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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 141360 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 109193 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 1934 0 Oct 12, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for November 2014! cats16 519 20 Nov 13, 10:18am Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)

  Sticky: 'Tis the Season of Spoilers! (Spoiler Policy) Silverlode 1351 0 Nov 20, 3:23am Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

Collapse Sticky: ---> OFFICIAL USER REVIEW THREAD Olorin2607 6668 180 Dec 9, 7:07pm Jump to last post in thread (by Glorfindela)

  Collapse **Geeky Observation List for BofFA - Give me your Observations! :) grammaboodawg 490 29 4:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by DisDwarfWoman)
       Collapse :D Elvanui 218 1 5:06pm
           I love that part! grammaboodawg 176 0 5:42pm
       Collapse Legolas lost BOTH his white knives stn5 208 1 5:17pm
           True! grammaboodawg 174 0 5:44pm
       also: Elarie 179 0 5:45pm
       Collapse Jimmy Nesbitt's kids Ham_Sammy 178 3 5:48pm
           Collapse Tilda and Sigrid are a little bit more than cameos Crunchable Birdses 73 2 7:26pm
               Collapse Just because... DigificWriter 70 1 7:30pm
                   that's what i said - read the post that i was replying to :) Crunchable Birdses 58 0 7:34pm
       Collapse Re #48 DisDwarfWoman 176 7 5:50pm
           I also remember it as Bombur Elarie 158 0 5:55pm
           Collapse Bombur // BlackFox 155 3 5:55pm
               Collapse And IIRC... BlackFox 156 2 5:57pm
                   Not sure... DisDwarfWoman 142 0 6:05pm
                 Bomby theory..Bombur is their "Last line of Defense" of Erebor.. Bombadil 137 0 6:10pm
           Collapse D'OH! You're Right! grammaboodawg 131 1 6:32pm
               Smaug and the Master of Lake-town DigificWriter 125 0 6:40pm
       Bells Ham_Sammy 147 0 6:04pm
       The return journey syameese 119 0 6:51pm
       One very morbid observation BlackFox 121 0 6:58pm
     I LOVE YOU Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 111 0 7:03pm
       Collapse Another BlackFox 102 1 7:07pm
           Despite saying porr bilbo Im glad some give a real punch to some one during the battle Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 86 0 7:16pm
       Collapse The Arkenstone appears to be one large radiant beautiful fire opal. elf_wannabee 48 1 47 mins ago
           Not based on the book DisDwarfWoman 0 0 1 min ago
       Collapse Through all three movies Oleander Took 38 2 36 mins ago
           Collapse He was eating a banana in AUJ Crunchable Birdses 19 1 16 mins ago
               Behind the scenes? Oleander Took 2 0 2 mins ago
       The bunny on his back caught my eye as well! joec_34 27 0 22 mins ago

  Collapse Reviews #20 thomasofrohan 44 2 14 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by macfalk)
       Certified fresh Estel78 15 0 5 mins ago
       It needs 75% to get certified fresh, right? macfalk 14 0 4 mins ago

  Collapse Galadriel goes ghost dwarvenboot 712 14 Wed, 11:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by Girdle of Melian)
       Collapse same here erdildeniz 391 1 Wed, 11:40pm
           that's what happens in the appendices though MouthofSauron 197 0 4:16am
       Collapse I didn't like it Fichtenbrenner 400 3 Wed, 11:40pm
           Collapse Question HiddenSpring 319 2 12:37am
               fI'll on nuclear Ham_Sammy 298 0 12:47am
               Not really dubulous 87 0 8:47am
       As with most magic in the books and films Spriggan 403 0 Wed, 11:46pm
       Collapse ... swordwhale 187 3 3:52am
           Collapse Older then the Sun, Younger the Trees Finrod 58 2 2:26pm
               that..... was.... swordwhale 48 0 3:06pm
             That was... Iarhen 4 0 40 mins ago
       Collapse Poor effects dubulous 97 1 8:43am
           I Agree.... Girdle of Melian 1 0 7 mins ago
       . Nerven 92 0 8:48am

  Collapse Rank The Hobbit movies BlackFox 435 19 4:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
       After just one viewing of BOTFA Elessar 289 0 4:33pm
       My rankings DigificWriter 261 0 4:35pm
       For me: tsmith675 245 0 4:38pm
       Collapse Based on initial viewing Ardamírë 242 1 4:38pm
           Adding in the LotR movies DigificWriter 219 0 4:42pm
       I can't make up my mind between nos 1 and 3 Glorfindela 218 0 4:41pm
       I've grown fonder of BOFA with every subsequent viewing BlackFox 205 0 4:51pm
       1. BOFA 2. AUJ 3. DOS // macfalk 181 0 4:53pm
       Collapse mine so far Scourge of the Stoors 177 1 5:04pm
           In the prologue? BlackFox 119 0 5:58pm
       I rank them like this.... dormouse 175 0 5:14pm
       Mine Ham_Sammy 121 0 5:52pm
       Collapse My ranking of TH/LOTR malickfan 131 1 5:57pm
           Definitely check out DoS EE when you can... QuackingTroll 88 0 6:29pm
       1. BOFA ghost_matt 100 0 6:22pm
       All 6... SamtheMan 80 0 6:44pm
       mine Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 53 0 7:04pm
       Collapse There's no final list until the EE of BOFA... Elutherian 40 1 7:29pm
           If I did all six Ham_Sammy 12 0 19 mins ago

  Laketowner with Rosary? XD NateGate 39 0 24 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by NateGate)

  Collapse Are we to assume that in SPJ's cinematic treatment of the Hobbit that Tauriel will die of a broken heart? elf_wannabee 96 2 40 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by DigificWriter)
       really good observation! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 44 0 31 mins ago
       I hadnt thought about this, but.... DigificWriter 37 0 26 mins ago

  Collapse Re Thranduil (*SPOILER*) The Grey Elf 491 8 3:04pm Jump to last post in thread (by shadowdog)
       Collapse He says something along the lines of... BlackFox 285 3 3:16pm
           Collapse thranduil legolas Me85 116 2 5:45pm
               Collapse Crazy stupid love BlackFox 103 1 6:02pm
                   yes could be Me85 84 0 6:18pm
       I was going to start a new topic misspoptart 239 0 3:23pm
       I have to go back and watch it again... swordwhale 229 0 3:27pm
       Collapse I don't know. Cillendor 39 1 7:13pm
           Why is it confusing shadowdog 17 0 27 mins ago

Collapse Biggest Theater Crackup Scenes... NateGate 482 13 6:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by tarasaurus)
       My theater got a kick out of... DigificWriter 254 0 6:19pm
       "Not every man is brave enough to wear a corset." BlackFox 233 0 6:20pm
       Collapse Several Ham_Sammy 235 1 6:21pm
         The Master's Death..By Hanging? Bombadil 202 0 6:30pm
       The headbutting troll and... QuackingTroll 205 0 6:33pm
       Collapse My theater also laughed when... DigificWriter 200 1 6:36pm
         HE GOT Squashed into JELLY?....WayCOOOL// Bombadil 166 0 6:38pm
       Collapse BEORN FALLING INTO THE BATTLE FIELD Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 148 1 7:02pm
           i mean this was epic no laughable, sorry I let myself go Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 56 0 45 mins ago
       The biggest laughter in mine was rather political utku 156 0 7:02pm
       A few dubulous 129 0 7:08pm
       Not much laughter but... dungolfin 93 0 7:30pm
       same with my theater! tarasaurus 34 0 29 mins ago

  Collapse Observations from a second viewing (all spoilery) Silverlode 1094 25 3:56am Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       Collapse Another interesting thought.. ecthelionsbeard 536 1 4:02am
           Bilbo and Balin syameese 429 0 4:49am
       I've only seen it once so far... swordwhale 470 0 4:09am
       Collapse another observation about Fili (thanks for compiling this for us!) Cirashala 484 7 4:29am
           Thorin Ham_Sammy 454 0 4:33am
           Collapse I absolutely agree lionoferebor 186 5 12:17pm
             Collapse A whole different perspective indeed... mae govannen 139 1 2:00pm
                   Yes, Fili is very courageous lionoferebor 102 0 2:57pm
               Collapse Ah, you thought that as well?... Na Vedui 24 1 6:37pm
                   *nods* BlackFox 22 0 6:50pm
               Did he? Cirashala 7 0 31 mins ago
       Azog's blood tarasaurus 393 0 5:25am
     Wow, thanks for posting these observations! Avandel 352 0 5:40am
       Collapse A followup thought... Silverlode 383 7 6:01am
           GREAT theory Cirashala 334 0 6:05am
           Collapse Given their importance, it struck me as odd that... thomasofrohan 345 5 6:08am
               Collapse Like the Laketown restitution... Silverlode 326 4 6:17am
                   Collapse Given how Dain treats Thranduil during their confrontation... thomasofrohan 336 3 6:24am
                       Collapse But it's a matter of honor Silverlode 321 2 6:46am
                           But Avandel 285 0 7:40am
                         "Choice comments"... LOL! mae govannen 120 0 2:12pm
       Collapse Great observations, Silverlode. Roheryn 231 1 10:33am
           YOU BOW to No ONE...SILVERGIRL..Sail on &ON! Bombadil 179 0 11:46am
       Collapse How many significant details one can find mae govannen 129 1 2:23pm
           Details are why I wish I had the DVD already! Avandel 63 0 4:54pm

  Collapse For Pete(r)' Sake - This is how I would have handled Galadriel ... Girdle of Melian 342 8 5:36pm Jump to last post in thread (by Mr. Arkenstone (isaac))
       I highly approve this post Spalko 118 0 6:15pm
       Collapse Everyone does realize.... DigificWriter 150 6 6:27pm
           I know. Cillendor 84 0 7:04pm
           Collapse Well technically... dubulous 71 3 7:16pm
               Collapse I think the Dol Guldur demonic energy affetts her in the way she looks in nuclear form Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 29 2 43 mins ago
                   Collapse Her Elven Ring DigificWriter 26 1 40 mins ago
                       apparently in movieverse she is affected by the energy that is in Dol Guldur, so I think the ring Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 20 0 32 mins ago
           . Nerven 29 0 46 mins ago

  Collapse Peter Jackson frees ourselves out of Tolkien's obsession with battles Milieuterrien 773 37 Mon, 11:29pm Jump to last post in thread (by Milieuterrien)
       Collapse Not sure I followed all of your points. Spriggan 341 8 Mon, 11:53pm
           Collapse I maintain battles in fiction aren't necessary Milieuterrien 311 7 Tue, 12:19am
               Collapse Yes - I'm agreeing with that. Spriggan 273 6 Tue, 12:51am
                   Collapse Banning wars out of fiction would be... Milieuterrien 259 5 Tue, 1:05am
                       Collapse I understand what you mean - I just don't agree. Spriggan 251 4 Tue, 1:16am
                           Collapse Expressing himself about real wars surroundig you is often dangerous Milieuterrien 236 2 Tue, 1:39am
                               Haha, well, imo FotR is vastly superior to any and all movies! Name 205 0 Tue, 3:13am
                               Now, we move from one point to another Spriggan 122 0 Tue, 8:04am
                           On the other hand, Milieuterrien 217 0 Tue, 1:59am
       Collapse To an extent shadowdog 306 1 Tue, 12:16am
           Tolkien surely was, Milieuterrien 289 0 Tue, 12:31am
       Collapse I agree with most of what you said TnuaccayM 305 1 Tue, 12:20am
           Thank you for this support ; this somehow has to be talked about, Milieuterrien 261 0 Tue, 12:55am
       You are aware... Morthoron 193 0 Tue, 3:43am
       Collapse Scratching my head here HiddenSpring 191 21 Tue, 3:51am
           Collapse Bloodless gets you a PG-13 rating glor 172 1 Tue, 4:01am
               My point stands HiddenSpring 162 0 Tue, 4:13am
           Collapse We must concede Milieuterrien 128 18 Tue, 9:23am
               Collapse Why stop at war? Bumblingidiot 88 17 Tue, 3:21pm
                   Excellent post! Morthoron 83 0 Tue, 3:37pm
                   Collapse Because war hurts much more what you should propose to stop at Milieuterrien 79 15 Tue, 3:54pm
                       Collapse What? Morthoron 85 14 Tue, 4:28pm
                           Collapse The fact is war lies all over Tolkien's books Milieuterrien 67 3 Tue, 5:22pm
                               Clearly, you are very passionate about this Spriggan 62 0 Tue, 5:37pm
                               Collapse Your feelings are misplaced.... Morthoron 90 1 Tue, 5:45pm
                                   When I make researches, i always prefer looking into the real history Milieuterrien 71 0 Tue, 7:34pm
                           Collapse Writing this, I realize Milieuterrien 83 9 Tue, 7:11pm
                               Collapse Please provide a shred of evidence.... Morthoron 73 4 Tue, 7:40pm
                                   Collapse And you, try to show me evidence Milieuterrien 65 3 Tue, 8:05pm
                                       Collapse Okay... Morthoron 65 2 Tue, 8:10pm
                                           Collapse Thank you for the advice Milieuterrien 59 1 Tue, 8:38pm
                                               I have a Degree in English lit.... Morthoron 51 0 Wed, 12:32am
                               Collapse Your history is rather selective. Bumblingidiot 27 3 Wed, 2:55pm
                                   Collapse The facts are : Milieuterrien 21 2 Wed, 4:48pm
                                       Collapse She and King's Solomon's Mines and Beowulf. Bumblingidiot 9 1 5:42pm
                                           The question is not to wonder if Tolkien had read legends Milieuterrien 1 0 35 mins ago
       I've returned from my months long sabbatical demnation 40 0 Wed, 1:59am

Collapse Spoiler warning - Galadriel/Dol Guldur possible EE scenes... Iarhen 167 3 51 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by Mr. Arkenstone (isaac))
       Collapse yeah it was some weird things in this scene Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 87 2 47 mins ago
           Collapse Yeah... Iarhen 69 1 44 mins ago
               It looks weird when she appears beside Elrond. She looks out of place Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 69 0 42 mins ago

  Collapse Chronicles: Art and Design: Battle of the Five Armies Orc Berserker 846 40 Wed, 8:56pm Jump to last post in thread (by ghost_matt)
       Collapse Start with Dol Guldur! :o) TiberiusOgden 483 3 Wed, 9:02pm
           Collapse Gandalfs' vision! Orc Berserker 448 1 Wed, 9:19pm
               The Palantir Scene Shagrat 350 0 Wed, 9:43pm
           Palantir - vision! Orc Berserker 424 0 Wed, 9:23pm
       Collapse Sounds interesting MechaGodzilla 439 28 Wed, 9:09pm
           Collapse Bolg Orc Berserker 388 7 Wed, 9:31pm
               Collapse could you make a resume of what could be a pottential material for the EE? Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 378 2 Wed, 9:32pm
                   Collapse Blimey... Orc Berserker 291 1 Wed, 10:11pm
                       Extended Edition grimbeorn15 99 0 3:51am
               Collapse Nice, thanks a lot for the info MechaGodzilla 345 1 Wed, 9:34pm
                   I hope so! Orc Berserker 247 0 Wed, 10:14pm
               Collapse Why does Bolg Remus 340 1 Wed, 9:40pm
                   Spot on Orc Berserker 243 0 Wed, 10:18pm
           Collapse Dain Orc Berserker 394 19 Wed, 9:39pm
               Collapse Boy oh boy PJ and his CGI Azaghâl 354 18 Wed, 9:44pm
                   Collapse Doesn't sound like the full story Carne 332 17 Wed, 9:48pm
                       Collapse dain Me85 304 15 Wed, 9:54pm
                           Collapse Wouldn't have been fair to Connolly I guess Carne 296 1 Wed, 9:55pm
                               i get it Me85 259 0 Wed, 10:08pm
                           Collapse Why? Spriggan 252 9 Wed, 10:13pm
                               Collapse because gci people look very fake. Me85 238 8 Wed, 10:20pm
                                 Collapse @Orc Berserker NoelGallagher 237 4 Wed, 10:34pm
                                       Collapse Hard to tell Orc Berserker 219 3 Wed, 10:53pm
                                           Persbrandt's first day of filming was a torture scene Carne 207 0 Wed, 11:01pm
                                           Collapse Yes! Dcole4 158 1 Wed, 11:57pm
                                               Hmm... Orc Berserker 64 0 8:05am
                                   Collapse Well in this case Spriggan 179 2 Wed, 11:22pm
                                       Collapse Exactly! Glorfindela 160 1 Wed, 11:48pm
                                           me too MedwedtoBeorn 137 0 12:21am
                           Collapse Well, for me Silverlode 106 2 2:37am
                               Collapse The only shot of Dain that looked cgi to me... ecthelionsbeard 91 1 3:31am
                                   I still think it's a combination. Silverlode 87 0 3:53am
                       This sounds more plausible! adt100 182 0 Wed, 11:07pm
       Collapse Ugh, taking me so long to get this book Carne 409 1 Wed, 9:13pm
           LOADS OF BEASTS!!! Orc Berserker 320 0 Wed, 9:49pm
       Collapse Sauron O_O Remus 416 1 Wed, 9:18pm
           Sauron Orc Berserker 304 0 Wed, 9:55pm
       Collapse Saruman Curun!r 225 1 Wed, 10:43pm
           Not much Orc Berserker 207 0 Wed, 10:59pm
       more EE ghost_matt 5 0 44 mins ago

  Collapse PJ Leaves Room for more MIddle Earth Movies MorgolKing 881 15 1:36pm Jump to last post in thread (by Mr. Arkenstone (isaac))
       Uh-oh.... Hear, hear, all folks!!! mae govannen 441 0 1:45pm
       Collapse I think it's time for someone else. Azaghâl 427 11 1:46pm
           Collapse The way I see it, The Hobbit is primarily a kids movie AshNazg 366 10 2:20pm
               That could be quite interesting indeed...// mae govannen 312 0 2:27pm
               Collapse You sound like Christopher Tolkien.... macfalk 340 8 2:29pm
                   Collapse Did he say THAT?!... LOL!!! mae govannen 309 3 2:34pm
                       Collapse Unpopular opinion here, but macfalk 318 2 2:36pm
                           Collapse I think that may be... swordwhale 186 1 3:47pm
                               Im not up for any toy Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 37 0 57 mins ago
                   Collapse Unlike CT, I'm not implying that it can't be enjoyed by anyone else AshNazg 281 1 2:38pm
                       PLEASE include the 'Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth' mae govannen 236 0 3:06pm
                   Collapse Action-adventure films for youths of 15–25 years Finrod 241 1 3:09pm
                       I know his exact quote from Le Monde macfalk 218 0 3:24pm
       More Middlle-Earth movies? Hanzkaz 280 0 3:06pm
       Let it go, Peter HiddenSpring 203 0 3:48pm

  Collapse Can anyone explain? (Spoilers) MJM 647 21 2:42pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       A were-worm pushed him out // AshNazg 285 0 2:45pm
       I just presumed it was just for cinematic purposes There&ThereAgain 254 0 3:02pm
       Collapse Legolas anti-gravity boots make no sense MorgolKing 255 4 3:02pm
           Well... MJM 200 0 3:33pm
           Collapse I have two insights.... swordwhale 196 2 3:41pm
               Interesting comments there! adt100 123 0 5:02pm
               Hero Ham_Sammy 88 0 5:50pm
       Collapse It's because PJ is really bad at physics... dungolfin 240 3 3:14pm
           Collapse True this. I mean a dragon being able to fly with those small wings too! adt100 211 2 3:23pm
               Collapse Yep, the film is a failure as a physics course supplement. Darkstone 188 1 3:41pm
                 Wow, that was completely uncalled for. Cillendor 45 0 7:19pm
       Collapse Perhaps he floated over a rock. Spriggan 229 3 3:18pm
           Collapse Yes... MJM 190 2 3:36pm
               Collapse Well it must be very shallow indeed anyway utku 57 1 6:52pm
                 HAVE Any of you been to Niagara Falls? Bombadil 36 0 7:24pm
       That scene bugged me tbh! adt100 217 0 3:22pm
       Collapse I don't even care. tsmith675 230 2 3:25pm
           That's my feeling too Ham_Sammy 199 0 3:35pm
           It was... MJM 190 0 3:42pm
       First Remus 188 0 3:43pm
       Cuz it's awesome! grammaboodawg 98 0 5:48pm
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