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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse Your favourite 'Hobbit Rumour' from the last few years BornOutOfTheWest 964 26 Mon, 5:52pm Jump to last post in thread (by Rembrethil)
       Collapse zombie Smaug brought back from the dead by the necromancer fighting in the battle LoremIpsum 486 1 Mon, 5:54pm
           And when he dies he explodes into a fireball and becomes the Eye // AshNazg 426 0 Mon, 6:07pm
       Collapse Galadriel/Gandalf romance Ataahua 488 3 Mon, 5:57pm
           But Gandalf's dialogue in BotFA still vaguely suggests this // AshNazg 447 0 Mon, 6:08pm
           LOL! // Loresilme 262 0 Mon, 9:18pm
         ROTFL.. re. Celeborn's quote!!! mae govannen 72 0 Tue, 12:46pm
       Whilst... DjU 481 0 Mon, 5:58pm
       A couple Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 464 0 Mon, 6:04pm
       Collapse Necromancer subplot Danielos 478 3 Mon, 6:05pm
           Collapse The Necromancer stuff was an area that PJ could really have expanded and made his own AshNazg 442 2 Mon, 6:15pm
               Collapse The funny thing is... Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 429 1 Mon, 6:33pm
                   Everything else was completely made up... patrickk 256 0 Mon, 9:39pm
       Collapse That one or more of the dwarves would be female Loresilme 306 6 Mon, 9:20pm
           Collapse That was really bad Ham_Sammy 286 5 Mon, 9:28pm
               Collapse A casting one glor 221 4 Mon, 11:32pm
                   Collapse I remember that one Ham_Sammy 192 3 Mon, 11:54pm
                       Collapse Ian Mcshane Mcoull 188 2 Tue, 12:21am
                           Oh absolutely Ham_Sammy 170 0 Tue, 12:23am
                           Well I think shadowdog 144 0 Tue, 1:34am
       Rumor about Thorin's death. Holly Hobbit 245 0 Mon, 11:37pm
       Sauron/Annatar and Rings flashback // xxxyyy 142 0 Tue, 1:39am
       Collapse the ones I thought were absurd/humourous Cirashala 177 1 Tue, 1:44am
           Just no... Ham_Sammy 135 0 Tue, 1:51am
       That Thorin would survive BlackFox 74 0 Tue, 12:51pm
       That Thranduil and Tauriel were lovers Eruvandi 40 0 Wed, 4:49pm
       Bombur was a female...hence his/her silence. Rembrethil 11 0 4:01am

  Collapse Sting Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 391 4 Mon, 5:48pm Jump to last post in thread (by Loresilme)
       Collapse In Rivendell on the way home // AshNazg 179 1 Mon, 5:51pm
           I like that idea // Loresilme 90 0 Mon, 8:31pm
       Collapse IF this were to be in the film Lindele 162 1 Mon, 6:29pm
           As I said... Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 141 0 Mon, 6:37pm

  Collapse My theater is pulling the 3D after tomorrow... ghost_matt 519 8 Mon, 5:38pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)
       Collapse Whereas.... smtfhw 265 1 Mon, 5:43pm
           What was interesting for me to note was that I was not that aware Eruonen 214 0 Mon, 6:24pm
       Sorry to hear that Ham_Sammy 213 0 Mon, 5:45pm
       Collapse Talk your family into it re the performances Avandel 227 4 Mon, 5:46pm
           Collapse HFR ghost_matt 162 3 Mon, 7:22pm
               Collapse Never see 24 fps 3D Finrod 97 2 Mon, 9:59pm
                   Collapse That is not the film, it is the cinema glor 76 1 Mon, 11:45pm
                       Yep. Silverlode 36 0 Tue, 4:54am

  Collapse So much for a 'Winter Battle'... BornOutOfTheWest 908 7 Mon, 5:28pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eruonen)
       The trilogy of missed upportunities Azaghâl 443 0 Mon, 5:56pm
       Collapse Not to mention.... tiamy 400 3 Mon, 5:58pm
           Collapse Who knows, it could have been a day above freezing and not every Eruonen 335 2 Mon, 6:26pm
               Collapse Breath condensation... Elizabeth 92 1 Tue, 8:50am
                   And things looked pretty dry, not unusual in winter. Eruonen 59 0 Tue, 2:53pm
       Weird Danielos 349 0 Mon, 6:10pm
       It was a winter battle... Annatar598 338 0 Mon, 7:01pm

  Collapse What happens to the Elvish army? Did they all die? Aranarth 767 7 Mon, 5:11pm Jump to last post in thread (by QuackingTroll)
       I shouldn't think so Glorfindela 412 0 Mon, 5:14pm
       Collapse Elves evaporate after battles... Brandybuckled 380 3 Mon, 5:35pm
           lol ... horses too Loresilme 214 0 Mon, 8:36pm
           Yes, they are like spun sugar in the rain ;D // Morthoron 88 0 Tue, 3:56am
           Actually in Helm's Deep they do all die... QuackingTroll 74 0 Tue, 10:57am
       If I remember correctly... Scorchster 372 0 Mon, 5:50pm
       If I recall, there were scattered units fighting all over the field. Eruonen 265 0 Mon, 7:25pm

  Collapse So who's decision was the 3 movie split? LoremIpsum 993 37 Mon, 3:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by DigificWriter)
       Collapse It was Peter Jackson and co's idea Lindele 583 2 Mon, 3:52pm
           Collapse Not so sure Fleuz 508 1 Mon, 4:06pm
               I do. Lindele 486 0 Mon, 4:11pm
       It was purely creative DigificWriter 488 0 Mon, 4:04pm
       Collapse There's no doubt in my mind... tsmith675 517 1 Mon, 4:04pm
           Re: There is no doubt in my mind DigificWriter 466 0 Mon, 4:12pm
       PJ's decision DjU 490 0 Mon, 4:04pm
       PJ Aragorn the Elfstone 384 0 Mon, 4:37pm
       Collapse Ideas Danielos 405 10 Mon, 4:42pm
           That, I don't know, but Lindele 380 0 Mon, 4:46pm
           Collapse Definitely not PJ's idea macfalk 407 5 Mon, 4:48pm
               Collapse Evangeline Lily Danielos 408 2 Mon, 4:51pm
                   The triangle was added... Aragorn the Elfstone 386 0 Mon, 4:55pm
                   Tauriel isnt involved in a love triangle DigificWriter 374 0 Mon, 4:59pm
               Agreed. RabidWolverine 354 0 Mon, 4:55pm
               Ya, I get the impression that PJ was never a big fan of that KingTurgon 287 0 Mon, 6:00pm
           It was always there. Aragorn the Elfstone 369 0 Mon, 4:53pm
           Almost certainly... RabidWolverine 356 0 Mon, 4:53pm
           I believe lionoferebor 48 0 Tue, 4:57am
       Collapse Why does it matter? Glorfindela 344 4 Mon, 5:10pm
           Collapse Because Lindele 324 3 Mon, 5:19pm
               Collapse I'm thinking Ham_Sammy 294 2 Mon, 5:28pm
                   Collapse It was driven far more by creative concerns... DigificWriter 258 1 Mon, 6:06pm
                       Agreed Ham_Sammy 220 0 Mon, 6:55pm
       Collapse Are we all even talking about the same 3 films? Brandybuckled 251 1 Mon, 6:38pm
           There were never originally going to be more than two films DigificWriter 186 0 Mon, 7:05pm
       Collapse It was PJ's decision, not WB's... Salmacis81 186 2 Mon, 7:13pm
           Collapse Most of what's in the films was dreamed up by Pete, Fran, Phillipa, and GDT DigificWriter 175 1 Mon, 7:30pm
               I only mention PJ... Salmacis81 165 0 Mon, 7:38pm
       Collapse I suspect a key issue was the way the break changed latter stages of the story.. moreorless 182 3 Mon, 8:07pm
           Collapse TDoS's climax was added after the decision to make things into a trilogy of films and wasn't filmed until 2013.... DigificWriter 155 2 Mon, 9:27pm
               Collapse Most definitely... Eleniel 120 1 Mon, 11:01pm
                   I think thats quite telling as well... moreorless 53 0 Tue, 5:44am
       Collapse Well, the way it was reported at the time.... Silverlode 95 3 Tue, 12:59am
           Collapse I'm interested in these '3rd film' rumors... DigificWriter 58 2 Tue, 5:16am
               Collapse As I recall.... Silverlode 44 1 Tue, 7:04am
                   About the "bridge film" DigificWriter 48 0 Tue, 7:34am

  Collapse The test videos CathrineB 504 1 Mon, 3:32pm Jump to last post in thread (by shaundobson)
       these are great! shaundobson 173 0 Mon, 5:10pm

  Collapse Thorin's age DigificWriter 695 33 Mon, 3:25pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse According to the book Guert 437 12 Mon, 3:37pm
           Collapse That's not really what I was asking about DigificWriter 390 11 Mon, 3:45pm
               Collapse Somewhere here someone said, not until they Bombadil 380 10 Mon, 3:56pm
                   Collapse at 240 Cirashala 235 9 Mon, 8:27pm
                       Collapse This might not match what we know, but... DigificWriter 202 8 Mon, 9:19pm
                           Collapse Well... BlackFox 190 6 Mon, 9:29pm
                               Collapse How much credence do we want to give that relative to... DigificWriter 186 5 Mon, 9:34pm
                                   Collapse Call it an inconsistency then BlackFox 160 4 Mon, 10:07pm
                                       Collapse You probably wouldn't know there's an issue... DigificWriter 155 3 Mon, 10:18pm
                                           Collapse Then you ought to move the Sack of Erebor to a later date also BlackFox 145 2 Mon, 10:45pm
                                               Collapse Too young according to what? DigificWriter 133 1 Mon, 11:39pm
                                                   Guess I was wrong.... DigificWriter 120 0 Tue, 12:25am
                           My usual strategy is to just go by the actors ages... fiveforchaos 105 0 Tue, 1:53am
       He looks younger, but he actually isn't BlackFox 379 0 Mon, 4:00pm
       Collapse Not the exact age... Angharad73 351 1 Mon, 4:03pm
           I'll take a look at what Tolkien says about Dwalin's age, then.... DigificWriter 329 0 Mon, 4:25pm
       Collapse One year younger... Otaku-sempai 91 16 Tue, 4:06am
           Collapse It's been stated that Balin is the oldest member of the Company... DigificWriter 86 15 Tue, 5:05am
               Collapse It does, although it's not totally readable in this image...(purposefully distressed!) Eleniel 72 4 Tue, 7:45am
                   Collapse Ooh marillaraina 48 3 Tue, 3:43pm
                       2760 and 2751 BlackFox 44 0 Tue, 3:46pm
                       As neat as the tapestry is.... DigificWriter 44 0 Tue, 3:51pm
                       Dates from the Tapestry Otaku-sempai 38 0 Tue, 5:04pm
               Collapse Sources Otaku-sempai 36 2 Tue, 5:10pm
                   Collapse Statements from the writers and actors would also be primary sources... DigificWriter 53 1 Tue, 5:21pm
                       Interesting marillaraina 50 0 Tue, 7:26pm
               Collapse Depends on the source. Otaku-sempai 47 6 Tue, 8:03pm
                   Collapse There's no way to reconcile Thorin's presence at the Sacking of Erebor... DigificWriter 33 5 Wed, 3:11am
                       Collapse Making Thorin older??? Otaku-sempai 31 4 Thu, 2:27pm
                           Collapse Dori? BlackFox 28 3 Thu, 2:42pm
                               Collapse That may be... Otaku-sempai 25 2 Thu, 2:44pm
                                   Collapse The Battle of Moria dating was not moved DigificWriter 19 1 Thu, 4:20pm
                                       Dating the Battle of Azanulbizar in the Films Otaku-sempai 1 0 42 mins ago

  Collapse Cameos theroadgoeseveron 684 10 Mon, 1:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       Collapse I quite enjoyed... CathrineB 406 4 Mon, 2:24pm
           Not sure thats PJ DjU 307 0 Mon, 3:28pm
           Collapse Pretty sure he's not a ringwraith. Silverlode 105 2 Tue, 12:41am
               me too DisDwarfWoman 48 0 Tue, 7:37pm
               I saw it Cirashala 29 0 Wed, 12:38am
       Collapse Some more Carne 299 1 Mon, 3:35pm
           Shane Rangi cameo in DOS Laketown "Welcome" scene Lissuin 127 0 Mon, 10:02pm
       Collapse Maybe he's the big squishy-faced orc iduna 114 2 Mon, 10:22pm
           Collapse I dont think the Orc theroadgoeseveron 52 1 Tue, 6:26pm
               Well, it still might be... iduna 36 0 Tue, 9:46pm

  Collapse John Rateliff's thoughts on BOTFA Shagrat 877 10 Mon, 12:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by Loresilme)
       Thanks for posting this. mefansmum 321 0 Mon, 1:07pm
       I found myself mostly agreeing - Hanzkaz 345 0 Mon, 1:11pm
       Collapse Ooooh! I like this Review and its author!...! mae govannen 332 5 Mon, 1:18pm
         Collapse Oin: "He says hezz an EXPERT!" That is WHAT John is...// Bombadil 286 4 Mon, 1:53pm
               Collapse Sorry, can you explain what you mean mae govannen 280 3 Mon, 1:56pm
                   In BagEND Oin doesn't hear correctly what Bilbo Bombadil 277 0 Mon, 2:02pm
                   Collapse In AUJ... arithmancer 272 1 Mon, 2:09pm
                     Okay, got it!!! Thanks!...// mae govannen 229 0 Mon, 2:29pm
       Interesting read, always like to hear what Tolkien scholars have to say about these films... Salmacis81 126 0 Mon, 7:08pm
       Finally! I feel like I just read a real review Loresilme 89 0 Mon, 10:05pm

  Collapse the movie is in fact in par to ROTK in terms of tension Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 662 22 Mon, 11:19am Jump to last post in thread (by Kim)
       Collapse Um....no..... NateGate 291 17 Mon, 3:23pm
           Collapse humble opinions...humble opinions everywere Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 256 15 Mon, 3:38pm
               Collapse Eh... NateGate 235 13 Mon, 3:49pm
                   Collapse Sorry, I dont give a heck for the oscars Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 229 9 Mon, 3:51pm
                       Collapse Me either Ham_Sammy 222 8 Mon, 3:57pm
                         Collapse Thirded Glorfindela 213 7 Mon, 4:05pm
                               Collapse The Oscars.... NateGate 203 6 Mon, 4:12pm
                                   Collapse Perhaps to you Glorfindela 190 5 Mon, 4:20pm
                                       Collapse True.... NateGate 180 1 Mon, 4:31pm
                                           stupidity? Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 165 0 Mon, 4:36pm
                                       Collapse The Oscars Ham_Sammy 166 2 Mon, 4:47pm
                                           Collapse Yes, agree, Ham-Sammy Glorfindela 137 1 Mon, 5:08pm
                                               Yes I agree Ham_Sammy 125 0 Mon, 5:15pm
                   I agree with the conclusion, personally. Spriggan 166 0 Mon, 4:34pm
                   While I don't necessarily disagree with you Lindele 159 0 Mon, 4:36pm
                   tense Mooseboy018 103 0 Mon, 6:08pm
               Fans Aranarth 76 0 Mon, 7:40pm
           the stakes Ruxendil_Thoorg 70 0 Mon, 8:17pm
       The movie is in fact in par to ROTK in terms of tension Glorfindela 252 0 Mon, 3:45pm
       I can only speak for myself Ham_Sammy 238 0 Mon, 3:49pm
       The posting was about TENSION not which film is better. Eruonen 154 0 Mon, 4:54pm
       Agreed Kim 43 0 Tue, 5:47am

  Collapse What is the real reason of showing Galadriel so powerful? erdildeniz 941 30 Mon, 11:06am Jump to last post in thread (by Salmacis81)
       Must say Glorfindela 553 0 Mon, 11:07am
       This way Saruman has a more ambiguous role. irasel 496 0 Mon, 11:53am
       I always thought that the Istari aren't allowed to challenge Sauron with pure power... Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 490 0 Mon, 11:53am
       Collapse It's a femine conspiracy. // Riven Delve 426 1 Mon, 12:13pm
         *snort* BlackFox 391 0 Mon, 12:58pm
       Collapse . Nerven 436 2 Mon, 12:19pm
           Good quotes! Tend to agree with your last point, mae govannen 365 0 Mon, 1:34pm
           Feanor never killed any Balrogs. In fact, with the exception of a factually flawed AinurOlorin 73 0 Tue, 4:24am
       Collapse Pays off later huzzlewhat 460 2 Mon, 12:48pm
           Exactly. Nicely explained..// mae govannen 356 0 Mon, 1:23pm
           Excellent point! // Loresilme 149 0 Mon, 8:33pm
       Collapse It seems they've sort of combined two different scenes from the book Elarie 372 4 Mon, 2:25pm
           Collapse Well, no. We need to be a bit careful about the quote. Spriggan 293 3 Mon, 4:13pm
               Collapse that's true - I wonder what that means? Elarie 273 2 Mon, 4:20pm
                   It could simply refer to his planning.... Eruonen 264 0 Mon, 4:24pm
                   Tolkien uses the word in four possible senses Spriggan 255 0 Mon, 4:39pm
       I think.... Girdle of Melian 317 0 Mon, 3:22pm
       She employed the power of her elven ring, which Sauron cannot Eruonen 320 0 Mon, 4:07pm
       Because Boyens IMO focuses too much on her favorite characters KingTurgon 235 0 Mon, 6:13pm
       Collapse Yeah... Salmacis81 193 2 Mon, 7:21pm
           Collapse Didn't I warn you, Salmalcis?? lol She did keep passing out, so that helped to balance AinurOlorin 68 1 Tue, 4:33am
               Really couldn't tell what Saruman was doing... Salmacis81 19 0 Thu, 5:09pm
       Collapse I don't think they showed her that powerful dubulous 188 7 Mon, 8:00pm
           Collapse That's true... Salmacis81 147 6 Mon, 10:15pm
               Collapse On that basis, we don't know Saruman was there either. Spriggan 140 4 Mon, 10:46pm
                   Collapse There is more textual basis... Salmacis81 121 3 Mon, 11:18pm
                       Collapse The texts suggest no hero at all. Spriggan 93 2 Mon, 11:59pm
                           Collapse Except for the fact that... Salmacis81 94 1 Tue, 12:11am
                               Not a bigger role, just a specific one. Spriggan 95 0 Tue, 12:14am
               Well dubulous 134 0 Mon, 10:54pm

Entertainment Weekly has Steven Colbert on the Cover...AS Bombadil 250 0 Mon, 10:49am Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)

Collapse Love the beginning of BOFA/Bard/Bain Avandel 569 16 Mon, 7:56am Jump to last post in thread (by DisDwarfWoman)
       Collapse great stuff Mooseboy018 299 1 Mon, 8:02am
         very special Avandel 120 0 Mon, 5:33pm
       Collapse I loved that! CathrineB 243 1 Mon, 9:41am
           Me, too. Estel78 227 0 Mon, 9:52am
     Collapse Avandel...XTreme HDHFR3D is the Only way Bom will see a movie Bombadil 239 1 Mon, 9:53am
           Think I agree with you! Avandel 121 0 Mon, 5:28pm
     It's fantastic! Glorfindela 214 0 Mon, 11:03am
       Collapse Isn't it truly extraordinary? mae govannen 203 2 Mon, 11:53am
         Collapse Extraordinary - oh yes! Avandel 156 1 Mon, 4:13pm
               Didn't manage to notice all this mae govannen 43 0 Tue, 8:08am
       Collapse My favorite opening ever, right up there with Gandalf fighting the Balrog hobbitylass 133 2 Mon, 5:31pm
           Collapse Feel better! Avandel 121 1 Mon, 5:34pm
               Thanks! I already checked the movie times hobbitylass 112 0 Mon, 5:48pm
       Collapse John Bell is really a great actor KingTurgon 116 2 Mon, 6:02pm
           Collapse Terrific scene Ham_Sammy 71 1 Mon, 11:12pm
               loved the taunting! DisDwarfWoman 29 0 Tue, 7:45pm

  Collapse I don't really like TBOFA compared to AUJ and TDOS... delius82 892 13 Mon, 6:05am Jump to last post in thread (by adu)
       Collapse Yes.. ecthelionsbeard 486 1 Mon, 6:10am
           I'm with you on this! Glorfindela 277 0 Mon, 10:58am
       Collapse PJ was right, DOS was the best one of the three MouthofSauron 494 1 Mon, 6:29am
           Yeah but this year he said Lindele 91 0 Mon, 6:35pm
       Collapse The book also Silverlode 392 3 Mon, 8:04am
           Collapse and thats why DOS MouthofSauron 336 1 Mon, 9:16am
               Now We Can Discuss The Effect of Three Films Michelle Johnston 269 0 Mon, 11:17am
           Quite true and important remark... I will add that mae govannen 190 0 Mon, 1:42pm
       It's the same in the book... TheHutt 357 0 Mon, 8:30am
       that is strange mirkwoodwanderer 282 0 Mon, 11:00am
       Collapse Hope you enjoy the EE more... QuackingTroll 216 2 Mon, 1:39pm
           I actually disagree with you there KingTurgon 104 0 Mon, 6:21pm
           The EE makes a big difference... adu 72 0 Mon, 9:34pm
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