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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 138764 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 108450 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Sticky: TORn's smallish, but hopefully growing BOTFA spoiler summary Demosthenes 4000 15 Jun 23, 6:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 650 0 Oct 12, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for November 2014! cats16 243 20 Nov 13, 10:18am Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)

  Sticky: 'Tis the Season of Spoilers! (Spoiler Policy) Silverlode 206 0 Thu, 3:23am Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

  Collapse The Five Armies Arannir 381 3 10:23am Jump to last post in thread (by Arannir)
       Seems right for the movieverse that. adt100 118 0 11:52am
       Collapse Not sure I like that Bernhardina 11 1 6 mins ago
           Disagree Arannir 1 0 31 secs ago

  Collapse Dwarves charging in new tv spot Bishop 1846 39 2:41am Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Collapse They have shown it shadowdog 951 1 2:43am
           Yeah I saw it during the game. Looked great. Bishop 881 0 2:44am
       Loads of new shots! Eurolock 975 0 2:47am
       Fili and Kili are flanking Thorin - who is NOT wielding orcrist.. Eurolock 877 0 2:59am
       Orcs pouring out of the tunnels this time.. Eurolock 851 0 3:01am
       Collapse Were they wearing their golden regal armour? Joe20 806 18 3:22am
           Collapse From what I recall Bishop 830 1 3:27am
               Nice! Thanks Joe20 755 0 3:28am
           Collapse Afraid not.. Eurolock 777 15 3:31am
               Collapse lol so Bishop says yes and you say no Joe20 745 13 3:32am
                   Collapse I hit rewind on my DVR to check.... Eurolock 745 11 3:40am
                       Collapse Can you record it with your phone or something and put it up on youtube? Joe20 720 7 3:52am
                           Collapse Here you go Eurolock 775 6 4:32am
                               Collapse Champion! Thanks Joe20 600 5 4:53am
                                   Collapse CGI looked good actually Eurolock 516 4 5:01am
                                       They all look the same... Saneliur 504 0 5:06am
                                       Collapse The 300 Effect elvish.mafia 199 2 10:26am
                                           Collapse I remember almost all critics NecromancerRising 186 1 10:30am
                                             or maybe it was the HFR...lol elvish.mafia 157 0 10:40am
                       Collapse Yeah. Macfeast 207 2 10:06am
                           Collapse I'm really curious to see tattooed_dwarf 150 1 10:44am
                               *sigh* have the tissues out I think - spoilery speculation Avandel 5 0 3 mins ago
                   Check the recent behind-the-scenes shot in Empire Eurolock 744 0 3:51am
               Aren't they wearing what is glimpsed in the trailer? Bishop 724 0 3:38am
       Collapse Link to a phone camera recording of my TV... Eurolock 1148 14 4:37am
           You the real MVP. tsmith675 650 0 4:40am
           Thank you!! Saneliur 631 0 4:41am
           Thank you! Mooseboy018 625 0 4:41am
           Collapse THANKS! You can see Dain Annatar598 714 1 4:42am
               Dain? I think you may be right... Eurolock 461 0 5:49am
           Great spot! NecromancerRising 617 0 4:53am
           Collapse Did the version you see Bishop 659 4 4:53am
               Collapse Wait... What???! Saneliur 629 3 4:57am
                   Collapse The version I saw... Bishop 542 2 5:04am
                       dwarf armor Mooseboy018 504 0 5:05am
                       When did you see it? Eurolock 455 0 5:27am
           Collapse Thanks a lot MechaGodzilla 493 1 5:10am
               Screenshot of Bolg outside Mount Gundabad Eurolock 593 0 5:16am
         Awesome of you - Thorin and Galadriel and the charge Avandel 477 0 6:19am

Collapse 3 NEW EPIC SPOTS (DAIN) Númenórean 1666 23 12:15pm Jump to last post in thread (by Faleel)
       Dain looks incredible! Shagrat 793 0 12:21pm
       These are great but... Crunchable Birdses 796 0 12:21pm
       Collapse Could someone post some screencaps of the new images? Boromir Stark 684 2 12:43pm
           No shots... Arannir 627 0 12:53pm
           Here you go Fleuz 624 0 1:14pm
       Bad quality video but NecromancerRising 663 0 12:51pm
       Wow Arannir 653 0 12:51pm
       Hmmmmmmm Name 586 0 1:11pm
       Collapse Will they release HD versions ? King_horse 568 3 1:19pm
           Collapse The Dol Guldur shots NoelGallagher 463 2 2:05pm
               It's pretty safe to assume Frodo's accounts are accurate... AshNazg 401 0 2:27pm
               My guess is that he had just seen these TV spots sycorax82 337 0 2:47pm
       Proof Mithfânion 432 0 2:14pm
       Now that's what I call EPIC aifeme 389 0 2:23pm
       Collapse Gandalf: "The dwarves were never meant to reach the mountain". What? xxxyyy 275 2 3:14pm
           I am sure the rings is where the powers come from in the movie. Arannir 238 0 3:17pm
           Reach the mountain. Arannir 231 0 3:22pm
       Today is Billy Connolly's birthday as well! // Carne 212 0 3:16pm
       Am I right in thinking they have covered the elves' faces? Spriggan 242 0 3:20pm
       Collapse I can't even.. Saneliur 216 3 3:30pm
           Collapse It requires multiple viewings to take it all in BlackFox 94 2 34 mins ago
               Collapse pssst...... dormouse 53 1 15 mins ago
                   0 Faleel 23 0 5 mins ago

Collapse Thranduil Appreciation Thread Part XXV Lurker in the Mirk 1238 140 Thu, 4:27am Jump to last post in thread (by mariel)
       Collapse Some MFE to start Lurker in the Mirk 591 17 Thu, 4:37am
           Collapse Quarter of a century! mariel 505 3 Thu, 9:05am
               Collapse My pleasure Lurker in the Mirk 216 2 Fri, 5:47am
                   Collapse If I were to start a thread... Kerewyn 88 1 8:08am
                       ooh, yeah, forgot about your browser issues Lurker in the Mirk 44 0 1:28pm
           Collapse Seems we always tip the thread and get threadlock after 10pm my time Eruvandi 268 1 Thu, 11:44pm
               Timezones are such a hassle Lurker in the Mirk 218 0 Fri, 6:17am
           Collapse Armour!Thranduil MFE Lurker in the Mirk 237 4 Fri, 6:25am
               Collapse That last one mariel 213 3 Fri, 8:31am
                   Collapse I think it's from the BotFA preview in the DOS EE Appendices Eruvandi 142 2 Fri, 10:21pm
                       Yeah Lurker in the Mirk 101 0 Sat, 4:29am
                       Thanks for that mariel 235 0 Sat, 8:24am
         Collapse Fab White!Amour edits Lurker in the Mirk 229 5 Fri, 6:30am
               Collapse Very nice mariel 211 2 Fri, 8:36am
                   Really? Eruvandi 143 0 Fri, 10:29pm
                   Me too Lurker in the Mirk 104 0 Sat, 4:30am
               Collapse Wow, I hand no idea about the skull either... vanima ephel 119 1 Sat, 1:51am
                   *LoL* right? I was just saying the same to mariel Lurker in the Mirk 107 0 Sat, 4:33am
     Collapse Thranddy Daddy and Leggy Sonny Lurker in the Mirk 629 11 Thu, 4:45am
           LoL Strip [Reverse FLAST, sorta] Lurker in the Mirk 567 0 Thu, 5:13am
           Collapse More daddy and son moments Lurker in the Mirk 231 2 Fri, 6:22am
               Collapse Hey that's a cool edit(?) of 'father and son' VValar 148 1 Fri, 8:47pm
                   Of course! Lurker in the Mirk 102 0 Sat, 4:41am
           Collapse lol! But the joy of a fandom fantasy life is I CAN HAVE BOTH... vanima ephel 119 1 Sat, 2:18am
               Ditto! And another *awww*Thranddy and baby Leggy fan art Lurker in the Mirk 110 0 Sat, 4:43am
         Another one Lurker in the Mirk 254 0 Sat, 5:27am
           BTS Thranddy and Leggy in B&W Lurker in the Mirk 60 0 2:38am
           Collapse Truly snickering at that first one... Kerewyn 67 1 10:28am
               Heheh... Lurker in the Mirk 39 0 1:33pm
           Another contemporary Thranddy look [HTR] Lurker in the Mirk 26 0 2:20pm
       Collapse Responses to TAXXV Lurker in the Mirk 564 8 Thu, 5:54am
         Collapse *waves* BlackFox 506 3 Thu, 8:57am
               Collapse *waves back* Lurker in the Mirk 221 2 Fri, 5:44am
                 Collapse You know what they say... BlackFox 205 1 Fri, 9:44am
                       HAHA Lurker in the Mirk 101 0 Sat, 4:44am
         Collapse That is a good one On_the_partyelk 452 3 Thu, 1:24pm
               Collapse *cough* Just a little correction ... Kerewyn 91 2 7:57am
                   Oops, that was my fault Lurker in the Mirk 39 0 1:34pm
                   ;) On_the_partyelk 17 0 2:43pm
     Collapse Food for thought: Thranduil... isolationist? Lurker in the Mirk 581 23 Thu, 6:02am
           Collapse To be honest Adanel 559 10 Thu, 6:32am
               Collapse Isolationist Danielos 544 5 Thu, 6:55am
                   Well like I said Adanel 538 0 Thu, 7:07am
                   Collapse its symbolic of a "major power" staying isolationist MouthofSauron 535 3 Thu, 7:13am
                       Collapse His father & 2/3 of greenwood troops died Elk2013 527 2 Thu, 7:48am
                           YAWN...Tired EYESzz....you ThrranyThrallzz Bombadil 496 0 Thu, 10:18am
                           Great analysis Elk2013, Mouth of Sauron & Adanel about Thrandy ltnjmy 439 0 Thu, 3:11pm
               Collapse I see your pov, Adanel Lurker in the Mirk 226 3 Fri, 6:09am
                   Well.......... Adanel 216 0 Fri, 7:08am
                   Collapse Musies Kerewyn 87 1 8:13am
                       *jots down* 1 ficcie on order Lurker in the Mirk 36 0 1:37pm
           Collapse Good articles mariel 504 9 Thu, 11:17am
               Collapse Great analysis mariel as well ! ltnjmy 426 1 Thu, 3:14pm
                   Hi Itnjmy *waves back* mariel 409 0 Thu, 4:11pm
             Beautifully said (I'd send a carton of Dorwinion's finest with compliments, if I could) Lurker in the Mirk 232 0 Fri, 5:58am
               Collapse I wholeheartedly agree with all your comments... vanima ephel 134 3 Sat, 1:34am
                   Yeah, it grates, re the father-son moments Lurker in the Mirk 109 0 Sat, 4:48am
                   Collapse Agree with you comments too mariel 222 1 Sat, 12:43pm
                     Point, point, and point! Character assassination it is Lurker in the Mirk 145 0 Sun, 7:43am
               Collapse Sylvans & Sindarins, and who should Leggy be dating? Kerewyn 53 1 12:47pm
                 On that contingent of Wilderland's Most Eligible Sindar Bachelorettes Lurker in the Mirk 35 0 1:42pm
           Collapse The isolationism Kerewyn 68 1 10:34am
               Destruction of Dol Guldor Lurker in the Mirk 30 0 1:52pm
       Collapse "A King's private life" fan edit mariel 472 1 Thu, 1:47pm
         KEWL~ Lurker in the Mirk 221 0 Fri, 6:10am
     Collapse Ohhh what a lovely OP VValar 402 10 Thu, 9:00pm
         Collapse YOU jus' GAVE...Bomby a **FLASH of Insight** Bombadil 376 3 Thu, 9:28pm
               Collapse Here you go BlackFox 381 2 Thu, 9:33pm
                   Collapse THANKS...Looks a bit more LIKE Elrond..?// Bombadil 368 1 Thu, 9:50pm
                       Indeed BlackFox 373 0 Thu, 9:53pm
         Collapse *waves good-bye* Have fun! [and GoT Xover stuff] Lurker in the Mirk 223 5 Fri, 6:15am
               Collapse Thanks and I love the GOT crossovers VValar 117 4 Fri, 8:39pm
                   Collapse Of course~ Lurker in the Mirk 144 3 Sat, 4:51am
                     Addendum: Thranduil owning it Lurker in the Mirk 107 0 Sat, 5:10am
                     Collapse Lol mariel 245 1 Sat, 8:21am
                         Great relief Lurker in the Mirk 141 0 Sun, 7:13am
       Collapse Some baby Leggy cuteness, a FLAST, and a couple of Thrandy pretty! things Eruvandi 289 4 Fri, 1:16am
         Ahaha On_the_partyelk 260 0 Fri, 1:54am
           Collapse *LoL* the Leggy FLAST Lurker in the Mirk 227 2 Fri, 6:18am
               Collapse Think I'm caught up Eruvandi 131 1 Fri, 10:50pm
                   Yay and "Oh dear" Lurker in the Mirk 102 0 Sat, 4:54am
       Collapse A little something to raise a smile mariel 235 4 Fri, 8:50am
           *THUD* a little warning next time will ya? VValar 113 0 Fri, 8:42pm
           Collapse Somehow... vanima ephel 110 1 Sat, 2:54am
               *LOL* Lurker in the Mirk 102 0 Sat, 4:55am
         Another one Lurker in the Mirk 105 0 Sat, 4:38am
       Collapse Pretty fan edit mariel 192 9 Fri, 1:51pm
           Collapse And one more mariel 197 7 Fri, 2:08pm
             WOAH On_the_partyelk 162 0 Fri, 4:06pm
               Thud, ltnjmy hits the floor ltnjmy 146 0 Fri, 5:29pm
               *THUD* Eruvandi 140 0 Fri, 11:03pm
               LOVES!!! It's wallpaper size too (and one for Ronan fans) Lurker in the Mirk 107 0 Sat, 5:05am
             Collapse Close-ups Lurker in the Mirk 149 2 Sun, 7:11am
                 Collapse *raises paw* BlackFox 130 1 Sun, 10:13am
                     *jumps to hi-five* Lurker in the Mirk 58 0 2:29am
         LOVELY! And two more Lurker in the Mirk 107 0 Sat, 5:03am
       Collapse Fan art of Thranduil and wifey and a potential HTR Lurker in the Mirk 110 2 Sat, 5:19am
           Collapse Wifey fan art Kerewyn 85 1 8:26am
               Either that or the artist really bought into the grumpy old man thing Lurker in the Mirk 28 0 1:53pm
       LOL and PieKing! And some scruffy LP Lurker in the Mirk 102 0 Sat, 5:26am
       Collapse @Kerewyn: the TA '000th post list Lurker in the Mirk 262 6 Sat, 5:37am
           Collapse Ooh, I was number 5000! mariel 217 3 Sat, 12:55pm
               Collapse Heh, wondering who's going to be lucky no. 6000 Lurker in the Mirk 145 2 Sun, 7:47am
                   Collapse Like your new Avie! mariel 135 1 Sun, 8:33am
                       Thanks, mariel Lurker in the Mirk 59 0 2:29am
           Collapse On stats: I always was hopeless at maths... Kerewyn 80 1 8:31am
             It's ok, ms excel is an ally Lurker in the Mirk 30 0 1:57pm
       Collapse A little more fan art to pass the time mariel 223 5 Sat, 12:53pm
           Collapse Some more mariel 123 4 Sun, 1:01pm
               Collapse Thanks. And agreed Lurker in the Mirk 64 3 2:34am
                   Collapse Maivolchica's edit mariel 79 2 8:37am
                       Nice edit, mariel Kerewyn 72 0 8:43am
                       Pretty!!! *THUD* Lurker in the Mirk 26 0 2:01pm
       Collapse some pretty On_the_partyelk 222 1 Sat, 1:29pm
         Oooh, so pretty! Lurker in the Mirk 143 0 Sun, 7:18am
       Collapse Legolas - Orcrist - Thorin stn5 232 1 Sat, 1:40pm
           He's had Orcrist in a couple of the official posters too Eruvandi 187 0 Sun, 12:16am
     Collapse Too funny On_the_partyelk 90 7 Sun, 10:59pm
           Collapse Aww... poor Leggy Lurker in the Mirk 66 3 2:38am
               Collapse Thrandy is king of sass On_the_partyelk 49 2 12:52pm
                   Collapse Heheh! Definitely a classic Lurker in the Mirk 32 1 2:02pm
                       Classics are best On_the_partyelk 10 0 3:22pm
           Collapse Ya know... Kerewyn 83 2 8:40am
               *whispers* which was also present in... Lurker in the Mirk 31 0 2:03pm
               True dat On_the_partyelk 11 0 3:19pm
     Collapse Comic strips Lurker in the Mirk 75 5 2:58am
         Collapse Brilliant mariel 89 1 8:20am
               I know what you mean Lurker in the Mirk 29 0 2:07pm
           memes are fun On_the_partyelk 54 0 12:23pm
           Comic strips Kerewyn 50 0 12:58pm
           Heheh... a fine hit they've been! Lurker in the Mirk 32 0 2:06pm
       Collapse Two kings mariel 94 1 8:24am
           HeH Lurker in the Mirk 27 0 2:09pm
       Collapse 3 New TV Spot stn5 35 3 2:03pm
           Low-res screencap BlackFox 31 0 2:09pm
           Collapse Oh! Nice! Lurker in the Mirk 26 1 2:15pm
               Addendum: better res screenie and gif Lurker in the Mirk 16 0 3:00pm
     Fangirl watching BotFA trailer in the theatre Lurker in the Mirk 28 0 2:18pm
     Collapse Finally, a scholarly discourse: How Is Thranduil Different from the Book? Lurker in the Mirk 30 1 2:24pm
         Annoyingly Michael Martinez has drifted out of my reach again mariel 1 0 13 mins ago

  Collapse EMPIRE Magazine BoFA covers tsmith675 183 5 37 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by Carne)
     Collapse !SQUEEEEEEEE! Thank you! The kind of thing I have been waiting for! Avandel 44 1 20 mins ago
           3 armies to go Carne 44 0 16 mins ago
       Oh, my ears and whiskers..... dormouse 43 0 15 mins ago
       How much? Danielos 33 0 14 mins ago
       Already seeing subscribers receiving their issues Carne 36 0 14 mins ago

  Collapse Media profile for The Hobbit vs. LOTR delius82 640 15 2:53am Jump to last post in thread (by Danielos)
       Collapse I think PJ tried too hard to NOT make TH like LOTR... Earl 357 2 3:24am
           Interview Dipling 267 0 5:45am
           As a matter of fact, he did. TheHutt 189 0 8:52am
       Collapse I think it is more to do with Joe20 344 1 3:26am
           I wouldn't call myself a comic book fan Earl 312 0 3:39am
       Collapse Because nothing ever happens the same way twice.... dormouse 195 1 8:32am
           Pretty much Elessar 53 0 2:04pm
       Different circumstances, different studio. Silverlode 191 0 8:50am
       Collapse Even... Arannir 180 6 9:03am
         Collapse There is the Release Date to consider... Bombadil 128 5 11:04am
               Collapse Not MJ. Arannir 116 4 11:20am
                   Collapse Reports from BOM indicate that Mockingjay may wind up below AUJ's domestic gross. // macfalk 112 3 11:22am
                       Collapse Yes... Arannir 85 1 1:03pm
                           Hobbit in Sweden Danielos 16 0 43 mins ago
                       Interesting Elessar 52 0 2:05pm

  Collapse Info on the Gundabad army? DeadRabbits 323 2 10:06am Jump to last post in thread (by DeadRabbits)
       Collapse DR.. Dear?.. the Ones W/ Machines on their Backs Bombadil 150 1 10:39am
           They sure look panzer tank-like enough... DeadRabbits 27 0 48 mins ago

  Collapse Galadriel showing her stuff!! delius82 1347 23 2:42am Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       She does!!! Saneliur 629 0 5:09am
       I just saw it in the other post Spalko 520 0 6:39am
       Collapse We need link! :o))) It sounds amazing! TiberiusOgden 433 2 8:00am
           Collapse Link is... Saneliur 537 1 8:06am
               Thank you ;o) TiberiusOgden 397 0 8:17am
       Finally! dubulous 301 0 10:53am
       That's awesome HiddenSpring 259 0 11:33am
       Collapse I'd say that all but confirms Frodo's rumours... AshNazg 278 2 12:08pm
           Sauron or the Nine Noria 238 0 12:32pm
           But it's in line with what we know of the Istari dubulous 225 0 1:00pm
     Collapse YEAH! Arannir 217 12 1:06pm
           Collapse Goddess! NecromancerRising 207 3 1:06pm
               Collapse I adore Blanchett! Arannir 201 2 1:07pm
                   Collapse Yup! NecromancerRising 176 1 1:16pm
                       Same here Spalko 166 0 1:22pm
           Hell yeah! // BlackFox 184 0 1:09pm
           Collapse Yeah! Spalko 174 5 1:24pm
               Collapse Spoiler Thread Arannir 179 4 1:35pm
                   You are right Spalko 115 0 2:06pm
                   That is true, and many of those showed up in the EE MechaGodzilla 98 0 2:21pm
                   Collapse To be honest Mithfânion 82 1 2:43pm
                       Did you read his second more detailed spoiler on the scene? Spriggan 63 0 3:12pm
           Nice! Elessar 118 0 2:01pm

  Collapse 3D HFR for last time? Danielos 818 31 Sat, 10:20am Jump to last post in thread (by Imladris18)
       That's the saddest part IMO utku 445 0 Sat, 10:52am
       I'll watch it in 48 HFR Glorfindela 404 0 Sat, 11:02am
       Collapse Well we still have James Camerons "Avatar" sequels to come Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 370 7 Sat, 12:11pm
           Collapse Ditto Lieutenant NecromancerRising 324 2 Sat, 12:36pm
               Collapse Thritto. // Estel78 292 1 Sat, 1:24pm
                   After checking Dolbyzz website 16 major Bombadil 303 0 Sat, 1:41pm
           Collapse I hope Cameron is *still* into HFR... Kendalf 241 3 Sat, 4:22pm
               Collapse James Cameron doesn't care what people say Estel78 212 2 Sat, 5:37pm
                   Ah Kendalf 199 0 Sat, 5:40pm
                   Avatar 2, 3 & 4 start filming in a couple of weeks... AshNazg 16 0 Sun, 11:15pm
       Collapse I hope to see it at least once in HFR just for the experience Elarie 295 11 Sat, 2:01pm
           Collapse Except that it seems to work the other way as well..... dormouse 271 1 Sat, 3:04pm
               That's interesting Elarie 246 0 Sat, 3:34pm
           Collapse That "tweaking" might involve even *more* frames per second... Kendalf 234 8 Sat, 4:32pm
               Collapse Interesting idea Elarie 220 7 Sat, 5:08pm
                   Collapse I bought NecromancerRising 209 6 Sat, 5:45pm
                       Collapse Wow, fantastic for you! Elarie 131 1 Sat, 10:29pm
                           Be my guests any time NecromancerRising 52 0 Sun, 6:52am
                       Collapse Is there any 4K content to watch yet? Kendalf 84 3 Sun, 1:51am
                           Collapse Unfortunately there is NecromancerRising 59 2 Sun, 6:48am
                               Collapse Good news and bad news... 4k blu-rays AshNazg 45 1 Sun, 8:38am
                                   I know that 4k blu-rays NecromancerRising 36 0 Sun, 9:32am
       I'm in! Kendalf 239 0 Sat, 4:16pm
       2D for me malickfan 187 0 Sat, 6:35pm
       Me! Kim 173 0 Sat, 6:48pm
       I won't see it any other way... Aragorn the Elfstone 173 0 Sat, 7:05pm
       I'm going with a party of nine to see it in HFR QuackingTroll 154 0 Sat, 8:24pm
       Best movie experience of my life. Misty Mountain Hop 158 0 Sat, 9:27pm
       Yeah... StarGodziller 107 0 Sun, 12:08am
       Too bad! MomoftheShire 35 0 Sun, 11:17am
       The majority of new TVs are capable of 120Hz+ nowadays. More and more people are getting acclimated to higher frame rates. Imladris18 4 0 2:48pm

  Collapse Will Saruman fight with Sauron? erdildeniz 928 17 Sat, 6:24pm Jump to last post in thread (by dreamflower)
       Collapse I'm suspecting Galadriel will say ... Arandir 522 1 Sat, 6:38pm
           At that point, Galadriel doens' t seem to be able to say that. erdildeniz 430 0 Sat, 6:54pm
       Collapse There is an alleged description of the scene Spriggan 501 9 Sat, 6:58pm
           Collapse Of course ... TiberiusOgden 421 6 Sat, 7:16pm
               Collapse Saruman is the hero of Dol Guldur, according to Tolkien. erdildeniz 426 5 Sat, 7:20pm
                   ;o) TiberiusOgden 374 0 Sat, 7:30pm
                   Collapse I'm not sure hero is quite the right word dubulous 332 3 Sat, 8:00pm
                       Collapse even if saruman kicks sauron's booty MouthofSauron 313 2 Sat, 8:11pm
                           Collapse Sure it's clear in the books but dubulous 294 1 Sat, 8:26pm
                               i wouldn't be too worried MouthofSauron 237 0 Sat, 10:39pm
           Collapse Please show it to me Remus 368 1 Sat, 7:48pm
               Well without spoiling Spriggan 374 0 Sat, 7:54pm
       Collapse I think it will be one-sided once Saruman gets involved sycorax82 175 1 Sun, 4:02am
           Radagast's fate dreamflower 8 0 2:06pm
       Collapse OT: If Radagast dies? AshNazg 124 1 Sun, 9:04am
           I think Saruman is speaking symbolically Spriggan 128 0 Sun, 9:14am
       . Nerven 93 0 Sun, 12:10pm

  Collapse Will Thranduil have a character arc like in the book? The Grey Elf 462 10 Sun, 11:57pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       Collapse I think Thorin's words will speak for everyone... AshNazg 223 1 1:18am
           Yes Glorfindela 194 0 1:25am
       Collapse I think he will be redeemed Rembrethil 183 7 1:57am
           Collapse I have a feeling we'll be missing that line Lurker in the Mirk 165 6 2:23am
               Collapse Hopefully the further the fall, the greater the drama of his redemption... Rembrethil 159 3 2:58am
                   Collapse By the Valar, no, not wholesomely goody two shoes! Lurker in the Mirk 150 2 3:01am
                       Collapse Well, his portrayal in the films came across as an unexpected pleasure Rembrethil 143 1 3:50am
                           He sure does! Lurker in the Mirk 41 0 1:16pm
               Collapse Yes Glorfindela 75 1 11:05am
                   *LOL* I have the most inappropriate image of Thranduil being cuddly Lurker in the Mirk 42 0 1:21pm

  Collapse What or who do you think will shake Thorin from his dragon sickness? The Grey Elf 355 7 Sun, 11:48pm Jump to last post in thread (by Glorfindela)
       Dwalin's words will surely have some weight too // Fàfnir 199 0 Sun, 11:53pm
       Collapse Well Glorfindela 170 2 1:24am
           Collapse I hope so (BOOK SPOILER) Elarie 37 1 12:50pm
               It's marvellous – and memorable Glorfindela 31 0 1:02pm
       If the spoilers are true... Kilidoescartwheels 158 0 2:46am
       A mortal wound would be very effective.// Elizabeth 88 0 7:38am
       I hope we do see him shaking it off before joining the battle iduna 43 0 12:12pm

  Collapse Will Azog and Bolg fight side by side? Lio 340 6 Sun, 10:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by Noria)
       Collapse I don't know, but macfalk 180 1 Sun, 10:47pm
           azog looked that good in DOS but we all know MouthofSauron 90 0 4:10am
       Collapse 2 separate armies? Orc Berserker 169 1 Sun, 11:06pm
           i like that! MouthofSauron 83 0 4:12am
       Collapse The answer to your second question is yes... dormouse 162 1 Sun, 11:15pm
           Fili did call Thorin Uncle and Thorin referred to his own kin.// Noria 26 0 12:37pm

  Collapse Not sure if thas has been posted, but (fan-made BOFA sketches) macfalk 261 2 11:05am Jump to last post in thread (by TheHutt)
       This is awesome. What I think would be cool... AshNazg 103 0 11:37am
       The guy just took... TheHutt 122 0 11:42am

  Collapse New Still of Bard and Gandalf FaramirAndEowynMorningStar 837 9 Sun, 2:03pm Jump to last post in thread (by Wauntaun)
       Collapse hmmmm Crunchable Birdses 388 1 Sun, 2:17pm
         Hehehe! // BlackFox 243 0 Sun, 3:23pm
       Nice! Glorfindela 304 0 Sun, 2:44pm
       Collapse Thank you - costume geek re Bard pondering! Avandel 158 1 Sun, 6:27pm
           have you seen the EE bit where Bard talks about playing Girion? Cirashala 157 0 Sun, 6:31pm
       Collapse Just look at the attention to detail in that one little shot. Lissuin 95 2 Sun, 10:07pm
           Collapse I second that. // BlackFox 68 1 Sun, 10:19pm
             **persnicketiness!** Rules these Filmzz... since..? Bombadil 66 0 Sun, 11:07pm
       One question Wauntaun 13 0 10:34am
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