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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" music advances in Oscar race News from Bree 164 1 Sun, 1:13pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
     Go, Howard, go!!! You are the best!!! // mae govannen 32 0 Mon, 5:07am

  Collapse Special video before NZ Screenings elvish.mafia 621 7 Sun, 10:26am Jump to last post in thread (by kiwifan)
       Collapse Apparently you speak for everyone There? Bombadil 271 3 Sun, 12:47pm
           Collapse opinion Me85 210 2 Sun, 2:41pm
               Sorry Syntax..(error message)..badBom...?// Bombadil 173 0 Sun, 2:59pm
               It's 'he' (check the user information, that'll tell you' kiwifan 62 0 Sun, 10:35pm
       I thought it was great tripecac 174 0 Sun, 4:07pm
       Personally, I liked that touch. Ataahua 132 0 Sun, 5:24pm
       It was an extended version of the one posted on the home page, Lissuin 99 0 Sun, 7:16pm

  Collapse No "casting of Evangline" on the DOS EE Appendices? WT? MiKE42 825 7 Sun, 9:16am Jump to last post in thread (by There&ThereAgain)
       Yeah... Arvida 436 0 Sun, 10:03am
       Certainly agree about Lee Pace/Thranduil Glorfindela 391 0 Sun, 10:54am
       Collapse Yea AzaghÔl 330 1 Sun, 11:13am
           Partially omitted There&ThereAgain 118 0 Sun, 7:43pm
       They are leaving it for the BOTFA EE Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 306 0 Sun, 1:01pm
       There was nothing... BalrogTrainer 236 0 Sun, 2:41pm
       If they are saving it.... dormouse 182 0 Sun, 5:32pm

  Collapse Was leaving the Smaug laketown attack until the third film the correct choice? moreorless 1041 18 Sun, 8:59am Jump to last post in thread (by moreorless)
       Collapse I don't think it was dubulous 563 3 Sun, 9:29am
           Collapse This has perhaps been the single view I'v disagree with most moreorless 518 2 Sun, 10:15am
               Collapse Really? dubulous 168 1 Sun, 8:22pm
                   I disagree with both... moreorless 87 0 Mon, 4:59am
       Yes I do.... dormouse 487 0 Sun, 9:48am
       Collapse It may indeed, from a certain point of view, - Hanzkaz 491 6 Sun, 9:50am
           Collapse Absolutely - it is a moot point. Spriggan 391 5 Sun, 11:10am
               Collapse I'm not sure thats really that big an issue.. moreorless 232 4 Sun, 5:07pm
                   Collapse I'm sure I have said this before Spriggan 213 3 Sun, 5:50pm
                       Collapse In the book perhaps... moreorless 85 2 Mon, 4:39am
                           Collapse Played up, certainly, but not the core. Spriggan 58 1 Mon, 10:59am
                               Theres a difference between the "objective" and the core... moreorless 28 0 Tue, 5:37am
       At my screening.. elvish.mafia 493 0 Sun, 10:17am
       Good choice Danielos 447 0 Sun, 10:19am
       Very well put BlackFox 438 0 Sun, 10:24am
       Yes it was ! mirkwoodwanderer 314 0 Sun, 2:04pm
       Yes and no because ... Arandir 207 0 Sun, 6:33pm
       Yes... TheHutt 114 0 Mon, 12:04am

  Collapse The tone at the end of the move (spoilers) LoremIpsum 1185 12 Sun, 8:52am Jump to last post in thread (by Elvanui)
       Collapse Very true (Spoilers) Angharad73 661 1 Sun, 9:03am
           Good after all that Bilbo brought back mae govannen 592 0 Sun, 9:19am
       Collapse I loved the ending too (lots of spoilers) glor 393 5 Sun, 5:05pm
           Collapse It really affected me as well LoremIpsum 316 4 Sun, 5:21pm
               Collapse The ending was ( more spoilers) glor 191 3 Sun, 10:33pm
                   Collapse Pomp and ceremony (spoilers) Mcoull 140 2 Mon, 12:11am
                       Collapse Laketowners dubulous 83 1 Mon, 9:18am
                           I think they were probably gathered to watch... Eleniel 66 0 Mon, 10:57am
       I was dreading that Bilbo's return to Bag End Greenwood Hobbit 315 0 Sun, 5:54pm
       I missed some things... Eregion 284 0 Sun, 7:13pm
       I agree dubulous 216 0 Sun, 8:43pm
       Yes.. Elvanui 54 0 Mon, 2:43pm

  Collapse Not seen five armies yet Axeman21 408 6 Sun, 8:41am Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)
       Collapse From what I remember... (maybe tiny spoiler) Angharad73 198 2 Sun, 8:53am
           Collapse After their foray [SPOILER] Fleuz 182 1 Sun, 8:58am
               Sounds great Axeman21 144 0 Sun, 9:03am
       Collapse Those aren't the only two options, you know. Silverlode 172 2 Sun, 8:54am
           Collapse Hobbit book Axeman21 155 1 Sun, 8:59am
               My comment about the book Silverlode 147 0 Sun, 9:27am

  Collapse Just seen the film..are some of the scenes in the trailers missing from the film? Hobbithole 1033 19 Sun, 8:11am Jump to last post in thread (by Crunchable Birdses)
       Jackson Axeman21 628 0 Sun, 8:27am
       Collapse Yep Angharad73 595 10 Sun, 8:29am
         "PEAK ACTION" is the WORD in Trailers.. Bombadil 553 0 Sun, 8:36am
           Collapse Why cut so much out of the theatrical versions though? Hobbithole 518 8 Sun, 8:53am
             An Answer? to "All of the Above" Questions..HobHole? Bombadil 492 0 Sun, 9:02am
               Collapse It's probably a bit of everything... Angharad73 470 1 Sun, 9:09am
                   Once again..? "Shooting Ratio"..of what is Shot Bombadil 448 0 Sun, 9:28am
               Collapse Perhaps a 100 million people will see this film. Spriggan 397 3 Sun, 11:22am
                   Collapse Opportunity missed? Hobbithole 339 2 Sun, 12:33pm
                     *cough* "..Tolkien didn't pander to anyone! .." Bombadil 294 0 Sun, 2:23pm
                       Hmmm Tolkien wrote some of the most popular novels ever written. Spriggan 257 0 Sun, 3:19pm
               There's no single version of the Hobbit movies that can please everyone. Hanzkaz 240 0 Sun, 3:39pm
     I made a thread about this hehu 427 0 Sun, 10:07am
       Collapse In the words of Gandalf.. elvish.mafia 448 1 Sun, 10:10am
           Or so you feel; but it's not everyone's feeling...// mae govannen 387 0 Sun, 10:50am
       The trailers shadowdog 206 0 Sun, 5:34pm
       Also missing: ... Eregion 148 0 Sun, 8:12pm
       And whatever happened to... Miss-Merriweather 112 0 Sun, 9:54pm
       Speculation, but 90% likely to be true...major battle scene missing... Crunchable Birdses 91 0 Sun, 11:17pm

  Collapse Reviews #14 NecromancerRising 1009 7 Sun, 7:51am Jump to last post in thread (by NecromancerRising)
       But not added to RT VoronwŰ_the_Faithful 401 0 Sun, 7:54am
       Has it been added by now??? mae govannen 358 0 Sun, 9:06am
       Collapse Mark Kermode with a very mixed to negative review 3/5 NecromancerRising 370 4 Sun, 9:58am
           Collapse James Berardinelli's and Mark Kermode's reviews NecromancerRising 284 3 Sun, 1:35pm
               Collapse Might struggle to get a certified fresh Arannir 291 2 Sun, 1:57pm
                   It's early to say anything. NecromancerRising 241 0 Sun, 3:04pm
                   Kam William's review was just added in RT NecromancerRising 281 0 Sun, 3:24pm

  Collapse TheOneRing.net talks with Orlando Bloom about 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' News from Bree 193 2 Sun, 7:44am Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       OB does think deeply about what an Elf can ... Bombadil 71 0 Sun, 2:36pm
       Thank you, Orlando! I liked your role in TH mae govannen 21 0 Mon, 8:17am

  Collapse Will the BotFA EE be released earlier next year? MatthewJer18 833 8 Sun, 7:04am Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       Collapse I like to think we'll get an earlier release. Hanzkaz 500 2 Sun, 7:25am
           I wouldnt be supprized... moreorless 421 0 Sun, 8:20am
         Bom has been Predicting next summer for the EE Bombadil 404 0 Sun, 8:29am
       Collapse I doubt it TheHutt 363 1 Sun, 9:43am
           PJ&CO..always "Push the Envelope" SSOoo. Bombadil 240 0 Sun, 2:55pm
       Collapse I think it will come earlier this time... Eregion 140 2 Sun, 8:32pm
           Collapse And I tell you... TheHutt 104 1 Sun, 11:30pm
               since you Cirashala 68 0 Mon, 6:53am

  Collapse Radagast *Spoiler* elvish.mafia 831 12 Sun, 6:31am Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       Collapse That is a bit weird dubulous 360 1 Sun, 9:26am
           Yep. elvish.mafia 314 0 Sun, 10:01am
       I think there needs to be a limit to in such sendoffs moreorless 294 0 Sun, 10:44am
       Collapse It seems odd to me that an explanation is needed. Spriggan 287 5 Sun, 11:33am
           Collapse Not quite the same dubulous 111 4 Sun, 6:48pm
               Collapse Did you feel this when reading TTT and ROTK? Spriggan 95 3 Sun, 8:12pm
                   Collapse What your actual post says mae govannen 45 2 Mon, 10:34am
                       Collapse Wondering or imagining are one thing Spriggan 41 1 Mon, 11:36am
                           On this I certainly agree with you..// mae govannen 27 0 Mon, 2:53pm
       Collapse Also, no explanation of Gandalf having his staff. // AshNazg 245 2 Sun, 12:37pm
           Collapse that is shown vey clearly mirkwoodwanderer 251 1 Sun, 2:07pm
               Thank you for this nice spoiler about that!...// mae govannen 55 0 Mon, 10:06am

  Collapse My thoughts on BOTFA. Greypilgrim 750 2 Sun, 2:04am Jump to last post in thread (by Arandir)
       A bit rushed but mostly very ok. mirkwoodwanderer 149 0 Sun, 2:11pm
       "Rushed" in a specific way *spoilers* Arandir 85 0 Sun, 6:44pm

  Collapse Anti-Gravity Leggy? Bombadil 891 9 Sun, 1:24am Jump to last post in thread (by adt100)
       Collapse Because... Merovech 505 1 Sun, 1:47am
         Fantasy "SUPER-Seedzz" Reality?.. in lezz Moviezz..// Bombadil 386 0 Sun, 1:58am
       Collapse BOT5A spoilers.. Smaug's Fire 428 1 Sun, 2:23am
           Yes... Angharad73 293 0 Sun, 8:19am
       It's simple... Avnar 287 0 Sun, 8:52am
       I said it before and i explain it again mirkwoodwanderer 206 0 Sun, 2:10pm
       Collapse To be honest... Osskil 172 2 Sun, 3:45pm
           Collapse I thought the bat thing was fine. Spriggan 159 1 Sun, 3:54pm
               If it was mainly the bat stunt I'd have been happy! adt100 30 0 Mon, 4:22pm

  Collapse BOFA End Credits - interesting observations TheHutt 1111 13 Sun, 12:12am Jump to last post in thread (by Elessar)
       Collapse You wouldn't have happened to remember some of the minor credited roles? Carne 498 4 Sun, 12:14am
           Collapse No... TheHutt 424 3 Sun, 12:32am
               Collapse That's because we have two Bolg's! painjoiker 362 2 Sun, 2:04am
                   Collapse Nope... TheHutt 224 1 Sun, 9:37am
                       Three Bolgs NoelGallagher 193 0 Sun, 11:38am
       Collapse well deskp 451 2 Sun, 12:28am
           Collapse Yes... TheHutt 434 1 Sun, 12:31am
             HUTT?...WE always have "Fall BACK" Plan?...EE?// Bombadil 350 0 Sun, 1:26am
       Collapse I did notice that there was more photograph in some of the portraits... dormouse 129 1 Sun, 4:58pm
           Tauriel - Lily was before the most of the other actors ╩leniel Tindome 30 0 Tue, 8:59pm
       Collapse They were wonderful Elessar 31 2 Tue, 9:07pm
           Collapse Absolutely! dormouse 18 1 Tue, 10:56pm
               Absolutely Elessar 15 0 Tue, 11:06pm

  Collapse The end of Thorin's story (lots of spoilers, obviously) Spriggan 867 10 Sat, 11:54pm Jump to last post in thread (by Dame Ioreth)
       Collapse So basically what you're saying is... emre43 473 5 Sun, 12:02am
           Ha - I might be but I think you might have to elaborate Spriggan 401 0 Sun, 12:07am
           Collapse I think the reason... ecthelionsbeard 402 3 Sun, 12:08am
               Yes. Silverlode 367 0 Sun, 12:14am
               Collapse Of course, I agree. Spriggan 355 1 Sun, 12:20am
                   I agree.. ecthelionsbeard 347 0 Sun, 12:26am
       You raise some very interesting points LoremIpsum 233 0 Sun, 7:48am
       A exellent post... moreorless 203 0 Sun, 8:36am
       And I thought I had left Greek Tragedy behind me in 1972, mae govannen 176 0 Sun, 10:44am
       This is phenomenal Dame Ioreth 31 0 Tue, 4:42am
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