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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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Collapse MŻmakil? CerseiBlanchett 906 6 Nov 20, 7:54pm Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
       Nope Danielos 415 0 Nov 20, 8:02pm
       And they also... Lost Hobbit 377 0 Nov 20, 8:37pm
       Collapse The concept art have what look like some of them in the background Carne 338 1 Nov 20, 9:12pm
           Trolls with masks are what vaguely ressemble oliphants in the concept art // Fŗfnir 262 0 Nov 20, 9:53pm
       Collapse I'm hoping for panserbjÝrne. Darkstone 274 1 Nov 20, 9:55pm
           Well, they have made the battle happen in snow... dormouse 228 0 Nov 20, 11:05pm

Collapse Passing the time: Thorin, Fili pics... Avandel 925 8 Nov 20, 3:51pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Well yes.... :-) dormouse 356 0 Nov 20, 4:06pm
       Collapse You may have seen this before mariel 378 1 Nov 20, 4:09pm
           Thank you! - Nice! Avandel 193 0 Nov 20, 8:46pm
       Collapse Morbid? Danielos 346 4 Nov 20, 5:01pm
           But then, by the wonder of film... dormouse 280 0 Nov 20, 6:51pm
           Personally Avandel 242 0 Nov 20, 8:17pm
           Collapse They... Darkstone 199 1 Nov 20, 9:56pm
               Just... Avandel 177 0 Nov 20, 11:36pm

  Collapse A small but rather big question - will we see the baby? Bernhardina 1577 16 Nov 20, 12:13pm Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       I hope not dubulous 545 0 Nov 20, 1:05pm
       Doesn't the bookend Spriggan 542 0 Nov 20, 1:36pm
       I doubt it. Noria 439 0 Nov 20, 3:08pm
       Oh please no. Arannir 444 0 Nov 20, 3:10pm
       Don't know dormouse 392 0 Nov 20, 4:15pm
       I guess if we jump forward in time we may see Tauriel give birth... sycorax82 342 0 Nov 20, 6:41pm
       Doubt it. Kelly of Water's Edge 269 0 Nov 20, 7:57pm
       Collapse please no more old Bilbo and Frodo scenes! MouthofSauron 153 1 Nov 21, 6:01am
           I agree but... Bernhardina 102 0 Nov 21, 2:13pm
       I think the true bookend scene... Darkstone 105 0 Nov 21, 2:15pm
       Collapse We could easily see Frodo without it being forced or cheesy... AshNazg 114 4 Nov 21, 2:34pm
           WOW minnymomo 99 0 Nov 21, 2:53pm
           Collapse I don't think this sounds likely. Spriggan 81 2 Nov 21, 4:38pm
               Collapse I don't see why it has to... AshNazg 74 1 Nov 21, 5:33pm
                   I think the main argument against is confusion. Spriggan 69 0 Nov 21, 10:01pm
       Think that would be great.... EomundDaughter 58 0 Nov 21, 9:42pm

  SciFiNow Hobbit 3 Issue 100! Peterthorn of Rohan 869 0 Nov 20, 9:21am Jump to last post in thread (by Peterthorn of Rohan)

  Collapse Dolby ATMOS Sound... Bombadil 490 6 Nov 20, 9:08am Jump to last post in thread (by BlackCountry)
     What Happenzz...Iz Bombadil 201 0 Nov 20, 9:28am
       Collapse Really looking forward to The Hobbit in Dolby Atmos Elarie 151 4 Nov 20, 1:04pm
         Collapse Been Checcking cities like London, Berlin, Sydney Bombadil 105 3 Nov 20, 4:26pm
               Collapse Ha ha - what do you mean "if" I see it multiple times? Elarie 96 1 Nov 20, 5:06pm
                 HOW? oTOO be sneaky? Bombadil 91 0 Nov 20, 5:44pm
               Living in Perth... BlackCountry 36 0 Nov 21, 1:07pm

  Collapse Is 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' finished? News from Bree 841 5 Nov 20, 8:24am Jump to last post in thread (by Kilidoescartwheels)
       Collapse Actually Lindele 481 1 Nov 20, 2:31pm
         calm DOWn cLASS..Could we have have "an Easy Delivery?".. Bombadil 280 0 Nov 20, 6:16pm
       if its anything like AUJ or DOS MouthofSauron 168 0 Nov 21, 4:30am
       Collapse Hope not. Darkstone 167 1 Nov 21, 4:48am
           Well THAT would be a mistake! Kilidoescartwheels 97 0 Nov 21, 2:50pm

Collapse Thread Locked Thranduil Appreciation Thread Part XXV Lurker in the Mirk 1621 220 Nov 20, 4:27am Jump to last post in thread (by dernwyn)
       Collapse Thread Locked Some MFE to start Lurker in the Mirk 738 17 Nov 20, 4:37am
           Collapse Thread Locked Quarter of a century! mariel 654 3 Nov 20, 9:05am
               Collapse Thread Locked My pleasure Lurker in the Mirk 262 2 Nov 21, 5:47am
                   Collapse Thread Locked If I were to start a thread... Kerewyn 161 1 Mon, 8:08am
                       Thread Locked ooh, yeah, forgot about your browser issues Lurker in the Mirk 117 0 Mon, 1:28pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Seems we always tip the thread and get threadlock after 10pm my time Eruvandi 316 1 Nov 20, 11:44pm
               Thread Locked Timezones are such a hassle Lurker in the Mirk 264 0 Nov 21, 6:17am
           Collapse Thread Locked Armour!Thranduil MFE Lurker in the Mirk 290 4 Nov 21, 6:25am
               Collapse Thread Locked That last one mariel 260 3 Nov 21, 8:31am
                   Collapse Thread Locked I think it's from the BotFA preview in the DOS EE Appendices Eruvandi 193 2 Nov 21, 10:21pm
                       Thread Locked Yeah Lurker in the Mirk 150 0 Nov 22, 4:29am
                       Thread Locked Thanks for that mariel 301 0 Nov 22, 8:24am
         Collapse Thread Locked Fab White!Amour edits Lurker in the Mirk 280 5 Nov 21, 6:30am
               Collapse Thread Locked Very nice mariel 259 2 Nov 21, 8:36am
                   Thread Locked Really? Eruvandi 194 0 Nov 21, 10:29pm
                   Thread Locked Me too Lurker in the Mirk 155 0 Nov 22, 4:30am
               Collapse Thread Locked Wow, I hand no idea about the skull either... vanima ephel 171 1 Nov 22, 1:51am
                   Thread Locked *LoL* right? I was just saying the same to mariel Lurker in the Mirk 157 0 Nov 22, 4:33am
     Collapse Thread Locked Thranddy Daddy and Leggy Sonny Lurker in the Mirk 784 26 Nov 20, 4:45am
           Thread Locked LoL Strip [Reverse FLAST, sorta] Lurker in the Mirk 717 0 Nov 20, 5:13am
           Collapse Thread Locked More daddy and son moments Lurker in the Mirk 283 5 Nov 21, 6:22am
               Collapse Thread Locked Hey that's a cool edit(?) of 'father and son' VValar 202 1 Nov 21, 8:47pm
                   Thread Locked Of course! Lurker in the Mirk 155 0 Nov 22, 4:41am
               Collapse Thread Locked *THUD* Eruvandi 126 2 Mon, 10:06pm
                   Collapse Thread Locked You know what I'd really like? Lurker in the Mirk 74 1 Tue, 3:12am
                       Thread Locked Yes! Eruvandi 88 0 Tue, 7:45pm
           Collapse Thread Locked lol! But the joy of a fandom fantasy life is I CAN HAVE BOTH... vanima ephel 173 3 Nov 22, 2:18am
               Collapse Thread Locked Ditto! And another *awww*Thranddy and baby Leggy fan art Lurker in the Mirk 164 2 Nov 22, 4:43am
                   Collapse Thread Locked Ditto +2 Eruvandi 126 1 Mon, 10:13pm
                       Thread Locked OB seems like [that was a bit harsh, lets say "bro" instead] to me... vanima ephel 94 0 Tue, 1:10am
         Collapse Thread Locked Another one Lurker in the Mirk 328 8 Nov 22, 5:27am
               Collapse Thread Locked :D Eruvandi 121 7 Mon, 10:25pm
                   Thread Locked For me, I really want to see LP in a right proper shoot 'em up role Lurker in the Mirk 71 0 Tue, 3:29am
                 Collapse Thread Locked *snertles* Look what I found, Eruvandi! Lurker in the Mirk 122 5 Tue, 4:36am
                     Collapse Thread Locked Lol! Eruvandi 46 4 Tue, 7:32pm
                           Collapse Thread Locked For Eruvandi VValar 91 3 Tue, 7:43pm
                             Collapse Thread Locked *happy giggles* + thread tipping Eruvandi 88 2 Tue, 7:48pm
                                   Collapse Thread Locked Yup although sometimes the mods are quite busy VValar 86 1 Tue, 7:57pm
                                       Thread Locked Hadn't seen those Eruvandi 78 0 Tue, 8:12pm
           Thread Locked BTS Thranddy and Leggy in B&W Lurker in the Mirk 131 0 Mon, 2:38am
           Collapse Thread Locked Truly snickering at that first one... Kerewyn 141 1 Mon, 10:28am
               Thread Locked Heheh... Lurker in the Mirk 109 0 Mon, 1:33pm
           Thread Locked Another contemporary Thranddy look [HTR] Lurker in the Mirk 160 0 Mon, 2:20pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Keep meaning to respond to respond to this Eruvandi 127 1 Mon, 9:50pm
               Thread Locked Interesting Lurker in the Mirk 66 0 Tue, 3:33am
       Collapse Thread Locked Responses to TAXXV Lurker in the Mirk 713 8 Nov 20, 5:54am
         Collapse Thread Locked *waves* BlackFox 654 3 Nov 20, 8:57am
               Collapse Thread Locked *waves back* Lurker in the Mirk 268 2 Nov 21, 5:44am
                 Collapse Thread Locked You know what they say... BlackFox 254 1 Nov 21, 9:44am
                       Thread Locked HAHA Lurker in the Mirk 151 0 Nov 22, 4:44am
         Collapse Thread Locked That is a good one On_the_partyelk 599 3 Nov 20, 1:24pm
               Collapse Thread Locked *cough* Just a little correction ... Kerewyn 165 2 Mon, 7:57am
                   Thread Locked Oops, that was my fault Lurker in the Mirk 111 0 Mon, 1:34pm
                   Thread Locked ;) On_the_partyelk 147 0 Mon, 2:43pm
     Collapse Thread Locked Food for thought: Thranduil... isolationist? Lurker in the Mirk 728 35 Nov 20, 6:02am
           Collapse Thread Locked To be honest Adanel 706 12 Nov 20, 6:32am
               Collapse Thread Locked Isolationist Danielos 691 5 Nov 20, 6:55am
                   Thread Locked Well like I said Adanel 684 0 Nov 20, 7:07am
                   Collapse Thread Locked its symbolic of a "major power" staying isolationist MouthofSauron 683 3 Nov 20, 7:13am
                       Collapse Thread Locked His father & 2/3 of greenwood troops died Elk2013 675 2 Nov 20, 7:48am
                           Thread Locked YAWN...Tired EYESzz....you ThrranyThrallzz Bombadil 642 0 Nov 20, 10:18am
                           Thread Locked Great analysis Elk2013, Mouth of Sauron & Adanel about Thrandy ltnjmy 586 0 Nov 20, 3:11pm
               Collapse Thread Locked I see your pov, Adanel Lurker in the Mirk 273 5 Nov 21, 6:09am
                   Thread Locked Well.......... Adanel 264 0 Nov 21, 7:08am
                   Collapse Thread Locked Musies Kerewyn 159 3 Mon, 8:13am
                       Collapse Thread Locked *jots down* 1 ficcie on order Lurker in the Mirk 109 2 Mon, 1:37pm
                           Collapse Thread Locked Excellent on both counts! Kerewyn 98 1 Mon, 8:45pm
                               Thread Locked COOLNESS! Lurker in the Mirk 69 0 Tue, 3:18am
           Collapse Thread Locked Good articles mariel 650 18 Nov 20, 11:17am
               Collapse Thread Locked Great analysis mariel as well ! ltnjmy 572 1 Nov 20, 3:14pm
                   Thread Locked Hi Itnjmy *waves back* mariel 555 0 Nov 20, 4:11pm
             Thread Locked Beautifully said (I'd send a carton of Dorwinion's finest with compliments, if I could) Lurker in the Mirk 281 0 Nov 21, 5:58am
               Collapse Thread Locked I wholeheartedly agree with all your comments... vanima ephel 188 8 Nov 22, 1:34am
                   Thread Locked Yeah, it grates, re the father-son moments Lurker in the Mirk 163 0 Nov 22, 4:48am
                   Collapse Thread Locked Agree with you comments too mariel 292 6 Sat, 12:43pm
                     Collapse Thread Locked Point, point, and point! Character assassination it is Lurker in the Mirk 216 2 Sun, 7:43am
                           Collapse Thread Locked Lee Pace might be the only reason I care so much about Thranduil's possible "villainy" before his arc is complete. vanima ephel 103 1 Tue, 12:56am
                             Thread Locked Oh yes Lurker in the Mirk 72 0 Tue, 3:46am
                       Collapse Thread Locked Like some of the character "revisions" in LotR, they're trying to "humanize" him for a modern film audience... vanima ephel 111 2 Tue, 12:12am
                           Thread Locked Question: Not quite getting it, so could you share Lurker in the Mirk 69 0 Tue, 3:48am
                           Thread Locked You may well be right mariel 104 0 Tue, 8:32am
               Collapse Thread Locked Sylvans & Sindarins, and who should Leggy be dating? Kerewyn 131 5 Mon, 12:47pm
                 Collapse Thread Locked On that contingent of Wilderland's Most Eligible Sindar Bachelorettes Lurker in the Mirk 116 4 Mon, 1:42pm
                       Collapse Thread Locked Now you've got me imagining... Kerewyn 101 3 Mon, 8:56pm
                           Thread Locked *LoL* Princeling wants a wife! Lurker in the Mirk 67 0 Tue, 3:54am
                           Collapse Thread Locked Oh, oh, oh! *waves wildly* Eruvandi 86 1 Tue, 7:55pm
                               Thread Locked LOL VValar 83 0 Tue, 8:00pm
           Collapse Thread Locked The isolationism Kerewyn 141 2 Mon, 10:34am
               Collapse Thread Locked Destruction of Dol Guldor Lurker in the Mirk 105 1 Mon, 1:52pm
                   Thread Locked Definitely because of the Ring of Power (Movie SPOILER) Eruvandi 75 0 Tue, 9:29pm
       Collapse Thread Locked "A King's private life" fan edit mariel 622 1 Nov 20, 1:47pm
         Thread Locked KEWL~ Lurker in the Mirk 269 0 Nov 21, 6:10am
     Collapse Thread Locked Ohhh what a lovely OP VValar 550 10 Nov 20, 9:00pm
         Collapse Thread Locked YOU jus' GAVE...Bomby a **FLASH of Insight** Bombadil 524 3 Nov 20, 9:28pm
               Collapse Thread Locked Here you go BlackFox 528 2 Nov 20, 9:33pm
                   Collapse Thread Locked THANKS...Looks a bit more LIKE Elrond..?// Bombadil 514 1 Nov 20, 9:50pm
                       Thread Locked Indeed BlackFox 519 0 Nov 20, 9:53pm
         Collapse Thread Locked *waves good-bye* Have fun! [and GoT Xover stuff] Lurker in the Mirk 270 5 Nov 21, 6:15am
               Collapse Thread Locked Thanks and I love the GOT crossovers VValar 166 4 Nov 21, 8:39pm
                   Collapse Thread Locked Of course~ Lurker in the Mirk 197 3 Nov 22, 4:51am
                     Thread Locked Addendum: Thranduil owning it Lurker in the Mirk 164 0 Nov 22, 5:10am
                     Collapse Thread Locked Lol mariel 314 1 Nov 22, 8:21am
                         Thread Locked Great relief Lurker in the Mirk 209 0 Sun, 7:13am
       Collapse Thread Locked Some baby Leggy cuteness, a FLAST, and a couple of Thrandy pretty! things Eruvandi 337 4 Nov 21, 1:16am
         Thread Locked Ahaha On_the_partyelk 309 0 Nov 21, 1:54am
           Collapse Thread Locked *LoL* the Leggy FLAST Lurker in the Mirk 274 2 Nov 21, 6:18am
               Collapse Thread Locked Think I'm caught up Eruvandi 181 1 Nov 21, 10:50pm
                   Thread Locked Yay and "Oh dear" Lurker in the Mirk 151 0 Nov 22, 4:54am
       Collapse Thread Locked A little something to raise a smile mariel 285 5 Nov 21, 8:50am
           Thread Locked *THUD* a little warning next time will ya? VValar 159 0 Nov 21, 8:42pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Somehow... vanima ephel 163 1 Nov 22, 2:54am
               Thread Locked *LOL* Lurker in the Mirk 153 0 Nov 22, 4:55am
         Collapse Thread Locked Another one Lurker in the Mirk 160 1 Nov 22, 4:38am
               Thread Locked 0.0 Eruvandi 57 0 Tue, 9:58pm
       Collapse Thread Locked Pretty fan edit mariel 247 10 Nov 21, 1:51pm
           Collapse Thread Locked And one more mariel 251 8 Nov 21, 2:08pm
             Thread Locked WOAH On_the_partyelk 209 0 Nov 21, 4:06pm
               Thread Locked Thud, ltnjmy hits the floor ltnjmy 192 0 Nov 21, 5:29pm
               Thread Locked *THUD* Eruvandi 188 0 Nov 21, 11:03pm
               Thread Locked LOVES!!! It's wallpaper size too (and one for Ronan fans) Lurker in the Mirk 156 0 Nov 22, 5:05am
             Collapse Thread Locked Close-ups Lurker in the Mirk 218 3 Sun, 7:11am
                 Collapse Thread Locked *raises paw* BlackFox 197 1 Sun, 10:13am
                     Thread Locked *jumps to hi-five* Lurker in the Mirk 126 0 Mon, 2:29am
                   Thread Locked Hey you changed your avatar VValar 81 0 Tue, 8:09pm
         Thread Locked LOVELY! And two more Lurker in the Mirk 159 0 Nov 22, 5:03am
       Collapse Thread Locked Fan art of Thranduil and wifey and a potential HTR Lurker in the Mirk 169 2 Nov 22, 5:19am
           Collapse Thread Locked Wifey fan art Kerewyn 163 1 Mon, 8:26am
               Thread Locked Either that or the artist really bought into the grumpy old man thing Lurker in the Mirk 101 0 Mon, 1:53pm
       Thread Locked LOL and PieKing! And some scruffy LP Lurker in the Mirk 157 0 Nov 22, 5:26am
       Collapse Thread Locked @Kerewyn: the TA '000th post list Lurker in the Mirk 329 6 Nov 22, 5:37am
           Collapse Thread Locked Ooh, I was number 5000! mariel 282 3 Sat, 12:55pm
               Collapse Thread Locked Heh, wondering who's going to be lucky no. 6000 Lurker in the Mirk 212 2 Sun, 7:47am
                   Collapse Thread Locked Like your new Avie! mariel 201 1 Sun, 8:33am
                       Thread Locked Thanks, mariel Lurker in the Mirk 126 0 Mon, 2:29am
           Collapse Thread Locked On stats: I always was hopeless at maths... Kerewyn 153 1 Mon, 8:31am
             Thread Locked It's ok, ms excel is an ally Lurker in the Mirk 104 0 Mon, 1:57pm
       Collapse Thread Locked A little more fan art to pass the time mariel 296 9 Sat, 12:53pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Some more mariel 193 8 Sun, 1:01pm
               Collapse Thread Locked Thanks. And agreed Lurker in the Mirk 135 7 Mon, 2:34am
                   Collapse Thread Locked Maivolchica's edit mariel 158 6 Mon, 8:37am
                       Thread Locked Nice edit, mariel Kerewyn 145 0 Mon, 8:43am
                       Collapse Thread Locked Pretty!!! *THUD* Lurker in the Mirk 102 4 Mon, 2:01pm
                           Collapse Thread Locked Yep. THUD agreement Kerewyn 93 3 Mon, 8:59pm
                               Thread Locked *sigh* Observations Lurker in the Mirk 77 0 Tue, 3:21am
                             Collapse Thread Locked Addendum: another edit Lurker in the Mirk 123 1 Tue, 4:39am
                                 Thread Locked Nice edit VValar 90 0 Tue, 7:46pm
       Collapse Thread Locked some pretty On_the_partyelk 292 1 Sat, 1:29pm
         Thread Locked Oooh, so pretty! Lurker in the Mirk 209 0 Sun, 7:18am
       Collapse Thread Locked Legolas - Orcrist - Thorin stn5 304 1 Sat, 1:40pm
           Thread Locked He's had Orcrist in a couple of the official posters too Eruvandi 257 0 Sun, 12:16am
     Collapse Thread Locked Too funny On_the_partyelk 165 9 Sun, 10:59pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Aww... poor Leggy Lurker in the Mirk 137 3 Mon, 2:38am
               Collapse Thread Locked Thrandy is king of sass On_the_partyelk 125 2 Mon, 12:52pm
                   Collapse Thread Locked Heheh! Definitely a classic Lurker in the Mirk 165 1 Mon, 2:02pm
                       Thread Locked Classics are best On_the_partyelk 144 0 Mon, 3:22pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Ya know... Kerewyn 160 4 Mon, 8:40am
               Thread Locked *whispers* which was also present in... Lurker in the Mirk 166 0 Mon, 2:03pm
               Collapse Thread Locked True dat On_the_partyelk 144 2 Mon, 3:19pm
                 Collapse Thread Locked Elves and beards isn't a concept like dwarves and beards Lurker in the Mirk 66 1 Tue, 3:57am
                     Thread Locked I just gave me funny images On_the_partyelk 82 0 Tue, 2:30pm
     Collapse Thread Locked Comic strips Lurker in the Mirk 154 6 Mon, 2:58am
         Collapse Thread Locked Brilliant mariel 164 1 Mon, 8:20am
               Thread Locked I know what you mean Lurker in the Mirk 162 0 Mon, 2:07pm
           Thread Locked memes are fun On_the_partyelk 130 0 Mon, 12:23pm
           Thread Locked Comic strips Kerewyn 123 0 Mon, 12:58pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Heheh... a fine hit they've been! Lurker in the Mirk 165 1 Mon, 2:06pm
               Thread Locked I laughed so loudly at this one.. Kerewyn 87 0 Mon, 9:06pm
       Collapse Thread Locked Two kings mariel 179 2 Mon, 8:24am
           Thread Locked HeH Lurker in the Mirk 161 0 Mon, 2:09pm
           Thread Locked *THUDs from fabulous and majestic overload* Eruvandi 116 0 Mon, 11:06pm
       Collapse Thread Locked 3 New TV Spot stn5 174 9 Mon, 2:03pm
           Thread Locked Low-res screencap BlackFox 169 0 Mon, 2:09pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Oh! Nice! Lurker in the Mirk 161 6 Mon, 2:15pm
               Thread Locked Addendum: better res screenie and gif Lurker in the Mirk 157 0 Mon, 3:00pm
               Collapse Thread Locked New screenshot Kerewyn 96 4 Mon, 9:13pm
                   Thread Locked You mean the dwarven wind lance? // Eruvandi 122 0 Mon, 10:31pm
                   Collapse Thread Locked Looks like the same, in darker shot. Slow-mo GiF for ref Lurker in the Mirk 132 2 Tue, 4:03am
                       Collapse Thread Locked What is he holding in his right hand? VValar 98 1 Tue, 7:42pm
                           Thread Locked Was thinking the same thing Eruvandi 73 0 Tue, 8:52pm
           Thread Locked *fangirl screams* Eruvandi 136 0 Mon, 10:37pm
     Collapse Thread Locked Fangirl watching BotFA trailer in the theatre Lurker in the Mirk 169 2 Mon, 2:18pm
         Collapse Thread Locked Lol Eruvandi 119 1 Mon, 10:50pm
               Thread Locked Yeah. I'd go to a show just to catch the trailer, tbh Lurker in the Mirk 118 0 Tue, 4:31am
     Collapse Thread Locked Finally, a scholarly discourse: How Is Thranduil Different from the Book? Lurker in the Mirk 193 11 Mon, 2:24pm
         Collapse Thread Locked Annoyingly Michael Martinez has drifted out of my reach again mariel 146 4 Mon, 4:22pm
               Collapse Thread Locked Sorry to hear that Lurker in the Mirk 125 3 Tue, 4:20am
                   Collapse Thread Locked Oh, yes please mariel 105 2 Tue, 8:17am
                     Collapse Thread Locked My pleasure. PDF on its way by mothmail despatch Lurker in the Mirk 84 1 Tue, 12:50pm
                           Thread Locked Thanks Lurker mariel 70 0 Tue, 2:31pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Interesting, indeed! BlackFox 140 1 Mon, 5:06pm
               Thread Locked Welcome, BlackFox // Lurker in the Mirk 120 0 Tue, 4:21am
           Collapse Thread Locked Terrific, this is great reading Kerewyn 90 1 Mon, 9:24pm
               Thread Locked Fresh off the press in fact Lurker in the Mirk 123 0 Tue, 4:22am
         Collapse Thread Locked I love this site... vanima ephel 88 1 Tue, 2:33am
             Thread Locked It does seem the movie-bitsies were based on memory Lurker in the Mirk 126 0 Tue, 4:25am
       Collapse Thread Locked Empire's BOFA cover featuring Thranduil BlackFox 141 16 Mon, 7:34pm
           Thread Locked Very nice! mariel 117 0 Mon, 7:44pm
           Thread Locked Good one! Eruvandi 120 0 Mon, 11:00pm
         Collapse Thread Locked I've been away for the Weekend and look what I missed VValar 133 3 Mon, 11:07pm
               Collapse Thread Locked Actually I think they are refering correctly... Saneliur 128 1 Mon, 11:48pm
                   Thread Locked [Spoilers] that would tie in with the "Hobbitís road comes to an end" article Lurker in the Mirk 138 0 Tue, 4:06am
               Thread Locked *LoL* VValar, seems you do have a knack Lurker in the Mirk 126 0 Tue, 4:14am
           Thread Locked Thanks. BlackFox! Finally, Thranduil is front and centre! *THUD* Lurker in the Mirk 129 0 Tue, 4:08am
           Thread Locked OT: btw, some BotFA mag reads (nothing about Thranduil or LP) Lurker in the Mirk 132 0 Tue, 4:10am
         Collapse Thread Locked Pretty! Fan edits galore [HTR] Lurker in the Mirk 135 7 Tue, 4:18am
             Collapse Thread Locked My, they were quick off the mark mariel 108 5 Tue, 8:37am
                   Collapse Thread Locked Oh yes, the material's quality helped HEAPS, and my own small contribution Lurker in the Mirk 96 4 Tue, 1:09pm
                       Thread Locked Well done *claps* mariel 79 0 Tue, 2:33pm
                     Thread Locked Wait a minute BlackFox 79 0 Tue, 2:55pm
                     Collapse Thread Locked Aaaaaaaand we're at post 200 VValar 97 1 Tue, 7:39pm
                           Thread Locked Woops Eruvandi beat me to it! VValar 93 0 Tue, 7:40pm
               Thread Locked Vendelina's version mariel 79 0 Tue, 2:39pm
       Collapse Thread Locked Thranduil's staff On_the_partyelk 106 1 Tue, 2:04am
           Thread Locked Very regal Eruvandi 58 0 Tue, 9:55pm
     Thread Locked PERFECT On_the_partyelk 61 0 Tue, 7:23pm
     Collapse Thread Locked Sneaking in one last piccie before the threadlock VValar 91 4 Tue, 8:24pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Can't believe we're still not locked (nice pic!) Eruvandi 67 3 Tue, 9:44pm
               Collapse Thread Locked While we're still sneaking things in VValar 70 2 Tue, 9:49pm
                   Collapse Thread Locked *twiddles thumbs* Eruvandi 59 1 Tue, 10:10pm
                       Thread Locked You can put the knitting needles away. dernwyn 56 0 Tue, 10:22pm

  Collapse What's your favorite musical theme from The Hobbit so far? delius82 773 17 Nov 20, 3:43am Jump to last post in thread (by droidsocket)
       Collapse Favorites The Grey Pilgrim 483 1 Nov 20, 3:50am
           Love the... delius82 420 0 Nov 20, 4:33am
       My favorite is... Saneliur 450 0 Nov 20, 4:06am
       My favs OrangeBerserk 428 0 Nov 20, 4:31am
       Favorites Legomir 345 0 Nov 20, 8:32am
       My favourites dubulous 331 0 Nov 20, 8:49am
       Favourites Alex Maglor 306 0 Nov 20, 9:52am
       Misty Mountains and Erebor theme. // macfalk 284 0 Nov 20, 10:49am
       Mine: NecromancerRising 286 0 Nov 20, 11:02am
       The Misty Mountains theme is still my favorite Elarie 253 0 Nov 20, 1:23pm
       Collapse I like the Tauriel/Kili theme, even though it reminds me of 'This Land' sycorax82 188 1 Nov 20, 6:45pm
           So *that*'s what that reminded me of! // dave_lf 169 0 Nov 20, 6:53pm
       Mine would probably be a tie between... BlackFox 182 0 Nov 20, 7:04pm
       Dol Guldur theme KingTurgon 137 0 Nov 20, 9:53pm
       Collapse my favorites, and missed opertunities dennis.p 78 1 Nov 21, 9:09am
           I totaly agree droidsocket 56 0 Nov 21, 4:10pm
       Well I don't know all their proper names Kilidoescartwheels 61 0 Nov 21, 2:45pm

Collapse "Near-ReleaseTIME"... Hysterical...ANGST?" Bombadil 602 10 Nov 20, 1:26am Jump to last post in thread (by delius82)
       Collapse Yup. MJM 222 4 Nov 20, 2:13am
           Collapse "After-Movie Bliss"? Bombadil 207 3 Nov 20, 2:36am
               Collapse not yet Smaug Report 206 2 Nov 20, 2:40am
                   OFF topic..// Bombadil 191 0 Nov 20, 2:47am
                   ~here here~ Smaug Report. delius82 36 0 Nov 21, 5:34am
       Very excited Smaug Report 209 0 Nov 20, 2:29am
       Thank you Bomby Saneliur 161 0 Nov 20, 5:57am
       Collapse How's this for angst...? Denneker 172 1 Nov 20, 5:57am
           Check out "Harkins Northfield 18" wazz the only ONE Bombadil 137 0 Nov 20, 8:30am
       And don't forget - hope you don't have a plastic wrapper Eruonen 77 0 Nov 20, 5:32pm

  Collapse That title still bugs me... sarahb1863 1047 15 Nov 19, 10:32pm Jump to last post in thread (by Rembrethil)
       Completely agree Smaug Report 422 0 Nov 19, 10:38pm
       Collapse Well it has less "the"s than 2/3 of LotR tsmith675 494 3 Nov 19, 10:39pm
           Collapse Quite so - FOTR is the worst for repetition. Spriggan 412 2 Nov 19, 11:08pm
               Collapse Well, my movie tickets all just said "Lord of the", which always struck me funny. Silverlode 224 1 Nov 20, 6:27am
                 They were just hedging their bets! Rembrethil 19 0 Sun, 3:10am
       I've never been bothered by the name... Queen of Erebor 389 0 Nov 19, 10:52pm
       "Semantic satiation" Darkstone 394 0 Nov 19, 10:55pm
       Collapse You know... tripecac 377 1 Nov 19, 11:09pm
           There may be that in part Spriggan 352 0 Nov 19, 11:22pm
       Collapse Yet the LOTR titles didn't bug you? LordotRings93 290 1 Nov 20, 2:41am
           Actually, no sarahb1863 279 0 Nov 20, 2:49am
       Battle of the Five Armies sounds better MouthofSauron 206 0 Nov 20, 7:03am
       The The Starling 196 0 Nov 20, 7:41am
       Collapse Sounds natural to me... Aragorn the Elfstone 194 1 Nov 20, 8:07am
         Honestly..the "THE" in AnyTHE-ngie Bombadil 178 0 Nov 20, 9:50am

Collapse The time has come... NateGate 1803 12 Nov 19, 6:58pm Jump to last post in thread (by Mithf‚nion)
       #OneLastTime Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 614 0 Nov 19, 7:40pm
       Collapse 10 things to do on TORn's message boards while you're avoiding spoilers Magpie 660 3 Nov 19, 7:45pm
         Magnificent Maggie MAY izz Right Bombadil 496 0 Nov 19, 8:04pm
         Collapse And...*cough* cats16 416 1 Nov 19, 9:03pm
               I deliberately left off anything on the Hobbit board // Magpie 361 0 Nov 19, 9:25pm
       Collapse Same here... Dipling 467 1 Nov 19, 8:34pm
         13 Thumbzz UP... for THAT!..// Bombadil 369 0 Nov 19, 9:12pm
       Thank God for spoilers... nobofthepony 455 0 Nov 19, 9:17pm
       These next few weeks tsmith675 329 0 Nov 19, 10:45pm
     Collapse 'The time has come,' Glorfindela 156 2 Nov 20, 11:48am
           Collapse Me too... dormouse 151 1 Nov 20, 12:10pm
               With everybody gone Mithf‚nion 38 0 Nov 21, 7:59pm

  Collapse A few more BOTFA soundtrack samples on Google play music (possible spoilers) Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 1279 14 Nov 19, 6:04pm Jump to last post in thread (by Arannir)
       Collapse this may be a dumb question The Grey Pilgrim 429 4 Nov 19, 6:46pm
           Collapse play Gandy 404 3 Nov 19, 6:51pm
               Works fine for me gkgyver 384 0 Nov 19, 6:52pm
               I used Firefox and it worked fine Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 340 0 Nov 19, 7:09pm
               I just tried (in Firefox) dormouse 355 0 Nov 19, 7:12pm
       Collapse No luck for me either Saneliur 304 5 Nov 19, 7:45pm
           Collapse I don't get play options, either. Magpie 278 4 Nov 19, 7:54pm
               Collapse Its a country thing. Faleel 280 2 Nov 19, 7:55pm
                   Collapse I'm in the US ... are you suggesting the US is not getting it? // Magpie 274 1 Nov 19, 7:56pm
                       The samples Faleel 316 0 Nov 19, 7:59pm
               No, I've never signed into Google play.... dormouse 277 0 Nov 19, 8:06pm
       Collapse Thanks so much! Arannir 273 2 Nov 19, 8:59pm
           Collapse Ironfood Faleel 256 1 Nov 19, 9:02pm
               oopsi, thanks. Arannir 248 0 Nov 19, 9:06pm

  Collapse Thread Locked Are we sure that these speculations are true? erdildeniz 2006 22 Nov 19, 1:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)
       Thread Locked Of course not! dave_lf 900 0 Nov 19, 2:01pm
       Thread Locked neither i can NoelGallagher 783 0 Nov 19, 2:05pm
       Thread Locked We already do have two threads. Arannir 794 0 Nov 19, 2:06pm
       Collapse Thread Locked Just Ignore them and wait for the film dormouse 627 1 Nov 19, 3:28pm
           Thread Locked Agreed! I'm trying not to spoil myself in the same was as I was for ROTK // adt100 535 0 Nov 19, 4:06pm
       Thread Locked It's on the internet. Darkstone 617 0 Nov 19, 4:02pm
       Thread Locked Frodo gave responses prior to AUJ's release via private messaging that were all accurate thomasofrohan 640 0 Nov 19, 4:03pm
       Collapse Thread Locked No tsmith675 652 2 Nov 19, 4:13pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Agreed Smaug Report 552 1 Nov 19, 4:32pm
               Thread Locked Very well put. // adt100 493 0 Nov 19, 4:39pm
       Thread Locked No Name 540 0 Nov 19, 4:32pm
       Collapse Thread Locked Very likely, yes VoronwŽ_the_Faithful 554 1 Nov 19, 4:47pm
           Thread Locked His post history also raises some flags for me. Imladris18 536 0 Nov 19, 5:05pm
       Collapse Thread Locked Oh dear Arannir 529 5 Nov 19, 5:00pm
           Thread Locked Agreed dubulous 434 0 Nov 19, 5:12pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Don't Panic!!! adt100 475 2 Nov 19, 5:14pm
               Collapse Thread Locked We should all put this as our profile picture ;) Arannir 420 1 Nov 19, 5:19pm
                   Thread Locked That would be funny. Elessar 389 0 Nov 19, 5:22pm
           Thread Locked But... but..... dormouse 407 0 Nov 19, 5:24pm
       Thread Locked Just waiting for him to answer my question. Carne 441 0 Nov 19, 5:24pm
       Thread Locked If it's true, I'm done. aifeme 486 0 Nov 19, 5:27pm
       Thread Locked ---> Please post in one of the existing thread below. Thanks! // Altaira 424 0 Nov 19, 5:32pm

Collapse BotFA Running Time caglarkuraner 1373 8 Nov 19, 1:07pm Jump to last post in thread (by caglarkuraner)
       Collapse With or without credits? Fleuz 565 1 Nov 19, 1:16pm
           with credits Arannir 595 0 Nov 19, 1:19pm
       They gawe we ne oglum erdildeniz 498 0 Nov 19, 2:06pm
       SF Norge/Sweden are legit Carne 468 0 Nov 19, 2:40pm
       My theater still says 160, but... tsmith675 270 0 Nov 19, 10:45pm
       Collapse LOL Aragorn the Elfstone 132 1 Nov 20, 4:42pm
           That is a command you do not hear every day with PJ movies ;) Arannir 116 0 Nov 20, 5:50pm
       IMAX! caglarkuraner 28 0 Sat, 6:09pm

Collapse WHAT? a Unique SPOT Andy & PJ have carved OUT... Bombadil 930 3 Nov 19, 1:07pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bishop)
       Collapse Great point Bomby. MJM 268 1 Nov 19, 1:30pm
         NOT ONLY did we get... Bombadil 237 0 Nov 19, 2:26pm
       To be fair Bishop 71 0 Nov 20, 1:34pm
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