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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse New Still of Bard and Gandalf FaramirAndEowynMorningStar 884 9 Sun, 2:03pm Jump to last post in thread (by Wauntaun)
       Collapse hmmmm Crunchable Birdses 400 1 Sun, 2:17pm
         Hehehe! // BlackFox 252 0 Sun, 3:23pm
       Nice! Glorfindela 315 0 Sun, 2:44pm
       Collapse Thank you - costume geek re Bard pondering! Avandel 171 1 Sun, 6:27pm
           have you seen the EE bit where Bard talks about playing Girion? Cirashala 168 0 Sun, 6:31pm
       Collapse Just look at the attention to detail in that one little shot. Lissuin 107 2 Sun, 10:07pm
           Collapse I second that. // BlackFox 77 1 Sun, 10:19pm
             **persnicketiness!** Rules these Filmzz... since..? Bombadil 76 0 Sun, 11:07pm
       One question Wauntaun 31 0 Mon, 10:34am

  Collapse Will Radagast be nothing more than a plot device in film 3? Radagast-Aiwendil 538 2 Sun, 1:38pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       He is a fairly pointless character Crunchable Birdses 291 0 Sun, 2:07pm
     R-A... 4 Theories Bombadil 281 0 Sun, 2:21pm

  Moved: What's next for PJ? StarGodziller - - Sun, 1:11pm Jump to last post in thread (by StarGodziller)

  Collapse "IRONFOOT" - Full Track Fleuz 1034 15 Sun, 12:48pm Jump to last post in thread (by Dipling)
       Collapse OMG it's stunning! // AshNazg 440 5 Sun, 1:03pm
         Collapse FLEUZ!...Thang you Berry Buch.. Bombadil 406 4 Sun, 1:54pm
               Collapse It's just a suite for the credits Bomby Shagrat 400 3 Sun, 1:59pm
                   Collapse ARE you Sure about that? Bombadil 387 2 Sun, 2:02pm
                       Collapse Quite sure Shagrat 369 1 Sun, 2:22pm
                           Shaggy? you & Bom know Bombadil 345 0 Sun, 2:27pm
       Collapse So is the consensus that this won't be in the film? Crunchable Birdses 401 5 Sun, 2:25pm
           Collapse Think of it as the Beyond the Forest track of TBOTFA Skaan 383 2 Sun, 2:29pm
               Collapse Hmmm Crunchable Birdses 373 1 Sun, 2:34pm
                   A part of that was used when Gandalf showed up in the Goblin tunnels // macfalk 325 0 Sun, 2:52pm
           It's variations of what is in the main body of the OST Shagrat 368 0 Sun, 2:37pm
           Definitely after Billy's fantastic song. Aragorn the Elfstone 218 0 Sun, 5:26pm
       Collapse I absolutely love the choral version of the Laketown theme! sycorax82 311 1 Sun, 3:46pm
           Maybe this track will play just after Smaug's demise Ffnir 249 0 Sun, 4:43pm
       mp3 link Dipling 77 0 Mon, 5:41am

  Collapse Who does Bolg really follow? boldog 392 1 Sun, 9:29am Jump to last post in thread (by Ffnir)
       Only a fanfiction could answer this type of question ! / Ffnir 102 0 Sun, 1:22pm

  Collapse BOTFA Running Time- 3 Hours 25 min The Wizard 1374 7 Sun, 3:11am Jump to last post in thread (by Eruonen)
       Collapse Not true. StarGodziller 646 3 Sun, 3:17am
           Collapse 144 min? The Wizard 616 2 Sun, 3:22am
               Collapse Most of the theaters... StarGodziller 617 1 Sun, 3:29am
                   Which is why I am already wanting the EE edition. Eruonen 117 0 Sun, 9:21pm
       Sounds like a typo for 2 hours 25 min // TricksyHobbitses 559 0 Sun, 3:20am
       imax caglarkuraner 321 0 Sun, 12:37pm
       IMAX Danielos 283 0 Sun, 1:09pm

  Collapse Any Ideas why Elrond, Galadriel, & Saruman DON'T GO? Bombadil 874 8 Sat, 10:12pm Jump to last post in thread (by Elarie)
       Bomby Meant to write...? Bombadil 367 0 Sat, 10:24pm
       Collapse I like you Bomby... NateGate 247 2 Sun, 4:01am
           Collapse What izz soo Difficult about that post? Bombadil 199 1 Sun, 5:59am
               Probably, Hanzkaz 197 0 Sun, 7:37am
       Imagination Denneker 230 0 Sun, 5:32am
       They have their own realms to protect dubulous 166 0 Sun, 9:12am
       Maybe.. Girdle of Melian 110 0 Sun, 1:11pm
       I don't think they know what's happening there Elarie 115 0 Sun, 1:41pm

Collapse Bard/Tauriel 'zine cover + bit of fun (; Avandel 966 17 Sat, 9:12pm Jump to last post in thread (by DwellerInDale)
       Collapse I was looking at some VERY nice pictures of Fili tonight.... dormouse 331 1 Sat, 11:03pm
         *grins* I am SO greedy Avandel 296 0 Sat, 11:35pm
       Collapse Nice, Avandel Glorfindela 282 1 Sun, 12:22am
           Yes it's real DwellerInDale 251 0 Sun, 2:37am
       Collapse Living in NY right now I can understand getting out of a cab with your sword drawn! TricksyHobbitses 226 2 Sun, 3:44am
           I was just watching some LOTR appendices Starling 217 0 Sun, 4:44am
         ROFLOL! - thanks for this!!! Avandel 121 0 Sun, 5:32pm
       Collapse What a strange looking cover dubulous 202 9 Sun, 9:07am
         Collapse Yes, agree with you there Glorfindela 171 8 Sun, 12:16pm
             Collapse LOL!!! Avandel 119 7 Sun, 6:02pm
                   Collapse theory about that scene Cirashala 112 6 Sun, 6:17pm
                     Collapse agree - and to be fair Avandel 100 5 Sun, 7:09pm
                           Collapse marketing is narrow minded as a whole Cirashala 96 4 Sun, 7:20pm
                               Too true Avandel 81 0 Sun, 8:14pm
                               Collapse subject marillaraina 72 2 Sun, 9:48pm
                                   Collapse Odd that we don't take that point to the next stage. Spriggan 54 1 Sun, 11:45pm
                                       The reason is pretty transparent DwellerInDale 54 0 Mon, 1:00am

  Collapse About Orcrist.... NateGate 652 7 Sat, 7:10pm Jump to last post in thread (by Macfeast)
       Collapse Thorin's not the only one at Ravenhill... TricksyHobbitses 368 4 Sat, 7:26pm
           Collapse No... NateGate 294 3 Sat, 8:08pm
               Collapse If this is true, they have to have a scene explaining how he got it Name 274 2 Sat, 8:14pm
                   Collapse Maybe he pulls it out of the Sorting Hat // dubulous 225 1 Sat, 8:27pm
                       That's absurd Name 245 0 Sat, 8:36pm
       Maybe.. Hobbity Hobbit 264 0 Sat, 8:48pm
       There is a... Macfeast 261 0 Sat, 8:50pm

  Collapse Will Saruman fight with Sauron? erdildeniz 1000 17 Sat, 6:24pm Jump to last post in thread (by dreamflower)
       Collapse I'm suspecting Galadriel will say ... Arandir 551 1 Sat, 6:38pm
           At that point, Galadriel doens' t seem to be able to say that. erdildeniz 455 0 Sat, 6:54pm
       Collapse There is an alleged description of the scene Spriggan 531 9 Sat, 6:58pm
           Collapse Of course ... TiberiusOgden 447 6 Sat, 7:16pm
               Collapse Saruman is the hero of Dol Guldur, according to Tolkien. erdildeniz 453 5 Sat, 7:20pm
                   ;o) TiberiusOgden 396 0 Sat, 7:30pm
                   Collapse I'm not sure hero is quite the right word dubulous 354 3 Sat, 8:00pm
                       Collapse even if saruman kicks sauron's booty MouthofSauron 336 2 Sat, 8:11pm
                           Collapse Sure it's clear in the books but dubulous 317 1 Sat, 8:26pm
                               i wouldn't be too worried MouthofSauron 255 0 Sat, 10:39pm
           Collapse Please show it to me Remus 389 1 Sat, 7:48pm
               Well without spoiling Spriggan 395 0 Sat, 7:54pm
       Collapse I think it will be one-sided once Saruman gets involved sycorax82 202 1 Sun, 4:02am
           Radagast's fate dreamflower 34 0 Mon, 2:06pm
       Collapse OT: If Radagast dies? AshNazg 147 1 Sun, 9:04am
           I think Saruman is speaking symbolically Spriggan 150 0 Sun, 9:14am
       . Nerven 112 0 Sun, 12:10pm

  Collapse Radagast: "Master of shapes and changes of hues" in BOTFA ... *speculations/possible spoilers* Arandir 625 2 Sat, 5:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by Arandir)
       Collapse One Quick Thingie...Would LOVE to See him Transform Bombadil 274 1 Sat, 6:07pm
           The Moth Theory! Arandir 48 0 Sun, 8:28pm

  Collapse Favourite orch of the six movies? Danielos 980 29 Sat, 2:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)
       Collapse Favourite orc? Rated by how many good characters they kill? dormouse 534 1 Sat, 3:06pm
           Ditto // Eruvandi 447 0 Sat, 3:25pm
       Collapse Lurtz has my vote Elarie 459 2 Sat, 3:37pm
           Lurtz should have survived Fellowship King_horse 456 0 Sat, 3:43pm
           Agreed malickfan 338 0 Sat, 5:59pm
       Collapse Narzug! Skaan 459 1 Sat, 3:45pm
           HARD to pick one... Bombadil 417 0 Sat, 4:08pm
       This guy BlackFox 410 0 Sat, 4:42pm
       I'm gonna go with the obvious and say Azog Ffnir 389 0 Sat, 4:44pm
       Collapse Re Retro315 382 2 Sat, 4:54pm
           Collapse "...Moria arcs running across fields in daylight? Lissuin 296 1 Sat, 7:37pm
             Geez! I meant Azog! Lissuin 257 0 Sat, 8:24pm
       Here are mine: Orc Berserker 373 0 Sat, 5:45pm
       "Hands off that shiny shirt...that's mine!" Starling 317 0 Sat, 6:37pm
       Re: Runk Snusgrop 303 0 Sat, 6:38pm
       Azog and Lurtz are the best Lord_Lucan 269 0 Sat, 8:15pm
       Favorite Orc Eldaria 230 0 Sat, 10:25pm
       Collapse orch? MouthofSauron 219 4 Sat, 10:41pm
           Collapse And so far from Starling 211 3 Sat, 11:00pm
               *heee* / Ataahua 187 0 Sat, 11:03pm
               Collapse Lol MouthofSauron 185 1 Sat, 11:30pm
                   I'm not sure if there was an original line, Starling 124 0 Sun, 4:51am
       This design is by far my favourite.... Joe20 201 0 Sat, 11:35pm
       any orc but THIS guy Bishop 144 0 Sun, 4:37am
       London Symphony Aragorn the Elfstone 120 0 Sun, 5:08am
       Collapse My favorites: Carne 90 3 Sun, 1:27pm
           Collapse Murgash Danielos 72 2 Sun, 3:07pm
               Collapse Dan! Great Link, ALL the Baddies in one Place... Bombadil 52 1 Sun, 5:13pm
                 Here's a chance to test your newly acquired knowledge BlackFox 47 0 Sun, 5:37pm

  Collapse A fundamental question! Andreorn89 761 11 Sat, 2:13pm Jump to last post in thread (by macfalk)
       Collapse We don't have any official information about Beorn in BoFA Ffnir 333 6 Sat, 2:34pm
         IT might be a TIP-OFF but Bomby doez THINK Bombadil 310 0 Sat, 2:54pm
           Collapse Beorn . . . of great importance.... Bracegirdle 286 3 Sat, 3:36pm
               Collapse Why wouldn't PJ want to show this? Eurolock 277 2 Sat, 3:56pm
                   I cant think of one single reason Bracegirdle 200 0 Sat, 5:57pm
                   Brevity vs importance Spriggan 166 0 Sat, 7:07pm
           We don't know how complete a film frodo284 saw TricksyHobbitses 83 0 Sun, 2:54am
       I'd be very disappointed Glorfindela 236 0 Sat, 4:59pm
       Needs Retro315 222 0 Sat, 5:08pm
       There are several behind-the-scenes in the DoS EE... Esmeralda 254 0 Sat, 5:09pm
       Hang on a sec macfalk 69 0 Sun, 9:45am

  Collapse New behind-the-scenes still from Empire Carne 1403 16 Sat, 11:45am Jump to last post in thread (by Eruvandi)
       Thorin on Ravenhill without Orcrist battling Orcs. Pretty cool ! // Ffnir 538 0 Sat, 12:23pm
       Collapse Too few outdoor location shots Danielos 569 7 Sat, 12:24pm
           Collapse A real frozen mountain top with dwarven architecture Spriggan 548 4 Sat, 12:43pm
             Would love any... Bombadil 467 0 Sat, 1:36pm
               Collapse I'm not convinced... Bishop 304 2 Sat, 4:57pm
                   Collapse Not so much the cold Spriggan 208 1 Sat, 7:15pm
                       And environmental and cultural concerns, too Avandel 155 0 Sat, 9:54pm
           Collapse That photo doesn't look quite right, either... Eleniel 449 1 Sat, 1:57pm
               The Costume Department must be Customizzin' each Suit? Bombadil 401 0 Sat, 2:08pm
     Collapse He can fly! Eruvandi 351 2 Sat, 3:37pm
         Collapse Weird? those ORCzz have Grey Tubes Bombadil 281 1 Sat, 5:16pm
               There was one video... Eruvandi 103 0 Sun, 12:36am
       Collapse Ravenhill Retro315 308 3 Sat, 5:06pm
           Collapse Great points Bishop 278 1 Sat, 5:18pm
             Azz a Life-Long Skier here.. in Colorado... Bombadil 265 0 Sat, 5:29pm
         Agree - Your post reminds me of EE footage... Avandel 236 0 Sat, 6:48pm

  Collapse 3D HFR for last time? Danielos 845 31 Sat, 10:20am Jump to last post in thread (by Imladris18)
       That's the saddest part IMO utku 455 0 Sat, 10:52am
       I'll watch it in 48 HFR Glorfindela 413 0 Sat, 11:02am
       Collapse Well we still have James Camerons "Avatar" sequels to come Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 379 7 Sat, 12:11pm
           Collapse Ditto Lieutenant NecromancerRising 331 2 Sat, 12:36pm
               Collapse Thritto. // Estel78 299 1 Sat, 1:24pm
                   After checking Dolbyzz website 16 major Bombadil 311 0 Sat, 1:41pm
           Collapse I hope Cameron is *still* into HFR... Kendalf 248 3 Sat, 4:22pm
               Collapse James Cameron doesn't care what people say Estel78 220 2 Sat, 5:37pm
                   Ah Kendalf 206 0 Sat, 5:40pm
                   Avatar 2, 3 & 4 start filming in a couple of weeks... AshNazg 19 0 Sun, 11:15pm
       Collapse I hope to see it at least once in HFR just for the experience Elarie 302 11 Sat, 2:01pm
           Collapse Except that it seems to work the other way as well..... dormouse 279 1 Sat, 3:04pm
               That's interesting Elarie 253 0 Sat, 3:34pm
           Collapse That "tweaking" might involve even *more* frames per second... Kendalf 241 8 Sat, 4:32pm
               Collapse Interesting idea Elarie 227 7 Sat, 5:08pm
                   Collapse I bought NecromancerRising 217 6 Sat, 5:45pm
                       Collapse Wow, fantastic for you! Elarie 138 1 Sat, 10:29pm
                           Be my guests any time NecromancerRising 54 0 Sun, 6:52am
                       Collapse Is there any 4K content to watch yet? Kendalf 91 3 Sun, 1:51am
                           Collapse Unfortunately there is NecromancerRising 62 2 Sun, 6:48am
                               Collapse Good news and bad news... 4k blu-rays AshNazg 48 1 Sun, 8:38am
                                   I know that 4k blu-rays NecromancerRising 39 0 Sun, 9:32am
       I'm in! Kendalf 246 0 Sat, 4:16pm
       2D for me malickfan 195 0 Sat, 6:35pm
       Me! Kim 180 0 Sat, 6:48pm
       I won't see it any other way... Aragorn the Elfstone 180 0 Sat, 7:05pm
       I'm going with a party of nine to see it in HFR QuackingTroll 161 0 Sat, 8:24pm
       Best movie experience of my life. Misty Mountain Hop 166 0 Sat, 9:27pm
       Yeah... StarGodziller 114 0 Sun, 12:08am
       Too bad! MomoftheShire 37 0 Sun, 11:17am
       The majority of new TVs are capable of 120Hz+ nowadays. More and more people are getting acclimated to higher frame rates. Imladris18 10 0 Mon, 2:48pm
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