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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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Collapse Poll: your feeling towards approaching BOTFA? TheHutt 722 29 Mon, 12:29pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       Collapse I fall somewhere in the middle BlackFox 392 2 Mon, 12:39pm
           I'm with you, BlackFox Eruvandi 254 0 Mon, 3:04pm
           "All of them at once, I suppose" Loresilme 134 0 Mon, 8:38pm
       [over] Fleuz 370 0 Mon, 12:40pm
       Missing category on your 'list' Glorfindela 379 0 Mon, 12:44pm
       Can't choice from thse two. Arannir 354 0 Mon, 12:47pm
       Collapse Somewhere in the middle Noria 342 1 Mon, 12:56pm
           This! // NecromancerRising 295 0 Mon, 1:36pm
       Collapse To be honest.. Avnar 353 1 Mon, 1:08pm
           yep FernysApple 227 0 Mon, 3:32pm
       meh Avandel 330 0 Mon, 1:18pm
       Both at once Elarie 303 0 Mon, 1:28pm
       Cannot wait! Bofur01 300 0 Mon, 1:32pm
       I'm looking forward to it - Hanzkaz 275 0 Mon, 2:15pm
       It's mixed for me, but I guess more of… Cillendor 253 0 Mon, 2:48pm
       Savouring every moment Elanor of Rohan 233 0 Mon, 3:28pm
       The Hobbit will be re-booted architecthis 257 0 Mon, 3:36pm
       Eagerly anticipating 12/17 arithmancer 200 0 Mon, 4:01pm
       Sort of both dubulous 198 0 Mon, 4:02pm
       Both dormouse 194 0 Mon, 4:12pm
       Mixed cats16 98 0 Mon, 10:20pm
       I am feeling FernysApple 86 0 Mon, 11:17pm
       Not sure yet... Bard'sBlackArrow 80 0 Mon, 11:40pm
       [can' wait] for the theatrical version. [over] for the EE next year. // xxxyyy 62 0 Tue, 2:16am
       Both Kim 47 0 Tue, 2:40am
       Collapse I'm savoring the moment FoundEntwife 53 2 Tue, 2:47am
           Collapse Step by step for me: DOS EE first, please!... mae govannen 20 1 Tue, 2:25pm
               My post above was a reply to the thread itself, mae govannen 20 0 Tue, 2:29pm
       I'm somewhat excited.. delius82 46 0 Tue, 4:26am

  Collapse BoxOffice predicts The Battle of Five Armies' domestic income News from Bree 371 4 Mon, 12:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by Elessar)
       Collapse Opening weekend will be higher than that I think LordotRings93 180 2 Mon, 7:56pm
           Keep in mind... cats16 148 0 Mon, 10:22pm
           I expect it will be higher as well Elessar 43 0 Tue, 1:08pm
       Limit Arannir 65 0 Tue, 8:34am

Collapse Thranduil Appreciation Thread Part XXI Lurker in the Mirk 1057 154 Mon, 10:45am Jump to last post in thread (by mariel)
       Collapse A Look Back At Past TA Threads (XI to XX) Lurker in the Mirk 546 13 Mon, 11:18am
         Collapse 3rd from the top VValar 505 3 Mon, 12:46pm
             Collapse Really? Lurker in the Mirk 293 2 Tue, 2:38am
                   Collapse LOL that seriously didn't even cross my mind VValar 122 1 Tue, 1:49pm
                       LoL... well, you've got choices now Lurker in the Mirk 82 0 Wed, 6:34am
           Collapse Elves look durn good In Uniform. vanima ephel 363 8 Tue, 12:08am
               Collapse durn right! Lurker in the Mirk 183 4 Tue, 4:39am
                   Collapse What Thranduil piccie do you mean? VValar 127 1 Tue, 2:00pm
                       My sis... Lurker in the Mirk 86 0 Wed, 6:35am
                   Collapse I think that's why they've made him so lofty (and... vanima ephel 126 1 Tue, 11:51pm
                     Just gotta... Lurker in the Mirk 169 0 Wed, 7:30am
             Collapse Yup *snerkles* Lurker in the Mirk 162 2 Tue, 6:57am
                   Collapse *snort* Eruvandi 178 1 Tue, 2:34pm
                     Durn ritey! Lurker in the Mirk 169 0 Wed, 7:04am
     Collapse Let's celebrate TA 21 with a HR of the BOFA poster VValar 519 5 Mon, 12:45pm
         Collapse And here's Thranduil isolated from the clutter Lurker in the Mirk 306 2 Tue, 2:36am
             Collapse Very very nice VValar 126 1 Tue, 1:47pm
                   Touche! Lurker in the Mirk 84 0 Wed, 6:33am
           Collapse When you said it was HR you weren't kidding! Eruvandi 172 1 Tue, 4:35pm
               Wow,, good observations there, Eruvandi Lurker in the Mirk 169 0 Wed, 7:22am
       Collapse My goodness mariel 493 13 Mon, 2:21pm
         Great piccies, I absolutely the second piece of fanart VValar 363 0 Mon, 10:52pm
           Collapse I love the red... vanima ephel 310 5 Tue, 1:16am
               Collapse eh... either and both Lurker in the Mirk 179 2 Tue, 4:40am
                   Collapse So it's both! vanima ephel 119 1 Tue, 11:56pm
                     LoL! That's all sorts of wrong Lurker in the Mirk 166 0 Wed, 7:33am
               Collapse Wounded Thranduil fanart VValar 186 1 Tue, 2:23pm
                   Well, I'm pretty sure there are Dwarf fans who... vanima ephel 118 0 Wed, 12:11am
         Collapse *squee* oooh, new Pretty!, thanks mariel! Lurker in the Mirk 295 2 Tue, 2:33am
               Collapse Well, hello there! mariel 141 1 Wed, 2:25pm
                 Pretty! *saves toothy grin smiley Thranduil* Lurker in the Mirk 88 0 Thu, 3:34am
         Collapse Fresh fan art of the Elvenking's side profile [HTR] Lurker in the Mirk 170 2 Tue, 6:40am
               Collapse Lovely mariel 147 1 Tue, 8:25am
                   Perhaps someone should give her a poke Lurker in the Mirk 84 0 Wed, 6:26am
     Collapse Thread XXI! Eruvandi 464 3 Mon, 3:07pm
           Collapse And are you done with your RL commitments? Lurker in the Mirk 192 2 Tue, 2:46am
               Collapse For the most part Eruvandi 172 1 Tue, 3:55pm
                   Oh good! Lurker in the Mirk 170 0 Wed, 7:08am
       Collapse The antler crown and costume try-on mariel 446 15 Mon, 6:21pm
           *drool* Eruvandi 378 0 Mon, 10:32pm
         Collapse quick lame edit Lurker in the Mirk 199 6 Tue, 3:07am
             Collapse Haha mariel 150 1 Tue, 8:19am
                   Happy to know that Lurker in the Mirk 83 0 Wed, 6:25am
               Collapse Lol! Eruvandi 169 3 Tue, 4:05pm
                   LoL Ba-Bam cloak flip Lurker in the Mirk 174 0 Wed, 7:12am
                   Collapse Addendum: Ba-bam cloak flip in one convenient GIF Lurker in the Mirk 57 1 Thu, 2:19pm
                       *THUD* Eruvandi 37 0 Thu, 10:31pm
           Collapse @mariel: Back of the crown in pic2 Lurker in the Mirk 172 5 Tue, 6:35am
               Collapse Much more elegant mariel 152 3 Tue, 8:27am
                   Collapse Sorry to disappoint Lurker in the Mirk 87 2 Wed, 6:28am
                       Collapse Hmmph mariel 160 1 Wed, 9:48am
                         *LoL* where the Elvenking cracks elegant jokes like Lurker in the Mirk 89 0 Thu, 3:37am
             That expression..... VValar 120 0 Tue, 2:09pm
           Another costume try-on Lurker in the Mirk 78 0 Thu, 6:49am
       Collapse A question for stn5 or Lurker (or anyone who knows) [SPOILER ALERT but only so you'll know what I'm talking about...] vanima ephel 417 35 Mon, 9:40pm
           Collapse Do you mean this? - link removed - copyright violation mariel 404 12 Mon, 10:16pm
               Thanks for the link to the bigger version of the text VValar 383 0 Mon, 10:49pm
             Collapse Yes! [Real? Spoilers this time] vanima ephel 371 1 Mon, 11:57pm
                   My thoughts exactly VValar 355 0 Tue, 12:20am
               Collapse Sorry - another copyright violation entmaiden 364 8 Tue, 12:00am
                   Collapse Quick query mariel 355 5 Tue, 12:13am
                       Collapse About your linking to tumblr question VValar 353 2 Tue, 12:26am
                           Collapse I did some follow-up on that... vanima ephel 337 1 Tue, 12:47am
                               If it's from the same sources as that lot of phots from the Chinese site Lurker in the Mirk 186 0 Tue, 4:16am
                       Collapse It looks like it's probably just the copyrighted material... vanima ephel 326 1 Tue, 12:57am
                           Urm... vanima ephel 318 0 Tue, 1:20am
                   Collapse entmaiden... so in summary Lurker in the Mirk 196 1 Tue, 4:10am
                       This is basic copyright law entmaiden 124 0 Tue, 1:50pm
         Collapse For what it's worth... these tumblr posts sums and discusses it on violation-free grounds Lurker in the Mirk 199 14 Tue, 4:25am
               Collapse Thrandy's wife (continuing Lurker's spoiler alert) Eruvandi 167 13 Tue, 7:04pm
                   Collapse Very well put [spoiler cont] mariel 155 12 Tue, 7:48pm
                       Collapse That's what I wonder too [still spoilery] Eruvandi 151 11 Tue, 8:14pm
                         Collapse my thoughts [spoilery and rambling and perhaps not PC-conforming] Lurker in the Mirk 179 10 Wed, 8:22am
                               Collapse It made sense Eruvandi 109 9 Wed, 11:08pm
                                   Collapse Women characters and extremes arithmancer 104 5 Thu, 1:39am
                                       Collapse Great characters does not mean having to make them into male stereotypes, just in skirts. Lurker in the Mirk 83 4 Thu, 3:58am
                                           Collapse Female character in TH VValar 82 3 Thu, 11:25am
                                               Collapse Galadriel... arithmancer 77 1 Thu, 12:25pm
                                                   I do agree they need characters aside from Thranduil, Lurker in the Mirk 62 0 Thu, 2:00pm
                                               Yup Lurker in the Mirk 67 0 Thu, 1:45pm
                                   Thanks. Really appreciate that you always take the time to really read, especially Lurker in the Mirk 84 0 Thu, 3:42am
                                 Collapse Addendum: you'll like this Lurker in the Mirk 59 1 Thu, 2:17pm
                                     Aw, thanks! Eruvandi 52 0 Thu, 3:23pm
         Collapse Articles perfect for the discussion of the original spoiler topic and then some - with regards to Thranduil, of course Lurker in the Mirk 81 6 Thu, 6:42am
             Collapse Thanks for sharing these good reads VValar 92 3 Thu, 10:38am
                   Collapse Welcome... and re Elves fading Lurker in the Mirk 70 2 Thu, 1:41pm
                       Collapse I still believe that Thranduil went west ltnjmy 64 1 Thu, 1:57pm
                           Totes agreement from me Lurker in the Mirk 60 0 Thu, 2:01pm
               Collapse Thanks mariel 58 1 Thu, 2:02pm
                   Yay for miraculously resolved IT issues Lurker in the Mirk 58 0 Thu, 2:05pm
       Collapse DOS EE BTS: Concept and Design of Thranduil's throne - Gleeful Thranduil GIF! [HTR] Lurker in the Mirk 189 2 Tue, 4:47am
         Collapse SQUEEE!!!! VValar 123 1 Tue, 2:07pm
               Glad to oblige Lurker in the Mirk 86 0 Wed, 6:38am
     Collapse Interlude (sorta)... overwhelmed by the Thranduil Pretty! (and spoilers and shock) we've been getting? Come on in Lurker in the Mirk 203 6 Tue, 5:05am
         Collapse Light read to cap off the interlude Lurker in the Mirk 170 3 Tue, 6:44am
               Collapse I haven't even seen him play im five different roles VValar 122 1 Tue, 2:13pm
                   Haha Lurker in the Mirk 170 0 Wed, 7:02am
               Hmm Eruvandi 147 0 Tue, 8:37pm
           Collapse Ahhhhhhhhhh... vanima ephel 122 1 Wed, 12:32am
               *SNERKLES* Lurker in the Mirk 171 0 Wed, 7:35am
     Collapse FLAST+ HTR MFE Lurker in the Mirk 173 2 Tue, 6:49am
           Collapse LOL @ the FLAST VValar 185 1 Tue, 2:15pm
               Yup. And who can deny the MFE of Lurker in the Mirk 172 0 Wed, 7:03am
       More Thranduil in red plaid Lurker in the Mirk 173 0 Tue, 6:54am
     Collapse Hateful Thrandy VValar 199 2 Tue, 2:27pm
         LoL Lurker in the Mirk 87 0 Wed, 6:43am
         another LoL... both at once Lurker in the Mirk 73 0 Thu, 6:51am
     Collapse LOL VValar 196 4 Tue, 2:36pm
         Classic! Lurker in the Mirk 176 0 Wed, 7:05am
         Collapse Another good one Lurker in the Mirk 171 2 Wed, 8:37am
             Collapse LOL Thranduil sure knows how the crack a joke VValar 99 1 Wed, 11:49pm
                 Yup! Lurker in the Mirk 80 0 Thu, 3:59am
       Collapse HD photos - total film stn5 189 1 Tue, 4:50pm
           Cool article, thanks VValar 84 0 Thu, 10:54am
     Collapse Question: In the BTS image of Thranduil holding his two swords Lurker in the Mirk 184 4 Wed, 8:30am
           Collapse Intriguing mariel 153 3 Wed, 1:47pm
               Collapse *excitedly jumpnig up and down* Yes, that's it! Lurker in the Mirk 90 2 Thu, 4:07am
                   Collapse The swords VValar 83 1 Thu, 11:03am
                       That crossing of the tip Lurker in the Mirk 67 0 Thu, 1:44pm
     Collapse Beautiful (new?) image of Leggy VValar 108 5 Wed, 11:21pm
         Collapse Two lovely Elves... vanima ephel 96 3 Wed, 11:51pm
             Collapse I agree Legolas is the prettiest, Thranduil the sexiest VValar 96 2 Wed, 11:55pm
                   Collapse I always planned to see it just down the street... vanima ephel 79 1 Thu, 12:27am
                       Just this Lurker in the Mirk 82 0 Thu, 4:13am
           Nice one. And here's a vid of BTS Leggy in DoS Lurker in the Mirk 80 0 Thu, 4:09am
       Collapse Another BTS Thranduil piccie VValar 110 1 Wed, 11:24pm
           Thanks! Lurker in the Mirk 78 0 Thu, 4:14am
       Collapse Definitely more Orc blood going on! Thrandy might be the first dirty Elf in battle we've seen? VValar 91 1 Thu, 12:01am
           Looks like they might be working on the Vlog11 sequence? Lurker in the Mirk 80 0 Thu, 4:16am
       Collapse Very cool edit VValar 89 4 Thu, 12:06am
           Nice! Lurker in the Mirk 78 0 Thu, 4:17am
         Collapse another one in the same style - gotta love Armour!Thranduil in snow Lurker in the Mirk 80 2 Thu, 6:53am
               Collapse Ohhwww, Thranduil in the snow + armor + The Hair is a wonderful combination VValar 54 1 Thu, 10:23am
                   If the trailer works... I'll just be the gibbery drooly mess in the corner Lurker in the Mirk 67 0 Thu, 1:37pm
     Collapse Last one for today VValar 120 1 Thu, 1:24am
         *THUD* Lurker in the Mirk 81 0 Thu, 4:18am
       Image (sit ye down HTR) Lurker in the Mirk 81 0 Thu, 6:48am
       Collapse Beautiful fan art Lurker in the Mirk 81 2 Thu, 6:58am
           Collapse Another nice one from this site mariel 63 1 Thu, 1:59pm
             LOVE IT!! Lurker in the Mirk 58 0 Thu, 2:05pm
     Collapse One more fan art of Armour!Thranduil Lurker in the Mirk 78 2 Thu, 7:01am
         Collapse This is a beautiful edit VValar 54 1 Thu, 10:22am
             Oh yeah! And I just perused the artist's site Lurker in the Mirk 67 0 Thu, 1:36pm
     Collapse Trailer Release on 6 Nov Lurker in the Mirk 65 7 Thu, 10:04am
           Collapse That's very cool! VValar 57 3 Thu, 10:19am
               Collapse BOFA runtime speculations VValar 95 1 Thu, 10:32am
                   Well, PJ is known Lurker in the Mirk 62 0 Thu, 2:02pm
               I didn't know about the imdb thingy Lurker in the Mirk 77 0 Thu, 1:35pm
           Collapse Finally mariel 65 2 Thu, 2:06pm
             Collapse "Around October", he sez Lurker in the Mirk 48 1 2:17am
                   Haha mariel 15 0 2:54pm
     Collapse Halloween Goodness [Tea-spew fun & HTR!] Lurker in the Mirk 59 1 2:31am
           Happy Halloween mariel 15 0 2:59pm
       Nice edit of OP mariel 5 0 41 mins ago

Collapse Battle: Book-verse vs movie [Book and Movie spoilers] Lurker in the Mirk 583 14 Mon, 8:45am Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       Collapse Karen Wynn Fonstad's map showing the Bo5A Otaku-sempai 302 5 Mon, 9:35am
           Collapse Thanks for the map, Sempai! Lurker in the Mirk 211 4 Mon, 10:41am
               Collapse You're welcome, Lurker. Otaku-sempai 124 3 Mon, 5:04pm
                   Collapse imo, the book also provides a good idea Lurker in the Mirk 64 2 Tue, 2:50am
                       Collapse Yes, Tolkien lays it out well in the book itself... Otaku-sempai 39 1 Tue, 1:45pm
                           Just like a time-lapse sequence Lurker in the Mirk 18 0 Wed, 6:29am
       Collapse I would imagine that the numbering suggests Spriggan 271 3 Mon, 10:19am
           I think so too Lurker in the Mirk 224 0 Mon, 10:43am
           Collapse ^This Aitieuriskon 176 1 Mon, 1:12pm
               #18 is still intriguing to me Lurker in the Mirk 57 0 Tue, 4:03am
       Collapse Do we know that this map is even accurate to what's in the film? Defiant 84 3 Tue, 12:43am
           Collapse Goblins are orcs // Bofur01 75 1 Tue, 12:49am
               Not in Peter's movies. I'm talking about a battle plan for the films, not the books. Defiant 74 0 Tue, 1:00am
           PJ showed this to Empire in his interview, didn't he? Lurker in the Mirk 59 0 Tue, 4:01am

  Collapse Trailer this week? NewZeasYT 1763 32 Mon, 7:08am Jump to last post in thread (by adt100)
       Collapse Alberta? TheHutt 891 20 Mon, 7:13am
           Collapse Friday is PJ's Birthday Fleuz 847 13 Mon, 7:28am
               Collapse Highly disappointed lidlessEye 830 12 Mon, 7:58am
                   Tuesday for us, Wednesday for others Cirashala 767 0 Mon, 8:04am
                   Sigh. Arannir 671 0 Mon, 8:21am
                   Again SafeUnderHill 651 0 Mon, 8:23am
                   Nobody has stolen anything from you dormouse 619 0 Mon, 8:47am
                   Collapse Trailers are not in the business of serving fan anticipation Spriggan 559 6 Mon, 9:28am
                       Collapse This!! People seem to have forgotten what a trailer is for! QuackingTroll 450 5 Mon, 12:24pm
                           Collapse people seem to have forgotten, what the meaning for marketing is... lidlessEye 344 4 Mon, 2:23pm
                               Not relevant for WB. Arannir 324 0 Mon, 2:29pm
                               Collapse So you will see it once Spriggan 313 2 Mon, 2:32pm
                                   Collapse Its called "Biting off your nose to spite your face". Moahunter 111 1 Mon, 10:41pm
                                       Well it certainly struck me as odd. Spriggan 102 0 Mon, 10:58pm
                   I think your demands have gotten higher QuackingTroll 405 0 Mon, 12:29pm
           Collapse Yes, I hope. caglarkuraner 690 5 Mon, 8:10am
               Collapse Age Of Ultron Fleuz 682 3 Mon, 8:19am
                   Collapse --- lidlessEye 631 2 Mon, 8:24am
                       Marvel of course... Fleuz 613 0 Mon, 8:38am
                       Well... Arvida 571 0 Mon, 8:58am
               It was leaked though. Arannir 673 0 Mon, 8:19am
       Sem SafeUnderHill 669 0 Mon, 8:19am
       This late to the game, let's go without a trailer! leonmuse 621 0 Mon, 9:15am
       Collapse Trailers with TH Arannir 645 8 Mon, 9:27am
           Collapse Imagine if the trailers that were attached to BoFA were... tsmith675 465 7 Mon, 1:02pm
               That would be great! Arannir 394 0 Mon, 1:03pm
               Collapse Oh my gosh, I would probably die from excitement before the movie even started! Cillendor 281 1 Mon, 2:32pm
                   Marketing Arannir 285 0 Mon, 2:35pm
               As a big fan of Jurassic Park, Star Wars *and* the Middle-earth films... MechaGodzilla 279 0 Mon, 3:06pm
               Collapse You're in luck! Smaug Report 262 2 Mon, 4:18pm
                   Collapse I'm way more psyched to see the "Jurassic World" teaser jtarkey 211 1 Mon, 5:51pm
                       Jurassic World?!? adt100 12 0 Wed, 3:36pm

  Collapse Thrain... ecthelionsbeard 525 5 Mon, 5:09am Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       Collapse Necromancer "sauron" tortured him MouthofSauron 266 4 Mon, 5:47am
           Collapse To quote the Great Goblin... Mooseboy018 286 3 Mon, 6:07am
               Collapse And... ecthelionsbeard 245 2 Mon, 6:13am
                   Collapse Sauron didn't need a reason... Otaku-sempai 168 1 Mon, 9:43am
                       I tend to agree. Spriggan 151 0 Mon, 10:31am

  Collapse How will this film FEEL? Scourge of the Stoors 699 15 Mon, 2:11am Jump to last post in thread (by Arannir)
       Collapse It will probably be more like DoS MechaGodzilla 380 10 Mon, 2:46am
           Collapse That's Unfortunate Scourge of the Stoors 356 9 Mon, 3:17am
               Collapse Color... delius82 327 3 Mon, 4:09am
                   Collapse haziness redgiraffe 251 2 Mon, 7:18am
                       I agree.There was an excessive NecromancerRising 231 0 Mon, 7:44am
                       That scene after Bilbo sees Beorn... QuackingTroll 117 0 Mon, 3:02pm
               Yes, I agree Glorfindela 236 0 Mon, 7:06am
               Collapse I disagree. Arannir 183 3 Mon, 8:58am
                   I totally agree. Orange/teal is sooo overdone. Cillendor 110 0 Mon, 2:57pm
                   Collapse Orange and teal? Bumblingidiot 11 1 Thu, 11:23pm
                       AUJ certainly has it... Arannir 3 0 12:01pm
       Dark and epic. Elizabeth 314 0 Mon, 4:52am
       Judging by the teaser... dormouse 216 0 Mon, 8:52am
       Great question! I think it might be lighter than some think QuackingTroll 132 0 Mon, 2:52pm
       feel? FernysApple 116 0 Mon, 3:28pm

  Collapse Are there any changes from the book that you actually liked? thomasofrohan 1154 55 Sun, 9:51pm Jump to last post in thread (by Starling)
       Sure! cats16 689 0 Sun, 10:12pm
       Collapse Most of the changes I don't have a problem with until Joe20 721 8 Sun, 10:13pm
           Totally Agreed Wordofmask 499 0 Mon, 12:24am
           well said redgiraffe 312 0 Mon, 7:33am
           Collapse Mmm... Anubis 286 3 Mon, 8:19am
               Collapse Your last argument about fantasy. leonmuse 255 2 Mon, 8:52am
                   Collapse Hm Arannir 244 1 Mon, 9:02am
                       Thank you, Arannir! leonmuse 231 0 Mon, 9:09am
           To be fair… Cillendor 185 0 Mon, 3:01pm
           Agreed... Dcole4 155 0 Mon, 4:23pm
       I like a lot of the Spriggan 621 0 Sun, 10:20pm
       Several. Arannir 611 0 Sun, 10:22pm
       Collapse Yes... dormouse 544 1 Sun, 11:21pm
           Agree with you on all points!... mae govannen 232 0 Mon, 12:46pm
       I liked the addition of.... Bladerunner 541 0 Sun, 11:32pm
       Collapse Yes, there is one big change that I like a lot... Kendalf 555 16 Mon, 12:20am
           Collapse No, it wouldn't KingTurgon 367 13 Mon, 4:35am
               Collapse Agreed dubulous 266 4 Mon, 8:38am
                   Collapse Totally disagree. Arannir 273 2 Mon, 8:46am
                       I agree with Arannir NecromancerRising 286 0 Mon, 9:10am
                       Agree with you, Arannir. // mae govannen 224 0 Mon, 12:59pm
                   Agreed too, dubulous! Lurker in the Mirk 236 0 Mon, 8:59am
               Collapse I never say "need" but it would certainly have made a statement! Spriggan 275 2 Mon, 9:25am
                   Right; and instead she is a great statement to the contrary! mae govannen 222 0 Mon, 1:13pm
                   Ha! Kendalf 88 0 Mon, 8:10pm
               Collapse In my view, you'd be right in most cases...but not this one Kendalf 96 4 Mon, 8:07pm
                   Collapse Fairytales do NOT have heroines! Finrod 114 3 Mon, 8:25pm
                       I'm not sure if you are joking? Spriggan 98 0 Mon, 8:43pm
                       Different time, different media, different audience Kendalf 81 0 Mon, 9:45pm
                       Those darn girls Starling 30 0 Tue, 7:19am
         Collapse Lovely comment, beautifully worded, Kendalf...! mae govannen 228 1 Mon, 12:56pm
               Gosh! Kendalf 111 0 Mon, 8:14pm
       Collapse Yes dubulous 458 1 Mon, 12:40am
           With you on all this! // mae govannen 217 0 Mon, 1:15pm
       Extermination of the talking wallet gkgyver 400 0 Mon, 2:21am
       Tone Yngwulff 385 0 Mon, 2:31am
       Barrel chase, Gandalf/necromancer confrontation, dwarf attack on smaug MouthofSauron 393 0 Mon, 2:41am
       Collapse Wizards and Witchkings! QueenCirce 389 1 Mon, 2:43am
           With you on all three points // mae govannen 217 0 Mon, 1:18pm
       There are lots of changes that I agree with both in LOTR and the Hobbit emre43 280 0 Mon, 8:08am
       Collapse Yes! dormouse 252 3 Mon, 8:54am
           Collapse Isn't that mae govannen 222 2 Mon, 1:25pm
               Collapse How weird - thanks for pointing that out... dormouse 202 1 Mon, 2:09pm
                   It was the post by someone else mae govannen 178 0 Mon, 2:51pm
       Yes Noria 244 0 Mon, 12:32pm
       Collapse I'm OK with most of the changes Elarie 246 2 Mon, 1:13pm
           Collapse Very valid observations, thank you!.. mae govannen 218 1 Mon, 1:31pm
               Bomby iz gunna go with the Quiet moments Bombadil 184 0 Mon, 2:58pm
       Take all the positive changes mentioned by others, mae govannen 191 0 Mon, 2:44pm
       NO FernysApple 189 0 Mon, 3:31pm
       I'm going to actually respond to the thread this time KingTurgon 181 0 Mon, 3:56pm
       Collapse The two big ones Kilidoescartwheels 159 2 Mon, 5:32pm
           stuff i liked and disliked mo0on-light 133 0 Mon, 6:21pm
           Well in the book they have four claims upon a share of the treasure Spriggan 119 0 Mon, 6:31pm
       Sure... Bard'sBlackArrow 56 0 Mon, 11:38pm

  Collapse Why Dain instead of Thorin? NateGate 1099 33 Sun, 8:54pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kilidoescartwheels)
       Collapse Canon and more worthy TheSexyBeard 597 8 Sun, 9:09pm
           Collapse I like the idea of Thorin never succeeding (Spoilers!!) QuackingTroll 487 7 Sun, 10:16pm
               Collapse Dies in the process... NateGate 429 5 Sun, 10:37pm
                   I didn't say he was a villain QuackingTroll 387 0 Sun, 10:55pm
                   subject redgiraffe 232 0 Mon, 6:57am
                   Collapse It wasn't all HIS gold.... Eleniel 229 2 Mon, 7:35am
                       Exactly. Well-said, Eleniel! Lurker in the Mirk 192 0 Mon, 8:37am
                       Thanks for keeping the record straight...// mae govannen 157 0 Mon, 11:38am
               Perfectly stated redgiraffe 229 0 Mon, 6:49am
       Because the whole point of Thorin's charachter Joe20 486 0 Sun, 10:15pm
       Collapse One of the things that makes the book stand out Bumblingidiot 465 3 Sun, 10:23pm
           Collapse It rather depends on the execution but it need not be a victory. Spriggan 409 2 Sun, 10:42pm
               Collapse Can't agree. Bumblingidiot 305 1 Mon, 1:29am
                   A few thoughts Spriggan 172 0 Mon, 9:11am
       Collapse Well...(book spoilers inside) cats16 444 2 Sun, 10:27pm
           Collapse Parallels with Bard are really interesting! QuackingTroll 419 1 Sun, 10:36pm
               I wonder... cats16 355 0 Sun, 11:18pm
       Personally for me Skaan 411 0 Sun, 10:36pm
       Collapse Some good points already raised. Macfeast 408 2 Sun, 10:39pm
           my hopes redgiraffe 222 0 Mon, 7:01am
           To your point I truly resonate most. I agree with you. mae govannen 158 0 Mon, 11:31am
       My personal take Bishop 328 0 Mon, 12:34am
       No... Gandalf the Green 234 0 Mon, 6:45am
       Clishéd Arannir 199 0 Mon, 8:32am
       Collapse I agree! Arvida 189 4 Mon, 8:53am
           Collapse Exactly my point.... NateGate 116 3 Mon, 4:14pm
               Collapse That would be... Ereinion Nénharma 105 2 Mon, 4:52pm
                   Collapse Eh... NateGate 87 1 Mon, 6:12pm
                       The problem with your analysis Kilidoescartwheels 62 0 Mon, 10:11pm
       Collapse If Dain kills Azog (spoilers) Otaku-sempai 179 1 Mon, 9:52am
           Yes,... Eleniel 178 0 Mon, 9:57am
       All they really need to do for Dain is a well-exectued prologue. Cillendor 130 0 Mon, 3:57pm
       But there's more than one villian Kilidoescartwheels 103 0 Mon, 5:20pm

  Collapse New Tauriel picture Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1591 17 Sun, 7:48pm Jump to last post in thread (by FernysApple)
       Collapse oohh that's very interesting! Cirashala 732 2 Sun, 7:57pm
           Collapse That's not Tilda, that's Kili Kilidoescartwheels 157 1 Mon, 1:38pm
               Gotcha :) Cirashala 90 0 Mon, 8:04pm
       Intriguing image and Tauriel looks GORGEOUS Avandel 654 0 Sun, 8:15pm
       Great one! Arannir 587 0 Sun, 8:25pm
     Interesting! Eruvandi 566 0 Sun, 8:36pm
       Collapse It's from the Total Film article... Eleniel 489 1 Sun, 9:47pm
           It was Voronwë_the_Faithful 409 0 Sun, 10:31pm
       Though I'm definitely not a big Tauriel fan VValar 463 0 Sun, 10:26pm
       Lovely shot Kendalf 345 0 Mon, 12:22am
       Alternate source DwellerInDale 339 0 Mon, 1:04am
       Collapse I think... Arvida 227 2 Mon, 9:01am
           ROFL. NecromancerRising 203 0 Mon, 9:03am
           *Giggles...* Good one!!! // mae govannen 176 0 Mon, 10:11am
     For once, unanimous appreciation among us!!! Congrats, Tauriel... mae govannen 187 0 Mon, 10:10am
       Collapse She looks beautiful! And - Loresilme 98 1 Mon, 8:35pm
           agreed FernysApple 41 0 Tue, 3:42pm

  Collapse Inspiration for one of the EE scenes *might be a spoiler* Seaber 682 1 Sun, 7:19pm Jump to last post in thread (by FoundEntwife)
       Ha! FoundEntwife 176 0 Sun, 9:09pm

  Collapse !EE Spoiler! lo-res caps "Halls of the Elven King" Thranduil, Thorin, etc. green screen image lard thread Avandel 786 7 Sun, 6:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       More Thranduil etc. Avandel 361 0 Sun, 6:53pm
     And Thorin and Fili Avandel 341 0 Sun, 6:55pm
       Tauriel, Legolas, dwarves Avandel 331 0 Sun, 7:00pm
     Collapse Hey Thrandy piccies!! VValar 189 1 Sun, 10:22pm
           *Cough* Avandel 163 0 Sun, 11:37pm
       Collapse Thank you for sharing all this! mae govannen 35 1 Tue, 3:12pm
           Agreed! and you are welcome! Avandel 29 0 Tue, 4:32pm

  Collapse Thrain has changed everything... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1114 12 Sun, 6:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cillendor)
       Yep...totally with you! Simon 483 0 Sun, 7:22pm
       Collapse Dissagree Avnar 474 2 Sun, 8:22pm
           Of course tsmith675 364 0 Sun, 9:15pm
           In the end, when all three movies and, mae govannen 131 0 Mon, 12:31pm
       Collapse Good to hear FoundEntwife 387 4 Sun, 8:52pm
           Collapse Thrain's death scene Óintment 421 3 Sun, 8:56pm
               Collapse For many people it didn't ruin anything: mae govannen 143 2 Mon, 11:54am
                   agreed. nusilver 96 0 Mon, 3:12pm
                   Once heard, it cannot be unheard. Cillendor 90 0 Mon, 4:14pm
       Ditto! NecromancerRising 369 0 Sun, 9:05pm
       Important conclusions, beautifully stated. mae govannen 138 0 Mon, 12:05pm
       Hope I agree with you burgahobbit 97 0 Mon, 3:12pm

  Collapse Chapter Of The Week: The Prophecy FaramirAndEowynMorningStar 327 10 Sun, 5:34pm Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)
       Lord of Silver Fountains, King of Carven Stone Kim 167 0 Sun, 6:35pm
       my thoughts Cirashala 160 0 Sun, 7:27pm
       Collapse Curious IdrilofGondolin 142 1 Sun, 8:16pm
           I think Cirashala 139 0 Sun, 8:24pm
       Collapse I am amazed SafeUnderHill 121 1 Sun, 9:21pm
           Yep Shagrat 80 0 Mon, 10:11am
       A Note about the Tapestry Otaku-sempai 88 0 Mon, 10:00am
       What I want to know is...(no EE spoilers :) Riven Delve 71 0 Mon, 12:56pm
       My thoughts Noria 51 0 Mon, 7:55pm
       Back for some thoughts. cats16 11 0 Thu, 7:19am

  Moved: WHY? hasn't someone THOUGHT of this Before? Bombadil - - Oct 26, 4:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
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