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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse Thorin's sacrifice lionoferebor 797 14 Tue, 12:47pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       Collapse Thorin never found out... Angharad73 457 1 Tue, 1:12pm
           Based on lionoferebor 367 0 Tue, 2:24pm
       Collapse It was like a chess move sacrifying the queen in order to win the batle but sometimes I think he could have been saved by... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 328 2 Tue, 3:34pm
           Collapse Not so sure about that Kilidoescartwheels 167 1 Tue, 8:06pm
               every day ... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 122 0 Tue, 9:08pm
       Collapse Thorin's death was cheapened MirielCelebel 307 5 Tue, 4:39pm
           Which particular Norse texts are you thinking of? Spriggan 253 0 Tue, 4:51pm
           I "liked" it CathrineB 252 0 Tue, 5:11pm
           I agree lionoferebor 200 0 Tue, 6:39pm
           Collapse not curiosity marillaraina 189 1 Tue, 7:12pm
               Yeah, if he hadn't checked Azog would probably survive Kilidoescartwheels 160 0 Tue, 8:06pm
       Collapse I like it as well DisDwarfWoman 247 1 Tue, 5:53pm
           Exactly lionoferebor 210 0 Tue, 6:46pm
       great theory! Cirashala 100 0 Wed, 12:13am

  Collapse I miss Thorin and I feel very sad. What's going on? greenbalrog 1060 32 Tue, 12:27pm Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)
       Collapse You're not alone BlackFox 547 2 Tue, 12:32pm
           Collapse Straight to the point Elanor of Rohan 234 1 Tue, 9:26pm
             *gasps* BlackFox 190 0 Tue, 11:14pm
       Collapse I agree Glorfindela 505 4 Tue, 1:07pm
           Funeral Guert 492 0 Tue, 1:16pm
           I agree, and Martin also greenbalrog 465 0 Tue, 2:26pm
           Amen to THAT! Kilidoescartwheels 277 0 Tue, 7:17pm
           I thought Armitage was great when as Thorin - he saw his heir Fili killed by Azog ltnjmy 89 0 Wed, 6:15pm
       Thorin is one of the most memorable tragic heroes I've ever seen on film Elarie 500 0 Tue, 1:23pm
       Collapse Me too Ham_Sammy 431 6 Tue, 2:42pm
           Collapse Agree with your post Avandel 357 5 Tue, 5:14pm
               Collapse Killing one hero at the end of such a looong story - ? Miss-Merriweather 337 3 Tue, 6:02pm
                   Collapse Blame it on the book Kilidoescartwheels 284 2 Tue, 7:24pm
                       When the 4 set out for Ravenhill to destroy Azog... ecthelionsbeard 278 0 Tue, 7:31pm
                       I wonder swordwhale 139 0 Wed, 2:58am
               Yes, this one of the saddest moments. lionoferebor 314 0 Tue, 6:52pm
       I haven't... CathrineB 402 0 Tue, 4:07pm
       Yes Loresilme 330 0 Tue, 5:54pm
       Collapse I feel the same Kim 348 4 Tue, 5:54pm
           Collapse It's so real it's frightening greenbalrog 337 3 Tue, 6:22pm
               agreed! DisDwarfWoman 305 0 Tue, 6:27pm
               Collapse I saw it in both formats Kilidoescartwheels 277 1 Tue, 7:29pm
                   Exactly! greenbalrog 253 0 Tue, 7:53pm
       me too... mirkwoodwanderer 237 0 Tue, 8:39pm
       It's just part of being a fan... Queen of Erebor 189 0 Tue, 11:26pm
       I'm glad I'm not the only one Angharad73 195 0 Tue, 11:54pm
       Collapse i think you need to see a psychiatrist elvish.mafia 114 4 Wed, 11:11am
         Collapse I have but one question then BlackFox 93 3 Wed, 6:03pm
               I sure hope so Kim 77 0 Wed, 6:29pm
               Collapse wonder if Avandel 73 1 Wed, 7:17pm
                 Or perhaps... BlackFox 73 0 Wed, 7:31pm
       Yeah the end leaves me feeling drained Old Toby 78 0 Wed, 6:34pm

  Collapse Nazgul plot Victariongreyjoy 680 13 Tue, 11:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       Collapse The Witch King Shagrat 386 8 Tue, 12:18pm
           Collapse My take Guert 279 7 Tue, 1:14pm
               Collapse Line of kings Victariongreyjoy 256 5 Tue, 1:25pm
                   Collapse War in the North Faramir74 235 4 Tue, 1:57pm
                       Collapse I'd love to see Sauron's holiday. Spriggan 218 3 Tue, 2:00pm
                           Collapse Predictive text Faramir74 197 2 Tue, 2:15pm
                               Collapse I know but it tickled me - the great red fez, brimless and wreathed in tassels.... Spriggan 186 1 Tue, 2:22pm
                                   Bwa..HA hA Hee HEEE HOOT WOOT...Speaking Black Speak? Bombadil 137 0 Tue, 4:07pm
               You're right BlackFox 183 0 Tue, 2:21pm
       Collapse I agree with Shagrat BlackFox 294 2 Tue, 12:38pm
           Collapse My theory Victariongreyjoy 269 1 Tue, 12:56pm
               Sounds plausible BlackFox 241 0 Tue, 1:01pm
       Nothing at all - he isn't in the films. Spriggan 214 0 Tue, 1:58pm

  Collapse New TV Spot caglarkuraner 562 3 Tue, 11:19am Jump to last post in thread (by Loresilme)
       Collapse Thank you Avandel 123 1 Tue, 5:18pm
           great mirkwoodwanderer 61 0 Tue, 8:42pm
       "The #1 movie in the world!" Loresilme 61 0 Tue, 9:23pm

  Collapse Idea for an EE Epilogue Shagrat 646 5 Tue, 11:05am Jump to last post in thread (by moreorless)
       Collapse I like that Curunir The White 241 3 Tue, 12:49pm
           You speak for me also Curunir Faramir74 190 0 Tue, 1:47pm
           Collapse Thorin's grave wmsd 211 1 Tue, 1:53pm
               Definitely both scenes Faramir74 169 0 Tue, 2:29pm
       What I was half expecting to see... moreorless 77 0 Tue, 8:27pm

  Collapse I could have done without older Bilbo/Frodo, anyone agree? MouthofSauron 653 16 Tue, 10:02am Jump to last post in thread (by mirkwoodwanderer)
       It should have been left for the EE BlackFox 336 0 Tue, 10:15am
       yeah, its clunky jtarkey 326 0 Tue, 10:15am
       Well he describes Bilbo as "uncle" Spriggan 326 0 Tue, 10:15am
       I agree Azaghâl 307 0 Tue, 10:15am
       Should have been the last scene of BoFA // QuackingTroll 283 0 Tue, 11:08am
       Collapse No, I like it just fine as it is. // dormouse 269 1 Tue, 11:27am
           Agree! KingTurgon 153 0 Tue, 4:31pm
       I'm okay with it Ham_Sammy 196 0 Tue, 2:44pm
       I actually love it. Aragorn the Elfstone 161 0 Tue, 4:38pm
       I agree. Should have been left to the EE. Name 145 0 Tue, 4:49pm
       A Challenge! priell3 137 0 Tue, 5:02pm
       Was it absolutely needed? No. DigificWriter 137 0 Tue, 5:04pm
       No, for me, I rather liked the linking. Eruonen 135 0 Tue, 5:11pm
       I often skip that part Avandel 124 0 Tue, 5:46pm
       I've been saying this since AUJ's release Ardamírë 88 0 Tue, 7:54pm
       I could have done without (the one playing) Frodo mirkwoodwanderer 81 0 Tue, 8:45pm

  Collapse Sauron and NazguI scene Faramir74 539 3 Tue, 9:56am Jump to last post in thread (by MouthofSauron)
       Collapse the nine can't die unless sauron is destroyed MouthofSauron 304 2 Tue, 10:09am
           Collapse The witch-king Faramir5 139 1 Tue, 5:26pm
               Yes MouthofSauron 89 0 Tue, 8:48pm

  Collapse It's So Unfair: She Lives, But He Dies! DwellerInDale 723 18 Tue, 9:43am Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       Collapse I dont understand Glorfindela 336 3 Tue, 11:03am
           Collapse Blink and you miss her DwellerInDale 302 2 Tue, 11:24am
             Oh, it was a joke, then! Glorfindela 248 0 Tue, 12:14pm
               lol marillaraina 184 0 Tue, 3:01pm
       Collapse The Laketowners are sadly unaware Riven Delve 247 2 Tue, 1:00pm
         Collapse They are clearly all vegetarians BlackFox 230 1 Tue, 1:04pm
               As for that scene, I would have expected a long train of carts. Eruonen 155 0 Tue, 5:13pm
       Collapse As an animal lover Avandel 165 6 Tue, 5:37pm
           Collapse Maybe Thranduil can convince Riven Delve 149 2 Tue, 6:00pm
               Collapse what we need is swordwhale 138 1 Tue, 6:24pm
                   But the god thing kind of gets covered Avandel 63 0 Wed, 7:13am
           I am reading.... swordwhale 134 0 Tue, 6:22pm
           Collapse Trying to be a peacemaker here Cirashala 124 1 Tue, 7:23pm
               well said, well said! swordwhale 15 0 Thu, 3:15pm
       Collapse they may have already Cirashala 122 2 Tue, 7:08pm
           Collapse subject marillaraina 106 1 Tue, 8:19pm
               I would think Cirashala 100 0 Tue, 8:42pm
       life is never fair mirkwoodwanderer 40 0 Wed, 4:27pm

  Collapse Flag Semaphore Faramir74 328 3 Tue, 8:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Elarie)
       Collapse Loved it, but syameese 220 2 Tue, 9:05am
           Collapse Agreed Faramir74 194 1 Tue, 9:23am
               Thank goodness for those eagles Elarie 119 0 Tue, 1:00pm

  Collapse Laketown? Laineth 326 2 Tue, 5:25am Jump to last post in thread (by Laineth)
       Collapse not sure Cirashala 44 1 Wed, 12:25am
           Of course! Laineth 39 0 Wed, 12:46am

  Collapse SMAUG …. The best part of the films?? MouthofSauron 552 12 Tue, 5:20am Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
       Collapse nah deskp 286 1 Tue, 5:35am
           i enjoyed the furnaces :) MouthofSauron 220 0 Tue, 6:28am
       Collapse grounded Gandy 254 1 Tue, 5:48am
           well ... MouthofSauron 215 0 Tue, 6:30am
       Collapse Smaug burning Laketown... tsmith675 219 2 Tue, 7:23am
           Collapse it was a great sequence indeed MouthofSauron 147 1 Tue, 9:50am
             2nd & 3rd Viewing today? Bombadil 141 0 Tue, 10:17am
       Collapse There wasn't enough... Angharad73 194 1 Tue, 8:04am
           agreed MouthofSauron 149 0 Tue, 9:48am
       I think that whole scene is perfection Glorfindela 137 0 Tue, 10:58am
       I found it the most thrilling and breathtaking Elarie 110 0 Tue, 12:39pm
       It was great Ham_Sammy 75 0 Tue, 2:49pm

  Collapse Is DOS the best of the three? demnation 789 28 Tue, 5:03am Jump to last post in thread (by mirkwoodwanderer)
       Collapse DOS was the best out of the three, PJ said that last year when DOS came out MouthofSauron 411 7 Tue, 5:07am
           Collapse It's interesting the PJ thinks so demnation 398 3 Tue, 5:09am
               Collapse ACTUALLY ... MouthofSauron 403 1 Tue, 5:11am
                   He does seem to change his mind quite a bit demnation 382 0 Tue, 5:14am
               Funnily enough Glorfindela 190 0 Tue, 10:48am
           Collapse No he didn't Faramir5 342 1 Tue, 5:42am
               The source was Ian McKellen. Silverlode 322 0 Tue, 6:08am
           PJ says every new film is his favourite... elvish.mafia 21 0 Wed, 11:16am
       Collapse Of the Theatricals - Not in my opinion. Aragorn the Elfstone 398 3 Tue, 5:08am
           Collapse yes, the DOS EE breathes life into the rushed DOS TE MouthofSauron 380 2 Tue, 5:09am
               Collapse The DOS EE is my favorite so far Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 235 1 Tue, 9:27am
                   the AUJ TE ... MouthofSauron 219 0 Tue, 9:45am
       Far from it dubulous 340 0 Tue, 6:14am
       I think BOT5A is the most consistant, the other two were better for one half. moreorless 293 0 Tue, 7:25am
       DoS should have been the best... tsmith675 299 0 Tue, 7:27am
       I agree JTurner82 265 0 Tue, 7:54am
       Not in my opinion Angharad73 274 0 Tue, 7:57am
       Collapse On the subject of each film's quality... Aragorn the Elfstone 289 2 Tue, 8:03am
           Collapse Completely MEIGWIT 133 1 Tue, 1:09pm
             One director has done it before KingTurgon 63 0 Tue, 4:41pm
       I think BOFA is the most well rounded, but not necessarilly the best jtarkey 223 0 Tue, 9:42am
       Collapse I think DOS is the best. Spriggan 207 1 Tue, 9:48am
         Bom does NOT think it is Anywhere? Near the Time to pronounce Bombadil 187 0 Tue, 10:29am
       No – DoS is definitely not the best of the three, for me Glorfindela 201 0 Tue, 10:47am
       I am not sure. NecromancerRising 171 0 Tue, 11:04am
       I don't care about critics Ham_Sammy 111 0 Tue, 2:55pm
       Re: Is TDoS the best of the three? DigificWriter 58 0 Tue, 5:11pm
       they are all good in their own way, but Bot5A is my favorite mirkwoodwanderer 19 0 Wed, 4:28pm

  Collapse Missed opportunity …. MouthofSauron 637 8 Tue, 3:33am Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       Collapse You have a point there Ham_Sammy 296 3 Tue, 3:35am
           Collapse Perhaps they are not dead Glorfindela 219 2 Tue, 4:52am
               The boar definitely died, you can see it put its head down and close its eyes MouthofSauron 214 0 Tue, 4:59am
               perhaps Ham_Sammy 167 0 Tue, 6:57am
       Collapse LOL!!! lionoferebor 252 3 Tue, 4:10am
           Collapse We never see Daisy after the tunnels, do we? Silverlode 232 2 Tue, 4:28am
               I think Beorn killed Daisy in DoS... QuackingTroll 132 0 Tue, 10:34am
               so much for... swordwhale 35 0 Wed, 2:59am

Collapse BOT5A Bolg Observations/Nitpicks... NateGate 454 4 Tue, 2:41am Jump to last post in thread (by arithmancer)
       Congratulations... ecthelionsbeard 233 0 Tue, 3:04am
       Love this post! lol! elentari3018 168 0 Tue, 4:03am
       well deskp 155 0 Tue, 4:44am
       Re: Tauriel... arithmancer 20 0 Wed, 8:17pm

Collapse Was Dain CGI or Motion Capture? delius82 758 26 Tue, 2:35am Jump to last post in thread (by DigificWriter)
       IMO He looked fine on the battlefield with Thorin... Aragorn the Elfstone 429 0 Tue, 2:39am
       I was actually surprised... Misty Mountain Hop 418 0 Tue, 2:50am
       Collapse He looked perfectly fine to me. Scorchster 388 1 Tue, 2:52am
           I agree – I thought he looked perfectly fine Glorfindela 280 0 Tue, 4:50am
       LMAO. Really?? MouthofSauron 372 0 Tue, 3:27am
       I couldn't tell Ham_Sammy 331 0 Tue, 3:39am
       Something I noticed upon the 2nd viewing tarasaurus 366 0 Tue, 3:47am
       Collapse Dain was CGI/Motion Capture in every shot besides one... jtarkey 370 14 Tue, 4:39am
           Collapse but why?? MouthofSauron 325 13 Tue, 4:41am
               Its not. jtarkey 318 0 Tue, 4:46am
               Collapse The speculation is Silverlode 331 11 Tue, 4:48am
                   its telling that they spent time on it to make it look convincing, and even cause speculation jtarkey 296 0 Tue, 4:52am
                   Collapse Not health related... Aragorn the Elfstone 308 9 Tue, 5:15am
                       Collapse Thank God jtarkey 272 5 Tue, 5:25am
                           Collapse Agreed. Aragorn the Elfstone 255 4 Tue, 5:28am
                               Collapse did you by chance notice the OTS shot where its him in costume? jtarkey 262 3 Tue, 5:33am
                                   I didn't, but... Aragorn the Elfstone 241 0 Tue, 5:37am
                                   I know which one you mean. cats16 230 0 Tue, 6:00am
                                   cg Gandy 225 0 Tue, 6:03am
                       I know this is the 'official' line, but I'm sill not entirely convinced by it... adt100 170 0 Tue, 9:56am
                       Collapse Ehhh redgiraffe 33 1 Wed, 2:48am
                           I have a feeling... DigificWriter 29 0 Wed, 3:29am
       CGI/Motion capture = same thing adt100 160 0 Tue, 9:50am
       Collapse It was cg, the movement gave it away. Scourge of the Stoors 163 1 Tue, 9:52am
           ... yet the movement will have been entirely motion captured surely... adt100 150 0 Tue, 9:58am
       Whatever he was he was... adu 120 0 Tue, 2:15pm
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