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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse the auctioneer observation Ham_Sammy 512 5 Wed, 6:49am Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
       Collapse Well... Silverlode 299 1 Wed, 6:58am
           Okay I was totally wrong! Ham_Sammy 79 0 Wed, 2:15pm
       Collapse I think you can see it in AUJ Saneliur 212 1 Wed, 7:49am
           The signature is "Thorin son of Thrain" syameese 189 0 Wed, 8:06am
       I remember though mae govannen 206 0 Wed, 8:02am

  Collapse Bolg vs Tauriel Olorin2607 481 4 Wed, 6:39am Jump to last post in thread (by marillaraina)
       I liked the fight a lot Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 192 0 Wed, 11:24am
       Collapse It would have been better if dubulous 160 2 Wed, 1:59pm
           Collapse Yup...actually, I thought perhaps... Eleniel 153 1 Wed, 2:03pm
               subject marillaraina 62 0 Wed, 9:04pm

  Collapse "Everything I did, I did for them." Mooseboy018 644 4 Wed, 6:32am Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       I think *SPOILER* Avandel 388 0 Wed, 6:56am
       Collapse What Avandel said... dormouse 279 2 Wed, 7:44am
           Yeah it is missing...& another thing Bombadil 258 0 Wed, 8:15am
           ooh nice! Avandel 96 0 Wed, 4:34pm

  Collapse When did you cry? Mooseboy018 661 21 Wed, 5:44am Jump to last post in thread (by CathrineB)
       Collapse I cried Ham_Sammy 364 1 Wed, 5:56am
           cried mirkwoodwanderer 280 0 Wed, 7:16am
       Collapse Rather overwhelmed, but Avandel 357 2 Wed, 6:03am
           Collapse second viewing Mooseboy018 318 1 Wed, 6:07am
               Closure, yes Avandel 293 0 Wed, 6:20am
       Unexpectedly strong reaction Saneliur 338 0 Wed, 6:18am
       Collapse Balin telling Bilbo that Thorin... MatthewJer18 323 2 Wed, 6:19am
         Ken Stott is incredible Avandel 293 0 Wed, 6:24am
           He really has Ham_Sammy 281 0 Wed, 6:28am
       For me it was: Glorfindela 277 0 Wed, 7:26am
       Collapse Much, much sooner than expected dormouse 296 1 Wed, 8:01am
           There are TWO Important things about Balin... Bombadil 242 0 Wed, 9:37am
       It began.. Elvanui 210 0 Wed, 10:09am
       Collapse More like when *didn't* I cry. Roheryn 222 1 Wed, 10:45am
           Big Girls & Big Boys DO CRY...Bomby was Bombadil 192 0 Wed, 10:50am
       Have to say I didn't even well up... Eleniel 198 0 Wed, 10:54am
       I don't cry easily at movies Thranduil'sGirl 113 0 Wed, 6:37pm
       My wad of tissues was completely wasted Riven Delve 101 0 Wed, 7:25pm
       I expected to get teary-eyed BlackFox 83 0 Wed, 8:53pm
       The portraits... Nira 31 0 Thu, 7:00am
       Never CathrineB 22 0 Thu, 9:34am

  Collapse Just saw the movie...apparently a different one than many have seen. Misty Mountain Hop 1351 23 Wed, 5:41am Jump to last post in thread (by Lindele)
       I really liked it too elentari3018 532 0 Wed, 6:01am
       So glad you find such joy in this one! Old Toby 480 0 Wed, 6:38am
       Most seem to like it mirkwoodwanderer 461 0 Wed, 7:13am
       Usually... Arvida 431 0 Wed, 7:35am
       Collapse Hated it... Avnar 498 6 Wed, 8:02am
           Collapse But then, you knew you would, didn't you dormouse 436 5 Wed, 8:43am
               Collapse A good question... smtfhw 402 3 Wed, 8:59am
                   Collapse I didn't spend money... Avnar 333 2 Wed, 10:34am
                       Fair enough... smtfhw 296 0 Wed, 10:54am
                       The aesthetic matches perfectly, though... dormouse 266 0 Wed, 12:00pm
               Attention Lindele 39 0 Thu, 2:49am
       Collapse I saw the one you saw too! // dormouse 406 1 Wed, 8:04am
           Me too! // BlackFox 112 0 Wed, 5:36pm
       Collapse You saw the same film I saw too... smtfhw 402 1 Wed, 8:27am
           We are intelligent enough to understand Bombadil 315 0 Wed, 10:18am
       Glad you loved it! PJ clearly could never please everyone but you aren't alone :) adt100 315 0 Wed, 9:57am
       Collapse I saw it in 2D and didn't know what to make of it QuackingTroll 211 3 Wed, 2:16pm
           Collapse I'm actually pretty nervous to see it in 2D or even normal 3D Misty Mountain Hop 183 2 Wed, 2:22pm
               I don't think seeing it in 2D or regular 3D will lessen your appreciation, MMH! Old Toby 133 0 Wed, 4:51pm
               Ah, although you are probably right about the HFR and CGI Old Toby 134 0 Wed, 4:55pm
       Collapse thank you... nymmerod 154 1 Wed, 4:27pm
           I agree FrogmortonJustice65 141 0 Wed, 4:48pm
       I'm with ya Elessar 102 0 Wed, 6:26pm

  Collapse so much fan service, so many missed opportunities (spoilers) Joe B. 648 6 Wed, 5:39am Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)
       1) comes straight from the book. MatthewJer18 308 0 Wed, 5:51am
       Collapse I mostly agree. Mooseboy018 298 4 Wed, 5:52am
           Collapse Agree about the dwarves Avandel 262 3 Wed, 6:13am
             Well, Silence is Golden...in the Shot Bombadil 176 0 Wed, 9:12am
               Collapse Yeah, it did seem odd how literally silent most of the Dwarves were most of the film! adt100 151 1 Wed, 9:56am
                   Nobody wanted to attract Thorin's attention. Silverlode 151 0 Wed, 10:32am

  Collapse Empty Feeling (in a good way) Mooseboy018 469 5 Wed, 4:47am Jump to last post in thread (by FrogmortonJustice65)
       Collapse So you enjoyed the film overall, I take it? // MatthewJer18 212 4 Wed, 4:52am
           Collapse Yes. Mooseboy018 225 3 Wed, 5:01am
               Collapse Well said The Mitch King 199 1 Wed, 5:13am
                 RA said it BEST.. Bombadil 143 0 Wed, 8:02am
               I actually appreciate Legolas more after this film. FrogmortonJustice65 49 0 Wed, 4:45pm

  Collapse The Big Worms *Spoiler* The Mitch King 884 15 Wed, 4:31am Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       Were worms Mooseboy018 532 0 Wed, 4:32am
       yea deskp 430 0 Wed, 4:50am
       Collapse Yep. Silverlode 343 1 Wed, 6:18am
           It probably got mixed up with mae govannen 310 0 Wed, 7:13am
       Now that I think about it.. Mooseboy018 303 0 Wed, 7:19am
       Collapse One of the worst alterations. DanielLB 333 8 Wed, 7:25am
           Collapse Haven't you seen Tremors? Spriggan 277 3 Wed, 7:58am
               Collapse But they haven't come from a different film. DanielLB 259 2 Wed, 8:07am
                   Apparently not. Spriggan 244 0 Wed, 8:17am
                   Erebor is a deep mine QuackingTroll 140 0 Wed, 1:06pm
           Maybe Scourge of the Stoors 226 0 Wed, 8:57am
           Collapse But by that logic, why didn't Tolkien have them do that? adt100 206 2 Wed, 9:53am
               Collapse Because Tolkien (probably) didn't intend them to be rock-eating worms. DanielLB 200 1 Wed, 10:02am
                   Who knows? Spriggan 122 0 Wed, 1:26pm
       In the Two Towers (book) ericwyo 191 0 Wed, 12:24pm

  Award The Mitch King 221 0 Wed, 4:06am Jump to last post in thread (by The Mitch King)

  Collapse To anyone who's seen the movie.. ecthelionsbeard 511 7 Wed, 1:45am Jump to last post in thread (by ecthelionsbeard)
     Collapse BY that POINT? You won't care.....?// Bombadil 215 1 Wed, 1:51am
           I agree with Bombadil Saneliur 200 0 Wed, 1:58am
       Collapse here it is: celboy 221 2 Wed, 2:01am
           Collapse Nice! ecthelionsbeard 177 1 Wed, 2:14am
               so quickly Ham_Sammy 161 0 Wed, 2:30am
       Collapse I don't know the exact time the credits run, Old Toby 134 1 Wed, 3:25am
           "The Last Goodbye"... ecthelionsbeard 119 0 Wed, 3:55am

  Collapse Question about Dain, for fellow early viewers... Compa_Mighty 627 14 Wed, 1:34am Jump to last post in thread (by FrogmortonJustice65)
       Collapse We don't really know. I think CG QuackingTroll 336 2 Wed, 1:40am
           Collapse Yeah... ecthelionsbeard 308 1 Wed, 1:43am
               Billy said "IT was like Wearing a Volkswagon?" SSOoo. Bombadil 317 0 Wed, 1:55am
       From what I could see... Merovech 343 0 Wed, 1:41am
       I'm fairly certain SafeUnderHill 330 0 Wed, 1:59am
       Dain The Mitch King 256 0 Wed, 3:50am
       Mixed. Silverlode 181 0 Wed, 6:22am
       I just can't tell Glorfindela 151 0 Wed, 7:16am
       I don't think he was myself, but other people are telling me he was emre43 123 0 Wed, 9:22am
       Seen it 3 times now... adt100 129 0 Wed, 10:05am
       Collapse Ironfoot nymmerod 92 1 Wed, 2:22pm
           i agree. Me85 50 0 Wed, 5:00pm
       Via someone on Reddit: Carne 91 0 Wed, 2:55pm
       had no idea Dain was at all CGI. FrogmortonJustice65 53 0 Wed, 6:32pm

  Collapse mtv.com : ‘The Hobbit’ Composer Says, ‘Never Say Never’ On Returning To Middle-Earth Magpie 549 10 Wed, 1:09am Jump to last post in thread (by Ardamírë)
       Thang you Berry Buch ..Beautiful read..// Bombadil 198 0 Wed, 1:36am
       Rights to other works... Compa_Mighty 225 0 Wed, 2:03am
       Collapse I should have added... Magpie 226 6 Wed, 2:16am
           I believe the way it works.... Morthoron 214 0 Wed, 2:39am
           Collapse It is *very* intriguing Ardamírë 191 4 Wed, 3:25am
               Collapse Ken Stott also made a(n odd) comment at the Premiere of BO5A in London. DanielLB 127 3 Wed, 7:40am
                   Possibly dubulous 76 0 Wed, 10:44am
                 Super Idea Dan...Love that! Bombadil 68 0 Wed, 11:13am
                   The bridge film lives Ardamírë 40 0 Wed, 4:14pm
       Bridge film dave_lf 50 0 Wed, 1:13pm

  Collapse Favorite Battle "Gags" (Spoilers) gliido 659 10 Wed, 12:24am Jump to last post in thread (by tiamy)
       Collapse Alfrid: "We need Bombadil 371 6 Wed, 12:33am
           Collapse That prison escape (spoiler) QuackingTroll 328 5 Wed, 12:49am
               Collapse Well, the boat was full of gold... ecthelionsbeard 287 1 Wed, 12:51am
                   It's called momentum.... Bladerunner 218 0 Wed, 2:02am
               Collapse According to Jackson's films, masonry construction in Middle-earth is very unreliable... Bladerunner 221 1 Wed, 2:09am
                   Except when.... L. Ron Halfelven 185 0 Wed, 4:24am
               Not stone. Silverlode 133 0 Wed, 6:24am
       Collapse The elk!!!! Sebastian the Hedgehog 334 1 Wed, 12:53am
         About the ELK? Bombadil 287 0 Wed, 1:04am
       Dain Ironfoot... tiamy 87 0 Wed, 2:24pm

  Collapse BOFA Enjoys Strong International Debut $117 million USD Eruonen 295 1 Tue, 11:51pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
     The BUzzzzz will Build..THATzz a Promise..The Juggernaut beginzz..// Bombadil 117 0 Wed, 12:12am

  Collapse Romantic and Platonic Love (spoilers) CathrineB 593 13 Tue, 11:09pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eleniel)
       Collapse I'm not sure I know what you mean Spriggan 282 6 Tue, 11:14pm
           Collapse Yeah CathrineB 267 3 Tue, 11:19pm
               Collapse Sort of. Spriggan 245 2 Tue, 11:23pm
                   Collapse Expanded CathrineB 237 1 Tue, 11:26pm
                       Well that's fair enough. Spriggan 222 0 Tue, 11:33pm
           Collapse Bomby'zzz 3 Versionzz after seeing it? Bombadil 199 1 Wed, 12:06am
               subject marillaraina 165 0 Wed, 12:53am
       Well... dubulous 246 0 Tue, 11:27pm
       Collapse My thoughts... tarasaurus 246 1 Tue, 11:30pm
           But he does! Eleniel 94 0 Wed, 7:51am
       subject marillaraina 215 0 Tue, 11:53pm
       Collapse I agree with everything you said Azaghâl 224 1 Tue, 11:58pm
           Seconded! Eleniel 88 0 Wed, 7:59am
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