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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse Total Film December 2014 - The Battle of the Five Armies Arannir 846 1 Mon, 11:02am Jump to last post in thread (by Fleuz)
       strange Fleuz 404 0 Mon, 11:11am

  Collapse The DOS itunes digital (extended edition) out now! MrGandalf 2477 37 Mon, 10:16am Jump to last post in thread (by nusilver)
       Exciting Shagrat 1033 0 Mon, 10:37am
       Collapse Erm, it's not working for anyone else... AshNazg 1052 8 Mon, 10:37am
           Collapse Its great! MrGandalf 1075 7 Mon, 10:52am
               Collapse Quick question Shagrat 1048 3 Mon, 10:56am
                   Collapse Yep (first scene extended with flash back) MrGandalf 1053 2 Mon, 11:16am
                       Perfect, thankyou! QuackingTroll 906 0 Mon, 11:23am
                       Fantastic! Shagrat 852 0 Mon, 11:29am
               You get the film a day earlier than everyone else and you say: QuackingTroll 1008 0 Mon, 10:59am
               Collapse I'm in the UK at the moment... AshNazg 942 1 Mon, 11:13am
                   If your can see the prize tag Fleuz 913 0 Mon, 11:16am
       Are iTunes Extras involved? Fleuz 943 0 Mon, 11:10am
       Collapse Must be nice... Merovech 859 1 Mon, 11:29am
           In the Netherlands and Europe Fleuz 868 0 Mon, 11:31am
       ugh schadowfax 805 0 Mon, 11:42am
       Collapse Another request if possible Shagrat 859 13 Mon, 11:43am
           Collapse This NoelGallagher 834 1 Mon, 11:44am
               High Fells NoelGallagher 850 0 Mon, 11:47am
           Collapse no * or ** in chapter selection on itunes MrGandalf 820 10 Mon, 11:53am
               Collapse Ah fair enough Shagrat 765 1 Mon, 11:55am
                   actually NoelGallagher 760 0 Mon, 11:57am
               Collapse 6 new chapters? DanielLB 764 7 Mon, 12:07pm
                   Maybe... Shagrat 688 0 Mon, 12:09pm
                   Collapse What chapters could it be? Arannir 679 5 Mon, 12:11pm
                       Collapse what about "more tombs" NoelGallagher 661 4 Mon, 12:14pm
                           Collapse I assumed... Arannir 782 3 Mon, 12:15pm
                               Collapse hmm NoelGallagher 752 2 Mon, 12:18pm
                                   Collapse Yeah... Arannir 710 1 Mon, 12:28pm
                                       possible NoelGallagher 678 0 Mon, 12:38pm
       Collapse Is the Directors' Commentary included? i seem to remember problems last year...// Eleniel 620 1 Mon, 1:14pm
           Last Year Fleuz 633 0 Mon, 1:17pm
       Collapse ...annnnnd it's time for me to check out. Aragorn the Elfstone 541 2 Mon, 2:20pm
           Collapse please rename the thread title. nusilver 467 1 Mon, 2:46pm
               Yes it is frustrating waiting The Grey Pilgrim 428 0 Mon, 3:05pm
       Collapse Nov 12th?! BlackCountry 347 2 Mon, 4:41pm
           I'm in Australia. And I'm downloading now Joe20 319 0 Mon, 4:54pm
           couldn't wait any longer, downloaded from Australian iTunes. nusilver 241 0 Mon, 7:02pm
       No info about the Norwegian release Carne 323 0 Mon, 4:49pm

Collapse WB's awards season "For your consideration" list for BotFA Lurker in the Mirk 868 44 Mon, 8:57am Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       Collapse In terms of actors Shagrat 469 4 Mon, 9:18am
           Collapse Well, it does depend on the film, doesn't it? dormouse 433 3 Mon, 9:56am
               Collapse That's the interesting point to me Lurker in the Mirk 91 2 Tue, 2:23am
                   Collapse Thing is, though.... dormouse 27 1 Tue, 10:08pm
                       Hope so... but yes... Lurker in the Mirk 12 0 Wed, 3:52pm
       Collapse Well... Arannir 416 13 Mon, 10:29am
           Collapse Yep Kendalf 312 11 Mon, 12:44pm
               Collapse Yes. Arannir 303 10 Mon, 12:47pm
                   Collapse Yep Kendalf 297 9 Mon, 12:54pm
                     Collapse I'd give 'em all to Guardians, personally Glorfindela 274 8 Mon, 2:05pm
                           Collapse The VFX of Guardians? Arannir 269 1 Mon, 2:06pm
                               Everything for that film! Glorfindela 244 0 Mon, 2:29pm
                           Collapse Interstellar will win the VFX Oscar. tsmith675 255 5 Mon, 2:19pm
                               Collapse A bit laughable? Glorfindela 243 3 Mon, 2:32pm
                                   Collapse I also fear... Arannir 235 2 Mon, 2:37pm
                                       'Collapsing under its own weight.' Glorfindela 226 0 Mon, 3:04pm
                                       OT: does it seem Lurker in the Mirk 86 0 Tue, 2:26am
                               Re: Interstellar delius82 101 0 Mon, 11:17pm
           Agree with every point Lurker in the Mirk 86 0 Tue, 2:25am
     Collapse They've got to be joking Glorfindela 377 11 Mon, 12:18pm
           Collapse No ploy. Arannir 363 9 Mon, 12:20pm
               Collapse Thank you for explaining that - RA described as "supporting" is hilarious.... Avandel 252 3 Mon, 2:39pm
                   Collapse Yes! Eowyn of Penns Woods 202 2 Mon, 3:45pm
                       *Applauds* Avandel 140 0 Mon, 5:08pm
                       Hear, hear! Lurker in the Mirk 84 0 Tue, 2:39am
               Collapse What I don't get is Lurker in the Mirk 88 4 Tue, 2:30am
                   Collapse No self-cannabalisation. Arannir 71 3 Tue, 7:46am
                       Collapse Sorry Arannir 60 1 Tue, 8:26am
                           No problem! Lurker in the Mirk 41 0 Tue, 12:16pm
                       hmmm Lurker in the Mirk 48 0 Tue, 10:12am
           Yep! Kendalf 309 0 Mon, 12:47pm
       Collapse Evangeline, Martin & Benedict Kilidoescartwheels 217 10 Mon, 4:07pm
           Collapse What? KingTurgon 175 7 Mon, 4:38pm
               Collapse Because they have bigger roles. Arannir 162 6 Mon, 4:42pm
                   Collapse Cumberbatch KingTurgon 155 4 Mon, 4:54pm
                       remember these awards are for BO5A, not the entire trilogy Cirashala 151 0 Mon, 7:38pm
                       Collapse Nothing to do with the book. Arannir 69 2 Tue, 7:50am
                           Absolutely Spriggan 46 0 Tue, 11:30am
                           Yup! Would be strange Lurker in the Mirk 41 0 Tue, 12:17pm
                   Buy why bother? Lurker in the Mirk 86 0 Tue, 2:40am
           Gaaaaagh Avandel 153 0 Mon, 5:06pm
         I like the way you think, Kilidoescartwheels Lurker in the Mirk 82 0 Tue, 3:19am
       Collapse Perhaps the performances are so good that they will throw away the rule book Spriggan 144 1 Mon, 8:12pm
           *LOL* Well, Spriggan, I don't know how that would swing but I'd think Lurker in the Mirk 87 0 Tue, 2:42am

  Collapse Thread Locked Our final trip to Middle-earth to finish with 'The Last Goodbye' sung by Billy Boyd News from Bree 311 1 Oct 20, 2:38am Jump to last post in thread (by Earl)
       Thread Locked Locking this thread so discussion can continue in the one below // Earl 91 0 Mon, 11:38am

Collapse Thread Locked Thranduil Appreciation Thread Part XIX Lurker in the Mirk 1153 215 Oct 20, 1:21am Jump to last post in thread (by dernwyn)
       Collapse Thread Locked Various general responses to TAXVIII Lurker in the Mirk 532 8 Oct 20, 1:59am
           Collapse Thread Locked Re: stumbling across Thranduil... Eowyn of Penns Woods 518 2 Oct 20, 2:35am
               Thread Locked *guffaw* Lurker in the Mirk 504 0 Oct 20, 2:39am
             Thread Locked LOL re stumbling across Thranduil VValar 153 0 Mon, 9:59pm
           Collapse Thread Locked I had to use an online meters to feet converter to figure it out but... Eruvandi 355 2 Mon, 4:12pm
               Thread Locked Re Thranduil's height VValar 155 0 Mon, 10:17pm
             Thread Locked rough rule of thumb Lurker in the Mirk 113 0 Tue, 3:24am
         Collapse Thread Locked Re all sorts of things VValar 146 1 Mon, 10:31pm
             Thread Locked heh Lurker in the Mirk 107 0 Tue, 3:29am
       Collapse Thread Locked Trailer Anticipation (Continued from TAXVIII) Lurker in the Mirk 528 5 Oct 20, 2:10am
           Collapse Thread Locked 'tis upon us KeenObserver 529 4 Oct 20, 2:45am
             Collapse Thread Locked *AGOG* KeenObserver! Welcome! Thrice, thrice, thrice welcome! Lurker in the Mirk 513 2 Oct 20, 3:24am
                   Collapse Thread Locked *Drops head in shame* KeenObserver 497 1 Mon, 4:08am
                     Thread Locked pssst, you have observed too keenly Lurker in the Mirk 468 0 Mon, 5:43am
             Thread Locked Welcome! VValar 145 0 Mon, 10:02pm
       Collapse Thread Locked DoS EE Discussion Lurker in the Mirk 546 9 Oct 20, 2:36am
           Thread Locked *snerkles* Lurker in the Mirk 499 0 Oct 20, 3:32am
         Collapse Thread Locked Mindwarp? (Kerewyn, look here!) Lurker in the Mirk 500 2 Mon, 3:38am
               Collapse Thread Locked Hey, he looks pretty good in that setting... vanima ephel 142 1 Mon, 11:39pm
                   Thread Locked Good call! Lurker in the Mirk 107 0 Tue, 3:30am
           Collapse Thread Locked Additional book spoilers Eruvandi 233 4 Mon, 5:34pm
               Collapse Thread Locked And that's definitely a scene I look forward to seeing in the EE vanima ephel 138 1 Mon, 11:35pm
                   Thread Locked Am so miffed though Lurker in the Mirk 107 0 Tue, 3:36am
               Thread Locked Cool additional notes Eruvandi Lurker in the Mirk 105 0 Tue, 3:34am
             Thread Locked Thanks for that lovely white stag info VValar 73 0 Tue, 10:48pm
     Collapse Thread Locked Hmmm...BotFA fan art rendition of THAT scene Lurker in the Mirk 514 2 Mon, 3:40am
           Collapse Thread Locked Took me a second to realise what it was Eruvandi 215 1 Mon, 5:54pm
               Thread Locked Let's just hope Lurker in the Mirk 106 0 Tue, 3:36am
       Collapse Thread Locked LP on WB's awards season "for your consideration list" for BotFA Lurker in the Mirk 455 2 Mon, 9:13am
           Collapse Thread Locked WB award season? VValar 143 1 Mon, 10:18pm
               Thread Locked OH... just names of people who've worked on the movie Lurker in the Mirk 103 0 Tue, 3:38am
       Collapse Thread Locked Just for continuity mariel 433 149 Mon, 1:09pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Spoiler - New Thranduil scene in DOS EE stn5 464 142 Mon, 3:10pm
               Collapse Thread Locked Thanks stn5! Eruvandi 403 62 Mon, 3:21pm
                   Collapse Thread Locked Hope the scene is there..but.... stn5 413 57 Mon, 3:33pm
                       Thread Locked Thanks stn5 mariel 396 0 Mon, 3:37pm
                       Collapse Thread Locked *cries* Eruvandi 395 38 Mon, 3:38pm
                           Collapse Thread Locked Thranduil Ring & Crown Collection stn5 413 36 Mon, 3:53pm
                               Collapse Thread Locked More Photos stn5 386 3 Mon, 4:12pm
                                   Collapse Thread Locked Wheeee! Eruvandi 269 2 Mon, 4:39pm
                                     Thread Locked LOL VValar 251 0 Mon, 4:52pm
                                       Thread Locked *LOL* Thanks for that, Eruvandi! Lurker in the Mirk 108 0 Tue, 3:56am
                               Collapse Thread Locked *SQUEEE!* *bounces up and down* Eruvandi 367 4 Mon, 4:16pm
                                   Collapse Thread Locked HOPE!!! Ringses! Lurker in the Mirk 106 3 Tue, 3:58am
                                       Collapse Thread Locked Woodland Ring Eruvandi 108 2 Tue, 4:22pm
                                           Thread Locked The bling VValar 209 0 Tue, 11:56pm
                                           Thread Locked Thranduil's ring bling Lurker in the Mirk 56 0 Thu, 4:51am
                               Collapse Thread Locked oooooh pretty rings... phij2 276 17 Mon, 4:20pm
                                 Collapse Thread Locked Update: No new Thranduil scene in DOS EE…. stn5 288 15 Mon, 4:28pm
                                     Thread Locked That sucks major time VValar 259 0 Mon, 4:49pm
                                       Collapse Thread Locked Oh well. Eruvandi 261 3 Mon, 4:50pm
                                           Collapse Thread Locked Good catch VValar 255 2 Mon, 4:58pm
                                               Collapse Thread Locked Agreed mariel 267 1 Mon, 5:32pm
                                                   Thread Locked This has to be my mantra now Lurker in the Mirk 106 0 Tue, 4:02am
                                     Thread Locked Majorly bummed! Lurker in the Mirk 110 0 Tue, 4:00am
                                     Collapse Thread Locked No rest for the #Fabulous Lurker in the Mirk 105 8 Tue, 4:51am
                                           Collapse Thread Locked Agreed mariel 124 1 Tue, 7:49am
                                               Thread Locked I know what you mean Lurker in the Mirk 108 0 Tue, 10:12am
                                         Collapse Thread Locked The GiF for this image Lurker in the Mirk 172 2 Tue, 11:34am
                                             Collapse Thread Locked Bwahaha! Eruvandi 108 1 Tue, 4:55pm
                                                 Thread Locked Yeah... got to wonder though... Lurker in the Mirk 52 0 Thu, 4:58am
                                           Collapse Thread Locked Poor Thrandy Eruvandi 115 1 Tue, 4:28pm
                                               Thread Locked Good the opinion is not just confined to Thralls Lurker in the Mirk 55 0 Thu, 4:56am
                                           Thread Locked LOL love the Bing Bang crossover VValar 67 0 Tue, 11:25pm
                                 Thread Locked Word! Lurker in the Mirk 104 0 Tue, 3:59am
                               Collapse Thread Locked Loving the bling VValar 163 6 Mon, 9:56pm
                                   Collapse Thread Locked You don't like it? Lurker in the Mirk 111 5 Tue, 4:03am
                                       Collapse Thread Locked 0.0 Eruvandi 109 1 Tue, 5:07pm
                                           Thread Locked Hehee Lurker in the Mirk 54 0 Thu, 5:03am
                                     Thread Locked Addendum Eruvandi 90 0 Tue, 6:27pm
                                       Collapse Thread Locked Nah I'm not feeling it VValar 73 1 Tue, 11:19pm
                                           Thread Locked awww Lurker in the Mirk 51 0 Thu, 5:29am
                               Collapse Thread Locked Those rings have always been a hot topic vanima ephel 143 1 Mon, 11:24pm
                                   Thread Locked We spotted the same thing! Lurker in the Mirk 102 0 Tue, 4:04am
                           Thread Locked Sad mariel 265 0 Mon, 4:34pm
                       Collapse Thread Locked yes Peter WHYYYYYY! phij2 371 1 Mon, 4:15pm
                           Thread Locked *sneaks in* Lurker in the Mirk 43 0 Thu, 10:09am
                     Collapse Thread Locked Whoa good stuff! VValar 180 7 Mon, 9:42pm
                           Thread Locked Yup it appears to be the same tunic as in BOFA VValar 168 0 Mon, 9:48pm
                           Collapse Thread Locked Screencaps mariel 175 1 Mon, 9:53pm
                               Thread Locked tumblr is on FIYAH! Lurker in the Mirk 115 0 Tue, 4:09am
                         Collapse Thread Locked Oh yeah Lurker in the Mirk 108 2 Tue, 4:07am
                               Collapse Thread Locked Gotta love that black tunic VValar 68 1 Tue, 11:24pm
                                 Thread Locked HTR!!!!! In Black tunic, on throne, and laughing Lurker in the Mirk 54 0 Thu, 5:33am
                         Thread Locked Seems people just can't keep their hands off him Eruvandi 103 0 Tue, 5:19pm
                       Collapse Thread Locked These are some great stills. vanima ephel 151 6 Mon, 11:17pm
                           Thread Locked LoL Lurker in the Mirk 100 0 Tue, 4:12am
                         Collapse Thread Locked That white armour - combo Hi-res, fan art, HTR and LoL alert Lurker in the Mirk 160 3 Tue, 5:37am
                               Collapse Thread Locked Re the fan art mariel 125 1 Tue, 7:44am
                                   Thread Locked Yes, precious! Lurker in the Mirk 110 0 Tue, 10:09am
                             Thread Locked Addendum: clearest look at that sword partial-sheath/holster thingy Lurker in the Mirk 107 0 Tue, 10:39am
                           Thread Locked The white armour's original stills Lurker in the Mirk 179 0 Tue, 11:24am
                   Thread Locked Agreed wholeheartedly VValar 177 0 Mon, 9:34pm
                 Collapse Thread Locked Adding my thanks to stn5, and weighing in Lurker in the Mirk 115 2 Tue, 3:51am
                       Collapse Thread Locked Yep you heard right VValar 74 1 Tue, 11:04pm
                           Thread Locked Pronunciation Lurker in the Mirk 54 0 Thu, 5:27am
               Thread Locked The working URL for the BHS Thranduil DOS EE scene VValar 197 0 Mon, 9:28pm
               Collapse Thread Locked GIFs Lurker in the Mirk 157 1 Tue, 5:17am
                   Thread Locked Another set Lurker in the Mirk 96 0 Tue, 11:07am
               Collapse Thread Locked Gif - one for the father and son appreciators Lurker in the Mirk 163 3 Tue, 5:19am
                 Collapse Thread Locked *squee!* Eruvandi 95 1 Tue, 6:09pm
                     Thread Locked Leggy's idol is his awesome dad Lurker in the Mirk 55 0 Thu, 5:06am
                   Thread Locked *stares at the gif* VValar 68 0 Tue, 11:27pm
               Collapse Thread Locked Stills Lurker in the Mirk 147 2 Tue, 5:54am
                   Collapse Thread Locked These VValar 221 1 Tue, 11:34pm
                       Thread Locked Thranduil can be comfy anywhere Lurker in the Mirk 51 0 Thu, 5:35am
               Collapse Thread Locked BTS Thranduil smiles (Yup, some HTR, fellow Thralls) Lurker in the Mirk 161 2 Tue, 6:04am
                   Collapse Thread Locked *sigh* LP has the best smile! Eruvandi 91 1 Tue, 6:19pm
                     Thread Locked Just have ditto this // Lurker in the Mirk 53 0 Thu, 5:09am
               Thread Locked BTS - more stills on that antler crown Lurker in the Mirk 148 0 Tue, 6:09am
             Thread Locked B&W still of Thranduil lounging on his throne Lurker in the Mirk 144 0 Tue, 6:11am
               Collapse Thread Locked BTS - Thranduil in red plaid Lurker in the Mirk 155 3 Tue, 6:23am
                 Collapse Thread Locked Is it just me or does red plaid becomes Thranduil? (and linky correction for preceding post) Lurker in the Mirk 110 2 Tue, 10:51am
                       Collapse Thread Locked Red plaid usually says "lumberjack" to me but... Eruvandi 154 1 Tue, 6:46pm
                         Thread Locked Re lumberjack, so true, LP makes it work so effortlessly, but... Lurker in the Mirk 57 0 Thu, 5:14am
             Collapse Thread Locked BTS GIF - Funny of LP really goofin' [warning - stay away if you want image of Thranduil the forever elegant beauty intact] Lurker in the Mirk 164 15 Tue, 7:17am
                   Collapse Thread Locked Haha -priceless mariel 138 6 Tue, 7:39am
                       Collapse Thread Locked *hee* Happy to know you enjoyed it Lurker in the Mirk 113 4 Tue, 10:08am
                         Collapse Thread Locked Make that 2 of us mariel 102 3 Tue, 10:54am
                             Collapse Thread Locked Touche! I'm in GREAT company =D Lurker in the Mirk 95 2 Tue, 11:05am
                                   Collapse Thread Locked Think I may join the club Eruvandi 151 1 Tue, 6:58pm
                                       Thread Locked *wordlessly makes room in the shack* Lurker in the Mirk 52 0 Thu, 5:18am
                       Thread Locked btw..... those boots Lurker in the Mirk 179 0 Tue, 11:18am
                 Collapse Thread Locked Perfect accompaniment... and the perfect line Lurker in the Mirk 140 2 Tue, 1:50pm
                     Collapse Thread Locked Ah, Mr. Weaving, how I love you! Eruvandi 150 1 Tue, 7:04pm
                           Thread Locked I predict Elven danceoff in that future mega hexalogy release Lurker in the Mirk 52 0 Thu, 5:19am
                 Collapse Thread Locked Bwahaha! Eruvandi 152 1 Tue, 6:52pm
                     Thread Locked Indeed! Lurker in the Mirk 52 0 Thu, 5:16am
                 Collapse Thread Locked Just. Have. To. Resist. Clicking. That. Link. VValar 224 2 Tue, 11:38pm
                       Thread Locked Aaaaah! Adorable puppy SQUEE! Eruvandi 124 0 Wed, 2:24pm
                       Thread Locked Lol! That behbeh pooch so cute! Lurker in the Mirk 51 0 Thu, 5:37am
             Collapse Thread Locked Resources: One-stop tumblr for all your DOS EE GIF/Image fix, FB and a chinese site Lurker in the Mirk 132 30 Tue, 10:23am
                   Collapse Thread Locked 29 minute VIDEO SQEEEEE!!!!! *faints and dies and faints and dies and THUDS*!!! Eruvandi 191 25 Tue, 8:09pm
                       Collapse Thread Locked Hmm... BlackFox 137 8 Tue, 8:20pm
                           Collapse Thread Locked Don't know Eruvandi 130 7 Tue, 8:31pm
                               Collapse Thread Locked It looks a bit suspicious to me BlackFox 128 6 Tue, 8:48pm
                                   Collapse Thread Locked What happened? Eruvandi 117 5 Tue, 9:07pm
                                       Collapse Thread Locked An admin deleted/edited my post BlackFox 116 4 Tue, 9:11pm
                                           Collapse Thread Locked Ah. I understand. Eruvandi 109 3 Tue, 9:26pm
                                               Collapse Thread Locked Yes, I think that would be the wisest thing to do BlackFox 104 2 Tue, 9:31pm
                                                 Collapse Thread Locked Your intrusions are always welcome // Eruvandi 96 1 Tue, 9:34pm
                                                     Thread Locked *blushes* BlackFox 97 0 Tue, 9:37pm
                       Thread Locked 10 minutes in Eruvandi 141 0 Tue, 8:20pm
                     Collapse Thread Locked SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE VValar 89 3 Tue, 10:37pm
                           Collapse Thread Locked *sneaksie one more post in* Lurker in the Mirk 72 2 Thu, 7:49am
                               Collapse Thread Locked Sneaks in one more post too! VValar 74 1 Thu, 8:00am
                                 Thread Locked *peers in* by the Valar! We're still live! *THUD* Lurker in the Mirk 52 0 Thu, 9:05am
                       Collapse Thread Locked Bonus with elves from EE Tinne 192 9 Wed, 5:47am
                         Collapse Thread Locked Thranduil & Legolas CUT Scene stn5 182 7 Wed, 7:56am
                               Collapse Thread Locked I still wish they'd included the completed scene... vanima ephel 153 3 Wed, 10:53am
                                   Thread Locked I can't disagree with anything you've said mariel 132 0 Wed, 1:09pm
                                   Collapse Thread Locked And all the more disgruntling Lurker in the Mirk 102 1 Thu, 6:21am
                                     Thread Locked Plus more Thranduil in BLACK Pretty! Lurker in the Mirk 88 0 Thu, 6:31am
                               Thread Locked ... Lurker in the Mirk 52 0 Thu, 5:40am
                             Collapse Thread Locked RE video deleted scene Thranduil/Legolas **THUD** VValar 66 1 Thu, 8:18am
                                 Thread Locked None at all Lurker in the Mirk 53 0 Thu, 9:06am
                           Thread Locked Thanks, Tinne!!! Lurker in the Mirk 51 0 Thu, 5:40am
                       Thread Locked *Heart attack* WOOT! // Lurker in the Mirk 54 0 Thu, 5:20am
                   Collapse Thread Locked short written summary of video Eruvandi 105 1 Tue, 10:06pm
                     Thread Locked Thanks! I saw it! Lurker in the Mirk 54 0 Thu, 5:22am
                   Collapse Thread Locked Thanks for the links! VValar 218 1 Tue, 11:47pm
                       Thread Locked Soon, precious, soon... Lurker in the Mirk 51 0 Thu, 5:38am
               Collapse Thread Locked BTS Stills: Interesting... wonder what's happening here Lurker in the Mirk 189 2 Tue, 11:10am
                   Thread Locked Guess these belong here Lurker in the Mirk 174 0 Tue, 11:21am
                 Thread Locked GIF: Really fascinating T&T BTS. You gotta have a look! Lurker in the Mirk 161 0 Tue, 11:55am
             Collapse Thread Locked Deleted Scene again - Legolas did go after Tauriel with Thranduil's knowledge Lurker in the Mirk 202 8 Tue, 11:15am
                   Collapse Thread Locked Agreed mariel 184 3 Tue, 11:22am
                       Collapse Thread Locked Exactly. And I wonder... [potential spoiler] Lurker in the Mirk 187 2 Tue, 11:29am
                           Collapse Thread Locked Frustrating mariel 168 1 Tue, 11:39am
                               Thread Locked ... my faith wavers Lurker in the Mirk 162 0 Tue, 11:51am
                   Collapse Thread Locked it that fear/concern in Thranduil face... stn5 152 2 Tue, 1:31pm
                       Thread Locked I would imagine that that is the look... Lurker in the Mirk 136 0 Tue, 1:46pm
                       Thread Locked Agree with everything you said VValar 211 0 Tue, 11:53pm
                   Thread Locked Squeeeee so good!! VValar 216 0 Tue, 11:50pm
               Thread Locked BTS - assorted stills Lurker in the Mirk 163 0 Tue, 11:50am
           Collapse Thread Locked I'm afraid the Fab Cloak won't make it either VValar 193 1 Mon, 9:29pm
             Thread Locked It is Lurker in the Mirk 98 0 Tue, 4:14am
           Thread Locked *SNIGGER*/*WHIMPER* Lurker in the Mirk 115 0 Tue, 3:40am
         Collapse Thread Locked mariel, and anyone wanting the cloak throwdown, look here! Lurker in the Mirk 109 2 Tue, 10:59am
             Collapse Thread Locked What a kind and generous person you are! mariel 99 1 Tue, 11:02am
                   Thread Locked *hee* well, it's for me too Lurker in the Mirk 99 0 Tue, 11:05am
     Collapse Thread Locked Nice opening Lurker VValar 271 1 Mon, 4:40pm
           Thread Locked Now we've got to look ahead to the Battle Lurker in the Mirk 101 0 Tue, 4:15am
     Thread Locked Finally, proof of Thranduil's graceful trips up the stairs to his throne Lurker in the Mirk 161 0 Tue, 6:06am
     Collapse Thread Locked DoS comic strip... because I need the snerkles Lurker in the Mirk 194 16 Tue, 11:33am
           Collapse Thread Locked Uh-oh. You might want to summon an Admin to edit this, pronto! Eowyn of Penns Woods 106 1 Tue, 5:41pm
               Thread Locked Yes - I deleted the strip entmaiden 150 0 Tue, 7:15pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Lurker - the strip was not family-friendly, so I deleted it entmaiden 152 11 Tue, 7:16pm
               Collapse Thread Locked Apologies all round for the boo-boo, and new snerkle Lurker in the Mirk 156 10 Wed, 11:52am
                   Collapse Thread Locked Ha ha mariel 142 1 Wed, 1:02pm
                       Thread Locked Hee Lurker in the Mirk 51 0 Thu, 5:45am
                   Collapse Thread Locked I'm sure many of us would like to offer up "a few choice words" over the news. Eowyn of Penns Woods 120 5 Wed, 4:03pm
                       Collapse Thread Locked To be fair, Lurker in the Mirk 119 4 Wed, 4:14pm
                           Collapse Thread Locked Ehhh... Eowyn of Penns Woods 119 1 Wed, 4:30pm
                             Thread Locked Fair enough =) Lurker in the Mirk 50 0 Thu, 5:41am
                           Collapse Thread Locked I quite agree - The Thranduil Cuts are unfair, especially since his character was CREATED by the professor ltnjmy 115 1 Wed, 5:29pm
                               Thread Locked You know... I just don't understand these decisions Lurker in the Mirk 54 0 Thu, 5:53am
                   Collapse Thread Locked I missed it entirely vanima ephel 70 1 Thu, 12:36am
                       Thread Locked I'll share it again if I find it Lurker in the Mirk 50 0 Thu, 5:54am
         Collapse Thread Locked For what it's worth, I had a good laugh VValar 211 1 Tue, 11:57pm
               Thread Locked Thanks! Good to know that Lurker in the Mirk 49 0 Thu, 5:43am
     Thread Locked Cute BTS of T&T on FB Lurker in the Mirk 155 0 Wed, 11:42am
       Collapse Thread Locked The photoshoppers have made a start! mariel 140 1 Wed, 2:09pm
         Thread Locked Love!!! Lurker in the Mirk 53 0 Thu, 5:46am
     Collapse Thread Locked BotFA: Thranduil in action Lurker in the Mirk 136 1 Wed, 4:18pm
           Thread Locked Addendum Lurker in the Mirk 88 0 Thu, 6:38am
       Thread Locked New BotFA poster... not feeling it Lurker in the Mirk 68 0 Thu, 4:06am
     Collapse Thread Locked Question to Thrallls about clicky images (and a slight OT) Lurker in the Mirk 69 4 Thu, 4:44am
           Collapse Thread Locked This? mariel 71 1 Thu, 7:41am
               Thread Locked Yes, thanks, mariel! Lurker in the Mirk 71 0 Thu, 7:45am
           Collapse Thread Locked Images mariel 68 1 Thu, 7:59am
               Thread Locked Simple! Lurker in the Mirk 55 0 Thu, 9:11am
       Collapse Thread Locked Warning! Warning! Threadlock imminent! Silverlode 86 2 Thu, 7:06am
         Thread Locked Thanks, Silverlode Lurker in the Mirk 80 0 Thu, 7:18am
           Thread Locked And...now for #20! // dernwyn 45 0 Thu, 10:21am

  Collapse Does anyone else wish there was a 4 film... delius82 1132 38 Oct 19, 10:36pm Jump to last post in thread (by Danielos)
       Collapse Did you mean between DOS and BOFA? Spriggan 570 2 Oct 19, 10:41pm
           Collapse I didn't mean it as a joke.. delius82 556 1 Oct 19, 10:45pm
               What sort of material are you thinking? Spriggan 527 0 Oct 19, 10:46pm
       Collapse . bungobaggins 521 1 Oct 19, 10:48pm
           lmao^^ ecthelionsbeard 475 0 Oct 19, 10:54pm
       Collapse Butter scraped over too much bread. Elizabeth 511 4 Oct 19, 11:01pm
           Collapse Return of the King... ecthelionsbeard 491 1 Oct 19, 11:14pm
               Must... Aragorn the Elfstone 464 0 Oct 19, 11:17pm
           In hindsight, 6 films, as based on the 6 books of LOTR, would have been perfect! adt100 154 0 Mon, 12:01pm
           True Kendalf 146 0 Mon, 12:03pm
       No! Otaku-sempai 437 0 Oct 19, 11:30pm
       Collapse i'm sure you are being sarcastic but MouthofSauron 426 1 Oct 19, 11:58pm
           "The Hunt for Gollum" is available on YouTube KeenObserver 398 0 Oct 20, 12:10am
       Collapse I don't ever want it to end Elessar 380 6 Oct 20, 12:57am
           Collapse very nice and agree - I'd like six films Avandel 369 5 Oct 20, 1:05am
               Collapse Its a very rich world Elessar 319 4 Oct 20, 2:17am
                   Ditto! KeenObserver 290 0 Oct 20, 3:02am
                   Agreed! // Lurker in the Mirk 273 0 Mon, 3:41am
                 Collapse Addendum: It may not look it but... Lurker in the Mirk 259 1 Mon, 5:26am
                       Pretty much :) Elessar 53 0 Tue, 2:55am
       Collapse I'd like one, too. LordotRings93 309 1 Oct 20, 2:40am
           If we live long enough . . . KeenObserver 313 0 Oct 20, 3:11am
       No. Arannir 217 0 Mon, 7:16am
       Collapse Yes... dormouse 216 2 Mon, 7:59am
           What she said. // BlackFox 180 0 Mon, 8:26am
           Ditto Loresilme 81 0 Mon, 6:03pm
       Collapse Certainly not between DOS and BOTFA dubulous 187 2 Mon, 8:35am
           Collapse Please, no: leave the Appendices alone Kendalf 148 1 Mon, 12:07pm
               Sorry,i do not see any of these NecromancerRising 90 0 Mon, 6:23pm
       Collapse No, not another Hobbit movie, but I do wish for another Middle Earth film. DeadRabbits 202 6 Mon, 8:40am
         Collapse Or dubulous 193 3 Mon, 9:03am
             Collapse No ONE wantz it to End?... Bombadil 183 1 Mon, 9:38am
                   Interesting, the reaction to my post.. delius82 57 0 Tue, 1:36am
               Yeah, why not? Or Shagrat & Gorbag in Dude, Where's My Scimitar? DeadRabbits 155 0 Mon, 11:30am
           This (or nothing)... Otaku-sempai 127 0 Mon, 2:22pm
           I still want those War in the North movies - Hanzkaz 35 0 Tue, 2:12pm
       I think there's already too much extra stuff in DoS the way it is... sauget.diblosio 27 0 Tue, 5:22pm
       Three movies = good, four movies = great Danielos 14 0 Wed, 5:58am

  Collapse New actor listed on Official site Orc Berserker 1366 17 Oct 19, 9:10pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bishop)
       Collapse Maybe a dwarf?*/ werewormses 516 5 Oct 19, 9:23pm
           Collapse It's possible... But who? Orc Berserker 512 4 Oct 19, 9:29pm
               Collapse Could be the rumoured CG Dain QuackingTroll 525 1 Oct 19, 9:49pm
                   Before anyone starts to worry... BlackFox 538 0 Oct 19, 9:58pm
               Collapse An orc? Moahunter 471 1 Oct 19, 9:56pm
                   Looking at his body built... Arannir 506 0 Oct 19, 10:03pm
       film spoiler Númenórean 532 0 Oct 19, 10:02pm
       Or a Nazgul? Spriggan 442 0 Oct 19, 10:23pm
       Collapse My Guess DjU 408 4 Oct 19, 11:57pm
           Collapse Interesting Bishop 294 2 Oct 20, 2:46am
               Collapse The Official Cast list on the website Orc Berserker 84 1 Mon, 5:22pm
                   Gotcha, thanks Bishop 70 0 Mon, 5:39pm
           Ah yes Orc Berserker 73 0 Mon, 5:18pm
       Collapse First Bolg concept. leonmuse 310 1 Mon, 4:03am
           You best not get your hopes up. DjU 127 0 Mon, 1:16pm
       Collapse The Hobbit is not listed yet in his film credits at his agency either. Lissuin 259 1 Mon, 4:41am
         IF he has a line of Dialogue, he gets Listed..maybe the .WITCHKing..? Bombadil 153 0 Mon, 11:37am

Collapse (Very) small insights into the Soundtrack Recording Arannir 646 1 Oct 19, 8:51pm Jump to last post in thread (by sycorax82)
       Imagine if that is the very end of Middle-earth movie scoring... sycorax82 165 0 Oct 20, 2:15am

  Collapse Ticket Sales MEIGWIT 425 4 Oct 19, 8:07pm Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)
       I haven't seen or heard anything yet... Earl 124 0 Oct 19, 11:14pm
       I'm waiting to hear when they will start selling them too Old Toby 93 0 Oct 20, 1:05am
       For AUJ and DOS ... DanielLB 80 0 Mon, 6:15am
       My guess... cats16 18 0 Tue, 8:12am

  Collapse BOTFA Original Song! Peterthorn of Rohan 2801 68 Oct 19, 2:57pm Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)
       Collapse Thank you...thank you... *sobbing* Aragorn the Elfstone 1239 2 Oct 19, 3:03pm
           Collapse Agreed! Elessar 357 1 Oct 19, 10:09pm
               I plan to watch Elessar 350 0 Oct 19, 10:15pm
       Collapse The Last Goodbye hood815 1218 5 Oct 19, 3:11pm
           Collapse Enya NoelGallagher 1175 1 Oct 19, 3:18pm
               Oh Lord, I do hope not. Spriggan 966 0 Oct 19, 4:17pm
           Collapse Even the name JamesPaganini 1135 2 Oct 19, 3:19pm
               Collapse Hopefully hood815 1077 1 Oct 19, 3:21pm
                   time goes by too fast... NoelGallagher 1044 0 Oct 19, 3:27pm
       Sentiments of sadness NecromancerRising 1088 0 Oct 19, 3:18pm
       Collapse This is very promisng! dubulous 1056 1 Oct 19, 3:33pm
           I would think this is implied... Aragorn the Elfstone 1040 0 Oct 19, 3:37pm
       Unfortunately it´s not confirmed oficially... Merenwen Vardamir 984 0 Oct 19, 3:59pm
       Collapse Can someone please make this clickable Lindele 913 3 Oct 19, 4:18pm
           Collapse Clickable Fleuz 905 2 Oct 19, 4:26pm
               Collapse 77 haarp 891 1 Oct 19, 4:29pm
                   Wow where did you learn to be so optimistic? tsmith675 635 0 Oct 19, 5:26pm
       What a title! Scorchster 862 0 Oct 19, 4:37pm
       Collapse CONFIRMED and will be sung by Billy Boyd! Aragorn the Elfstone 1070 15 Oct 19, 4:42pm
           Great! I love Billy's voice.... Eleniel 856 0 Oct 19, 4:51pm
           Collapse This is interesting Shagrat 881 2 Oct 19, 4:57pm
               They submitted the same actors... Aragorn the Elfstone 835 0 Oct 19, 5:03pm
               Yeah, not a very promising dubulous 811 0 Oct 19, 5:07pm
           Collapse This deserves its own thread, if it doesn't have one yet. Lissuin 825 1 Oct 19, 4:59pm
               I can't take credit... Aragorn the Elfstone 756 0 Oct 19, 5:13pm
           Excellent - good find! dormouse 813 0 Oct 19, 4:59pm
           Collapse Thank you. Merenwen Vardamir 727 2 Oct 19, 5:18pm
               Collapse what a great news mo0on-light 608 1 Oct 19, 5:43pm
                   Backin' up..Taking a Tolkien World View? Bombadil 577 0 Oct 19, 6:05pm
           Collapse Sounds promising BlackFox 667 1 Oct 19, 5:19pm
               Could this be based on a poem by Tolkien? Otaku-sempai 302 0 Oct 19, 11:51pm
           Collapse My heart skipped a beat Earl 681 1 Oct 19, 5:23pm
               I think I know just what you mean.... // dormouse 561 0 Oct 19, 6:01pm
           So exciting!! LordotRings93 233 0 Oct 20, 2:37am
       Collapse No "The Road Goes Ever On" Arannir 628 23 Oct 19, 6:27pm
           Collapse I'm with you, Arannir KeenObserver 438 22 Oct 19, 7:40pm
               Collapse To be fair SafeUnderHill 421 3 Oct 19, 7:49pm
                   Collapse Care to elaborate, please? KeenObserver 376 2 Oct 19, 8:00pm
                       Collapse I think SafeUnderHill refers to (spoilers obviously)... Arannir 380 1 Oct 19, 8:02pm
                           That's what I was thinking KeenObserver 335 0 Oct 19, 8:18pm
               Collapse Yeah... Arannir 407 14 Oct 19, 7:50pm
                   Collapse What about the 'bookends'? KeenObserver 358 13 Oct 19, 8:13pm
                       Collapse Many of those things... Aragorn the Elfstone 340 11 Oct 19, 8:17pm
                           Collapse Fair enough KeenObserver 264 10 Oct 19, 9:14pm
                               Collapse It certainly works both ways. Arannir 255 9 Oct 19, 9:18pm
                                   I'm just a wee bit worried too // KeenObserver 249 0 Oct 19, 9:24pm
                                   Collapse Well, if you haven't liked their previous songwriting... dormouse 351 7 Oct 19, 10:21pm
                                       I think his style is more appropriate than the last three choices. Bumblingidiot 283 0 Oct 20, 1:16am
                                       Collapse No. Arannir 197 5 Mon, 7:14am
                                           Collapse Ah, but that was my point... dormouse 177 4 Mon, 7:50am
                                               Collapse No unnecessary application of worriedness. Arannir 140 3 Mon, 10:35am
                                                   Collapse I think it's a weak title, too, sadly... Kendalf 122 2 Mon, 11:57am
                                                       Collapse An 'the road goes ever on' isn't? I think it sounds promising. adt100 112 1 Mon, 12:10pm
                                                           Song Title Otaku-sempai 88 0 Mon, 2:26pm
                       He often said so. Arannir 326 0 Oct 19, 8:23pm
               Collapse 'The Road Goes Ever On' could well be featured in the film itself sycorax82 255 2 Oct 20, 2:11am
                   Roads go ever ever on... Otaku-sempai 239 0 Mon, 3:47am
                   That would be... Farficom 161 0 Mon, 8:58am
       Crongrats to Billy. Farficom 568 0 Oct 19, 6:32pm
       Great news! FrogmortonJustice65 530 0 Oct 19, 6:44pm
       How poignant. DanielLB 513 0 Oct 19, 6:55pm
       Collapse This has the makings of something great Arthael 506 1 Oct 19, 7:07pm
           Loving his Beecake songs as well NoelGallagher 432 0 Oct 19, 7:38pm
       Collapse *sniff* I'm not crying...I'm not crying... Eruvandi 403 1 Oct 19, 8:00pm
         Big Boys Don't Cry?...but Bombadil 332 0 Oct 19, 11:23pm
     Thrilled by this news! The Grey Elf 292 0 Oct 20, 1:37am
       Oh... I'm so glad they've given it to to Billy grammaboodawg 80 0 Mon, 3:54pm
       Fantastic. cats16 23 0 Tue, 8:10am

  Collapse Will there be another world wide fan event? hood815 452 2 Oct 19, 1:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by lidlessEye)
       I doubt it SafeUnderHill 214 0 Oct 19, 2:41pm
       The question should be... lidlessEye 150 0 Oct 19, 5:57pm

  Collapse What time will the DOS EE come out digitally on Tuesday? Annatar598 1333 26 Oct 19, 6:52am Jump to last post in thread (by The Grey Pilgrim)
       Collapse It should be available at midnight. Aragorn the Elfstone 703 6 Oct 19, 6:58am
           Collapse Yes . . Yes . . join us digital downloaders KeenObserver 681 5 Oct 19, 7:16am
               You could not have said anything... Aragorn the Elfstone 402 0 Oct 19, 2:54pm
               Collapse *snort* Avandel 321 3 Oct 19, 5:05pm
                   Collapse C'mon, it can't be that bad KeenObserver 188 1 Oct 19, 9:54pm
                       Yes it can be that bad Avandel 127 0 Oct 20, 2:30am
                   Never Been Spammed smtfhw 64 0 Mon, 8:19am
       Collapse How much will it cost? Also... QuackingTroll 578 13 Oct 19, 10:45am
           Collapse They're not forcing you.... dormouse 538 2 Oct 19, 11:40am
               Collapse Not in this instance... QuackingTroll 312 1 Oct 19, 5:36pm
                   I'm with you there dormouse 293 0 Oct 19, 6:00pm
           Collapse I'm not sure I understand what the issue Spriggan 525 9 Oct 19, 11:44am
               Collapse starting with if you are NOT tech savvie Avandel 354 7 Oct 19, 4:50pm
                   Collapse Oh apologies Spriggan 281 4 Oct 19, 6:19pm
                       Collapse It's intended to bring about the end of physical media... Aragorn the Elfstone 275 1 Oct 19, 6:34pm
                           I suppose at some point Spriggan 263 0 Oct 19, 6:54pm
                       Collapse I bet Avandel 135 1 Oct 20, 2:20am
                           Ha no, no idea I'm afraid Spriggan 81 0 Mon, 7:20am
                 Collapse Absolutely hilarious post KeenObserver 197 1 Oct 19, 9:47pm
                       *grins* that's what my multiple computer friends say Avandel 130 0 Oct 20, 2:28am
               Well, I can only speak for myself... dormouse 334 0 Oct 19, 4:54pm
       May as well... BlackCountry 484 0 Oct 19, 12:40pm
       Will buy both this and the physical Blu-ray Carne 431 0 Oct 19, 1:58pm
       Early I am sure... Bard'sBlackArrow 377 0 Oct 19, 4:07pm
       Collapse For those interested, it would appear that the iTunes version is available for pre-order now in the UK... Aragorn the Elfstone 164 1 Oct 20, 12:40am
           No iTunes in US still :( but VUDU is up for pre order The Grey Pilgrim 33 0 Mon, 3:18pm

Collapse Newish Calender images... NateGate 1003 4 Oct 18, 10:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)
       Discussed here Arannir 312 0 Oct 18, 11:28pm
       Collapse Well, if nothing else Kim 278 2 Oct 19, 12:29am
           Collapse Radagast NoelGallagher 163 1 Oct 19, 8:19am
               No, it's Gandalf BlackFox 150 0 Oct 19, 8:24am

Collapse Fill in the blank BlackFox 639 30 Oct 18, 3:25pm Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)
       Collapse White Warg NecromancerRising 278 3 Oct 18, 3:31pm
           Collapse You are supposed to come up with a funny alternative to the original. // BlackFox 263 2 Oct 18, 3:33pm
               Collapse Oh i am sorry NecromancerRising 296 1 Oct 18, 3:36pm
                 *snort* BlackFox 281 0 Oct 18, 3:37pm
     ... a guinea pig. // BlackFox 247 0 Oct 18, 3:43pm
       An obese teenage boy. // DeadRabbits 228 0 Oct 18, 4:10pm
       It almost works as it is.... Calmandcloudless 246 0 Oct 18, 4:15pm
       or perhaps..... dormouse 235 0 Oct 18, 4:17pm
       gotta keep that physique... Avandel 227 0 Oct 18, 4:22pm
       astride another pale orc Bishop 219 0 Oct 18, 4:26pm
       Astride a chihuahua puppy mariel 198 0 Oct 18, 4:50pm
       Why, that would be Kim 210 0 Oct 18, 4:52pm
       Legolas! Glorfindela 182 0 Oct 18, 5:58pm
       pink flamingo // dubulous 164 0 Oct 18, 6:13pm
       pogo stick // Loresilme 144 0 Oct 18, 7:16pm
       Collapse A human centipede. // DeadRabbits 140 1 Oct 18, 7:19pm
           Now that's some disturbing imagery BlackFox 149 0 Oct 18, 7:29pm
       Collapse ...a...shrubbery! Otaku-sempai 130 2 Oct 18, 8:05pm
           Collapse Ni! // Kim 80 1 Oct 19, 12:24am
               White Castle Yngwulff 73 0 Oct 19, 2:05am
       ... a tricycle // dormouse 102 0 Oct 18, 9:43pm
       Yo Momma! // NateGate 100 0 Oct 18, 9:52pm
       A giant rabid chicken... Farficom 90 0 Oct 18, 11:35pm
       What else? Kilidoescartwheels 71 0 Oct 19, 2:16am
       Yzma from Emperor's New Groove Cirashala 68 0 Oct 19, 2:41am
       ... Nyan Cat. // BlackFox 51 0 Oct 19, 12:08pm
       a talking donkey // Bard'sBlackArrow 34 0 Oct 19, 4:13pm
       ... a hobby horse? Or should that be hobbit horse.... // dormouse 29 0 Oct 19, 5:00pm
       ...brilliant green mechanism. // Eye's on Guard 29 0 Oct 19, 7:00pm
       Let's see... cats16 10 0 Tue, 8:08am

  Collapse The Hero Moments in BOT5A? Bombadil 890 18 Oct 18, 2:10pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
     Collapse LOL Bomby Avandel 409 10 Oct 18, 3:43pm
           And this thread heads off Kim 346 0 Oct 18, 5:06pm
           Collapse Archery question Cirashala 188 8 Oct 19, 2:59am
               Speculate AWay? Bombadil 156 0 Oct 19, 10:23am
               Collapse Archery: Your question? Otaku-sempai 132 6 Oct 19, 1:44pm
                   Collapse it wasn't my question Cirashala 105 5 Oct 19, 5:29pm
                       Collapse Okay, thanks! Otaku-sempai 80 4 Oct 19, 8:55pm
                           Collapse BALIN? Bombadil 74 3 Oct 19, 11:36pm
                               Collapse Don't know about Balin here. Otaku-sempai 57 2 Mon, 3:36am
                                   Collapse Not me! My only archery question would be *SPOILER* Avandel 28 1 Mon, 3:00pm
                                       You asked a question earlier in the thread. Otaku-sempai 28 0 Mon, 3:21pm
       Collapse BIFUR killing his nemesis Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 400 2 Oct 18, 5:10pm
         Collapse OKAY! Groovy Guyzz & Galzz..littl' ol' bom PICKZZ... Bombadil 317 1 Oct 18, 5:50pm
             LOL Bomby Avandel 304 0 Oct 18, 6:02pm
       Collapse Some may not appear until the extended edition (SPOILERS, natch')... Otaku-sempai 298 1 Oct 18, 8:43pm
         A BIFIR Fantasy Plot Line? Bombadil 220 0 Oct 19, 1:31am
       Dain and Fili Kilidoescartwheels 234 0 Oct 19, 2:10am
       A SPOILER !!!! "hero" thing I noticed re Thorin - SPOILER thought!! Avandel 128 0 Oct 19, 6:05pm
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