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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse Extended Edition... Simon 1325 9 Tue, 2:24pm Jump to last post in thread (by Simon)
       Collapse Really?! Molten gold... do you think they re-rendered it? Is so, that's VERY good. // xxxyyy 620 4 Tue, 2:56pm
           Collapse From the way i see it... Simon 635 3 Tue, 3:09pm
               Collapse It doesn't look any different to me. DanielLB 307 2 Tue, 6:09pm
                   Maybe that be it... Simon 269 0 Tue, 6:29pm
                   Been a little while since i check the theatrical cut... Simon 265 0 Tue, 6:32pm
       Collapse "Something's not right . . . it is not right at all!" KeenObserver 139 3 Tue, 10:52pm
           Collapse wow DjU 100 1 Wed, 12:18am
               Like I said . . . KeenObserver 103 0 Wed, 1:01am
           You have the right to feel like that Simon 64 0 Wed, 2:41am

  Collapse mine! schadowfax 579 3 Tue, 1:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)
       Collapse It's Martin Freeman MouthofSauron 199 1 Tue, 2:42pm
           thanks mouthofsauron! schadowfax 174 0 Tue, 2:45pm
       I brought it up some time ago BlackFox 93 0 Tue, 5:38pm

Collapse The Wrap: Peter Jackson's ‘Hobbit’ Trilogy Costs $745 Million So Far Lurker in the Mirk 697 6 Tue, 1:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       Collapse That is really GREAT to know! Bombadil 262 1 Tue, 2:31pm
           Not just the toys and other things shadowdog 83 0 Tue, 8:50pm
       Pretty good value for the money dubulous 227 0 Tue, 2:55pm
       That's A LOT of money! adt100 229 0 Tue, 3:04pm
       Collapse Does that include marketing (as little as there is heh)? LordotRings93 102 1 Tue, 8:12pm
         That's what I'd like to know too Lurker in the Mirk 25 0 Wed, 3:46pm

  Collapse Where is the Trailer! erdildeniz 1425 13 Tue, 8:55am Jump to last post in thread (by Dame Ioreth)
       Almost finished? BlackFox 682 0 Tue, 8:59am
       Around October... Arannir 650 0 Tue, 9:02am
       PJ's Birthday - Oct 31st QuackingTroll 545 0 Tue, 10:58am
       Collapse Personally I don't want to see another trailer Glorfindela 535 7 Tue, 11:12am
           Collapse Well... Arannir 500 1 Tue, 11:27am
               Clark Gregg retweeted Dame Ioreth 43 0 Wed, 12:28pm
           Collapse Nearer? Otaku-sempai 293 4 Tue, 2:55pm
               Collapse Two weeks Glorfindela 300 3 Tue, 3:02pm
                   Collapse Two weeks?!? Otaku-sempai 279 1 Tue, 3:06pm
                       Dec 10th Mithfânion 267 0 Tue, 3:23pm
                   Personally Wordofmask 199 0 Tue, 5:09pm
       Be patient. It IS just around the corner! adt100 564 0 Tue, 11:37am
       Anticipating it of course! LordotRings93 140 0 Tue, 7:49pm

  Collapse Epic line from Gandalf in The Battle of The Five Armies NewZeasYT 919 1 Tue, 7:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Epic line by Gandalf from the book... Otaku-sempai 197 0 Tue, 3:05pm

  Collapse Wee cheat for the strong - 3 IMO pretty non-spoilery caps from EE Beorn's - Beorn/Thorin/dwarves Avandel 925 8 Tue, 7:19am Jump to last post in thread (by Bard'sBlackArrow)
       Can't wait to see the new Beorn material... Eleniel 335 0 Tue, 8:20am
       Collapse Thank you! Elarie 206 6 Tue, 1:12pm
           Collapse Beorn's Exteriors...waz TOTALLY missed.. Bombadil 165 4 Tue, 2:59pm
               Collapse I am sorry Bomby - er IMO these were as generic as I could be - close-up Avandel 130 3 Tue, 3:38pm
                   Collapse Bombzzz FINE with everything you are doin' Bombadil 116 2 Tue, 3:46pm
                       Collapse *grins* I LOVE the Hobbit movies Avandel 106 1 Tue, 4:04pm
                           but you have wandered into the streams of double dipping and it is good Bard'sBlackArrow 32 0 Wed, 1:28am
           you are most welcome! Avandel 142 0 Tue, 3:27pm

  Collapse The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition - Now Available! caglarkuraner 1096 15 Tue, 7:04am Jump to last post in thread (by Jay2001)
       Collapse TORN should change the FB post once again... Arannir 435 8 Tue, 7:54am
           Collapse Funny Kelvarhin 397 7 Tue, 8:20am
               Collapse I didn't download them and am not planning to. Arannir 391 6 Tue, 8:25am
                   Collapse I'm a bit confused Kelvarhin 370 5 Tue, 8:45am
                       Collapse The commentary. Arannir 364 4 Tue, 9:02am
                           Collapse Ah! Okay :) // Kelvarhin 323 3 Tue, 9:04am
                               Collapse Now available Fleuz 293 2 Tue, 10:22am
                                   Collapse Lol... us Germans are surrounded but not included ;) Arannir 293 1 Tue, 10:23am
                                       Last year Fleuz 270 0 Tue, 11:08am
       And for those who don't use iTunes Kelvarhin 451 0 Tue, 8:21am
       as much as I'd like to get this now Bard'sBlackArrow 240 0 Tue, 12:47pm
       ... PredatoR 86 0 Tue, 5:48pm
       Collapse It's also available on the Playstation Network. sauget.diblosio 91 2 Tue, 5:50pm
           Collapse . PredatoR 87 1 Tue, 5:54pm
               Just downloaded Jay2001 23 0 Wed, 3:24am

  Collapse For those who have watched the appendices, is Into the Fire a preview of BOFA? Peterthorn of Rohan 1171 8 Tue, 3:42am Jump to last post in thread (by NecromancerRising)
       Collapse Yes Joe20 700 7 Tue, 3:48am
           Collapse Any scenes in particular? Peterthorn of Rohan 353 6 Tue, 11:20am
               Collapse Yes.SPOILER ALERT.SPOILER ALERT.SPOILER ALERT NecromancerRising 446 5 Tue, 11:42am
                   Collapse Any other Bilbo scene? Peterthorn of Rohan 289 1 Tue, 12:06pm
                       There are more NecromancerRising 333 0 Tue, 12:08pm
                   Collapse What do the trolls look like? Carne 175 1 Tue, 4:00pm
                       They are showed in the NecromancerRising 111 0 Tue, 7:13pm
                   Wonderful! Scorchster 153 0 Tue, 5:17pm

  Collapse DOS EE iTunes extras Greypilgrim 866 15 Tue, 2:55am Jump to last post in thread (by Bofur01)
       It seems the extras are not part of the download this year Joe20 399 0 Tue, 3:52am
       Collapse The new itunes extras SafeUnderHill 326 13 Tue, 7:13am
           Collapse I am still not able to watch them. NecromancerRising 288 12 Tue, 7:17am
               Collapse You need to download Itunes 12 woutervandis 259 11 Tue, 8:23am
                   Collapse Thank you. NecromancerRising 217 2 Tue, 9:14am
                       Collapse Haha: probably! woutervandis 211 1 Tue, 9:18am
                           Haha,i solved the problem. NecromancerRising 223 0 Tue, 9:20am
                   Collapse Damn it Greypilgrim 175 7 Tue, 10:51am
                       Just update on iTunes 12 Fleuz 159 0 Tue, 11:13am
                       Collapse They've overhauled the whole 'extras' system... Bofur01 180 4 Tue, 11:14am
                           Collapse Yosemite Greypilgrim 142 3 Tue, 11:30am
                               Collapse What version are you on now? Bofur01 125 2 Tue, 11:41am
                                   Collapse Macbook pro Greypilgrim 117 1 Tue, 11:46am
                                       MacBook Pros (Mid/Late 2007 or newer) are supported, so you'd be fine... Bofur01 115 0 Tue, 11:52am
                       Possibly Glorfindela 155 0 Tue, 11:19am

  Collapse could someone please post a picture of the itunes EE cover picture? Cirashala 516 2 Tue, 1:02am Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       Collapse Here ya go Joe20 348 1 Tue, 1:35am
           thanks! Cirashala 183 0 Tue, 1:41am

  Moved: The Hobbit Stamps and Coins PryftanAW - - Tue, 12:44am Jump to last post in thread (by PryftanAW)

  Collapse Smaug Appendices - So... how are they??? tripecac 1281 30 Tue, 12:43am Jump to last post in thread (by Kendalf)
       Collapse I've only watched a couple so far Joe20 804 16 Tue, 1:32am
           Collapse So the entire Barrel_Rider 763 3 Tue, 1:36am
               Collapse Yes. Joe20 730 2 Tue, 1:37am
                   Honestly Barrel_Rider 744 0 Tue, 1:40am
                   Yes... That's often how the best ideas come... mae govannen 369 0 Tue, 9:11am
           Collapse Well then... Merovech 657 11 Tue, 2:23am
               Collapse I'm not entirely sure DjU 594 2 Tue, 2:52am
                   Collapse I couldn't agree more. Spriggan 405 1 Tue, 8:09am
                       what!? DjU 72 0 Wed, 12:45am
               Collapse The Dwarves too were improvizing, mae govannen 356 2 Tue, 9:35am
                   Collapse wait is there no behind the scenes on bolg!? boldog 337 1 Tue, 9:46am
                       Your post was meant for somewhere else, i suppose...// mae govannen 60 0 Wed, 4:08am
               Collapse What Jackson wants, Jackson gets... Kendalf 262 4 Tue, 12:11pm
                   Collapse Please don't generalize... mae govannen 55 3 Wed, 7:38am
                       Collapse I am with you NecromancerRising 49 1 Wed, 7:42am
                           And even the water drenching too mae govannen 49 0 Wed, 8:05am
                       Yes Kendalf 29 0 Wed, 10:00pm
       Collapse What do they say... StarGodziller 620 2 Tue, 2:54am
           Conan Stevens Lindele 592 0 Tue, 3:25am
           No commentary with the itunes release again this year it seems. Joe20 538 0 Tue, 3:35am
       Collapse Appendices contents and running times? Hedrigall 394 8 Tue, 8:53am
           Collapse That has been published quite some time ago. Arannir 380 7 Tue, 9:05am
               Re: That has been published quite some time ago. Hedrigall 354 0 Tue, 9:08am
               Well... Arvida 287 0 Tue, 11:21am
               Collapse All of those times are wrong. DanielLB 210 4 Tue, 1:08pm
                   Collapse Are those in the link right? Arannir 199 3 Tue, 1:10pm
                       Collapse No. Both lists appear wrong to me. DanielLB 191 2 Tue, 1:24pm
                           Collapse Okay, thanks for the information! Arannir 182 1 Tue, 1:26pm
                               The correct numbers are these: NecromancerRising 194 0 Tue, 1:37pm
       So... how are they? tripecac 63 0 Tue, 10:05pm

  Collapse Any idea of when DOS (EE) will be available on Amazon.com's Instant Video? delius82 321 1 Mon, 11:26pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       4 Other questions? Bombadil 196 0 Mon, 11:54pm

  Collapse Extended Edition American itunes??? Elutherian 530 4 Mon, 11:10pm Jump to last post in thread (by ecthelionsbeard)
       It was just exactly midnight in the UK. Bofur01 272 0 Mon, 11:12pm
       Collapse it's available right now. nusilver 123 2 Tue, 4:14am
           Collapse I'm already on it! Elutherian 110 1 Tue, 4:27am
               Anyone else having trouble accessing the iTunes store?? ecthelionsbeard 102 0 Tue, 4:35am

  Collapse Extended Editions in theater? What about the full hexology? Stubaan 568 6 Mon, 8:35pm Jump to last post in thread (by Elessar)
       That would be amazing Lindele 216 0 Mon, 9:19pm
       Collapse Would particularly like to see them in HFR QuackingTroll 188 1 Mon, 9:44pm
           QT...Bomby sat through a "ButtNUMB-a-THON of EE of LOTR Bombadil 121 0 Mon, 11:43pm
       It would be kind of awkward... delius82 135 0 Mon, 11:44pm
       I imagine they'll do something like it... StarGodziller 92 0 Tue, 2:50am
       Lets do it! Elessar 84 0 Tue, 2:53am
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