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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse Thrain has changed everything... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1108 12 Sun, 6:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cillendor)
       Yep...totally with you! Simon 481 0 Sun, 7:22pm
       Collapse Dissagree Avnar 471 2 Sun, 8:22pm
           Of course tsmith675 362 0 Sun, 9:15pm
           In the end, when all three movies and, mae govannen 129 0 Mon, 12:31pm
       Collapse Good to hear FoundEntwife 384 4 Sun, 8:52pm
           Collapse Thrain's death scene Óintment 418 3 Sun, 8:56pm
               Collapse For many people it didn't ruin anything: mae govannen 141 2 Mon, 11:54am
                   agreed. nusilver 94 0 Mon, 3:12pm
                   Once heard, it cannot be unheard. Cillendor 88 0 Mon, 4:14pm
       Ditto! NecromancerRising 368 0 Sun, 9:05pm
       Important conclusions, beautifully stated. mae govannen 136 0 Mon, 12:05pm
       Hope I agree with you burgahobbit 96 0 Mon, 3:12pm

  Collapse Chapter Of The Week: The Prophecy FaramirAndEowynMorningStar 324 10 Sun, 5:34pm Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)
       Lord of Silver Fountains, King of Carven Stone Kim 167 0 Sun, 6:35pm
       my thoughts Cirashala 160 0 Sun, 7:27pm
       Collapse Curious IdrilofGondolin 142 1 Sun, 8:16pm
           I think Cirashala 139 0 Sun, 8:24pm
       Collapse I am amazed SafeUnderHill 121 1 Sun, 9:21pm
           Yep Shagrat 80 0 Mon, 10:11am
       A Note about the Tapestry Otaku-sempai 88 0 Mon, 10:00am
       What I want to know is...(no EE spoilers :) Riven Delve 71 0 Mon, 12:56pm
       My thoughts Noria 51 0 Mon, 7:55pm
       Back for some thoughts. cats16 10 0 7:19am

  Moved: WHY? hasn't someone THOUGHT of this Before? Bombadil - - Sun, 4:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)

  Collapse Some kind of BoFA sneek peak from the EE extras ! Fŕfnir 1317 9 Sun, 4:42pm Jump to last post in thread (by Aitieuriskon)
       Collapse Thanks for this! Carne 506 2 Sun, 5:21pm
           Collapse Makes me wonder AncalagontheBlack 222 1 Sun, 10:08pm
               It's a great passage Aitieuriskon 172 0 Sun, 11:45pm
       That shot of Bilbo... tsmith675 497 0 Sun, 5:50pm
       Soundtrack? caglarkuraner 411 0 Sun, 6:43pm
       Jaw dropping :O Azaghâl 382 0 Sun, 7:14pm
       Could the end be like this? (spoiler) Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 380 0 Sun, 7:46pm
       And I remember FoundEntwife 292 0 Sun, 9:06pm
       Those trolls Aitieuriskon 200 0 Sun, 11:40pm

  Collapse Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition Random Musings and Observations.... Bladerunner 791 11 Sun, 4:24pm Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       Collapse Necromancer Otaku-sempai 412 1 Sun, 4:42pm
           Re Retro315 284 0 Sun, 7:03pm
       Collapse Points... Elutherian 402 4 Sun, 4:43pm
           Collapse Yup, Bladerunner 198 1 Sun, 11:03pm
               I had the same thought - I presume it was an intended joke. Spriggan 193 0 Sun, 11:05pm
           Collapse You are right... Bladerunner 185 1 Sun, 11:19pm
               Yes, but... Eleniel 117 0 Mon, 7:19am
       They seemed to have toned down Legolas' eyes, too. Imladris18 86 0 Mon, 1:22pm
       Collapse The strangest thing to me about this line Cillendor 70 2 Mon, 4:29pm
           Collapse I noted that too Voronwë_the_Faithful 61 1 Mon, 4:43pm
               Either that or it is a way of saying Spriggan 60 0 Mon, 4:50pm

  Collapse The ungrateful reception of The Hobbit Danielos 1345 66 Sun, 4:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by StarGodziller)
       Collapse Wait... leonmuse 775 3 Sun, 4:25pm
           Collapse Of course it is his opinion NecromancerRising 652 2 Sun, 5:09pm
               Collapse Comparing Oranges with Apples leonmuse 568 1 Sun, 6:01pm
                   Yes,i definitely agree that they should not be NecromancerRising 486 0 Sun, 7:13pm
       Collapse As someone who generally likes TH films I don't buy into any gratefulness Spriggan 724 33 Sun, 4:37pm
           Collapse I couldn't disagree more Lindele 642 32 Sun, 5:09pm
               Collapse I think I've watched most if the EE material but I'm not sure why that should make any difference. Spriggan 599 4 Sun, 5:44pm
                   Collapse ditto what spriggan said // Magpie 532 1 Sun, 6:10pm
                       Ditto! Kendalf 262 0 Mon, 12:25am
                   Collapse Well that is absolutely Lindele 376 1 Sun, 9:12pm
                       I think possibly you are misunderstanding my position. Spriggan 347 0 Sun, 9:33pm
               Collapse Sorry Glorfindela 562 20 Sun, 6:07pm
                   Collapse I'm guessing Lindele 362 19 Sun, 9:20pm
                       Collapse As I said Glorfindela 279 18 Sun, 11:39pm
                           Collapse The arts have always relied on patronage. Bumblingidiot 241 10 Mon, 1:47am
                               Collapse I've had similar suspicions Magpie 249 9 Mon, 1:56am
                                   Collapse It's depressing because Bumblingidiot 240 4 Mon, 2:32am
                                       Collapse well... Magpie 239 1 Mon, 2:43am
                                           Very well said. // cats16 213 0 Mon, 3:00am
                                       This is so true Glorfindela 177 0 Mon, 7:03am
                                       This... Grimbold 92 0 Mon, 2:34pm
                                   Collapse There's no pleasing everybody with these movies - Hanzkaz 226 3 Mon, 3:03am
                                     EVERY Good Story deservezz Embellishment...// Bombadil 206 0 Mon, 3:15am
                                       I at least agree fully with you, on all your points!... mae govannen 180 0 Mon, 6:10am
                                       'There's no pleasing everybody with these movies' is precisely the problem Bumblingidiot 53 0 Tue, 4:20pm
                           Collapse Please... Girdle of Melian 148 6 Mon, 8:47am
                               Collapse Fine Glorfindela 121 5 Mon, 12:36pm
                                   Collapse Pretty sure Elessar 108 1 Mon, 1:04pm
                                       Odd Glorfindela 209 0 Mon, 3:05pm
                                   Collapse lol.. Girdle of Melian 134 2 Mon, 9:47pm
                                       You can avoid that entmaiden 123 0 Mon, 10:23pm
                                       No problem, Gird. Glorfindela 115 0 Mon, 10:51pm
               Collapse Crafted carefully? Avnar 444 5 Sun, 8:19pm
                   This is exactly Lindele 378 0 Sun, 9:11pm
                   Well... cats16 367 0 Sun, 9:11pm
                   Collapse I agree with Cirashala. Cillendor 184 2 Mon, 4:51pm
                       I don't care... Avnar 155 0 Mon, 8:56pm
                       I've edited your comments entmaiden 140 0 Mon, 9:16pm
       Should we be equally grateful of the Star Wars prequels? QuackingTroll 679 0 Sun, 4:41pm
       Completely Agreed... Elutherian 651 0 Sun, 4:46pm
       Collapse People have different ideas of what the Hobbit movies should have been like - Hanzkaz 521 1 Sun, 6:36pm
           Thanks for this poised and lucid analysis of reactions...// mae govannen 193 0 Mon, 4:31am
       Collapse Are you serious? Avnar 475 2 Sun, 8:11pm
           I don't care if you post here or not, Cirashala 461 0 Sun, 8:19pm
         And... Are YOU serious?!? mae govannen 194 0 Mon, 6:25am
       I was MORE than ready to absolutely love the Hobbit films. sauget.diblosio 450 0 Sun, 8:24pm
       Collapse Neither... Arannir 428 2 Sun, 8:30pm
           Collapse LOTR vs Hobbit Danielos 407 1 Sun, 8:50pm
               The Hobbit films have generally been well-received BlackFox 355 0 Sun, 9:31pm
       Collapse Sometimes opinions here seem a bit polarised. Bumblingidiot 270 4 Mon, 12:26am
           Collapse Lovely two-sided point of view... mae govannen 140 3 Mon, 8:52am
               Collapse I love Tauriel as well. Elessar 105 2 Mon, 1:05pm
                   Collapse Ahem.. What about Arwen then, Elessar??? mae govannen 211 1 Mon, 3:01pm
                       Just don't tell her lol Elessar 205 0 Mon, 3:34pm
       I enjoy the films quite a bit Barrel_Rider 252 0 Mon, 1:23am
       You know... cats16 212 0 Mon, 4:15am
       I for one am very grateful too, mae govannen 163 0 Mon, 7:33am
       Collapse I don’t owe anyone gratitude but I choose to give it. Noria 117 2 Mon, 12:52pm
           That's how I feel Elessar 107 0 Mon, 1:02pm
           That's it. // mae govannen 203 0 Mon, 3:02pm
       Collapse *facepalm* FernysApple 226 4 Mon, 3:05pm
           Collapse Appendices nonsense? Cillendor 196 3 Mon, 4:41pm
               Appendices vs. Film Otaku-sempai 169 0 Mon, 6:01pm
               pick up the torch? FernysApple 115 0 Mon, 11:06pm
               the Appendices were not plans to rewrite The Hobbit Elthir 93 0 Tue, 3:08am
       I am glad we got these films and *like* them but... StarGodziller 24 0 Wed, 6:00am

Collapse An old forgotten FACT? Bombadil 371 1 Sun, 4:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by droidsocket)
       No no droidsocket 79 0 Sun, 9:52pm

  Collapse Billy Boyd to pen and perform Bofa song. Silranhir 525 4 Sun, 1:36pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse Old news, but I think we can talk about it some more QuackingTroll 260 3 Sun, 1:40pm
           Collapse I thought SafeUnderHill 245 1 Sun, 1:59pm
               Yeah, sorry. I meant... QuackingTroll 212 0 Sun, 2:20pm
           "Roads Go Ever Ever On" Otaku-sempai 155 0 Sun, 4:04pm

  Collapse Any info on a trailer? Drakblod 1722 46 Sun, 11:04am Jump to last post in thread (by Shagrat)
       Collapse Trailer attached to the upcoming Hobbit movie NoelGallagher 913 1 Sun, 11:39am
           LOL!!! Excellent....// mae govannen 674 0 Sun, 12:51pm
       Collapse Yes... TheHutt 1138 41 Sun, 11:39am
           Collapse Stan Lee? // QuackingTroll 751 1 Sun, 11:54am
             Hehehe! // BlackFox 668 0 Sun, 12:10pm
           Hmmm Skaan 738 0 Sun, 12:00pm
           Thinking about previous hints it sounds like Saruman to me. Spriggan 763 0 Sun, 12:03pm
           Collapse Tom Bombadil? // Carne 686 1 Sun, 12:04pm
               That would be something, wouldn't it? // AshNazg 639 0 Sun, 12:19pm
           Arwen? caglarkuraner 702 0 Sun, 12:11pm
           Collapse Is it Gollum? AshNazg 720 5 Sun, 12:14pm
               Collapse Why don't you click on 'Well...' just down below, mae govannen 493 4 Sun, 2:52pm
                   Collapse Unfortunately an unreliable source, though. Spriggan 474 3 Sun, 3:01pm
                       Collapse *Big sigh...* Please forgive my inexperience then... mae govannen 129 2 Mon, 3:58am
                           Collapse Ha sorry Spriggan 98 1 Mon, 7:45am
                             LOL...Now it makes sense, thank you! // mae govannen 83 0 Mon, 8:56am
           Collapse Interesting Shagrat 687 15 Sun, 12:41pm
               Collapse Well.... caglarkuraner 687 13 Sun, 12:49pm
                   Collapse We know Gollum's in the movie QuackingTroll 650 9 Sun, 12:56pm
                       Collapse Remind me of the source? Spriggan 600 6 Sun, 1:00pm
                           Collapse Warner official press release for this film Shagrat 649 5 Sun, 1:02pm
                               So I've read this several times in an effort not to look stupid. Spriggan 595 0 Sun, 1:11pm
                               Collapse Here.... caglarkuraner 616 3 Sun, 1:12pm
                                   I don't know about that list Shagrat 552 0 Sun, 1:14pm
                                   Also not reliable, I am afraid. Spriggan 551 0 Sun, 1:16pm
                                   Doesn't say anything gkgyver 134 0 Mon, 2:19am
                       Collapse Well, I didn't know, and I'm probably not alone... mae govannen 589 1 Sun, 1:04pm
                           Seems you're right... QuackingTroll 561 0 Sun, 1:30pm
                   I think that is somewhat dubious Spriggan 596 0 Sun, 12:57pm
                   Uh-oh.... Hear, hear, all folks!!! mae govannen 613 0 Sun, 1:00pm
                   Maybe, maybe not... Otaku-sempai 364 0 Sun, 4:09pm
               RE surprise Celeborn cameo VValar 587 0 Sun, 1:09pm
           Dain or Saruman is my guess // NecromancerRising 532 0 Sun, 2:10pm
           Collapse Judging from your earlier little hints... Arannir 595 4 Sun, 2:11pm
               Collapse Not soon enough, I'm losing patience // QuackingTroll 509 3 Sun, 2:22pm
                   Collapse Me too! leonmuse 409 2 Sun, 3:40pm
                       Collapse Hints? Shagrat 403 1 Sun, 3:51pm
                           The Hutt leonmuse 414 0 Sun, 3:56pm
           I bet its .......... hood815 544 0 Sun, 2:53pm
           Secrets... Olorin2607 418 0 Sun, 3:54pm
           Collapse Dis? Cirashala 321 1 Sun, 6:18pm
               The Hutt Mithfânion 323 0 Sun, 6:41pm
         Oh, you're terrible. ;) cats16 236 0 Sun, 9:23pm
           Another candidate I thought of Shagrat 82 0 Mon, 11:51am
       I expect... cats16 265 0 Sun, 9:20pm
       Don't they ususally... dubulous 200 0 Mon, 12:50am

  Is there anything on Bolg in the Extended edition appendices? boldog 381 0 Sun, 10:13am Jump to last post in thread (by boldog)

  Collapse The Power of the Three Guert 900 32 Sun, 3:08am Jump to last post in thread (by QuackingTroll)
       I hope Three Rings dubulous 427 0 Sun, 7:57am
       Collapse Is Radagast a member of the White Council? QuackingTroll 328 3 Sun, 10:41am
           It isn't specified in the books or the films. Spriggan 316 0 Sun, 11:02am
           Collapse Radagast and the White Council Otaku-sempai 182 1 Sun, 4:21pm
               I'm thinking Radagast might... QuackingTroll 40 0 Sun, 11:02pm
       Collapse According to the book... Earl 278 26 Sun, 1:56pm
           Collapse Exactamundo... Salmacis81 231 25 Sun, 3:02pm
               Collapse What difference would it make? Spriggan 220 24 Sun, 3:26pm
                   Collapse If he knew for certain... Salmacis81 200 23 Sun, 3:48pm
                       Collapse Well he guessed Galadriel and Gil Galad straight away Spriggan 196 22 Sun, 3:58pm
                           Collapse Well Sauron... Salmacis81 171 21 Sun, 4:30pm
                               Collapse I can't think that it would have had any bearing in the book, as it goes. Spriggan 165 20 Sun, 4:43pm
                                   Collapse If a change/addition serves a purpose within the overarching story... Salmacis81 156 19 Sun, 5:05pm
                                       Collapse Ok, fair enough! NecromancerRising 145 5 Sun, 5:15pm
                                           Collapse Are you saying it cannot be done without the aid of the Three Rings? Salmacis81 142 4 Sun, 5:19pm
                                               Collapse No no, NecromancerRising 136 3 Sun, 5:23pm
                                                   Collapse I would have the Elves, Radagast and Gandalf... Salmacis81 132 2 Sun, 5:36pm
                                                       Collapse Put the fear of wrath how? NecromancerRising 125 1 Sun, 5:42pm
                                                           And if that turns out to be the case... Salmacis81 114 0 Sun, 5:51pm
                                       Collapse We'll hold on that's two options Spriggan 134 12 Sun, 5:30pm
                                           Collapse But the whole discussion... Salmacis81 116 11 Sun, 5:45pm
                                               Collapse I'm afraid this is getting increasingly confusing. Spriggan 107 10 Sun, 5:53pm
                                                   Collapse This is my original post... Salmacis81 100 9 Sun, 6:02pm
                                                       Collapse That reads to me as Spriggan 91 8 Sun, 6:10pm
                                                           Collapse The question of the nature of the Three Rings... Salmacis81 86 7 Sun, 6:22pm
                                                               Collapse Has there been any suggestion of that? Spriggan 83 6 Sun, 6:29pm
                                                                   Collapse Is there really much of a difference... Salmacis81 78 5 Sun, 6:41pm
                                                                       Collapse Why do you say not for those purposes? Spriggan 72 4 Sun, 7:00pm
                                                                           Collapse Doesn't seem reasonable to me... Salmacis81 72 3 Sun, 7:04pm
                                                                               Collapse Well Tolkien writes Spriggan 68 2 Sun, 7:14pm
  Collapse Well... Salmacis81 58 1 Sun, 8:27pm
       Well I hope I am not being as ridiculous as you say. Spriggan 55 0 Sun, 8:43pm

  Not sure if this has been posted yet (BTS video of Smaug's CGI/motion capture)...from Empire MatthewJer18 307 0 Sun, 1:44am Jump to last post in thread (by MatthewJer18)

Collapse Advance Harkins tickets? NateGate 147 1 Sun, 12:10am Jump to last post in thread (by Moahunter)
       At the risk of stating the bleedin' obvious......... Moahunter 25 0 Mon, 12:00am

  Collapse BotFA World Premiere? AncalagontheBlack 658 14 Sun, 12:03am Jump to last post in thread (by Moahunter)
       Nope. I hope someone makes me wrong soon. // Lissuin 288 0 Sun, 1:37am
     Collapse Seeing the subject of your post, I thought you knew!!! mae govannen 270 1 Sun, 2:53am
           I've added a question mark for clarity. // Silverlode 227 0 Sun, 5:46am
       Collapse I did hear, last weekend, it is going to be London. Moahunter 262 8 Sun, 5:57am
           I've said all along London would be the most appropriate adt100 240 0 Sun, 6:51am
           Collapse Interesting... TheHutt 219 2 Sun, 8:37am
               Collapse The nature of employment........ Moahunter 206 1 Sun, 8:49am
                   Most interesting info... TheHutt 188 0 Sun, 9:52am
           Collapse Same, sort of silvereyed 151 3 Sun, 11:06am
               Collapse There will be... TheHutt 155 2 Sun, 11:28am
                   I know that silvereyed 118 0 Sun, 12:27pm
                   Its a Red Carpet Tours party....@NZ265 a head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......... Moahunter 49 0 Sun, 11:54pm
       Now that you mention it... cats16 164 0 Sun, 10:43am
       New York premiere... TheHutt 168 0 Sun, 11:31am

  Collapse Torn Staffer reviews of DOS EE? AncalagontheBlack 605 4 Sun, 12:02am Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       Collapse I think one of the staff is preparing a review. entmaiden 229 1 Sun, 2:11am
           Thanks! AncalagontheBlack 142 0 Sun, 5:41am
     Collapse I thought your post was one!!! mae govannen 178 1 Sun, 3:05am
           Thank you, Silverlode, for adding the needed question-mark mae govannen 90 0 Sun, 12:09pm
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