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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse How many days,,. kilifili 334 4 Sat, 7:28am Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Bilbo does say Cirashala 223 0 Sat, 7:36am
       Collapse Considering the story... arithmancer 115 1 Sat, 1:14pm
           I have to agree with that mirkwoodwanderer 74 0 Sat, 3:31pm
       Well... Otaku-sempai 57 0 Sat, 4:56pm

  Collapse Questions about rams, dwalin and water.... Eurolock 575 20 Sat, 4:52am Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       Collapse well deskp 376 4 Sat, 5:05am
           Collapse But the rams weren't seen before this...i think Eurolock 300 3 Sat, 5:49am
               i have no idea why PJ cut out the ramming seen in the trailer ! MouthofSauron 283 0 Sat, 5:51am
               They were in Dain's army... if you look closely in the wide shots... Bofur01 216 0 Sat, 10:00am
               just like the eagles mirkwoodwanderer 166 0 Sat, 12:58pm
       Collapse Dwalin Silverlode 345 5 Sat, 5:14am
           Collapse Still seems odd that Dwalin doesn't return to find Thorin... Eurolock 294 4 Sat, 5:55am
               Collapse On Ravenhill.... Silverlode 294 3 Sat, 6:05am
                   Collapse Dwalin looking for Fili? Elanor of Rohan 150 2 Sat, 2:21pm
                       Collapse That would be nice fiveforchaos 72 1 Sat, 8:26pm
                           I think he is close to Fili Cirashala 53 0 Sat, 11:17pm
       Collapse i hope we see more rams in the EE because in the trailer MouthofSauron 287 2 Sat, 5:46am
           Collapse Also missing... BalrogTrainer 151 1 Sat, 1:53pm
               yes that looked awesome i was very unhappy that wasn't included MouthofSauron 72 0 Sat, 6:32pm
       664 Elskidor 280 0 Sat, 6:06am
       In the trailer Hobbity Hobbit 141 0 Sat, 2:01pm
       Collapse I thought the chasm thing was odd too. Spriggan 133 2 Sat, 2:50pm
           Collapse Ah - having checked some shots from the trailers Spriggan 131 1 Sat, 2:58pm
               The ice makes sence mirkwoodwanderer 106 0 Sat, 3:32pm
       Answers regarding the rams... Eleniel 56 0 Sat, 9:45pm

Collapse Thread Locked My Review/The Moments I Loved Faramir5 372 1 Sat, 3:44am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)
       Thread Locked Please repost in the sticky review thread a the top of the board. Thanks! // Altaira 103 0 Sat, 4:04am

Collapse No musical theme... NateGate 530 9 Sat, 3:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Berethain)
       it had nothing to do with copyright issues FrogmortonJustice65 297 0 Sat, 3:51am
       could not disagree more Lindele 289 0 Sat, 3:57am
       Collapse and this is the danger of speculation: Magpie 291 3 Sat, 4:00am
           Collapse ... droidsocket 245 2 Sat, 4:26am
               Collapse in the interest of clarity Magpie 250 1 Sat, 4:44am
                   As usual, Magpie Glorfindela 127 0 Sat, 11:19am
       4 words: tsmith675 276 0 Sat, 4:29am
       It had great music mirkwoodwanderer 81 0 Sat, 3:33pm
       Unforunate Berethain 33 0 Sun, 5:21am

Collapse Naming Dain's War Boar Eruvandi 412 22 Sat, 3:38am Jump to last post in thread (by Eruvandi)
       Collapse Now this is interesting. Silverlode 209 2 Sat, 5:34am
           How about porky-torky lol Greypilgrim 137 0 Sat, 8:51am
           Very interesting! Eruvandi 5 0 Sun, 9:25pm
       Commander Bacon // Sebastian the Hedgehog 178 0 Sat, 5:37am
       Orc Chop // Meneldor 176 0 Sat, 5:40am
       Poaka // Starling 162 0 Sat, 6:29am
       Thror the War Boar tsmith675 158 0 Sat, 7:25am
       Collapse Boargoth Boarglir Nightwing 127 1 Sat, 10:33am
           Bomburzz Little Brother? // Bombadil 100 0 Sat, 12:48pm
       I would call him mirkwoodwanderer 91 0 Sat, 2:27pm
     I vote for Boris! BlackFox 81 0 Sat, 2:48pm
       Collapse May vote Ham_Sammy 86 1 Sat, 2:57pm
           ha ha ha mirkwoodwanderer 71 0 Sat, 3:36pm
       'Kruger', after another famous war Boer.// L. Ron Halfelven 57 0 Sat, 4:41pm
       Wilbur! Otaku-sempai 59 0 Sat, 5:01pm
       Collapse If only Dain had had TWO war boars... Miss-Merriweather 53 1 Sat, 6:15pm
           *snert* Eruvandi 5 0 Sun, 9:20pm
       Collapse Boaromir hobbitylass 46 2 Sat, 9:02pm
           Collapse Ereboar (groan) // Na Vedui 38 1 Sat, 10:09pm
             *groan* // Eruvandi 7 0 Sun, 9:28pm
       Hamster McPorky Fichtenbrenner 29 0 Sat, 10:57pm
       I have a friend named Borys Cirashala 25 0 Sat, 11:23pm

Collapse Parts you didn't like? (Spoilers) MJM 1040 30 Sat, 1:29am Jump to last post in thread (by BalrogTrainer)
       Collapse The only scene Ham_Sammy 686 2 Sat, 1:38am
           Yes MJM 505 0 Sat, 2:49am
           That was probably my least favourite scene as well. // BlackFox 292 0 Sat, 10:30am
       Collapse For me Glorfindela 541 3 Sat, 2:58am
           Collapse Oh, I've just thought of something Glorfindela 284 2 Sat, 11:34am
               Collapse it was a bit too much on animal killing mirkwoodwanderer 167 1 Sat, 3:37pm
                   Here is my list of stuff I didn't care for GhostofMacbeth 172 0 Sat, 4:21pm
       Collapse THorin's funeral should've been there... elentari3018 517 4 Sat, 3:21am
           Collapse No he isn't.... NateGate 465 3 Sat, 3:51am
               Collapse We are talking about bookverse and in the appendices: elentari3018 440 2 Sat, 3:56am
                   Collapse This is the movies though Ham_Sammy 428 1 Sat, 4:01am
                       Thought we're adapting from the book though.... elentari3018 388 0 Sat, 5:36am
       A few things: Avandel 475 0 Sat, 4:05am
       Cut Alfrid. Meneldor 409 0 Sat, 5:43am
       Collapse Alfrid single handedly brought the film down a few notches for me jtarkey 433 1 Sat, 5:51am
           They did the same with Gimli in Two Towers Nightwing 294 0 Sat, 10:45am
       Fili's death Kilidoescartwheels 407 0 Sat, 6:41am
     You don't think the river, as it's next to a waterfall... Bofur01 319 0 Sat, 10:06am
       Collapse Fear Unrealised Michelle Johnston 234 3 Sat, 1:33pm
           Collapse What is "scene 88" ? Nira 108 2 Sat, 9:45pm
               Collapse Scene 88: The running of the dwarves Silverlode 108 1 Sat, 10:16pm
                   Thank you! Nira 81 0 Sat, 10:41pm
       Mostly connections between scenes, rather than scenes themselves. Spriggan 185 0 Sat, 3:11pm
       The majority of the fight/death scenes did not go as I had hoped they would... Salmacis81 157 0 Sat, 6:09pm
       My top 5: Nira 102 0 Sat, 10:40pm
       Three dead Durins in a row Miss-Merriweather 79 0 Sat, 11:38pm
       credits Dame Ioreth 49 0 Sun, 6:44am
       Collapse I hated this line - "Orcs. No more than a hundred." "We'll handle it, go'" AshNazg 39 2 Sun, 11:02am
           Collapse Tiny correction BlackFox 30 1 Sun, 1:19pm
               Yes. BalrogTrainer 23 0 Sun, 2:32pm

  Collapse Would the Dwarves have been justified, (spoilers,) Hamfast Gamgee 581 9 Sat, 12:45am Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       not a chance Azaghâl 284 0 Sat, 12:52am
       Collapse They would have been well-advised Miss-Merriweather 289 6 Sat, 1:00am
           Collapse mods up Cirashala 276 5 Sat, 1:18am
               Collapse although... swordwhale 183 4 Sat, 3:14am
                   Collapse I was talking movie verse, not book verse Cirashala 148 3 Sat, 5:46am
                       Collapse where you the one mirkwoodwanderer 51 1 Sat, 3:38pm
                           praise be to Lord above Cirashala 37 0 Sat, 8:47pm
                       yep swordwhale 30 0 Sat, 10:25pm
       Not in dwarf society Elarie 175 0 Sat, 3:51am

Collapse Trailers and Movies (spoilers) Iris70 477 6 Fri, 11:42pm Jump to last post in thread (by elentari3018)
       Collapse Yes Azaghâl 212 3 Sat, 12:51am
           Collapse PJ doesn't cut the Trailers...// Bombadil 186 1 Sat, 12:54am
               He's involved in the process Azaghâl 188 0 Sat, 12:58am
           Not his fault. Mooseboy018 159 0 Sat, 1:40am
       I have always thought shadowdog 138 0 Sat, 3:11am
       i had the same exact thread about this elentari3018 130 0 Sat, 3:16am

  Collapse Smaug is dead. Sauron doesn´t care? Danielos 911 12 Fri, 9:48pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse I think... nymmerod 579 2 Fri, 9:51pm
           Collapse I would suspect that... MasterOrc 511 1 Fri, 10:21pm
               Yes, that makes sense to me kiwifan 391 0 Fri, 11:18pm
       i'm not sure your point is valid on this one MouthofSauron 245 0 Sat, 2:36am
       Collapse There was never really any overt connection... DigificWriter 226 6 Sat, 2:45am
           right, it had more to do with Thorin reaching the lonely mountain. MouthofSauron 178 0 Sat, 5:44am
           Collapse Except in the EE of DoS tsmith675 173 1 Sat, 6:58am
               Thrain may claim that Sauron and Smaug are in league with one another.... DigificWriter 171 0 Sat, 7:04am
           Collapse Smaug Danielos 164 2 Sat, 7:25am
               Not only Smaug sharku 119 0 Sat, 9:48am
               Presumably. Spriggan 67 0 Sat, 3:24pm
       Even with Smaug dead... Otaku-sempai 67 0 Sat, 5:05pm

  Collapse Sindarin/Black Speech in the BOFA? Loxii 155 2 Fri, 9:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)
     Welcome to the Reading Room Loxii! Brethil 79 0 Sat, 12:39am
       I don't think anyone Silverlode 35 0 Sat, 10:11pm

  Collapse So does Galadriel (spoilers) Loresilme 829 12 Fri, 9:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)
       Collapse hmm Loxii 360 1 Fri, 11:04pm
           Need a few more viewings Loresilme 214 0 Sat, 3:42am
       Collapse Yes she did! Remus 342 6 Fri, 11:42pm
           Collapse agreed. That was all said mirkwoodwanderer 276 1 Sat, 1:05am
               Yeah Remus 132 0 Sat, 9:41am
           Haha Saneliur 156 0 Sat, 8:04am
           Collapse Is it bodyless? dubulous 63 2 Sat, 7:53pm
               hmmm Remus 51 0 Sat, 9:15pm
               I hear "formless" too. // Silverlode 41 0 Sat, 10:12pm
       Collapse she has a ring MouthofSauron 215 2 Sat, 5:49am
           Collapse No, the 3 were forged by Celebrimbor. // Meneldor 184 1 Sat, 5:59am
               And Elrond has a ring too! // Eleniel 135 0 Sat, 8:56am

  Collapse Wait a second...Legolas returned the favor! Faramir5 980 11 Fri, 8:56pm Jump to last post in thread (by arithmancer)
       o.o Loxii 462 0 Fri, 8:58pm
       Yes and did you catch Legolas' expression :)? Loresilme 541 0 Fri, 9:02pm
       Collapse Good catch Elskidor 439 3 Fri, 9:11pm
           Collapse Have you checked out the Geeky Observations List? BlackFox 475 2 Fri, 9:15pm
               Collapse Thanks! Faramir5 352 1 Fri, 9:28pm
                   There's more! BlackFox 365 0 Fri, 9:31pm
       Yes, noticed that. Glorfindela 255 0 Fri, 11:27pm
       He did return the favor, but more importantly... Miss-Merriweather 252 0 Sat, 12:37am
       Yeah, I noticed that too! arithmancer 171 0 Sat, 2:35am
       Collapse kind of cooler.... swordwhale 171 1 Sat, 3:01am
           Well... arithmancer 162 0 Sat, 3:08am

  Collapse New information from Chronicles Hobbity Hobbit 1140 15 Fri, 8:56pm Jump to last post in thread (by Michelle Johnston)
       Collapse well deskp 513 6 Fri, 9:10pm
           Collapse It might of been another sequence or maybe more chariots? Hobbity Hobbit 483 2 Fri, 9:12pm
               Collapse think theres only 1 deskp 464 1 Fri, 9:14pm
                   I hope we get to see that crossbow in action! // Carne 429 0 Fri, 9:23pm
           Collapse There's also a new picture Hobbity Hobbit 557 2 Fri, 9:14pm
               Collapse hm deskp 452 1 Fri, 9:18pm
                   Hmm Hobbity Hobbit 437 0 Fri, 9:25pm
       Collapse Wow. Interesting HiddenSpring 369 2 Fri, 11:19pm
           Collapse Actually Hobbity Hobbit 317 1 Fri, 11:57pm
               Possible EE Hobbity Hobbit 328 0 Sat, 12:07am
       Thanks for the answers! Thrain II 327 0 Fri, 11:39pm
       Collapse Uncovering Azog 2011 style Michelle Johnston 176 3 Sat, 8:42am
           Collapse And... arithmancer 101 2 Sat, 1:30pm
               Yes sorry if I wasn't clear Hobbity Hobbit 97 0 Sat, 1:56pm
               Good Point which also leads to... Michelle Johnston 62 0 Sat, 4:39pm

  Collapse Insert Tauriel in LOTR??? (PJ interview) BurglarHobbit 1722 39 Fri, 8:30pm Jump to last post in thread (by painjoiker)
       Collapse Thranduil Loxii 884 4 Fri, 8:38pm
           Collapse Did you see BOTFA? Lindele 723 1 Fri, 9:12pm
               He doesn't return right away, that's true kiwifan 545 0 Fri, 10:47pm
           Collapse He should be... arithmancer 328 1 Sat, 2:38am
               Yes, but from what I understood mae govannen 170 0 Sat, 7:51am
       Now it begins... Brandybuckled 832 0 Fri, 8:39pm
       LOL Aragorn the Elfstone 753 0 Fri, 8:43pm
       Collapse H HeadingSouth 712 1 Fri, 8:43pm
           which is hilarious.... swordwhale 280 0 Sat, 3:04am
       Hmm..no Elskidor 715 0 Fri, 8:47pm
       Collapse Very much hope they were joking!! Oleander Took 697 1 Fri, 9:00pm
           Totally with you on this, on all points kiwifan 492 0 Fri, 10:53pm
     Holy cow! BlackFox 643 0 Fri, 9:12pm
       Replace Gollum in FOTR Lindele 669 0 Fri, 9:13pm
       Collapse I SHOULD HOPE NOT! Cillendor 648 3 Fri, 9:34pm
           More Danielos 583 0 Fri, 9:43pm
           Oh please PJ read Cillendor's list! kiwifan 477 0 Fri, 11:03pm
           Scenes from the wider War of the Ring? Lord_Lucan 112 0 Sat, 1:13pm
       Maybe Elskidor 461 0 Fri, 11:06pm
       Do you guys think PJ will do a George Lucas and Remus 448 0 Fri, 11:37pm
       Collapse If it's done right, why not? Also, please replace Holm and Gollum in FOTR! xxxyyy 448 1 Fri, 11:41pm
           URL BurglarHobbit 423 0 Fri, 11:42pm
       Insert the scene from the book as a flashback: DwellerInDale 378 0 Sat, 1:00am
       Collapse this would be super. mirkwoodwanderer 356 1 Sat, 1:09am
           Which fans? Or do I get to add yet another degree of NARF to my credentials? // Eowyn of Penns Woods 182 0 Sat, 6:18am
       Collapse Inserting Tauriel and others doesn't NEED to be done... DigificWriter 309 1 Sat, 3:01am
           It is clear Tolkien made a mistake mirkwoodwanderer 109 0 Sat, 2:37pm
       I never had an issue with what George Lucas was trying to do - Hanzkaz 264 0 Sat, 4:26am
       Can people please KingTurgon 233 0 Sat, 4:41am
       Collapse He was clearly not serious. tsmith675 192 8 Sat, 6:49am
           Collapse If they weren't being serious DigificWriter 180 6 Sat, 7:07am
               Collapse No. tsmith675 171 5 Sat, 7:14am
                   Collapse Re: No DigificWriter 169 4 Sat, 7:20am
                       Collapse I disagree. tsmith675 164 1 Sat, 7:33am
                           If it makes sense to change or add something... DigificWriter 156 0 Sat, 7:41am
                       Collapse I think... arithmancer 101 1 Sat, 2:11pm
                           A spirit of lighthearted musing does not equal joking DigificWriter 83 0 Sat, 3:46pm
           I will screencap your post, painjoiker 14 0 Sun, 6:34pm
       Oh god no. Please no. // dubulous 51 0 Sat, 7:55pm

  Collapse Is Azog really Bolg's father? Bishop 671 20 Fri, 7:39pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse yes deskp 383 13 Fri, 7:45pm
           Collapse But if orcs "spawn", and there are no mothers... MechaGodzilla 370 2 Fri, 8:01pm
               well. deskp 332 0 Fri, 8:02pm
             Yes, let's not go there, please! BlackFox 320 0 Fri, 8:04pm
           Collapse Yes. And, no. Otaku-sempai 187 9 Fri, 11:15pm
             Collapse I know who Bolg's mother is! BlackFox 195 4 Fri, 11:21pm
                   I ain't touchin' that one! Otaku-sempai 159 0 Fri, 11:23pm
                   oh duh Elskidor 152 0 Fri, 11:23pm
                   bwahaha!!!!! Cirashala 114 0 Sat, 1:32am
                   I fear he is right mirkwoodwanderer 46 0 Sat, 2:33pm
               Collapse well. deskp 124 3 Sat, 12:37am
                   Collapse And so? Otaku-sempai 35 2 Sat, 3:54pm
                       Collapse yes deskp 30 1 Sat, 4:22pm
                           Oops! Otaku-sempai 29 0 Sat, 4:26pm
       Legolas calls him... BlackFox 391 0 Fri, 7:45pm
       Collapse Legolas Guert 357 1 Fri, 7:45pm
           Ahh. Bishop 325 0 Fri, 7:51pm
       So they say Elskidor 242 0 Fri, 8:52pm
       Yes, confirmed on 'The Jerry Springer Show' // Carne 224 0 Fri, 9:22pm
       Yes. Cillendor 203 0 Fri, 9:37pm
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