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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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Collapse So what happens to Tauriel now? delius82 927 18 Mon, 2:55am Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)
       Collapse Well... Laineth 574 1 Mon, 3:07am
           Yup! arithmancer 489 0 Mon, 3:24am
       Re: So what happens to Tauriel now? DigificWriter 483 0 Mon, 3:30am
       Hmmm marillaraina 427 0 Mon, 4:08am
       Collapse Well, let's see... Silverlode 427 1 Mon, 4:13am
           Peter Jackson's Middle-earth Otaku-sempai 217 0 Mon, 12:40pm
       What happens to Tauriel? Kilidoescartwheels 377 0 Mon, 4:55am
       In a recent interview, DwellerInDale 443 0 Mon, 4:56am
       Collapse I believe she returns to Mirkwood grammaboodawg 399 5 Mon, 4:56am
           Collapse Bombyzz..."Fantasty Theory"? Bombadil 360 4 Mon, 5:31am
               Collapse Yes, I'd like that too... mae govannen 303 3 Mon, 7:16am
                   Collapse No Cirashala 290 2 Mon, 7:51am
                       Collapse stone's message Ilmatar 120 1 Mon, 6:55pm
                           That hadn't occurred to me before BlackFox 107 0 Mon, 7:08pm
       Collapse She might be the one responsible for Gollums escape? Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 287 1 Mon, 10:59am
           Quite right! Eleniel 178 0 Mon, 2:02pm
       It will be in E.E. mirkwoodwanderer 282 0 Mon, 11:03am
       I think what they should do is... Girdle of Melian 194 0 Mon, 3:25pm

Collapse The Curious Case of the Chain-Eyed Troll... NateGate 778 15 Mon, 2:06am Jump to last post in thread (by MechaGodzilla)
       Are you sure he has no eyes? ecthelionsbeard 377 0 Mon, 2:32am
       hm deskp 371 0 Mon, 2:36am
       Collapse It's a completely OTT Jacksonism. Merovech 385 2 Mon, 2:36am
           Collapse In the movie.. ecthelionsbeard 365 1 Mon, 2:50am
               the troll has no eyes MouthofSauron 342 0 Mon, 3:00am
       Collapse Airlifted in by a team of cargo bats? Silverlode 305 1 Mon, 3:17am
           i think only smaug could airlift that huge troll MouthofSauron 263 0 Mon, 4:24am
       agree with deskp DisDwarfWoman 294 0 Mon, 3:27am
       This was ridiculous in so many ways... Eurolock 306 0 Mon, 4:00am
       Collapse I dont like it Remus 193 3 Mon, 9:11am
           Collapse it was one of those ideas i bet they were like ... MouthofSauron 209 2 Mon, 9:18am
               Collapse I agree Mcoull 114 1 Mon, 1:40pm
                   Exactly... NateGate 80 0 Mon, 3:50pm
       Collapse I'm not a fan of that scene BlackFox 82 1 Mon, 4:28pm
           I kinda feel the same MechaGodzilla 65 0 Mon, 5:55pm

  Collapse How much more battle footage will we see in the EE ? MouthofSauron 936 18 Mon, 1:12am Jump to last post in thread (by DjU)
       I hope Ham_Sammy 466 0 Mon, 1:31am
       Collapse I hope for a lot more as there are some truncated scenes and missing scenes. Eruonen 488 4 Mon, 1:32am
         Collapse Don't forget Saruman! KingTurgon 310 3 Mon, 5:26am
               Collapse i wouldn't hold your breath MouthofSauron 295 2 Mon, 5:29am
                   Collapse Why? KingTurgon 253 1 Mon, 6:07am
                       Christopher Lee had a pretty good scene in this film MouthofSauron 264 0 Mon, 6:27am
       More Beorn and especially more Thranduil! Eruvandi 441 0 Mon, 1:48am
       Hopefully Thrain II 395 0 Mon, 2:15am
       Collapse I wonder marillaraina 413 2 Mon, 2:28am
           Yeah i was thinking the same thing on my third viewing today MouthofSauron 381 0 Mon, 2:36am
           Yeah, another scene from the trailer I forgot about that will be in the EE. Eruonen 290 0 Mon, 5:29am
       Collapse The Chariot Scene DigificWriter 420 2 Mon, 2:42am
           Could be... lionoferebor 370 0 Mon, 3:12am
           It doesn't... DjU 80 0 Mon, 5:52pm
       To be honest, I'd rather not see much more Glorfindela 359 0 Mon, 3:25am
       Dwarfs... Dipling 232 0 Mon, 7:27am
       I want to see the Orc's "battle beasts" in action... DeadRabbits 232 0 Mon, 7:54am
       There will be a lot more. mirkwoodwanderer 196 0 Mon, 11:05am

  Collapse "Bilbo Baggins! You haven't aged a day!" ghost_matt 1096 37 Mon, 12:54am Jump to last post in thread (by Aragorn the Elfstone)
       Collapse Just another example of why... Aragorn the Elfstone 722 21 Mon, 12:57am
           Collapse Isn't that what the phrase always means? Spriggan 612 19 Mon, 1:03am
               or ….. MouthofSauron 419 0 Mon, 2:37am
               Collapse Exactly. Mooseboy018 331 17 Mon, 4:21am
                   It's not even a problematic line if they haven't.... DigificWriter 327 0 Mon, 4:24am
                   Collapse And from the Appendices, we know that... Silverlode 317 15 Mon, 4:39am
                       Collapse The films have a much different timeline... DigificWriter 287 14 Mon, 4:44am
                           Collapse Well, yes, there's a missing 16 years or so... Silverlode 276 13 Mon, 4:54am
                               Collapse Timeline... Aragorn the Elfstone 276 12 Mon, 5:01am
                                   Collapse I'm very much a Tolkien novice, but... DigificWriter 275 11 Mon, 5:05am
                                       Collapse Really? Aragorn the Elfstone 262 10 Mon, 5:13am
                                           Collapse Aside from the Mirkwood thing, none of those.... DigificWriter 267 1 Mon, 5:15am
                                               Huh? Aragorn the Elfstone 251 0 Mon, 5:20am
                                           Collapse Hmm, well with LOTR... Silverlode 138 7 Mon, 7:45am
                                               Collapse Oh, believe me I know... Aragorn the Elfstone 90 5 Mon, 1:08pm
                                                   Collapse Why is it so hard... DigificWriter 84 2 Mon, 1:16pm
                                                       Collapse Because for years... Aragorn the Elfstone 82 1 Mon, 1:24pm
                                                           Okay DigificWriter 73 0 Mon, 1:31pm
                                                   Collapse Well, I do get Silverlode 29 1 Tue, 12:34am
                                                       I admit... Aragorn the Elfstone 23 0 Tue, 2:50am
                                             LOL...! THAT history does repeat itself amusingly... mae govannen 67 0 Mon, 2:17pm
           hm.. xMb 47 0 Mon, 3:27pm
       Why will it confuse people? Spriggan 524 0 Mon, 12:58am
       Collapse eh deskp 521 6 Mon, 1:02am
           Collapse Well, besides the fact it's two different actors.... Name 423 4 Mon, 1:51am
               Collapse Why would Gandalf be comparing Bilbo with a point 60 years earlier? Spriggan 417 3 Mon, 1:54am
                   Collapse I don't think he is. I'm with you. Name 412 2 Mon, 1:59am
                       that's my take Ham_Sammy 380 0 Mon, 2:20am
                       Ha - well that's ok then. Spriggan 340 0 Mon, 2:46am
           Exactly: "that's what they always say." Elizabeth 342 0 Mon, 2:54am
       or ….. MouthofSauron 470 0 Mon, 1:10am
       Gollum gkgyver 488 0 Mon, 1:10am
       I'm at a loss as to how... DigificWriter 441 0 Mon, 1:50am
       It is like your grand mother mirkwoodwanderer 106 0 Mon, 11:06am
       This is why I'd prefer the ending to involve a younger Ian Holm QuackingTroll 86 0 Mon, 1:33pm
       Not really... CathrineB 66 0 Mon, 2:20pm
       It works, if you think harder... xxxyyy 66 0 Mon, 2:48pm

  Moved: Thorin vs Dwalin - who would win? Kilidoescartwheels - - Mon, 12:53am Jump to last post in thread (by Kilidoescartwheels)

  Collapse Just saw the film and i'm not as sad as I thought I would be... delius82 749 15 Mon, 12:12am Jump to last post in thread (by Queen of Erebor)
       Collapse This one is as fast as DOS. Sharkey 357 1 Mon, 12:34am
           I wonder about the editing pace of BOFA Avandel 158 0 Mon, 7:41am
       I didn't cry as much as I thought I would Kilidoescartwheels 350 0 Mon, 12:35am
       Collapse The first time I watch any of these films Loresilme 352 9 Mon, 12:42am
           Collapse My first viewings have been... Aragorn the Elfstone 356 8 Mon, 12:50am
               Collapse Interesting that you bring that up Aragorn.. delius82 291 7 Mon, 1:56am
                   Collapse Oh, MY! Kilidoescartwheels 209 4 Mon, 4:49am
                       Collapse After view #3, I most likely won't go back to a theater Avandel 180 3 Mon, 7:21am
                           Collapse This story ends at the beginning of the rise of Sauron. Silverlode 159 2 Mon, 7:58am
                               Collapse Thank you very much for posting this Avandel 78 1 Mon, 4:46pm
                                   Most welcome. Silverlode 40 0 Tue, 12:23am
                   I love the melancholy feel Ardamírë 186 0 Mon, 6:31am
                   I'll be seeing it more than once... Queen of Erebor 31 0 Tue, 3:52am
       I sobbed tarasaurus 266 0 Mon, 2:46am
       that is very sad mirkwoodwanderer 127 0 Mon, 11:07am

  Collapse Live Bolg Cameo in BotFA? Graffanino 519 2 Sun, 11:58pm Jump to last post in thread (by NoelGallagher)
       Collapse Yeah... ecthelionsbeard 296 1 Mon, 12:22am
           would go that far NoelGallagher 124 0 Mon, 7:49am

  Collapse Mountain worms? Aranarth 856 24 Sun, 11:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by hobbitylass)
       Collapse Yes, it was an unnecessary creature....a quibble point for me in Eruonen 489 3 Sun, 11:36pm
           Collapse How else could they do it? AshNazg 429 1 Sun, 11:50pm
               TBF, the book is filled with eccentricities and 'plotholes' in equal measure too! adt100 79 0 Mon, 3:56pm
           True Aranarth 70 0 Mon, 4:12pm
       Reek? sharku 438 0 Sun, 11:38pm
       Collapse They are an interpretation of the were worms Spriggan 487 9 Sun, 11:38pm
           Collapse Ah, well at least there is a canonical reference. Eruonen 420 7 Sun, 11:48pm
               Collapse Worm often means dragon in M-E, but hey ho // AshNazg 355 6 Mon, 12:02am
                   Collapse Based on word origin, which JRRT was certainy aware of as a linguist Eruonen 299 5 Mon, 1:26am
                       Collapse Based on word origin, Gandalf was a dwarf or an elf. Spriggan 274 4 Mon, 1:52am
                           Collapse I do think there is a difference between a personal name and Eruonen 253 3 Mon, 2:03am
                               Collapse It's the same with creatures. Spriggan 234 2 Mon, 2:37am
                                   Collapse True, however, orcs look like demons and Ents look like giants. Eruonen 193 1 Mon, 4:17am
                                       I'm not sure what you mean. Spriggan 66 0 Mon, 4:02pm
           Thanks Aranarth 63 0 Mon, 4:14pm
       Collapse I immediately thought of Dune (Frank Herbert) and that PJ had ripped it off - and not justifiably either IMO :( // Xanaseb 394 4 Sun, 11:40pm
         Collapse Sorry... IN TRUTH? Frank Herbert read the Hobbit Bombadil 376 3 Mon, 12:04am
               Cool Loresilme 323 0 Mon, 12:37am
             Collapse I concur Glorfindela 231 1 Mon, 3:14am
                 Thang you...OH! "Glorious ONE"!..// Bombadil 137 0 Mon, 7:58am
       Collapse I was fine with them Glorfindela 409 1 Sun, 11:43pm
           Also, even if Azog had dug under Erebor... AshNazg 384 0 Sun, 11:59pm
       Were-Worms are this Trilogy's version of the Great Beasts... DigificWriter 288 0 Mon, 2:09am
       I had the same reaction to them hobbitylass 62 0 Mon, 5:46pm

  Collapse Middle-Earth Marathon realisation gkgyver 695 24 Sun, 11:27pm Jump to last post in thread (by Glorfindela)
       Collapse 6 haarp 358 6 Sun, 11:32pm
           Collapse It was rather cool gkgyver 340 5 Sun, 11:45pm
               Collapse Blimey! Glorfindela 302 4 Sun, 11:48pm
                 Collapse Is 'Blimey' mae govannen 156 2 Mon, 4:20am
                       Collapse Well, 'Blimey' is a Cockney expression Glorfindela 66 1 Mon, 10:53am
                           Thank you for this kind explanation!...// mae govannen 52 0 Mon, 11:19am
                   I Plan Something Lke That smtfhw 127 0 Mon, 5:26am
       Nice!!! Ham_Sammy 311 0 Sun, 11:32pm
     Bomby is SSOoo..Happy for you! CHEERS Gaffer!/// Bombadil 239 0 Mon, 12:07am
       Collapse I still can't see these films as a chronological six film series... Aragorn the Elfstone 293 3 Mon, 12:11am
           Collapse The problem is only in your head, actually ... mae govannen 156 2 Mon, 4:33am
               Collapse Well... Aragorn the Elfstone 142 1 Mon, 4:41am
                   I understand your points, but mae govannen 133 0 Mon, 4:52am
       Collapse I found the Black Riders were scarier in FOTR Ataahua 294 4 Mon, 12:11am
           Collapse How interesting an observation.... mae govannen 150 3 Mon, 4:34am
             Collapse Did you any of YOU see "The Frighteners" by PJ? Bombadil 97 2 Mon, 8:25am
                 Collapse NO THANKS!... Not for me!!! mae govannen 74 1 Mon, 10:12am
                       Me neither Glorfindela 41 0 Mon, 3:40pm
       i didn't even know these 6 movie marathons exist Me85 255 0 Mon, 12:22am
       Collapse Nice! I would love to do this Loresilme 246 3 Mon, 12:29am
           Collapse It was gkgyver 216 2 Mon, 1:00am
               Collapse It adds such dimension to the character of Bilbo Loresilme 193 1 Mon, 1:57am
                   It was the same with me, mae govannen 137 0 Mon, 4:47am
       This is just GREAT... and a great post!!! mae govannen 157 0 Mon, 4:16am

  Collapse Fili And Kili's death Aranarth 1071 27 Sun, 11:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by BalrogTrainer)
       Collapse We have scant details on the circumstances Spriggan 551 1 Sun, 11:42pm
           Well put! adt100 175 0 Mon, 4:02pm
       Collapse The more I think about it Glorfindela 538 4 Sun, 11:45pm
           Collapse I knew everything about Fili's death Elanor of Rohan 158 3 Mon, 6:05pm
               Collapse Funny that Glorfindela 133 1 Mon, 7:01pm
                   It certainly didn't help... BalrogTrainer 33 0 Wed, 12:03pm
               What struck me about Fili's death lionoferebor 135 0 Mon, 7:49pm
       Collapse I felt the most during Fili's death actually! painjoiker 528 1 Sun, 11:49pm
           Same here emre43 232 0 Mon, 8:19am
       Collapse Simple reason gkgyver 514 4 Mon, 12:09am
           Collapse Exactly Ham_Sammy 393 1 Mon, 1:14am
               Even though it's just an afterthought it still describes theirdeaths very well Azaghâl 373 0 Mon, 1:28am
           On the other hand Riven Delve 388 0 Mon, 1:25am
           I disliked that... Bladerunner 376 0 Mon, 2:00am
       Finally! FrostyLemon 457 0 Mon, 12:22am
       Collapse Actually CathrineB 405 10 Mon, 1:28am
           So did I Ham_Sammy 383 0 Mon, 1:33am
           Collapse subject marillaraina 382 3 Mon, 1:36am
               Collapse Fili and Kili's deaths enhance the tragedy of Thorin's death Riven Delve 408 2 Mon, 1:53am
                   Collapse subject marillaraina 373 1 Mon, 2:18am
                       Exactly. Totally correct points. // mae govannen 233 0 Mon, 7:27am
           Collapse Agreed DisDwarfWoman 355 4 Mon, 2:33am
               Collapse Fili's death Mooseboy018 339 1 Mon, 4:28am
                   yes DisDwarfWoman 292 0 Mon, 5:18am
               Yes, that makes sense. lionoferebor 75 0 Tue, 4:33am
               Yes, that makes sense... lionoferebor 70 0 Tue, 4:36am
       I see why, But.... Aranarth 174 0 Mon, 4:35pm

  Collapse The feel of the ending Hamfast Gamgee 795 10 Sun, 10:40pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eruonen)
       Collapse Actually it seems to me that's exactly the feel of the book. Aragorn the Elfstone 431 3 Sun, 10:45pm
           Collapse RA (Thorin) said it Best... Bombadil 433 1 Sun, 10:57pm
               Even the Lord of the Rings Ham_Sammy 348 0 Sun, 11:22pm
           Done well Aranarth 335 0 Sun, 11:13pm
       Remember how the trilogy began hobbitylass 413 0 Sun, 10:53pm
       I think the end was very well done. Eruonen 297 0 Sun, 11:58pm
       Collapse I really love it... grammaboodawg 257 2 Mon, 1:17am
           Collapse I thought that scene was absolutely stunning glor 212 1 Mon, 2:37am
               Indeed, him fiddling with cleaning his pipe bowl, looking a little frustrated and Eruonen 140 0 Mon, 5:25am
       The end is fitting and very Tolkien glor 217 0 Mon, 2:30am

Collapse Conspiracy! That auctioneer knows more than he's letting on... Aragorn the Elfstone 630 15 Sun, 9:30pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       Collapse I think it's been mentioned a couple of times Spriggan 343 13 Sun, 9:35pm
           Collapse Yes but... Ham_Sammy 304 12 Sun, 9:46pm
               Collapse Oh well it must not be real then. Spriggan 283 10 Sun, 9:54pm
                   Nah Ham_Sammy 240 0 Sun, 10:06pm
                   Collapse Next you'll be telling us Santa isn't real Ataahua 232 8 Sun, 10:08pm
                       No!!! Ham_Sammy 210 0 Sun, 10:10pm
                       Bomby always THOUGHT Santa wazzz An Immortal ELF Bombadil 205 0 Sun, 10:12pm
                       Won't someone Starling 191 0 Sun, 10:27pm
                       Collapse Yes, Ataahua, there is a Santa Clause. Eruvandi 182 1 Sun, 10:34pm
                           Hear hear! Ham_Sammy 137 0 Sun, 11:23pm
                       Collapse I thought... Angharad73 172 2 Sun, 10:43pm
                         Aw, that's adorable! // Eruvandi 158 0 Sun, 10:50pm
                           Well he does have the twinkling eyes Ataahua 115 0 Mon, 12:06am
               Which clause? sharku 129 0 Sun, 11:41pm
       Perhaps not the signature... But mae govannen 76 0 Mon, 4:57am

  Collapse Thranduil is a fluffy puppy! swampB 621 5 Sun, 9:24pm Jump to last post in thread (by mirkwoodwanderer)
       Collapse He suffers from a similar greed as Dragon Sickness with those Eruonen 281 1 Sun, 9:34pm
           The jewels were in Erebor because... Eruvandi 265 0 Sun, 9:47pm
     *giggles over the edited thread title* Eruvandi 274 0 Sun, 9:42pm
       I like that post On_the_partyelk 220 0 Sun, 10:28pm
       He is a great king mirkwoodwanderer 92 0 Mon, 11:08am

  Collapse Jame's Kendrick (Latest review on rotten tomatoes) ecthelionsbeard 784 17 Sun, 8:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
       Collapse I sometimes don't get Kelly of Water's Edge 371 7 Sun, 9:12pm
           Collapse No.... Ham_Sammy 325 6 Sun, 9:22pm
               Collapse I don't think Kelly of Water's Edge 200 3 Sun, 11:14pm
                   Collapse I still can't wrap my head around... Aragorn the Elfstone 198 2 Sun, 11:23pm
                       Collapse Critics are elitists DigificWriter 188 1 Sun, 11:39pm
                           yes Ham_Sammy 139 0 Mon, 1:17am
               Lol! Old Toby 37 0 Mon, 4:50pm
             *snigger* Avandel 35 0 Mon, 5:13pm
       It changed to fresh as it should be NecromancerRising 351 0 Sun, 9:21pm
       TBotFA now has a Fresh rating... DigificWriter 227 0 Sun, 11:22pm
       Collapse It should be pointed out... DigificWriter 140 6 Mon, 2:39am
           Collapse Thank you for mentioning the fan score, mae govannen 116 5 Mon, 3:12am
               Collapse For me... ecthelionsbeard 101 4 Mon, 3:54am
                   Collapse Right, agree with you!...// mae govannen 82 3 Mon, 6:06am
                       Collapse All six of these films... DigificWriter 90 2 Mon, 6:09am
                         DITTO! Well said!!! mae govannen 79 0 Mon, 7:21am
                           Yes Ham_Sammy 17 0 Tue, 12:56am

  Collapse Critics be sent to Mordor, I really enjoyed the movie. Eruonen 539 7 Sun, 8:47pm Jump to last post in thread (by iduna)
       Collapse Me too Ham_Sammy 249 2 Sun, 9:18pm
           Collapse Me too, I think Glorfindela 150 1 Sun, 11:05pm
               And oddly, the missing official trailer scenes! Eruonen 127 0 Sun, 11:34pm
       Agreed! Ruxendil_Thoorg 206 0 Sun, 10:05pm
       Me too Loresilme 123 0 Sun, 11:32pm
       I agree - or send them off to Minas Morgul - All of them !! ltnjmy 32 0 Mon, 4:12pm
       I agree! It was great! iduna 26 0 Mon, 10:10pm
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