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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 144112 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 109930 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 3253 0 Oct 12, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

  Collapse Sticky: Help us Thank the entire cast & crew of 'All Six Middle-earth Films' News from Bree 290 3 Dec 23, 4:27am Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

  Collapse Sticky: NEW! Official Hobbit movie reviews - post them here! entmaiden 124 3 1:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Kerewyn)

  Collapse Big Movie Productions Not to be OTT to be Commercially Successful... Girdle of Melian 364 11 12:03am Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       Collapse Elves leaping over dwarves Kilidoescartwheels 177 1 1:03am
           Agree about the CGI Rams Avandel 153 0 1:13am
       Collapse Azog doesn't bother me, some lack of logic IMO does Avandel 160 3 1:08am
           Collapse A couple of thoughts Spriggan 142 1 1:31am
               Foot Soldiers.. Girdle of Melian 89 0 3:34am
           "How come so much focus is on Bard's kids in Dale"... patrickk 33 0 8:39am
       Collapse For me the action problems in the Hobbit werent "unrealistic" so much as dramatic moreorless 41 1 8:31am
           yup I tend to agree... patrickk 33 0 8:35am
       Collapse As soon as you have Elves, or Wizards, you're bound mae govannen 36 2 8:37am
           Collapse I will expect to see OTT moments Girdle of Melian 15 1 44 mins ago
               Luckily for me I don't know about 'super mario routine' mae govannen 6 0 8 mins ago

  How did Elrond, Saruman and Saruman sneak in Dol Guldur without Sauron Noticing? Girdle of Melian 10 0 13 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by Girdle of Melian)

  Collapse "The reasons why Peter Jackson’s Hobbit movies failed" Elfhelm 2194 85 Sat, 5:15pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       What an odd series of thoughts. Spriggan 1002 0 Sat, 5:29pm
       Collapse Nothing we havenmt heard many times before... moreorless 941 2 Sat, 5:40pm
           Exactly NecromancerRising 843 0 Sat, 5:46pm
         Including that "these films have failed"... which is hilarious, mae govannen 300 0 Sun, 5:57am
       Well, that was confusing. Riven Delve 871 0 Sat, 5:47pm
       Collapse Once, just once Old Toby 898 6 Sat, 5:56pm
           Collapse And just for once pettytyrant101 791 5 Sat, 6:37pm
               Collapse I think you misunderstood my comment Old Toby 649 1 Sat, 8:28pm
                   I find your comment quite correct and justified.// mae govannen 273 0 Sun, 5:41am
               Collapse Well to be fair Ham_Sammy 632 2 Sat, 8:32pm
                   Collapse Not by way of comparison, though, mae govannen 271 1 Sun, 5:46am
                       I agree shadowdog 145 0 Sun, 7:40pm
       I think he was spot on with most of his points. Azaghâl 832 0 Sat, 6:15pm
       Collapse One thing that espeically seems overplayed to me... moreorless 822 5 Sat, 6:35pm
           Collapse Jackson added lots of references to the Lord of the Rings films... Bladerunner 426 4 Sun, 2:06am
               Collapse I don't see what's wrong in all the examples mae govannen 275 3 Sun, 6:21am
                   Pretty much.. moreorless 214 0 Sun, 10:27am
                   Collapse I guess we just totally disagree.... Bladerunner 117 1 Sun, 4:50pm
                       Well, we agree at least on those three then! mae govannen 32 0 3:58am
       Collapse The review fails to fairly support its hypothesis IMO Avandel 746 3 Sat, 7:16pm
           Collapse Agree with you on all your points. // mae govannen 257 2 Sun, 6:02am
               Collapse Thank you Avandel 175 1 Sun, 6:26pm
                 I luv your 'translation' of that Review!!! mae govannen 33 0 4:26am
       Collapse Failed? A matter of opinion. Hanzkaz 727 1 Sat, 7:22pm
           Agree fully with you; and mae govannen 274 0 Sun, 5:18am
       That was just weird Elarie 698 0 Sat, 7:40pm
       Hmmmmm Ham_Sammy 657 0 Sat, 8:08pm
       Collapse This journalist... patrickk 681 28 Sat, 8:36pm
           Good post Ham_Sammy 606 0 Sat, 8:53pm
           Collapse well peterLF 383 23 Sun, 2:44am
               Collapse Tolkein did in fact foreshadow... patrickk 387 21 Sun, 3:14am
                   foreshadowing elostirion74 188 0 Sun, 11:37am
                   Collapse no peterLF 181 19 Sun, 6:28pm
                       Collapse Whilst I don't particularly disagree Spriggan 162 18 Sun, 7:10pm
                           Collapse Only little resemblance indeed...: peterLF 60 17 Sun, 11:44pm
                               Collapse ..as I recall patrickk 51 4 12:11am
                                   Collapse . peterLF 19 3 6:23am
                                       Collapse If you have a six movie set which we will in a few years.. patrickk 15 2 6:34am
                                           Collapse to each his own peterLF 12 1 6:48am
                                               But why not watch films in... patrickk 3 0 9:09am
                               Collapse It's described as a "morgul shaft" Spriggan 48 11 12:38am
                                   Collapse Even the reason for the name 'kingsfoil' mae govannen 33 8 5:00am
                                       Collapse Like I said... peterLF 26 7 6:08am
                                           Collapse Aragorn... patrickk 25 5 6:17am
                                               Collapse sooo.... peterLF 19 3 6:24am
                                                   Collapse Not sure... patrickk 18 2 6:35am
                                                       Collapse watch the film peterLF 15 1 6:51am
                                                           But Oin... patrickk 6 0 8:56am
                                               Thank you for replying mae govannen 2 0 34 mins ago
                                           No sarcasm, please; what I say about Aragorn mae govannen 2 0 40 mins ago
                                   Collapse two elves, out of how many? peterLF 14 1 6:44am
                                       Eh? There are several other healing scenes Spriggan 4 0 41 mins ago
               I prefer to see the movies - Hanzkaz 240 0 Sun, 9:05am
           You're quite right in your critic of this critic!...// mae govannen 271 0 Sun, 5:39am
           Collapse Foreshadowing is subject to the same restrictions as any other technique elostirion74 216 1 Sun, 10:21am
               The proof of the pudding... patrickk 152 0 Sun, 7:27pm
       Collapse Superb Silranhir 599 1 Sat, 9:31pm
           Yep... Avnar 541 0 Sat, 10:21pm
       Hmmm... Dipling 533 0 Sat, 10:39pm
       Collapse Huh? glor 441 1 Sun, 1:12am
           Numerous examples Ham_Sammy 409 0 Sun, 2:09am
       What "failure" is he talking about, to start with??? mae govannen 303 0 Sun, 5:37am
       Collapse Totally agree And back again 258 10 Sun, 9:48am
           Sorry I'm lost on the troll point. Spriggan 247 0 Sun, 10:21am
           Collapse Proof they have failed And back again 228 6 Sun, 11:38am
               Collapse That's to do with promotion and Warner not wanting to spend money! Glorfindela 192 3 Sun, 12:21pm
                   Collapse Oh, they would show the films And back again 188 2 Sun, 12:46pm
                       I don't know what film you are talking about here Glorfindela 174 0 Sun, 1:27pm
                       Chocolate company Ham_Sammy 115 0 Sun, 4:23pm
               Hobbit movies in Germany kiwifan 92 0 Sun, 5:34pm
               Proof they have failed... patrickk 148 0 Sun, 7:32pm
           Collapse Huh? arithmancer 148 1 Sun, 2:59pm
               Yes, it read like that to me. Spriggan 196 0 Sun, 5:39pm
       Only thing I'm hoping... BlackCountry 181 0 Sun, 1:20pm
       Collapse Thanks for this article elentari3018 144 1 Sun, 3:54pm
           It's in the first post, near the top. n/t Elfhelm 105 0 Sun, 4:58pm
       Collapse Wouldn't exactly call them "failures"... Salmacis81 129 8 Sun, 9:02pm
           Collapse I could accept "disappointment" and agree that "failure" just doesn't fit. Escapist 117 6 Sun, 9:07pm
               Collapse The only things... ecthelionsbeard 104 3 Sun, 9:24pm
                   Collapse From what I can recall... Salmacis81 107 2 Sun, 9:40pm
                       Collapse But.. ecthelionsbeard 98 1 Sun, 9:48pm
                           Most of the poor reviews I remember reading... Salmacis81 84 0 Sun, 10:35pm
               Collapse I was 100% speaking from my own personal POV... Salmacis81 118 1 Sun, 9:29pm
                   '...and I guess some of us actually did' patrickk 56 0 Sun, 11:59pm
           Hmm KW 72 0 Sun, 11:35pm

  Collapse Can someone please explain why Galadriel looked like she did in FOTR during her encounter with Sauron? BornOutOfTheWest 1127 37 Sun, 11:17am Jump to last post in thread (by Girdle of Melian)
       It's up to each of of us to interpret but it struck me Spriggan 665 0 Sun, 11:27am
       hmmm hms_ocean 581 0 Sun, 11:31am
       To quote Gandalf BlackFox 558 0 Sun, 1:01pm
       Collapse It's a forced reference to LotR Merovech 526 3 Sun, 1:08pm
           Collapse it depends really what you think were seeing in FOTR moreorless 485 2 Sun, 1:33pm
               Collapse I disagree Merovech 447 1 Sun, 1:42pm
                   The rings temptation yes I agree BUT.. moreorless 436 0 Sun, 1:54pm
       Collapse Good question Riven Delve 481 17 Sun, 1:09pm
           Collapse The Ring is evil, but that is not, I don't think the key issue. Spriggan 417 10 Sun, 2:12pm
               Collapse A bit of both, perhaps? Riven Delve 247 9 Sun, 7:09pm
                   Collapse I was with you most of the way down. Spriggan 222 5 Sun, 7:49pm
                       Collapse I think perhaps it is the "excess" Riven Delve 203 4 Sun, 8:11pm
                           Collapse Well, yes and no. Spriggan 191 3 Sun, 8:25pm
                               Collapse Well, no and yes. Riven Delve 131 2 Sun, 8:51pm
                                   Collapse That's a yes and a yes, I think! Spriggan 126 1 Sun, 8:54pm
                                       *fist bump* // Riven Delve 126 0 Sun, 8:56pm
                   Collapse Wait, what? ecthelionsbeard 200 2 Sun, 8:27pm
                       Collapse The Elven rings are bound to the One Ring, yes Riven Delve 195 1 Sun, 8:44pm
                           I thought the Noldor line.. ecthelionsbeard 131 0 Sun, 9:10pm
           Collapse Agree! And it's not working for me Avandel 302 4 Sun, 5:31pm
               Collapse My take on it, Power is Scary MEIGWIT 101 3 Sun, 10:24pm
                   I do not know... ecthelionsbeard 82 0 Sun, 10:46pm
                   Collapse Dark vs Dark? moreorless 13 1 55 mins ago
                       Gandalf Doing the Black Speech of Mordor Girdle of Melian 6 0 36 mins ago
           Yes. Completely agree. Elizabeth 29 0 6:49am
       Collapse A valid question indeed, at least in my eyes... mae govannen 474 1 Sun, 1:12pm
           Completely agree, BornOutOfTheWest 425 0 Sun, 1:42pm
       . Nerven 344 0 Sun, 4:01pm
       Collapse not very well executed Mooseboy018 296 1 Sun, 6:13pm
           It is frustrating that we can only know this from a Chronicles book Riven Delve 255 0 Sun, 7:19pm
       Collapse To determine myself I'll wait for the EE Milieuterrien 239 3 Sun, 7:54pm
           And Well Done Milieuterrien... patrickk 208 0 Sun, 8:10pm
           Collapse I'm still baffled by the idea that Galadriel loses some of her power Riven Delve 220 1 Sun, 8:14pm
               Well, not that that comes across in the film. Spriggan 144 0 Sun, 8:58pm
       Collapse None Shirriff Anthony 140 2 Sun, 8:48pm
           Collapse I just really think it is a bad interpretation and insult to Cate's acting ability... Girdle of Melian 83 1 Sun, 11:40pm
               My view GhostofMacbeth 74 0 12:32am

  Collapse Your favorite moment from the score of BOTFA? erdildeniz 592 17 Sun, 2:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by SafeUnderHill)
       Dain Cari 329 0 Sun, 2:56pm
       I'm still making my way through the first CD :) Earl 291 0 Sun, 3:23pm
       I'm listening to it now! elentari3018 288 0 Sun, 3:26pm
       Collapse So many moments for me. Scorchster 308 1 Sun, 3:47pm
           That theme SafeUnderHill 138 0 Sun, 9:50pm
       Collapse I haven't bought the cd yet Elanor of Rohan 258 1 Sun, 4:19pm
           The horns SafeUnderHill 130 0 Sun, 9:51pm
       I think mine must be... Bofur01 269 0 Sun, 4:29pm
       Two Shirriff Anthony 173 0 Sun, 8:46pm
       Collapse My favourite moment SafeUnderHill 143 1 Sun, 9:53pm
           That is one of mine, as well. cats16 127 0 Sun, 9:58pm
       Collapse The choral piece during fire and water There&ThereAgain 104 1 Sun, 11:28pm
           Yay! SafeUnderHill 89 0 Sun, 11:49pm
       Collapse I agree! KingTurgon 73 1 1:26am
           Sons of Durin and Mithril Jay2001 56 0 2:54am
       Collapse Mithril scene Saneliur 39 1 6:33am
           I believe SafeUnderHill 21 0 9:04am

Collapse Thranduil Appreciation Thread Part XXX VValar 856 57 Fri, 9:47am Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
     Collapse *peeks from behind laptop screen* *checks left* *checks right* VValar 437 4 Fri, 9:56am
         Yay, number THIRTY! On_the_partyelk 375 0 Fri, 12:49pm
         Collapse *LoL* TAXXX! Definitely worth breaking out the party hats Lurker in the Mirk 368 2 Fri, 1:12pm
               Collapse Have you seen BoFA again? Just curious. I do not think I will be able to VeArkenstone 203 1 Sat, 9:23pm
                   Yes I have. Twice now Lurker in the Mirk 137 0 Sun, 6:01am
     Collapse The gorgeous latest official Thranduil pic VValar 461 1 Fri, 10:02am
           the source of the new pictures stn5 414 0 Fri, 10:32am
     Collapse If you want a bit of Christmas Carols fun VValar 420 2 Fri, 10:10am
           Thanks for the signal boost, VValar. And thralls... Lurker in the Mirk 363 0 Fri, 1:15pm
         How about a Christmas Song just for us? My Thrall take on Eartha Kitt's Santa Baby Lurker in the Mirk 12 0 9:02am
     Collapse Reply to Lurker's last batch of season's Pretty from last thread VValar 410 1 Fri, 10:17am
         Been a while since we got some FLAST eh? Lurker in the Mirk 365 0 Fri, 1:14pm
     Collapse Thranduil doesn't want to listen to his son -gif. It's Xmas! VValar 440 1 Fri, 10:27am
           Just SNERT! Lurker in the Mirk 366 0 Fri, 1:16pm
     Collapse The BIG Three O! Lurker in the Mirk 376 11 Fri, 1:07pm
           Collapse Another Pretty - armour!fan art Lurker in the Mirk 377 4 Fri, 1:19pm
               Collapse Very nice mariel 308 3 Fri, 5:14pm
                   Collapse *LoL* About hands Lurker in the Mirk 141 2 Sun, 6:04am
                       Collapse Quite right mariel 78 1 Sun, 8:59pm
                           And there was a tumblr post dedicated Lurker in the Mirk 11 0 8:55am
           Where did 29 go? mariel 310 0 Fri, 5:11pm
           Collapse :) Ilmatar 283 1 Fri, 7:49pm
             Hi Ilmatar Lurker in the Mirk 134 0 Sun, 6:10am
         Collapse Vendelina's edits bonanza - including a Xmas Thranduil greeting Lurker in the Mirk 134 2 Sun, 7:00am
               Collapse And more mariel 81 1 Sun, 8:55pm
                   Fresh off the press again, eh? Lurker in the Mirk 11 0 8:57am
       Wow! Adrianna 360 0 Fri, 2:32pm
     Way to go VValar! Eruvandi 349 0 Fri, 3:00pm
       Collapse Hobbit Talk: Is Thranduil a good father? stn5 368 11 Fri, 4:22pm
           Collapse I vote "good father" in that he's a work in progress Ruxendil_Thoorg 330 2 Fri, 5:30pm
               Exactly! Adrianna 312 0 Fri, 5:57pm
               Hi R_T! Thanks for stopping by Lurker in the Mirk 137 0 Sun, 6:17am
           Collapse interesting topic for sure On_the_partyelk 310 1 Fri, 7:05pm
             Definitely "Thranduil Defense Squad" Lurker in the Mirk 139 0 Sun, 6:18am
           Collapse I don't think Thranduil was a bad father either! And I think he is a good king. VeArkenstone 206 5 Sat, 9:31pm
               Collapse Welcome Ve! Adrianna 181 1 Sat, 11:11pm
                   Thranduil's age Lurker in the Mirk 145 0 Sun, 6:24am
             Collapse Re Immortality Paranoia Lurker in the Mirk 142 2 Sun, 6:22am
                   Collapse Immortality Paranoia - DOS EE - VeArkenstone 80 1 Sun, 9:00pm
                       Definitely something to ponder Lurker in the Mirk 10 0 8:54am
       Collapse *brings red velvet cake to Mirkwood court, curtsies before Thranduil, serves cake to Elvenking and his followers* Holly Hobbit 356 4 Fri, 4:26pm
           Collapse *appreciative excellent cake munching* Lurker in the Mirk 142 3 Sun, 6:15am
               Collapse I would love any movie that included Oropher, Thranduil and Legolas. VeArkenstone 69 2 Sun, 9:24pm
                   yes please Me85 55 0 Sun, 9:59pm
                 As long as Lee Pace reprises his role Lurker in the Mirk 10 0 8:52am
     Picking myself off the floor! Nice side by side pic! Adrianna 327 0 Fri, 5:45pm
       Collapse Thanks for the Welcome Vvalar. No. 30, and showing no signs of slowing down! Good! VeArkenstone 202 1 Sat, 9:19pm
           *LoL* Thanks for the compliments on the lexicon Lurker in the Mirk 136 0 Sun, 6:27am
       Collapse Hello TA! XXX eh? lots of love (or... an X rating, so much pretty?) Kerewyn 163 2 Sun, 3:14am
           Welcome back, Kerewyn! Heheh ... that rating... if only eh? Lurker in the Mirk 135 0 Sun, 6:35am
           I was very emotional at the end of BOFA. .... VeArkenstone 75 0 Sun, 9:21pm
       Welcome back Ke! Adrianna 157 0 Sun, 3:34am
     Cast Interview:funny Q & A Lurker in the Mirk 138 0 Sun, 8:27am
       eTalk (Canada) programme: Interview Vid with LP, PJ and PB Lurker in the Mirk 121 0 Sun, 12:47pm
     Read: Confessions of a Thranduil Fan Lurker in the Mirk 50 0 3:25am
       psst, VValar and Eruvandi. Leggy fan art Lurker in the Mirk 14 0 8:23am
     There's a new thread on Thranduil's eyelashes Lurker in the Mirk 14 0 8:32am

  Collapse What would have made Fili's death better Kilidoescartwheels 634 26 12:50am Jump to last post in thread (by Angharad73)
       Collapse Do you mean better for the audience Spriggan 294 6 12:57am
           Collapse Well both, really Kilidoescartwheels 261 5 1:12am
               Collapse I think it might be worth separating them. Spriggan 261 4 1:21am
                   Collapse *waves hand* Riven Delve 251 2 1:35am
                       Collapse Ha ha. Spriggan 235 1 1:42am
                           How appropriate for the film version... Morthoron 214 0 2:21am
                   yes, there have been comments around the net Avandel 239 0 1:37am
       Collapse Some blood on Azog's hand-sword thing for a start Joe20 294 4 12:58am
           Collapse Oh, no, not decapitation! Kilidoescartwheels 271 3 1:10am
               Collapse Blood and Battle equals an R or 15 rating glor 222 1 2:05am
                   yep Ham_Sammy 179 0 2:46am
               Actually... lionoferebor 92 0 5:52am
       Collapse I think CathrineB 301 3 12:58am
           Yes it was shocking Kilidoescartwheels 263 0 1:18am
           Collapse Interesting Avandel 248 1 1:30am
               To me GhostofMacbeth 227 0 1:41am
       Collapse Fili's death has a main outcome Milieuterrien 236 1 1:59am
           The book had.. patrickk 93 0 6:11am
       Collapse A purpose in Fili's death Elarie 224 2 2:25am
           Collapse This JayFank 199 1 2:46am
               You've come to the wrong place if you're looking for people who don't care about the characters Riven Delve 186 0 2:51am
       I thought it was very effective Kim 156 0 3:28am
       Collapse he did fight though- we just don't see it Cirashala 130 1 5:03am
           That's what I thought, too Angharad73 26 0 8:52am
       One word - CLOSURE lionoferebor 99 0 5:47am
       Other than it not happening? Roheryn 33 0 8:30am

  Collapse Gothmog (the Orc) cameo in BOFA? above 236 2 6:38am Jump to last post in thread (by patrickk)
       Collapse To go a little OT am I the only one who would like to see him "CGIed" in an "ultimate" ROTK moreorless 102 1 8:38am
           Gothmog... patrickk 98 0 8:44am

  Collapse Eyelashes; aka, Ro's Been Thinking Again Roheryn 127 6 7:57am Jump to last post in thread (by Roheryn)
       Yes it is his eyelashes... patrickk 58 0 8:11am
     Collapse I KNEW it was Thranduil you were thinking of right away Lurker in the Mirk 53 2 8:21am
           Collapse Who else? Roheryn 44 1 8:36am
               *GASP* Lurker in the Mirk 42 0 8:40am
       Collapse Maybe he's born with it... Starling 49 1 8:24am
           A good Elf Roheryn 43 0 8:40am

  Collapse Symbolism in BOFA and the Hobbit trilogy Saneliur 607 8 Fri, 6:46am Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       Metaphorical Symbols DwellerInDale 341 0 Fri, 7:33am
       Arrgh! I would like to have words with PJ Earl 343 0 Fri, 7:50am
       Collapse Here's another! Scorchster 201 4 Fri, 4:46pm
           That's a nice way to look at it! DisDwarfWoman 54 0 Sat, 7:05pm
           Collapse Nice! That's what I got too Lurker in the Mirk 43 2 Sun, 7:04am
               Collapse Yes! Although I was quite exhausted by the end! Scorchster 29 1 Sun, 3:55pm
                   I did! Lurker in the Mirk 3 0 8:26am
       This is only one particular moment Riven Delve 40 0 Sun, 1:27pm

  Collapse Instances of Foreshadowing patrickk 837 20 Sun, 3:35am Jump to last post in thread (by patrickk)
       Collapse There are a lot pettytyrant101 474 16 Sun, 3:44am
           Collapse Which LOTR scenes did you have in mind patrickk 412 11 Sun, 3:58am
               Collapse off the top of my head pettytyrant101 413 1 Sun, 4:27am
                   I think this comes down to sensibilties... patrickk 346 0 Sun, 6:38am
               Collapse I don't think Balin's tomb has been much affected... Salmacis81 196 8 Sun, 4:34pm
                   Collapse Absolutely... Eleniel 178 7 Sun, 5:01pm
                       Collapse Does a foreshadow... patrickk 101 6 Sun, 10:39pm
                           Collapse well... Magpie 85 4 Sun, 11:42pm
                               Collapse But patrickk 79 3 Sun, 11:50pm
                                   Collapse I never said foreshadowing isn't important Magpie 57 2 1:37am
                                       An example Ham_Sammy 51 0 2:30am
                                       I think we have to agree to disagree... patrickk 35 0 5:10am
                           Why does the use shadowdog 70 0 12:48am
           Regardless, Lindele 400 0 Sun, 4:19am
           Collapse Don't forget the worst offender of all... Eleniel 320 2 Sun, 10:17am
               There was also... Salmacis81 198 0 Sun, 4:29pm
               Elenial remind me of the forshadow... patrickk 148 0 Sun, 7:35pm
       Oddly, it's a criticism I haven't heard levelled at Tolkien Spriggan 304 0 Sun, 10:30am
       Collapse maybe just a nod? peterLF 25 1 6:33am
           Yes there ... patrickk 14 0 8:08am

  Collapse Box Office MedwedtoBeorn 1175 21 Sun, 3:30pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       Deadline Ham_Sammy 599 0 Sun, 4:09pm
       Collapse Now in a dead heat with AUJ DwellerInDale 596 8 Sun, 4:39pm
           Collapse Which puts the worldwide total at... BlackFox 565 3 Sun, 5:01pm
               Collapse World wide total shadowdog 217 2 Sun, 10:52pm
                   BOFA wins 2nd week in a row beating Unbroken and Into the Woods Eruonen 93 0 4:37am
                   Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! *jumps up and down with joy* mae govannen 79 0 6:05am
           Collapse Apples and oranges Estel78 480 3 Sun, 5:54pm
               Good result Estel78 446 0 Sun, 6:14pm
               Collapse In this day and age Ham_Sammy 444 1 Sun, 6:20pm
                   DOS suffered because of the freezing weather glor 256 0 Sun, 9:21pm
       From Forbes Avandel 549 0 Sun, 5:16pm
       Collapse I guess having just good news would be too much to ask... Estel78 419 7 Sun, 7:12pm
           Collapse If i am not mistaken though, NecromancerRising 400 6 Sun, 7:15pm
               Collapse In about 3 or 4 important markets Estel78 368 5 Sun, 7:28pm
                   Collapse Japan is one market NecromancerRising 347 4 Sun, 7:37pm
                       Collapse No, not exactly apples and apples Estel78 327 1 Sun, 7:44pm
                           The only true indications so far NecromancerRising 352 0 Sun, 7:47pm
                       Collapse The appreciation of the US$... patrickk 349 1 Sun, 7:56pm
                           Important difference to remember indeed... Thank you! // mae govannen 56 0 7:01am
       Collapse I lost interest in tracking the box office Escapist 390 1 Sun, 7:49pm
           Nice to see it all happening, though... mae govannen 72 0 7:25am

  Collapse **Geeky Observation List for BofFA - Give me your Observations! :) grammaboodawg 1646 92 Dec 18, 4:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       Collapse :D Elvanui 648 1 Dec 18, 5:06pm
           I love that part! grammaboodawg 597 0 Dec 18, 5:42pm
       Collapse Legolas lost BOTH his white knives stn5 650 3 Dec 18, 5:17pm
           True! grammaboodawg 588 0 Dec 18, 5:44pm
           the Borg... swordwhale 244 0 Dec 19, 12:08am
           I watched for it... grammaboodawg 233 0 Dec 19, 5:33pm
       also: Elarie 585 0 Dec 18, 5:45pm
       Collapse Jimmy Nesbitt's kids Ham_Sammy 600 7 Dec 18, 5:48pm
           Collapse Tilda and Sigrid are a little bit more than cameos Crunchable Birdses 496 2 Dec 18, 7:26pm
               Collapse Just because... DigificWriter 483 1 Dec 18, 7:30pm
                   that's what i said - read the post that i was replying to :) Crunchable Birdses 459 0 Dec 18, 7:34pm
           Collapse Jimmy Nesbitt's kids MomoftheShire 190 3 Dec 20, 3:43am
               Collapse Awesome! Can you tell me where they show up, please? :) // grammaboodawg 137 2 Dec 21, 4:16am
                   Collapse They play Bard's two daughters. Silverlode 137 1 Dec 21, 4:52am
                       Seriously!? :D grammaboodawg 107 0 Dec 22, 1:25am
       Collapse Re #48 DisDwarfWoman 619 9 Dec 18, 5:50pm
           I also remember it as Bombur Elarie 553 0 Dec 18, 5:55pm
           Collapse Bombur // BlackFox 535 3 Dec 18, 5:55pm
               Collapse And IIRC... BlackFox 551 2 Dec 18, 5:57pm
                   Not sure... DisDwarfWoman 531 0 Dec 18, 6:05pm
                 Bomby theory..Bombur is their "Last line of Defense" of Erebor.. Bombadil 538 0 Dec 18, 6:10pm
           Collapse D'OH! You're Right! grammaboodawg 528 1 Dec 18, 6:32pm
               Smaug and the Master of Lake-town DigificWriter 535 0 Dec 18, 6:40pm
           Collapse Bombur swordwhale 218 1 Dec 19, 12:09am
               yep :) grammaboodawg 210 0 Dec 19, 5:34pm
       Bells Ham_Sammy 554 0 Dec 18, 6:04pm
       The return journey syameese 530 0 Dec 18, 6:51pm
       One very morbid observation BlackFox 597 0 Dec 18, 6:58pm
     Collapse I LOVE YOU Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 538 1 Dec 18, 7:03pm
           *blushes* Isn't this fun!? :D grammaboodawg 102 0 Dec 22, 4:10am
       Collapse Another BlackFox 517 1 Dec 18, 7:07pm
           Despite saying porr bilbo Im glad some give a real punch to some one during the battle Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 491 0 Dec 18, 7:16pm
       Collapse The Arkenstone appears to be one large radiant beautiful fire opal. elf_wannabee 463 3 Dec 18, 7:48pm
           Collapse Not based on the book DisDwarfWoman 320 1 Dec 18, 8:34pm
               Bain's sword DigificWriter 318 0 Dec 18, 8:47pm
           Without directing stating it…. ecthelionsbeard 205 0 Dec 19, 1:37am
       Collapse Through all three movies Oleander Took 384 7 Dec 18, 7:59pm
           Collapse He was eating a banana in AUJ Crunchable Birdses 348 4 Dec 18, 8:19pm
               Collapse Behind the scenes? Oleander Took 313 2 Dec 18, 8:33pm
                   Collapse Hmmmm...i honestly don't know now, maybe it was in an extra Crunchable Birdses 290 1 Dec 18, 8:45pm
                       I remember seeing Oleander Took 273 0 Dec 18, 9:39pm
               I dont remember this? When? macfalk 216 0 Dec 18, 11:41pm
           Collapse can't remember if he takes a bite FrogmortonJustice65 254 1 Dec 18, 10:02pm
               No BlackFox 251 0 Dec 18, 10:04pm
       The bunny on his back caught my eye as well! joec_34 354 0 Dec 18, 8:13pm
       Collapse some I remember Cirashala 308 15 Dec 18, 10:46pm
           Collapse My goodness, Cirashala! MatthewJer18 255 1 Dec 18, 10:47pm
               funnily enough Cirashala 238 0 Dec 18, 11:39pm
           Collapse awesome.... swordwhale 225 11 Dec 19, 12:32am
               Collapse WOW Cirashala 209 1 Dec 19, 12:37am
                   hee hee heee swordwhale 230 0 Dec 19, 1:55pm
               Collapse aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.... swordwhale 210 1 Dec 19, 12:43am
                   cool, that didn't work (type pic of curb bit).... swordwhale 190 0 Dec 19, 12:44am
               Collapse Gandalf's horse is unlikely to be a Shire Starling 172 6 Dec 19, 4:13am
                   Collapse ah yes swordwhale 220 5 Dec 19, 1:33pm
                       Collapse The Stationbred Starling 173 4 Dec 20, 4:22am
                           Collapse wow swordwhale 145 3 Dec 20, 10:30pm
                               Collapse Not sure if anyone has noticed the wet, husky-mix-looking dog Brethil 117 2 Dec 21, 10:15pm
                                   Collapse need to go back and see it again... swordwhale 50 1 Dec 23, 6:17pm
                                       When the Master is leaving grammaboodawg 36 0 Wed, 1:35pm
           *massive high five* Fabulous! THANKS! :D // grammaboodawg 85 0 Dec 22, 4:43pm
       Collapse I just posted a bunch of mine yesterday. Silverlode 260 1 Dec 18, 11:39pm
           *staggers, swoons* So Cool! THANKS! // grammaboodawg 86 0 Dec 22, 4:42pm
       After 3rd viewing Ham_Sammy 205 0 Dec 19, 2:48am
       A few I haven't seen in this thread: SirDennisC 206 0 Dec 19, 4:02am
       Fili's final words... GloryBox 298 0 Dec 19, 5:07am
       The jar Ham_Sammy 255 0 Dec 19, 5:59am
       Ah, Gramma, I have been looking forward to this list! Riven Delve 247 0 Dec 19, 1:27pm
       It says June 22? Lily Fairbairn 224 0 Dec 19, 4:14pm
       *** This is GREAT! Keep 'em coming! grammaboodawg 221 0 Dec 19, 5:37pm
     Collapse **More of my Geeky Observations grammaboodawg 152 11 Dec 22, 4:46am
           Collapse Wonderful list! GloryBox 100 1 Dec 22, 6:40am
               YEP! You're right! grammaboodawg 72 0 Dec 22, 4:37pm
           Collapse A couple of comments BlackFox 107 2 Dec 22, 11:14am
               Collapse Excellent :) grammaboodawg 69 1 Dec 22, 4:38pm
                   My pleasure! BlackFox 85 0 Dec 22, 4:44pm
           Collapse And I'll add one BlackFox 95 1 Dec 22, 11:20am
               He's so hurt grammaboodawg 74 0 Dec 22, 4:40pm
           Collapse erm, gramma Cirashala 93 2 Dec 22, 8:05pm
               Collapse *squints at list* grammaboodawg 54 1 Dec 23, 2:34pm
                   you are very welcome! Cirashala 43 0 Dec 23, 6:56pm
           Another note Cirashala 80 0 Dec 22, 8:17pm
       Collapse Gloin Regal Armor gliido 85 1 Dec 22, 3:59pm
           That's so cool! grammaboodawg 93 0 Dec 22, 4:41pm
       Collapse Something random lionoferebor 77 1 Dec 23, 4:20am
           Thanks for pointing this out. GloryBox 67 0 Dec 23, 4:33am
     ***This is so Great!! :D*** grammaboodawg 42 0 Wed, 1:44pm
       Collapse A personal favorite Elarie 45 1 Wed, 5:09pm
           Good ones!!! :D THANKS! // grammaboodawg 16 0 Sun, 1:39am
       Collapse In Laketown Riven Delve 21 1 Sat, 5:05pm
           Yes! grammaboodawg 17 0 Sun, 1:41am
       My last bit of stuff to add grammaboodawg 10 0 7:16am

  Collapse Ny two film edit Elutherian 1438 69 Sat, 11:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by brotherbeck)
       Why... DigificWriter 828 0 Sat, 11:13pm
       I was just giving it a go... Bofur01 789 0 Sat, 11:14pm
       Project Danielos 748 0 Sat, 11:17pm
       Collapse I'm making a two film edit at the moment Beorn's Bees 786 52 Sat, 11:23pm
           Collapse Still baffled... DigificWriter 775 40 Sat, 11:28pm
               Collapse In my opinion Ham_Sammy 717 2 Sat, 11:38pm
                   Collapse Actually... DigificWriter 695 1 Sat, 11:40pm
                       That's what I meant Ham_Sammy 636 0 Sun, 12:00am
               Collapse because Me85 666 27 Sat, 11:55pm
                   Collapse Like it or not... DigificWriter 655 25 Sun, 12:00am
                       Collapse Has it ever occurred to you... Bofur01 650 23 Sun, 12:02am
                           Collapse Making changes... DigificWriter 630 19 Sun, 12:06am
                               I love the Hobbit films... Bofur01 617 0 Sun, 12:11am
                               Collapse Hmmm.... Morthoron 357 17 Sun, 3:58am
                                   Collapse People need to knock it off... DigificWriter 357 16 Sun, 4:16am
                                       Collapse I find it disrespectul to Tolkien, so I guess we're even... Morthoron 331 13 Sun, 5:41am
                                           Collapse Tauriel... DigificWriter 314 12 Sun, 6:09am
                                               Collapse I am uninterested in what you take seriously... Morthoron 305 3 Sun, 6:32am
                                                   Collapse Aragorn frenching his horse? Starling 276 2 Sun, 6:50am
                                                       Collapse It's after the Aragorn falling off a cliff and being lost for dead scene... Bladerunner 253 1 Sun, 7:23am
                                                           I was being completely sarcastic Starling 249 0 Sun, 7:29am
                                               Collapse Itaril/Tauriel... Bladerunner 262 7 Sun, 7:16am
                                                   Collapse A quick Google arithmancer 241 6 Sun, 2:52pm
                                                       The script rewrites... DigificWriter 233 0 Sun, 3:05pm
                                                       Collapse Thanks for the clarification... Bladerunner 184 4 Sun, 4:54pm
                                                           Collapse (Very Long) Thoughts On a Fan Edit brotherbeck 174 3 Sun, 6:11pm
                                                               I don't know.. glor 124 0 Sun, 9:53pm
                                                               It's not naive at all DigificWriter 117 0 Sun, 10:07pm
                                                               This redgiraffe 17 0 6:44am
                                     Collapse Agree – it is annoying and disrespectful, to put it mildly Glorfindela 256 1 Sun, 8:08am
                                           Perspective Michelle Johnston 196 0 Sun, 10:43am
                           Collapse trilogy Danielos 603 2 Sun, 12:11am
                               Me either Ham_Sammy 572 0 Sun, 12:24am
                             can I put, like swordwhale 306 0 Sun, 5:18am
                       well redgiraffe 55 0 3:20am
                   If it's a hobby folks enjoy then go for it. Spriggan 176 0 Sun, 10:48am
               Collapse Much more was added than the Carrock, Bree and forges AshNazg 48 8 5:12am
                   Collapse The EE Appendices... DigificWriter 41 7 5:22am
                       Collapse hmmmm redgiraffe 36 6 5:46am
                           Collapse Pick-up shoots... DigificWriter 31 5 5:59am
                               Collapse Yes redgiraffe 20 3 6:35am
                                   Collapse What do you mean by "the battle at the end"? DigificWriter 20 2 6:38am
                                       Collapse subject redgiraffe 17 1 6:45am
                                           Hmm... DigificWriter 14 0 6:47am
                               Dissenting Opinions brotherbeck 15 0 6:48am
           Collapse Short version: Elutherian 719 10 Sat, 11:31pm
               Collapse If it ain't broke, why fix it? DigificWriter 662 1 Sat, 11:35pm
                   They are broke though imin 225 0 Sun, 9:00am
               Collapse The thing is, the more you cut, the more difficult it gets. Bofur01 672 6 Sat, 11:35pm
                   Collapse Give me a while...... Elutherian 665 5 Sat, 11:37pm
                       Collapse Ok here it is... Elutherian 612 4 Sun, 12:28am
                           Could you still include Legolas... Bladerunner 538 0 Sun, 1:15am
                           I can dig that Ham_Sammy 510 0 Sun, 1:33am
                           I really want to see this when you're finished Gianna 367 0 Sun, 2:23am
                           I haven't cut Tauriel like you have! sycorax82 362 0 Sun, 3:03am
               I agree with you! elentari3018 211 0 Sun, 3:29pm
       Collapse I feel sorry for you guys... xxxyyy 662 2 Sun, 12:08am
           Collapse Just so you understand me... Bofur01 613 1 Sun, 12:14am
               Ah! Good good // xxxyyy 373 0 Sun, 1:48am
       It would be interesting... DigificWriter 397 0 Sun, 1:40am
       Me too! KateTheHobbit 364 0 Sun, 2:36am
       I've done a bit of this sort of thing myself pettytyrant101 366 0 Sun, 3:01am
       Collapse 2 Films how to arrive there Michelle Johnston 299 4 Sun, 7:02am
           Collapse I'm sorry but all of that sounds awful lurtz2010 192 3 Sun, 11:21am
               Collapse Thanks Michelle Johnston 178 2 Sun, 12:00pm
                   Collapse I think a bagend start is needed for Bilbo though.. moreorless 255 1 Sun, 1:16pm
                       Bag End for us but not so much for the wider audience Michelle Johnston 187 0 Sun, 4:54pm
       I wouldnt say its totally impossible.. moreorless 194 0 Sun, 10:51am
     I bet you Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 160 0 Sun, 1:00pm

  Collapse Balin and Dwalin Appreciation Thread DisDwarfWoman 629 24 Sat, 7:29pm Jump to last post in thread (by ecthelionsbeard)
       Collapse 8 haarp 373 1 Sat, 8:06pm
         now I wonder (or it haunts me) was the dwarflessness just for the kids? Avandel 46 0 12:38am
       Absolutely love those! Ham_Sammy 330 0 Sat, 8:55pm
       Collapse Don't forget Dwalin and Thorin Riven Delve 339 12 Sat, 9:34pm
           Love that one too! Ham_Sammy 293 0 Sat, 9:53pm
           Collapse haha, yes! DisDwarfWoman 272 9 Sat, 10:25pm
               Collapse Hee hee Riven Delve 254 1 Sat, 10:32pm
                   yep! DisDwarfWoman 245 0 Sat, 10:38pm
               Collapse It was Ham_Sammy 265 6 Sat, 10:33pm
                   Collapse That's cool! DisDwarfWoman 249 2 Sat, 10:39pm
                       Collapse Loebelia no doubt Ham_Sammy 241 1 Sat, 10:49pm
                           right... DisDwarfWoman 230 0 Sat, 10:55pm
                   Collapse Also acknowledging Dwalin's reaction... BlackCountry 153 2 Sun, 1:23pm
                       Such a terrible moment indeed... *sigh* mae govannen 138 0 Sun, 1:51pm
                       yes, can't forget about that DisDwarfWoman 113 0 Sun, 5:33pm
           loved that line! Old Toby 172 0 Sun, 6:42am
       yep........ swordwhale 183 0 Sun, 5:22am
       Collapse I agree! elentari3018 81 3 Sun, 9:21pm
           Collapse True! DisDwarfWoman 79 2 Sun, 9:46pm
               Collapse Funny thing... ecthelionsbeard 76 1 Sun, 9:50pm
                   That whole part for me, yeah. DisDwarfWoman 68 0 Sun, 10:41pm
       Collapse Enjoyed both of these guys throughout the trilogy... Salmacis81 61 2 Sun, 10:56pm
           Collapse Agree on the looks Ham_Sammy 29 1 2:38am
               The only ones who didn't look like dwarves to me... ecthelionsbeard 10 0 6:06am
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