
       Collapse Pays off later huzzlewhat 449 2 Mon, 12:48pm
           Exactly. Nicely explained..// mae govannen 349 0 Mon, 1:23pm
           Excellent point! // Loresilme 144 0 Mon, 8:33pm
       Collapse It seems they've sort of combined two different scenes from the book Elarie 365 4 Mon, 2:25pm
           Collapse Well, no. We need to be a bit careful about the quote. Spriggan 287 3 Mon, 4:13pm
               Collapse that's true - I wonder what that means? Elarie 267 2 Mon, 4:20pm
                   It could simply refer to his planning.... Eruonen 258 0 Mon, 4:24pm
                   Tolkien uses the word in four possible senses Spriggan 249 0 Mon, 4:39pm
       I think.... Girdle of Melian 311 0 Mon, 3:22pm
       She employed the power of her elven ring, which Sauron cannot Eruonen 312 0 Mon, 4:07pm
       Because Boyens IMO focuses too much on her favorite characters KingTurgon 228 0 Mon, 6:13pm
       Collapse Yeah... Salmacis81 186 2 Mon, 7:21pm
           Collapse Didn't I warn you, Salmalcis?? lol She did keep passing out, so that helped to balance AinurOlorin 62 1 Tue, 4:33am
               Really couldn't tell what Saruman was doing... Salmacis81 9 0 5:09pm
       Collapse I don't think they showed her that powerful dubulous 180 7 Mon, 8:00pm
           Collapse That's true... Salmacis81 139 6 Mon, 10:15pm
               Collapse On that basis, we don't know Saruman was there either. Spriggan 134 4 Mon, 10:46pm
                   Collapse There is more textual basis... Salmacis81 115 3 Mon, 11:18pm
                       Collapse The texts suggest no hero at all. Spriggan 87 2 Mon, 11:59pm
                           Collapse Except for the fact that... Salmacis81 88 1 Tue, 12:11am
                               Not a bigger role, just a specific one. Spriggan 89 0 Tue, 12:14am
               Well dubulous 127 0 Mon, 10:54pm

  Collapse Saruman KingTurgon 574 12 Wed, 8:09pm Jump to last post in thread (by xxxyyy)
       Collapse I think a trailer that acts as a teaser sounds like a trailer that's doing its job! Spriggan 280 4 Wed, 8:20pm
           Collapse I'd like to see Saruman KingTurgon 278 3 Wed, 8:29pm
               I think Saruman going to Mordor sounds tricky Spriggan 262 0 Wed, 8:44pm
               Collapse because they want to get lots of $$$$$ MouthofSauron 118 1 4:55am
                   Too simple perhaps...// mae govannen 105 0 5:21am
       It was a tad misleading maybe MechaGodzilla 243 0 Wed, 8:52pm
       Collapse It's a teaser for LotR. Elizabeth 199 3 Wed, 11:02pm
           Collapse I think they setup his fall quite nicely via character... moreorless 183 2 12:07am
               Agreed.// Elizabeth 135 0 2:19am
               My thoughts exactly BlackFox 78 0 10:37am
       Big tease! MouthofSauron 202 0 Wed, 11:02pm
       I think it's fine like that. xxxyyy 46 0 4:35pm

  Collapse Thorin's age DigificWriter 684 32 Mon, 3:25pm Jump to last post in thread (by DigificWriter)
       Collapse According to the book Guert 432 12 Mon, 3:37pm
           Collapse That's not really what I was asking about DigificWriter 386 11 Mon, 3:45pm
               Collapse Somewhere here someone said, not until they Bombadil 375 10 Mon, 3:56pm
                   Collapse at 240 Cirashala 231 9 Mon, 8:27pm
                       Collapse This might not match what we know, but... DigificWriter 197 8 Mon, 9:19pm
                           Collapse Well... BlackFox 185 6 Mon, 9:29pm
                               Collapse How much credence do we want to give that relative to... DigificWriter 182 5 Mon, 9:34pm
                                   Collapse Call it an inconsistency then BlackFox 156 4 Mon, 10:07pm
                                       Collapse You probably wouldn't know there's an issue... DigificWriter 151 3 Mon, 10:18pm
                                           Collapse Then you ought to move the Sack of Erebor to a later date also BlackFox 140 2 Mon, 10:45pm
                                               Collapse Too young according to what? DigificWriter 129 1 Mon, 11:39pm
                                                   Guess I was wrong.... DigificWriter 116 0 Tue, 12:25am
                           My usual strategy is to just go by the actors ages... fiveforchaos 101 0 Tue, 1:53am
       He looks younger, but he actually isn't BlackFox 374 0 Mon, 4:00pm
       Collapse Not the exact age... Angharad73 345 1 Mon, 4:03pm
           I'll take a look at what Tolkien says about Dwalin's age, then.... DigificWriter 323 0 Mon, 4:25pm
       Collapse One year younger... Otaku-sempai 87 15 Tue, 4:06am
           Collapse It's been stated that Balin is the oldest member of the Company... DigificWriter 82 14 Tue, 5:05am
               Collapse It does, although it's not totally readable in this image...(purposefully distressed!) Eleniel 68 4 Tue, 7:45am
                   Collapse Ooh marillaraina 44 3 Tue, 3:43pm
                       2760 and 2751 BlackFox 40 0 Tue, 3:46pm
                       As neat as the tapestry is.... DigificWriter 39 0 Tue, 3:51pm
                       Dates from the Tapestry Otaku-sempai 33 0 Tue, 5:04pm
               Collapse Sources Otaku-sempai 31 2 Tue, 5:10pm
                   Collapse Statements from the writers and actors would also be primary sources... DigificWriter 47 1 Tue, 5:21pm
                       Interesting marillaraina 44 0 Tue, 7:26pm
               Collapse Depends on the source. Otaku-sempai 41 5 Tue, 8:03pm
                   Collapse There's no way to reconcile Thorin's presence at the Sacking of Erebor... DigificWriter 27 4 Wed, 3:11am
                       Collapse Making Thorin older??? Otaku-sempai 24 3 2:27pm
                           Collapse Dori? BlackFox 21 2 2:42pm
                               Collapse That may be... Otaku-sempai 18 1 2:44pm
                                   The Battle of Moria dating was not moved DigificWriter 10 0 4:20pm
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