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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse Characters Andreorn89 642 11 Mon, 4:11pm Jump to last post in thread (by Roheryn)
       Bilbo and Balin AshNazg 288 0 Mon, 4:15pm
       Collapse Bilbo and Thorin thomasofrohan 279 1 Mon, 4:20pm
           Thorin mirkwoodwanderer 213 0 Mon, 5:18pm
       Collapse Hello. For me it's....... dormouse 330 1 Mon, 4:21pm
           Agree more with Andreorn89 269 0 Mon, 4:30pm
       Good question CathrineB 258 0 Mon, 4:35pm
       There are many Angharad73 238 0 Mon, 5:08pm
       I can't pick between Thorin and Bilbo LoremIpsum 167 0 Mon, 6:35pm
       Honestly...I'm not entirely sure (Book/Film Spoilers) malickfan 145 0 Mon, 8:04pm
       Smaug too ! // Fŕfnir 80 0 Mon, 9:56pm
       Thorin. Roheryn 78 0 Mon, 11:02pm

  Collapse I got a nice surprise when I booked my ticket for BOTFA entmaiden 505 2 Mon, 3:51pm Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
       A befitting compensation BlackFox 137 0 Mon, 3:57pm
       Free's always good.... dormouse 118 0 Mon, 4:09pm

  Collapse So what happened to the ... (massive spoilers) LoremIpsum 1134 9 Mon, 2:47pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)
       Collapse No, it's not bonkers... dormouse 490 2 Mon, 2:56pm
           Collapse I think it would fit nicely, especially as Thorin is named ... DanielLB 356 1 Mon, 3:50pm
               Nice one! :-) // dormouse 308 0 Mon, 3:53pm
       Love the idea... QuackingTroll 417 0 Mon, 3:01pm
       I have read somewhere... TheHutt 422 0 Mon, 3:30pm
       Collapse I thought the acorn was a reference to... AshNazg 388 3 Mon, 4:04pm
           Collapse no mirkwoodwanderer 263 2 Mon, 5:20pm
               Collapse Sorry, what I mean is.. AshNazg 253 1 Mon, 5:38pm
                   I've been wondering that also. Silverlode 91 0 Tue, 2:19am

  Collapse Use of Music (Spoilers) Arannir 521 9 Mon, 1:56pm Jump to last post in thread (by syameese)
     Collapse Well? see IT..with Dolby ATMOS next Time..Go out of your way.. Bombadil 208 4 Mon, 2:29pm
           Collapse I did see it in that format ;) Arannir 180 3 Mon, 2:52pm
               Collapse What's Atmos like? QuackingTroll 138 2 Mon, 3:52pm
                   CK Dolby's Website..There is a theater Locator there... Bombadil 117 0 Mon, 4:25pm
                   It is a different movie with Atmos syameese 40 0 Tue, 12:24am
       Yeah swampB 172 0 Mon, 3:07pm
       Collapse Great thread (some movie spoilers in my post) Skaan 199 1 Mon, 3:17pm
           I've seen the movie twice already tiamy 152 0 Mon, 3:58pm
       Interesting SafeUnderHill 59 0 Mon, 9:51pm

  Collapse BOFA EE image (spoiler!!!)? Dipling 2536 56 Mon, 11:43am Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
       Collapse Thorin's Funeral? erdildeniz 1078 1 Mon, 11:45am
           Durin's folk Dipling 1045 0 Mon, 11:49am
       Seems like it. NecromancerRising 971 0 Mon, 11:55am
       Collapse Wonderful Shagrat 989 2 Mon, 11:57am
           Yes it is. macfalk 918 0 Mon, 12:01pm
           No deception at all. NecromancerRising 921 0 Mon, 12:01pm
       Is it worth opening a new post? Erm... Yes!!! QuackingTroll 888 0 Mon, 12:07pm
       Collapse How do you bury someone beneath a mountain? AshNazg 882 1 Mon, 12:20pm
           great scenery Fleuz 837 0 Mon, 12:32pm
       Collapse This is... Angharad73 890 2 Mon, 12:31pm
           Beorn, Balin, Bifur, Radagast, Gandalf, Gloin, Dwalin, Oin, Fili, Thorin, Kili // AshNazg 856 0 Mon, 12:43pm
           That is definitely Gandalf in front of Beorn Mithfânion 193 0 Mon, 9:54pm
       Collapse So we definitely know it was filmed -- KateTheHobbit 853 1 Mon, 12:33pm
           I think it's definitely in Fleuz 830 0 Mon, 12:35pm
       Collapse Im still convinced that that guy saw a cut of the EE Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 801 4 Mon, 1:18pm
           Collapse Which guy? Fleuz 736 3 Mon, 1:20pm
               Collapse From the Quality of the Photo..It's from a Book..// Bombadil 708 2 Mon, 1:28pm
                   Collapse It is from the new Weta Book // PryftanAW 697 1 Mon, 1:34pm
                       Excellent... Eleniel 646 0 Mon, 1:51pm
       It boggles the mind... Jim 775 0 Mon, 1:18pm
       Collapse I will be deeply disappointed if this scene doesn't make it to the EE BlackFox 673 2 Mon, 1:41pm
           Collapse Me too - and I'll be crossing fingers between now and then dormouse 450 1 Mon, 3:03pm
               I do too BlackFox 357 0 Mon, 4:02pm
       Collapse Imho... Arannir 698 11 Mon, 1:45pm
           Collapse Day/Night Fleuz 653 10 Mon, 1:54pm
               Collapse Agreed...I think the scene we got in the TE was the people of Dale... Eleniel 652 7 Mon, 2:09pm
                   Collapse I think so too... Arannir 591 2 Mon, 2:18pm
                       There was a concept Drawing by John Howe.. Bombadil 504 0 Mon, 2:48pm
                       OMG.. mo0on-light 477 0 Mon, 2:51pm
                   Collapse I would also think... Angharad73 470 2 Mon, 2:51pm
                       Collapse Maybe small speech from Dain tattooed_dwarf 460 1 Mon, 3:07pm
                           That would be great Angharad73 417 0 Mon, 3:21pm
                 Great SPOILERS in your post, thank you for that!!!...// mae govannen 442 0 Mon, 3:24pm
               Collapse I think... TheHutt 506 1 Mon, 2:28pm
                   Isn't it Fleuz 408 0 Mon, 3:37pm
       Collapse What just happened on this Board was so nice to experience... mae govannen 574 6 Mon, 2:40pm
           Collapse Exactly tattooed_dwarf 460 1 Mon, 3:10pm
               I'm glad you experienced it too!...// mae govannen 424 0 Mon, 3:14pm
           Collapse That's lovely, mae govannen dormouse 380 1 Mon, 3:58pm
               Thanks for your smiling appreciation, dormouse!... mae govannen 88 0 Tue, 2:44am
           Collapse Aww! BlackFox 374 1 Mon, 4:03pm
               It was totally unexpected and stunning for me too, mae govannen 87 0 Tue, 2:58am
       Ouch CathrineB 375 0 Mon, 4:37pm
       Collapse I liked the movie, but... Compa_Mighty 296 4 Mon, 7:00pm
           Well... sarahb1863 114 0 Tue, 1:58am
           Collapse Why not get both? Think of those, like me, mae govannen 86 2 Tue, 3:12am
               Collapse No Funeral somehow worked.. glor 85 1 Tue, 4:04am
                   That's a good point - I hadn't thought of it that way dormouse 49 0 Tue, 8:27am
       Collapse WOW, though it's REALLY dark.... Cirashala 126 7 Tue, 2:03am
           Collapse ... sarahb1863 111 4 Tue, 2:31am
               Collapse huh? Cirashala 109 3 Tue, 2:32am
                   subject marillaraina 101 0 Tue, 2:37am
                   Collapse It's in response sarahb1863 102 1 Tue, 2:38am
                       Only on TORn would one learn about such things, mae govannen 87 0 Tue, 3:23am
           Collapse subject marillaraina 106 1 Tue, 2:34am
               I'm sure it's darker Cirashala 100 0 Tue, 2:38am

  "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" receives 2 Critics Choice nominations News from Bree 179 0 Mon, 10:18am Jump to last post in thread (by News from Bree)

  Collapse Reviews #15 NecromancerRising 1386 10 Mon, 6:59am Jump to last post in thread (by NecromancerRising)
       Collapse Thank you so much for following up on all this, and sharing it! // mae govannen 452 1 Mon, 7:14am
           My pleasure MG NecromancerRising 411 0 Mon, 8:46am
       Collapse I am puzzled... Bernhardina 447 2 Mon, 11:03am
           Collapse It does not add up after all the reviews I have read. mefansmum 427 1 Mon, 11:23am
               Let me remind all of you that approximately at this stage NecromancerRising 448 0 Mon, 11:54am
       Collapse A very positive review from Jonathan Lack NecromancerRising 296 4 Mon, 4:30pm
           From the "Village Voice"? (NYC's Arts magazine) Bombadil 240 0 Mon, 5:05pm
           Collapse A mixed to positive NecromancerRising 218 2 Mon, 5:55pm
               Collapse Dustin Putman's review was just added as fresh in RT. NecromancerRising 207 1 Mon, 6:13pm
                   Another mostly positive by Top Critic Kerry Lengel NecromancerRising 180 0 Mon, 7:51pm

  Collapse Spoilers Bain 725 4 Mon, 5:35am Jump to last post in thread (by tiamy)
       Haha even my 11 year old brother giggled at the reference... elvish.mafia 259 0 Mon, 7:56am
       Remember hearing that on set. Moahunter 217 0 Mon, 9:08am
     It's sweet and fun that even some Wellington places mae govannen 198 0 Mon, 9:25am
       True! tiamy 69 0 Mon, 3:47pm

  Collapse To those who have also seen the film: any guesses on the context for this deleted scene? thomasofrohan 1120 9 Mon, 5:13am Jump to last post in thread (by Aitieuriskon)
       Collapse Maybe Thorin... elvish.mafia 503 4 Mon, 7:58am
           Collapse I think it's part of the battle Carne 428 1 Mon, 9:41am
               Complicated Aitieuriskon 94 0 Mon, 7:40pm
           Collapse Certainly seems possible. moreorless 328 1 Mon, 11:13am
               Battle? (Spoilers) Mcoull 256 0 Mon, 1:21pm
       Collapse I can't see where it fits Milieuterrien 207 2 Mon, 2:20pm
           Collapse I think that.. Dcole4 98 1 Mon, 6:53pm
               Thorin, Kili, Fili and Dwalin had to go somewhere out of the battle Milieuterrien 105 0 Mon, 7:00pm
       Maybe this is something they tried.... dormouse 165 0 Mon, 4:13pm

  Collapse Thranduil's Strange portrayal in TBotFA Rheged 1546 38 Mon, 3:16am Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       Me too lastnickleft 751 0 Mon, 3:26am
       Personally, I liked his characterisation... elvish.mafia 764 0 Mon, 3:51am
       Collapse Not seen the film yet, but from mae govannen 649 2 Mon, 5:55am
           Collapse necklace Me85 148 1 Mon, 8:32pm
               Oh, thank you for this info confirming mae govannen 64 0 Tue, 4:35am
       Collapse yes, character butchering ElendilTheShort 574 6 Mon, 8:06am
           no complaints on this NoelGallagher 550 0 Mon, 8:18am
           Collapse I don't think so: did you read my post above?...// mae govannen 518 4 Mon, 8:25am
               Collapse yes but i was replying to the op ElendilTheShort 503 3 Mon, 8:51am
                   Collapse I haven't seen the film yet, sorry if I am still unaware mae govannen 454 2 Mon, 9:33am
                       Collapse i hope you enjoy it ElendilTheShort 421 1 Mon, 10:41am
                           From what many others are saying, mae govannen 55 0 Tue, 4:46am
       Collapse Hmmm dubulous 528 4 Mon, 8:38am
           Collapse I wonder whether we might see more about the Jewels moreorless 414 3 Mon, 11:22am
               Collapse Grief (spoilers) Mcoull 332 1 Mon, 2:08pm
                   There should have been a scene of Bilbo with Bofur... Eleniel 299 0 Mon, 2:12pm
               I am totally with you on this, mae govannen 56 0 Tue, 5:12am
       Collapse No, I wasn't, though.... dormouse 531 4 Mon, 8:49am
           Collapse Thranduil enigmatic and nuanced Michelle Johnston 406 3 Mon, 12:11pm
               Collapse And i am really looking forward to your review NecromancerRising 351 1 Mon, 12:19pm
                   Review On My Blog Michelle Johnston 282 0 Mon, 2:13pm
               SPOILERS the last hour was hard to see in some respects ElendilTheShort 236 0 Mon, 5:26pm
       3 possible EE scenes which may change impressions of Thranduil Shagrat 493 0 Mon, 11:18am
       Collapse Dwarves are insulting to elves... Milieuterrien 373 7 Mon, 1:07pm
           Collapse i think your post shows how far this is from tolkien if people ElendilTheShort 226 6 Mon, 5:18pm
               Collapse Odd generalization dubulous 186 5 Mon, 6:30pm
                   Collapse it was not an odd conclusion, it was a response to another post ElendilTheShort 127 2 Mon, 8:47pm
                       Collapse Yes, and I was refering to both posts // dubulous 117 1 Mon, 9:06pm
                           superb ElendilTheShort 112 0 Mon, 9:31pm
                   Collapse .. For any reason... Milieuterrien 102 1 Mon, 9:59pm
                       subject marillaraina 69 0 Tue, 2:42am
       Collapse No - improvement over Tolkien's characterization. Arannir 338 1 Mon, 2:00pm
           Totally agree with you on this, mae govannen 67 0 Tue, 4:29am
       Nah CathrineB 245 0 Mon, 4:54pm
       Collapse I thought Mithfânion 108 1 Mon, 10:00pm
           Well, even the Bible is inevitably interpreted mae govannen 59 0 Tue, 5:28am
       Collapse The movie portrayal is more realistic. Plurmo 76 1 Tue, 5:07am
           But Thranduil does dread Sauron actually, mae govannen 71 0 Tue, 5:39am

Collapse Thread Locked Smaug interview by Steven Colbert!!! NateGate 256 1 Mon, 2:35am Jump to last post in thread (by entmaiden)
       Thread Locked I know the boards are moving fast, but entmaiden 132 0 Mon, 3:22am

  Collapse The Witch-King in Dol Guldur Scene (SPOILERS) lastnickleft 1142 10 Mon, 2:31am Jump to last post in thread (by Dame Ioreth)
       Collapse well deskp 633 8 Mon, 2:44am
           Collapse No? Iarhen 559 7 Mon, 3:09am
               Collapse right. deskp 553 2 Mon, 3:10am
                   Collapse Yes. lastnickleft 511 1 Mon, 3:27am
                       They are pretty much the same // painjoiker 403 0 Mon, 6:33am
               Collapse I don't think so.... dormouse 353 3 Mon, 8:53am
                   Collapse I've seen it twice and... Bernhardina 320 1 Mon, 11:05am
                       Yeah adt100 168 0 Mon, 4:04pm
                   I think that flash of light Dame Ioreth 68 0 Tue, 4:13am
       Seen the film Mithfânion 112 0 Mon, 10:01pm

  Moved: The Last Goodbye - Fan Reaction Mashup to the Music Video blakedale - - Sun, 11:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by blakedale)

  Collapse 2 Details I noticed in BOFA (huge spoilers) Mcoull 1306 9 Sun, 11:04pm Jump to last post in thread (by ElendilTheShort)
       Collapse The elves QuackingTroll 680 8 Sun, 11:07pm
           Collapse I noticed this too Mcoull 572 7 Sun, 11:18pm
               Collapse I think it's just elves and orcs... QuackingTroll 530 6 Sun, 11:25pm
                   Collapse Interesting Mcoull 502 2 Sun, 11:28pm
                       Collapse yup LoremIpsum 365 1 Mon, 1:13am
                           disagree substantially ElendilTheShort 278 0 Mon, 6:24am
                   Collapse only the Eldar that have dwelt in the blessed realm (Valinor) ElendilTheShort 435 2 Mon, 12:37am
                       Collapse I'm by no means a Tolkien expert Mcoull 147 1 Mon, 1:26pm
                           not just them ElendilTheShort 93 0 Mon, 5:11pm

  Collapse Question to anyone who has seen the film MorganTime2 619 15 Sun, 10:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by Mcoull)
       There are a few more scenes, two or three, if I remember correctly kiwifan 334 0 Sun, 10:58pm
       Collapse Hmmm - best guess Spriggan 308 8 Sun, 11:03pm
           Collapse Perhaps a bit more? Mcoull 254 6 Sun, 11:11pm
               Collapse It's hard to be precise. Spriggan 233 5 Sun, 11:20pm
                   Collapse Indeed, it is hard to be precise! (spoiler) Mcoull 231 4 Sun, 11:24pm
                       Collapse Well let's think - what are the lines at Gundabad? Spriggan 210 3 Sun, 11:33pm
                           Yeah that's about it! Mcoull 191 0 Sun, 11:39pm
                           Collapse Second army Aitieuriskon 177 1 Mon, 12:25am
                               That might be my memory Spriggan 78 0 Mon, 11:42am
           Much less than that in my opinion... (studiers/spoilers) Milieuterrien 76 0 Mon, 12:19pm
       I've just come back from seeing it. Orc Berserker 304 0 Sun, 11:06pm
       a lot Me85 270 0 Sun, 11:07pm
       Yes, his fight scenes are long at the last 1/4, but macfalk 274 0 Sun, 11:11pm
       Collapse Screentime Bernhardina 91 1 Mon, 11:08am
           EE (spoilers?) Mcoull 61 0 Mon, 1:35pm
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