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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse Peter Jackson frees ourselves out of Tolkien's obsession with battles Milieuterrien 775 37 Mon, 11:29pm Jump to last post in thread (by Milieuterrien)
       Collapse Not sure I followed all of your points. Spriggan 342 8 Mon, 11:53pm
           Collapse I maintain battles in fiction aren't necessary Milieuterrien 312 7 Tue, 12:19am
               Collapse Yes - I'm agreeing with that. Spriggan 274 6 Tue, 12:51am
                   Collapse Banning wars out of fiction would be... Milieuterrien 260 5 Tue, 1:05am
                       Collapse I understand what you mean - I just don't agree. Spriggan 252 4 Tue, 1:16am
                           Collapse Expressing himself about real wars surroundig you is often dangerous Milieuterrien 237 2 Tue, 1:39am
                               Haha, well, imo FotR is vastly superior to any and all movies! Name 206 0 Tue, 3:13am
                               Now, we move from one point to another Spriggan 123 0 Tue, 8:04am
                           On the other hand, Milieuterrien 218 0 Tue, 1:59am
       Collapse To an extent shadowdog 307 1 Tue, 12:16am
           Tolkien surely was, Milieuterrien 290 0 Tue, 12:31am
       Collapse I agree with most of what you said TnuaccayM 306 1 Tue, 12:20am
           Thank you for this support ; this somehow has to be talked about, Milieuterrien 262 0 Tue, 12:55am
       You are aware... Morthoron 194 0 Tue, 3:43am
       Collapse Scratching my head here HiddenSpring 192 21 Tue, 3:51am
           Collapse Bloodless gets you a PG-13 rating glor 173 1 Tue, 4:01am
               My point stands HiddenSpring 163 0 Tue, 4:13am
           Collapse We must concede Milieuterrien 129 18 Tue, 9:23am
               Collapse Why stop at war? Bumblingidiot 89 17 Tue, 3:21pm
                   Excellent post! Morthoron 84 0 Tue, 3:37pm
                   Collapse Because war hurts much more what you should propose to stop at Milieuterrien 80 15 Tue, 3:54pm
                       Collapse What? Morthoron 86 14 Tue, 4:28pm
                           Collapse The fact is war lies all over Tolkien's books Milieuterrien 68 3 Tue, 5:22pm
                               Clearly, you are very passionate about this Spriggan 63 0 Tue, 5:37pm
                               Collapse Your feelings are misplaced.... Morthoron 91 1 Tue, 5:45pm
                                   When I make researches, i always prefer looking into the real history Milieuterrien 72 0 Tue, 7:34pm
                           Collapse Writing this, I realize Milieuterrien 84 9 Tue, 7:11pm
                               Collapse Please provide a shred of evidence.... Morthoron 74 4 Tue, 7:40pm
                                   Collapse And you, try to show me evidence Milieuterrien 66 3 Tue, 8:05pm
                                       Collapse Okay... Morthoron 66 2 Tue, 8:10pm
                                           Collapse Thank you for the advice Milieuterrien 60 1 Tue, 8:38pm
                                               I have a Degree in English lit.... Morthoron 52 0 Wed, 12:32am
                               Collapse Your history is rather selective. Bumblingidiot 29 3 Wed, 2:55pm
                                   Collapse The facts are : Milieuterrien 22 2 Wed, 4:48pm
                                       Collapse She and King's Solomon's Mines and Beowulf. Bumblingidiot 10 1 5:42pm
                                           The question is not to wonder if Tolkien had read legends Milieuterrien 2 0 8:00pm
       I've returned from my months long sabbatical demnation 41 0 Wed, 1:59am

  Collapse Dragon sickness + Bilbo's story in the hobbit= Brilliance!!! (spoilers) hms_ocean 480 6 Mon, 11:15pm Jump to last post in thread (by Dipling)
       Collapse Lovely post. Roheryn 225 1 Mon, 11:28pm
           "Dragonification" Orc Berserker 164 0 Tue, 12:29am
       Collapse Agree with everything you said! Orc Berserker 171 1 Tue, 12:26am
           Agree, and... DisDwarfWoman 112 0 Tue, 3:35am
       I wasn't crazy about... (Spoilers) tsmith675 133 0 Tue, 4:13am
       2D or 3D Dipling 79 0 Tue, 6:06am

  Collapse 10-15% admissions increase in many markets Arannir 326 1 Mon, 9:54pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       *sigh of satisfaction...* !!! mae govannen 49 0 Tue, 5:45am

  Collapse Question for BOTFA early viewers Faramir5 566 15 Mon, 9:15pm Jump to last post in thread (by dubulous)
       my impressions Crunchable Birdses 319 0 Mon, 9:24pm
       Let's see Fleuz 293 0 Mon, 9:24pm
       Yes SafeUnderHill 250 0 Mon, 9:47pm
       Collapse Tauriel Arannir 247 3 Mon, 9:58pm
           Collapse I'm afraid I didn't find it emotional ... at all ! benalf 215 2 Mon, 10:15pm
               Collapse ... benalf 193 1 Mon, 10:26pm
                   I thought that scene was very good. macfalk 182 0 Mon, 10:29pm
       Wow! Faramir5 234 0 Mon, 10:03pm
       Yes on both macfalk 212 0 Mon, 10:09pm
       Yes on all counts from me dormouse 181 0 Mon, 10:28pm
       It is... Angharad73 162 0 Mon, 10:41pm
       In a word, yes. Roheryn 131 0 Mon, 11:18pm
       Let's see... CathrineB 112 0 Mon, 11:44pm
       It is emotional glor 84 0 Tue, 2:21am
       My thoughts dubulous 34 0 Tue, 8:58am

  Collapse Thread Locked JeremyJahns The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies movie review. Orc13 539 3 Mon, 8:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)
       Thread Locked There is a thread for reviews below. Arannir 179 0 Mon, 8:27pm
       Thread Locked only worth on blu ray? Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 192 0 Mon, 8:36pm
       Thread Locked ---> Please post in the existing critic's review thread below. Thanks! // Altaira 120 0 Mon, 9:01pm

  Collapse More speculation and hope about EE than TE erdildeniz 1038 14 Mon, 7:43pm Jump to last post in thread (by  leniel Tindome)
       Collapse Erm... Shagrat 544 6 Mon, 7:47pm
           Collapse yes i know. what i meant.. erdildeniz 417 4 Mon, 8:14pm
               That might be a bit of rose tinted hindsight Spriggan 397 0 Mon, 8:17pm
               Collapse I see what you're saying Carne 354 2 Mon, 8:26pm
                   Collapse About DoS TE I have three things to say.. painjoiker 96 1 Tue, 9:21am
                       SEE mirkwood  leniel Tindome 45 0 Tue, 8:35pm
           I was talking about this just today... Elanor of Rohan 386 0 Mon, 8:19pm
       I don't know about that dubulous 437 0 Mon, 7:59pm
       If these boards are anything to go by Spriggan 419 0 Mon, 8:08pm
       There were lots of LOTR scenes that should have stayed in the TE. macfalk 424 0 Mon, 8:09pm
       I don't even remember the LOTR TE's... Orc Berserker 387 0 Mon, 8:23pm
       Nobody is really happy?! Arannir 380 0 Mon, 8:32pm
       Collapse I'm pretty happy with the Hobbit movies Angharad73 236 1 Mon, 10:52pm
           I'm waiting for the EE because I'm MAD sarahb1863 173 0 Tue, 1:51am

  Collapse More Bard and Dain in the EE! woutervandis 1247 6 Mon, 7:10pm Jump to last post in thread (by [STARS}TyranT)
       And Bombur will get a line woutervandis 723 0 Mon, 7:15pm
       Collapse Also more Elven Rings/One Ring stuff Shagrat 693 4 Mon, 7:25pm
           Collapse what did she say concerning the ring-topic? NoelGallagher 561 2 Mon, 7:48pm
               Collapse We hope mirkwoodwanderer 517 1 Mon, 8:10pm
                   You mean Gil-Galad from the unused footage of FOTR? xxxyyy 272 0 Mon, 11:38pm
           Rumoured prologue? [STARS}TyranT 21 0 Wed, 11:02pm

  Collapse BOTFA soundtrack Donkay2200 351 1 Mon, 6:59pm Jump to last post in thread (by Skaan)
       Enjoy the soundtrack! Skaan 64 0 Mon, 11:47pm

  Collapse **Spoiler podcast** Hobbit BOTFA featuring Philippa Boyens by Empire adu 1407 39 Mon, 6:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Mithf‚nion)
       Collapse Nice! Dcole4 672 2 Mon, 6:48pm
           There is talk of the extended cut... adu 750 0 Mon, 6:56pm
           Yes! dormouse 599 0 Mon, 7:28pm
       OOO, BornOutOfTheWest 616 0 Mon, 7:17pm
       Collapse I just wish Shagrat 608 1 Mon, 7:28pm
           But didn't she confirm it already in the premiere? NecromancerRising 548 0 Mon, 7:38pm
       Collapse Haven't listened all yet but dubulous 581 7 Mon, 7:37pm
           yea deskp 524 0 Mon, 7:43pm
           Collapse 'More of The Rings of Power'... malickfan 555 2 Mon, 7:44pm
               Collapse wasnt there a rumor NoelGallagher 528 1 Mon, 7:51pm
                   Yes, I do vaguely recall something along those lines... malickfan 452 0 Mon, 8:08pm
           Collapse Did she refer to Dol Guldur stuff?! NoelGallagher 401 2 Mon, 8:28pm
               Collapse She said... dubulous 395 1 Mon, 8:54pm
                   Thanks NoelGallagher 330 0 Mon, 9:03pm
       Collapse PB confirmed Azagh‚l 605 9 Mon, 7:52pm
           Collapse Critics would murder this if it had a long ending LoremIpsum 528 8 Mon, 7:55pm
               Collapse So Azagh‚l 503 7 Mon, 7:59pm
                   Indeed Shagrat 467 0 Mon, 8:03pm
                   Well... adu 446 0 Mon, 8:05pm
                   General audience won't care, the fans will get the EEs LoremIpsum 452 0 Mon, 8:08pm
                   I'm not sure I'd put the audience and "fans" on one side... Spriggan 433 0 Mon, 8:10pm
                   Collapse Lots oft movie fans ... Arannir 427 2 Mon, 8:16pm
                       I'm wondering NoelGallagher 402 0 Mon, 8:23pm
                       I think the ending works very well though LoremIpsum 403 0 Mon, 8:23pm
       Dain coronation anda resolution of Bard is certain Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 507 0 Mon, 8:07pm
       Collapse Lots of interesting nuggets from Boyens... Eleniel 571 5 Mon, 8:07pm
           Collapse Saw this on another thread HiddenSpring 347 4 Mon, 9:31pm
               Yeah, I know... Eleniel 307 0 Mon, 9:35pm
               Well, in fairness... Spriggan 187 0 Mon, 11:25pm
               Collapse I agree Nerven 95 1 Tue, 8:41am
                   Same feelings here Mithf‚nion 32 0 Tue, 10:31pm
       Collapse She also hinted at more Legolas backstory. // Carne 431 3 Mon, 8:35pm
           Collapse A battle in Angmar NoelGallagher 433 2 Mon, 8:44pm
               Collapse Nah, she said they decided to skip filming flashbacks as it would have been too much. Carne 409 1 Mon, 8:46pm
                   Then NoelGallagher 385 0 Mon, 8:50pm
       great Arannir 270 0 Mon, 10:01pm
       Collapse Direct link to the podcast BlackFox 243 2 Mon, 10:22pm
           Collapse I hope marillaraina 238 1 Mon, 10:25pm
               Have you seen this already? BlackFox 238 0 Mon, 10:27pm

  Collapse Sending Tauriel and Legolas macfalk 600 5 Mon, 5:16pm Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
       If only MorganTime2 330 0 Mon, 5:18pm
       It worked well for me. Spriggan 260 0 Mon, 5:54pm
       Collapse Mostly good dubulous 242 1 Mon, 6:14pm
           Haha, that should definitely have been a thriller-spinoff macfalk 204 0 Mon, 6:28pm
       Yes - I think it was a very sensible use for them.... dormouse 180 0 Mon, 6:59pm

  Collapse HFR...yay or nay?! Misty Mountain Hop 673 18 Mon, 4:25pm Jump to last post in thread (by ghost_matt)
       Yay BlackFox 366 0 Mon, 4:40pm
       Collapse My friend spent £40 on tickets... AshNazg 352 1 Mon, 4:52pm
           Wow. That sounds like a very amateurish cinema company // macfalk 293 0 Mon, 4:58pm
       Collapse BOFA Dipling 352 2 Mon, 4:53pm
           Collapse That's how I felt with AUJ in HFR... Misty Mountain Hop 315 1 Mon, 4:58pm
               The thing is, I find ANY structures/interiors in HFR to look jarring.... adt100 307 0 Mon, 5:02pm
       Collapse Yay deskp 296 1 Mon, 5:07pm
           OPINION: 13 Thumbs UP!...to HFR Bombadil 263 0 Mon, 5:35pm
       Collapse James Cameron Greypilgrim 305 4 Mon, 5:33pm
           Wow....didn't think that was possible! Misty Mountain Hop 271 0 Mon, 5:35pm
           Collapse nah deskp 252 1 Mon, 5:52pm
               Ah Greypilgrim 212 0 Mon, 6:22pm
           James Cameron has since announced AshNazg 252 0 Mon, 6:03pm
     HFR in IMAX definite Yay! for me VValar 128 0 Mon, 9:34pm
       nay. it just breaks the suspension of disbelief for me // xxxyyy 87 0 Mon, 11:44pm
       Yay. I love it. Silverlode 78 0 Tue, 2:23am
       Yay. cats16 49 0 Tue, 5:30am
       I really like HFR ghost_matt 48 0 Tue, 6:06am

  Collapse Characters Andreorn89 648 11 Mon, 4:11pm Jump to last post in thread (by Roheryn)
       Bilbo and Balin AshNazg 293 0 Mon, 4:15pm
       Collapse Bilbo and Thorin thomasofrohan 286 1 Mon, 4:20pm
           Thorin mirkwoodwanderer 218 0 Mon, 5:18pm
       Collapse Hello. For me it's....... dormouse 335 1 Mon, 4:21pm
           Agree more with Andreorn89 273 0 Mon, 4:30pm
       Good question CathrineB 261 0 Mon, 4:35pm
       There are many Angharad73 242 0 Mon, 5:08pm
       I can't pick between Thorin and Bilbo LoremIpsum 171 0 Mon, 6:35pm
       Honestly...I'm not entirely sure (Book/Film Spoilers) malickfan 149 0 Mon, 8:04pm
       Smaug too ! // Fŗfnir 83 0 Mon, 9:56pm
       Thorin. Roheryn 83 0 Mon, 11:02pm

  Collapse I got a nice surprise when I booked my ticket for BOTFA entmaiden 508 2 Mon, 3:51pm Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
       A befitting compensation BlackFox 137 0 Mon, 3:57pm
       Free's always good.... dormouse 118 0 Mon, 4:09pm

  Collapse So what happened to the ... (massive spoilers) LoremIpsum 1154 9 Mon, 2:47pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)
       Collapse No, it's not bonkers... dormouse 496 2 Mon, 2:56pm
           Collapse I think it would fit nicely, especially as Thorin is named ... DanielLB 361 1 Mon, 3:50pm
               Nice one! :-) // dormouse 315 0 Mon, 3:53pm
       Love the idea... QuackingTroll 421 0 Mon, 3:01pm
       I have read somewhere... TheHutt 428 0 Mon, 3:30pm
       Collapse I thought the acorn was a reference to... AshNazg 393 3 Mon, 4:04pm
           Collapse no mirkwoodwanderer 267 2 Mon, 5:20pm
               Collapse Sorry, what I mean is.. AshNazg 258 1 Mon, 5:38pm
                   I've been wondering that also. Silverlode 95 0 Tue, 2:19am

  Collapse Use of Music (Spoilers) Arannir 530 9 Mon, 1:56pm Jump to last post in thread (by syameese)
     Collapse Well? see IT..with Dolby ATMOS next Time..Go out of your way.. Bombadil 210 4 Mon, 2:29pm
           Collapse I did see it in that format ;) Arannir 182 3 Mon, 2:52pm
               Collapse What's Atmos like? QuackingTroll 140 2 Mon, 3:52pm
                   CK Dolby's Website..There is a theater Locator there... Bombadil 118 0 Mon, 4:25pm
                   It is a different movie with Atmos syameese 41 0 Tue, 12:24am
       Yeah swampB 174 0 Mon, 3:07pm
       Collapse Great thread (some movie spoilers in my post) Skaan 202 1 Mon, 3:17pm
           I've seen the movie twice already tiamy 153 0 Mon, 3:58pm
       Interesting SafeUnderHill 60 0 Mon, 9:51pm
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