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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse SMAUG …. The best part of the films?? MouthofSauron 565 12 Tue, 5:20am Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
       Collapse nah deskp 290 1 Tue, 5:35am
           i enjoyed the furnaces :) MouthofSauron 224 0 Tue, 6:28am
       Collapse grounded Gandy 258 1 Tue, 5:48am
           well ... MouthofSauron 219 0 Tue, 6:30am
       Collapse Smaug burning Laketown... tsmith675 223 2 Tue, 7:23am
           Collapse it was a great sequence indeed MouthofSauron 151 1 Tue, 9:50am
             2nd & 3rd Viewing today? Bombadil 145 0 Tue, 10:17am
       Collapse There wasn't enough... Angharad73 198 1 Tue, 8:04am
           agreed MouthofSauron 153 0 Tue, 9:48am
       I think that whole scene is perfection Glorfindela 141 0 Tue, 10:58am
       I found it the most thrilling and breathtaking Elarie 114 0 Tue, 12:39pm
       It was great Ham_Sammy 79 0 Tue, 2:49pm

  Collapse Is DOS the best of the three? demnation 814 28 Tue, 5:03am Jump to last post in thread (by mirkwoodwanderer)
       Collapse DOS was the best out of the three, PJ said that last year when DOS came out MouthofSauron 423 7 Tue, 5:07am
           Collapse It's interesting the PJ thinks so demnation 409 3 Tue, 5:09am
               Collapse ACTUALLY ... MouthofSauron 412 1 Tue, 5:11am
                   He does seem to change his mind quite a bit demnation 395 0 Tue, 5:14am
               Funnily enough Glorfindela 200 0 Tue, 10:48am
           Collapse No he didn't Faramir5 352 1 Tue, 5:42am
               The source was Ian McKellen. Silverlode 333 0 Tue, 6:08am
           PJ says every new film is his favourite... elvish.mafia 23 0 Wed, 11:16am
       Collapse Of the Theatricals - Not in my opinion. Aragorn the Elfstone 408 3 Tue, 5:08am
           Collapse yes, the DOS EE breathes life into the rushed DOS TE MouthofSauron 392 2 Tue, 5:09am
               Collapse The DOS EE is my favorite so far Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 245 1 Tue, 9:27am
                   the AUJ TE ... MouthofSauron 228 0 Tue, 9:45am
       Far from it dubulous 349 0 Tue, 6:14am
       I think BOT5A is the most consistant, the other two were better for one half. moreorless 301 0 Tue, 7:25am
       DoS should have been the best... tsmith675 307 0 Tue, 7:27am
       I agree JTurner82 273 0 Tue, 7:54am
       Not in my opinion Angharad73 282 0 Tue, 7:57am
       Collapse On the subject of each film's quality... Aragorn the Elfstone 301 2 Tue, 8:03am
           Collapse Completely MEIGWIT 141 1 Tue, 1:09pm
             One director has done it before KingTurgon 65 0 Tue, 4:41pm
       I think BOFA is the most well rounded, but not necessarilly the best jtarkey 231 0 Tue, 9:42am
       Collapse I think DOS is the best. Spriggan 216 1 Tue, 9:48am
         Bom does NOT think it is Anywhere? Near the Time to pronounce Bombadil 195 0 Tue, 10:29am
       No – DoS is definitely not the best of the three, for me Glorfindela 213 0 Tue, 10:47am
       I am not sure. NecromancerRising 179 0 Tue, 11:04am
       I don't care about critics Ham_Sammy 119 0 Tue, 2:55pm
       Re: Is TDoS the best of the three? DigificWriter 60 0 Tue, 5:11pm
       they are all good in their own way, but Bot5A is my favorite mirkwoodwanderer 23 0 Wed, 4:28pm

  Collapse Missed opportunity …. MouthofSauron 658 8 Tue, 3:33am Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       Collapse You have a point there Ham_Sammy 303 3 Tue, 3:35am
           Collapse Perhaps they are not dead Glorfindela 226 2 Tue, 4:52am
               The boar definitely died, you can see it put its head down and close its eyes MouthofSauron 220 0 Tue, 4:59am
               perhaps Ham_Sammy 173 0 Tue, 6:57am
       Collapse LOL!!! lionoferebor 258 3 Tue, 4:10am
           Collapse We never see Daisy after the tunnels, do we? Silverlode 238 2 Tue, 4:28am
               I think Beorn killed Daisy in DoS... QuackingTroll 140 0 Tue, 10:34am
               so much for... swordwhale 43 0 Wed, 2:59am

Collapse BOT5A Bolg Observations/Nitpicks... NateGate 463 4 Tue, 2:41am Jump to last post in thread (by arithmancer)
       Congratulations... ecthelionsbeard 236 0 Tue, 3:04am
       Love this post! lol! elentari3018 171 0 Tue, 4:03am
       well deskp 161 0 Tue, 4:44am
       Re: Tauriel... arithmancer 23 0 Wed, 8:17pm

Collapse Was Dain CGI or Motion Capture? delius82 782 26 Tue, 2:35am Jump to last post in thread (by DigificWriter)
       IMO He looked fine on the battlefield with Thorin... Aragorn the Elfstone 441 0 Tue, 2:39am
       I was actually surprised... Misty Mountain Hop 429 0 Tue, 2:50am
       Collapse He looked perfectly fine to me. Scorchster 398 1 Tue, 2:52am
           I agree – I thought he looked perfectly fine Glorfindela 290 0 Tue, 4:50am
       LMAO. Really?? MouthofSauron 383 0 Tue, 3:27am
       I couldn't tell Ham_Sammy 340 0 Tue, 3:39am
       Something I noticed upon the 2nd viewing tarasaurus 379 0 Tue, 3:47am
       Collapse Dain was CGI/Motion Capture in every shot besides one... jtarkey 388 14 Tue, 4:39am
           Collapse but why?? MouthofSauron 338 13 Tue, 4:41am
               Its not. jtarkey 330 0 Tue, 4:46am
               Collapse The speculation is Silverlode 343 11 Tue, 4:48am
                   its telling that they spent time on it to make it look convincing, and even cause speculation jtarkey 308 0 Tue, 4:52am
                   Collapse Not health related... Aragorn the Elfstone 320 9 Tue, 5:15am
                       Collapse Thank God jtarkey 284 5 Tue, 5:25am
                           Collapse Agreed. Aragorn the Elfstone 265 4 Tue, 5:28am
                               Collapse did you by chance notice the OTS shot where its him in costume? jtarkey 274 3 Tue, 5:33am
                                   I didn't, but... Aragorn the Elfstone 251 0 Tue, 5:37am
                                   I know which one you mean. cats16 240 0 Tue, 6:00am
                                   cg Gandy 235 0 Tue, 6:03am
                       I know this is the 'official' line, but I'm sill not entirely convinced by it... adt100 180 0 Tue, 9:56am
                       Collapse Ehhh redgiraffe 36 1 Wed, 2:48am
                           I have a feeling... DigificWriter 33 0 Wed, 3:29am
       CGI/Motion capture = same thing adt100 169 0 Tue, 9:50am
       Collapse It was cg, the movement gave it away. Scourge of the Stoors 173 1 Tue, 9:52am
           ... yet the movement will have been entirely motion captured surely... adt100 160 0 Tue, 9:58am
       Whatever he was he was... adu 130 0 Tue, 2:15pm

  Collapse Ram ranching Or where did the sheep come from? Aranarth 384 4 Tue, 1:36am Jump to last post in thread (by Aranarth)
       I would guess shadowdog 216 0 Tue, 1:39am
       In Dain's army... NateGate 223 0 Tue, 1:40am
       Collapse Will probably make more sense after the EE MechaGodzilla 210 1 Tue, 1:40am
           I hope so Aranarth 190 0 Tue, 1:52am

  Collapse Two different films? LeglessLegolas 899 5 Mon, 11:51pm Jump to last post in thread (by moreorless)
       Collapse Yes, agreed Glorfindela 417 2 Tue, 12:12am
           Collapse I agree... ecthelionsbeard 324 1 Tue, 12:56am
               I think it's one of those MasterOrc 289 0 Tue, 1:47am
       I think many don't really know how to comprehend it MEIGWIT 102 0 Tue, 1:32pm
       When it comes to the net alot of predesposition exists.. moreorless 55 0 Tue, 8:18pm

  Collapse $89,131,544 priell3 751 3 Mon, 8:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by moreorless)
       Collapse Tally Glorfindela 323 1 Mon, 10:17pm
           It doesn't BlackFox 294 0 Mon, 10:36pm
       It is quite interesting how blockbusters seem to be "spilt" these days... moreorless 125 0 Tue, 5:17am

  Collapse Jackson, the man who went up against the trends he helped create? moreorless 752 6 Mon, 8:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by cartermoulton)
       BUT who'se tone is larger than life and somewhat cartoonish... patrickk 310 0 Mon, 9:10pm
       Collapse Definitely disagree Lindele 312 3 Mon, 9:10pm
           7 haarp 199 0 Mon, 11:00pm
           When I say "tamed CGI".. moreorless 94 0 Tue, 7:41am
           i think people need to focus more.... cartermoulton 81 0 Tue, 9:27am
       LOTR pushed CGI to the limits available at the time. glor 196 0 Mon, 11:15pm

  Collapse Why no Warg Riders? If they were present I missed them. Eruonen 890 43 Dec 22, 7:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by Faleel)
       They were fed to the worms and trolls. Brandybuckled 461 0 Mon, 7:59pm
       Collapse The complaint about the Bagend dinner scene is getting on my nerves. Azaghâl 500 1 Mon, 8:01pm
           Are you referring to critics of AUJ? Wrong thread. Eruonen 433 0 Mon, 8:02pm
       Collapse Long shot but dubulous 440 1 Mon, 8:08pm
           Well, PJ is fond of repeating other things so I think it had to do more Eruonen 397 0 Mon, 8:21pm
       I thought they were unnecessary Glorfindela 370 0 Mon, 8:35pm
       Collapse What was their key part? Spriggan 346 18 Mon, 9:05pm
           Collapse Refer to The Hobbit Eruonen 335 17 Mon, 9:14pm
               Collapse Sorry, yes I'm aware they were in the book. Spriggan 299 16 Mon, 9:40pm
                   Collapse Visual and audio impact plus ferocity. Eruonen 296 15 Mon, 9:41pm
                       Collapse In the book? Spriggan 293 14 Mon, 9:47pm
                           LOL!// arithmancer 264 0 Mon, 10:06pm
                           Collapse The thread title is "Why no warg riders" Eruonen 265 12 Mon, 10:13pm
                               Collapse Apologies. I'm not trying to be obtuse. Spriggan 250 11 Mon, 10:33pm
                                   Collapse Ok, then it is the Battle of 4 Armies.... Eruonen 224 10 Mon, 10:53pm
                                       Collapse Warg riders, or more precisely wolf riders Spriggan 210 9 Mon, 11:05pm
                                           Collapse Really? Perhaps you should tell John Rateliff... Eleniel 188 1 Mon, 11:20pm
                                               Alas I don't know him but he is incorrect, slightly. Spriggan 137 0 Tue, 12:07am
                                           Collapse This is what I said "They were a key part of the book battle." Eruonen 169 6 Mon, 11:46pm
                                               Collapse "key" arithmancer 136 5 Mon, 11:57pm
                                                   Collapse How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Eruonen 134 2 Tue, 12:03am
                                                       Collapse Oh, OK arithmancer 125 1 Tue, 12:08am
                                                           Possibly, but orcs/goblins, coming from various places were Eruonen 104 0 Tue, 1:13am
                                                   Collapse I'm afraid it seems rude of me to persevere but Spriggan 130 1 Tue, 12:09am
                                                       The think... ecthelionsbeard 114 0 Tue, 12:40am
       Collapse Darn! Now I know what was missing from this film... Elarie 253 9 Mon, 10:46pm
           Collapse Can you imagine Beorn covered in wargs? QuackingTroll 236 1 Mon, 10:50pm
               Yes! Beorn flinging wargs around would have been impressive! Eruonen 221 0 Mon, 10:54pm
         Fingers crossed! // BlackFox 225 0 Mon, 10:52pm
           Collapse Imagine Dain on Boris meeting Azog or Bolg on Daisy Eruonen 224 5 Mon, 10:56pm
               Collapse We know what happened to Boris BlackFox 224 4 Mon, 11:04pm
                   Collapse Poor Daisy Elarie 116 3 Tue, 1:16am
                       Collapse He would probably shack up with her as he is used to living with a pig. Eruonen 107 1 Tue, 1:41am
                         Hehehe! // BlackFox 43 0 Tue, 10:26am
                     That goes straight to the top of my EE wishlist! BlackFox 46 0 Tue, 10:26am
       Collapse All I can think of reading through this thread Silverlode 101 1 Tue, 2:56am
           True, but we already have whole cgi armies of goblins, dwarves, elves. Eruonen 84 0 Tue, 3:12am
       THANK GOD MouthofSauron 90 0 Tue, 3:29am
       Collapse Second, and more serious thoughts on this... Silverlode 87 3 Tue, 4:26am
           Collapse Good points and I won't ask you the meaning of "serious" ;) Eruonen 74 1 Tue, 5:01am
               Or what the meaning of "is" is...? Silverlode 69 0 Tue, 5:32am
           yes, I would have preferred a classical interpretation of the fifth army. Bladerunner 47 0 Tue, 12:40pm
       The warg Faleel 6 0 Fri, 12:36am

  Collapse Today's experience at the cinema Glorfindela 911 7 Dec 22, 7:20pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       Almost everyone stayed through the credits in my viewing too... AshNazg 367 0 Dec 22, 7:40pm
       Ironfoot CathrineB 388 0 Dec 22, 7:42pm
       My first experience with HFR... tsmith675 292 0 Mon, 8:54pm
       Collapse 3rd viewing for me too today, 3D this time Loresilme 266 3 Mon, 9:13pm
           Collapse mhm CathrineB 217 2 Mon, 10:00pm
               Collapse Yep, exactly Loresilme 182 1 Mon, 10:35pm
                   TODAY? Bomby saw it TWICE for Free? Bombadil 143 0 Tue, 2:22am

  Collapse PJ says the industry has lost its way by focusing on franchises and technology AshNazg 1346 18 Dec 22, 6:44pm Jump to last post in thread (by moreorless)
       In spite of the fact Ham_Sammy 749 0 Dec 22, 6:52pm
       Collapse Wow! R11 611 8 Mon, 8:12pm
           Wha? Brandybuckled 537 0 Mon, 8:20pm
           Collapse There's a difference Ataahua 518 4 Mon, 8:41pm
               that was my take as well Ataahua Ham_Sammy 446 0 Mon, 8:51pm
               Collapse Me thinks you're splitting hairs R11 220 1 Tue, 1:09am
                   ron... patrickk 192 0 Tue, 2:10am
               If he was so concerned about the oversaturation of franchises... Morthoron 167 0 Tue, 2:59am
           If you are into reading one thing Lindele 394 0 Mon, 9:23pm
           This whole thing about Franchises... patrickk 379 0 Mon, 9:31pm
       Thank you Ashnazg - would also like to post this link Loresilme 476 0 Mon, 8:28pm
       What I sort of got from this article was... Misty Mountain Hop 430 0 Mon, 9:14pm
       Collapse PJ doesn't hate franchises, he just says there are too many QuackingTroll 337 3 Mon, 10:43pm
           Ding ding ding ding ding Ham_Sammy 299 0 Mon, 11:10pm
           Collapse The studios or, the audiences ? glor 279 1 Mon, 11:27pm
               I think its "the industry"... moreorless 97 0 Tue, 9:02am
       Look, PJ seems like a cool guy demnation 151 0 Tue, 5:06am
       Define "franchise" Silverlode 126 0 Tue, 6:37am

  Collapse The Butchering of Howard Shore Gandy 1200 21 Dec 22, 6:40pm Jump to last post in thread (by Aragorn the Elfstone)
       Collapse I find it hard to believe Lindele 624 1 Dec 22, 6:47pm
           Again... smtfhw 473 0 Dec 22, 7:02pm
       Collapse Poor Howard. Did they find enough body parts for a burial? Spriggan 534 2 Dec 22, 6:48pm
           LOL! Ham_Sammy 465 0 Dec 22, 6:53pm
         *mods up* // BlackFox 419 0 Dec 22, 7:12pm
       About the score [STARS}TyranT 488 0 Dec 22, 6:58pm
       Sorry you feel that way Glorfindela 447 0 Dec 22, 7:06pm
       After the first few moments... priell3 446 0 Dec 22, 7:10pm
       There are some great documentaries that explain the power of quiet, minimalist soundtracks QuackingTroll 437 0 Dec 22, 7:10pm
       Kind of agree CathrineB 385 0 Dec 22, 7:45pm
       Collapse The score is now the musical expression of a story over 6 movies, not 3 Loresilme 414 2 Mon, 8:02pm
           Perfect Lindele 351 0 Mon, 8:19pm
           Excellently put! BlackFox 314 0 Mon, 9:03pm
       Collapse I agree Dipling 347 1 Mon, 8:29pm
           I definitely noticed that the music was hard to hear too hobbitylass 282 0 Mon, 9:48pm
       Collapse hyperbole nymmerod 287 2 Mon, 10:03pm
           I agree with this Glorfindela 257 0 Mon, 10:22pm
           This. So much. Aragorn the Elfstone 105 0 Tue, 7:46am
       Collapse Mostly agree with your points Skaan 232 1 Mon, 11:24pm
           Yes... Dipling 108 0 Tue, 7:31am
       Great post-- elentari3018 139 0 Tue, 4:14am

  Collapse It's 2.5 days later and I still can't decide how I feel about this movie KingTurgon 1070 27 Dec 22, 6:10pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       Collapse In some ways yes, that is why I hope the EE evens out some scenes. Eruonen 544 1 Dec 22, 6:19pm
           Just watched the RA/LP Apple interview Avandel 276 0 Mon, 11:21pm
       Collapse It is unfortunate Lindele 542 5 Dec 22, 6:28pm
           Collapse I think Alfrid provided some important light comic break from Eruonen 407 4 Dec 22, 7:19pm
               Collapse That was a role that would have been better left to the "other" dwarves. n/m Brandybuckled 385 1 Dec 22, 7:24pm
                   But, he was tied in to the Laketown governance and the Master so Eruonen 374 0 Dec 22, 7:27pm
               About Alfrid Kilidoescartwheels 383 0 Dec 22, 7:34pm
               I liked the way he didnt come to a sticky end... moreorless 331 0 Mon, 8:18pm
       I get it... Brandybuckled 477 0 Dec 22, 6:34pm
       Collapse What I Found Interesting smtfhw 507 6 Dec 22, 6:35pm
           Collapse I often think Lindele 458 5 Dec 22, 6:38pm
               Yep... smtfhw 426 0 Dec 22, 6:41pm
               Collapse Really? I tend to manage. Spriggan 435 1 Dec 22, 6:46pm
                   Well it depends on the film Lindele 416 0 Dec 22, 6:54pm
               Collapse Perhaps moreso with fans... moreorless 321 1 Mon, 8:22pm
                   Very true Ham_Sammy 304 0 Mon, 8:31pm
       I can see why Belegdir 407 0 Dec 22, 7:11pm
       Collapse I agree with the OP priell3 393 2 Dec 22, 7:28pm
           Collapse Totally immersed in.. patrickk 296 1 Mon, 9:36pm
               Agree, I have no issue with turning this into 3 movies by Eruonen 237 0 Mon, 11:09pm
       Collapse Very much so Avandel 285 3 Mon, 10:40pm
           Collapse Avandel the... patrickk 177 1 Tue, 2:17am
               Thank you Avandel 155 0 Tue, 2:59am
           It seems Dipling 68 0 Tue, 7:34am
       The good stuff they did really well elentari3018 149 0 Tue, 4:28am
       All I can say is lionoferebor 97 0 Tue, 4:41am
       I think I can understand your feelings. Lurker in the Mirk 70 0 Tue, 9:09am

  Collapse Your favourite 'Hobbit Rumour' from the last few years BornOutOfTheWest 976 26 Dec 22, 5:52pm Jump to last post in thread (by Rembrethil)
       Collapse zombie Smaug brought back from the dead by the necromancer fighting in the battle LoremIpsum 490 1 Dec 22, 5:54pm
           And when he dies he explodes into a fireball and becomes the Eye // AshNazg 429 0 Dec 22, 6:07pm
       Collapse Galadriel/Gandalf romance Ataahua 492 3 Dec 22, 5:57pm
           But Gandalf's dialogue in BotFA still vaguely suggests this // AshNazg 451 0 Dec 22, 6:08pm
           LOL! // Loresilme 265 0 Mon, 9:18pm
         ROTFL.. re. Celeborn's quote!!! mae govannen 76 0 Tue, 12:46pm
       Whilst... DjU 485 0 Dec 22, 5:58pm
       A couple Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 468 0 Dec 22, 6:04pm
       Collapse Necromancer subplot Danielos 481 3 Dec 22, 6:05pm
           Collapse The Necromancer stuff was an area that PJ could really have expanded and made his own AshNazg 445 2 Dec 22, 6:15pm
               Collapse The funny thing is... Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 433 1 Dec 22, 6:33pm
                   Everything else was completely made up... patrickk 259 0 Mon, 9:39pm
       Collapse That one or more of the dwarves would be female Loresilme 311 6 Mon, 9:20pm
           Collapse That was really bad Ham_Sammy 290 5 Mon, 9:28pm
               Collapse A casting one glor 226 4 Mon, 11:32pm
                   Collapse I remember that one Ham_Sammy 196 3 Mon, 11:54pm
                       Collapse Ian Mcshane Mcoull 193 2 Tue, 12:21am
                           Oh absolutely Ham_Sammy 174 0 Tue, 12:23am
                           Well I think shadowdog 148 0 Tue, 1:34am
       Rumor about Thorin's death. Holly Hobbit 249 0 Mon, 11:37pm
       Sauron/Annatar and Rings flashback // xxxyyy 145 0 Tue, 1:39am
       Collapse the ones I thought were absurd/humourous Cirashala 182 1 Tue, 1:44am
           Just no... Ham_Sammy 139 0 Tue, 1:51am
       That Thorin would survive BlackFox 80 0 Tue, 12:51pm
       That Thranduil and Tauriel were lovers Eruvandi 45 0 Wed, 4:49pm
       Bombur was a female...hence his/her silence. Rembrethil 18 0 Fri, 4:01am
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