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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse That's what I need- a map! Cirashala 637 3 Mon, 5:19am Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
     Cira, Darlin' SSOoo..Correct! Bombadil 234 0 Mon, 9:13am
       Collapse I would love to see more of Erebor Elarie 154 1 Mon, 1:31pm
         "... The Lord of SILVER Fountains..." : BARD Bombadil 136 0 Mon, 3:00pm

  Collapse Extended edition spoilers: That last scene with Thrain REALLY upsets me ~Medieval Soul 1415 15 Mon, 5:13am Jump to last post in thread (by QuackingTroll)
       Collapse Please just search for Wilhelm scream next time... nusilver 746 3 Mon, 6:46am
           Collapse Agreed nhui06 297 2 Mon, 6:16pm
               Absolutely! // dormouse 208 0 Mon, 8:20pm
               agreed Avandel 152 0 Tue, 12:04am
       No Glorfindela 617 0 Mon, 9:12am
       The thing is.. Drakblod 444 0 Mon, 2:25pm
       Collapse We really don't know what happens to him either. Eruonen 439 3 Mon, 2:39pm
           it has been said NoelGallagher 418 0 Mon, 2:51pm
           death is confirmed in commentary. nusilver 302 0 Mon, 6:18pm
           true MouthofSauron 109 0 Tue, 4:05am
       Collapse Yup I agree Barrel_Rider 177 3 Mon, 10:46pm
           Collapse There was a weird emotional response when it happened... QuackingTroll 112 2 Tue, 5:17am
               Collapse i really don't know what all the fuss is about MouthofSauron 96 1 Tue, 8:03am
                   It is partially the fault of the viewer... QuackingTroll 82 0 Tue, 12:06pm
       Doesn't annoy me. Crunchable Birdses 167 0 Mon, 11:32pm

  Moved: Music Video ideas Barrow-Wight - - Mon, 2:02am Jump to last post in thread (by Barrow-Wight)

  Collapse "Sounds like quite the party you're having up there..." delius82 907 7 Mon, 1:39am Jump to last post in thread (by Kerewyn)
       Collapse Or am I just missing out.. delius82 427 2 Mon, 2:06am
           Collapse One can indeed hear sounds of revelry in the distance :) // Earl 364 1 Mon, 2:21am
               hah delius82 326 0 Mon, 3:24am
       Collapse In the appendices Barrow-Wight 430 3 Mon, 2:37am
           Collapse Was it this one? TricksyHobbitses 381 2 Mon, 4:03am
             I loved that! LOL // Eruvandi 259 0 Mon, 4:50am
               That is SO funny! Kerewyn 168 0 Mon, 11:14am

  Collapse So what was Gandalf's plan if he entered the mountain with the dwarves? MouthofSauron 927 14 Sun, 11:16pm Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       Don't know if it would have been that easy... dormouse 522 0 Sun, 11:35pm
       Collapse In the films? Spriggan 479 5 Mon, 12:16am
         Collapse That would tie in with his comments to Thorin Lurker in the Mirk 375 2 Mon, 3:24am
               Collapse I'm not sure it is callous Spriggan 191 1 Mon, 2:42pm
                   Thanks. That seems like a case of the end justifies the means Lurker in the Mirk 67 0 Tue, 6:44am
           Collapse Agree Noria 44 1 Tue, 1:54pm
               Yeah, this is what he says in the DOS prologue - it seems fairly clear cut. Spriggan 39 0 Tue, 2:45pm
     Collapse Cast a spell of concealment on Bilbo the Burglar KeenObserver 345 3 Mon, 3:30am
         Collapse Hmm... so, what happens if in his panic, Bilbo put on the ring? Lurker in the Mirk 289 2 Mon, 5:49am
             Collapse He'd end up in the fifth dimension // KeenObserver 275 1 Mon, 5:57am
                 So the shadow realm is D4? Lurker in the Mirk 241 0 Mon, 8:22am
       He never does seem to know... Esmeralda 175 0 Mon, 4:18pm
     Collapse Does Gandalf ever have a plan? dubulous 158 1 Mon, 5:09pm
           he must have had a plan MouthofSauron 61 0 Tue, 8:05am

Collapse So, according to the DOS EE extras... Cirashala 1161 9 Sun, 10:30pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lio)
       Collapse Which orc was female? Name 499 2 Sun, 11:56pm
           Collapse Not sure exactly Cirashala 451 1 Mon, 12:37am
               ... Faleel 370 0 Mon, 2:27am
       Collapse I was under the impression that the actor was a girl, Imladris18 318 2 Mon, 5:39am
           Collapse maybe but Cirashala 307 1 Mon, 5:41am
               Ah, didn't notice. Imladris18 209 0 Mon, 2:38pm
       Collapse Here you go [image URL] Arandir 198 1 Mon, 5:37pm
           It's ambiguous arithmancer 141 0 Mon, 6:33pm
       Orc Lass Lio 70 0 Tue, 3:36am

  Collapse So,Runtime info from our local IMAX NoelGallagher 1318 24 Sun, 10:14pm Jump to last post in thread (by Danielos)
       Collapse 2 hours 28 minutes Cirashala 667 2 Sun, 10:26pm
           Collapse 148min total movie + 13min of credits NoelGallagher 619 1 Sun, 10:30pm
               whew! Cirashala 598 0 Sun, 10:31pm
       Collapse I hope that's correct! dubulous 575 16 Sun, 10:42pm
           Collapse i totally trust him,he is always a very reliable source. NoelGallagher 548 15 Sun, 10:57pm
               Collapse 142 minutes Danielos 398 14 Mon, 4:16am
                   Collapse Shortest of the three Danielos 378 11 Mon, 4:34am
                       Collapse Big difference Mithfânion 243 8 Mon, 11:19am
                           Collapse well i personally dont care much NoelGallagher 235 7 Mon, 11:24am
                               Collapse 20 min difference Danielos 240 6 Mon, 11:44am
                                   Collapse no NoelGallagher 228 5 Mon, 11:56am
                                       Collapse 20 inutes Danielos 219 4 Mon, 12:01pm
                                           Collapse will you follow me,one last time? NoelGallagher 206 3 Mon, 12:29pm
                                               Collapse Basic math Danielos 200 2 Mon, 12:36pm
                                                   Collapse lets see NoelGallagher 194 1 Mon, 12:40pm
                                                       160+ Fleuz 205 0 Mon, 12:43pm
                       Collapse Strictly.. DjU 158 1 Mon, 2:41pm
                           Too short!!! Ham_Sammy 132 0 Mon, 3:54pm
                   Collapse I find it hard to believe... tsmith675 116 1 Mon, 4:19pm
                       rough cut Danielos 111 0 Mon, 4:26pm
       Collapse Awesome, hope this is true! tsmith675 477 1 Sun, 11:54pm
         YIPPIE..KILI, I-A!? .."WOOTly WONDERFUL", "Rockem, SOCKem..." Bombadil 438 0 Mon, 12:17am
       Thanks. So slightly longer movie-time than what we've been told Lurker in the Mirk 398 0 Mon, 3:17am
     Good movie KeenObserver 404 0 Mon, 3:37am

  Collapse Sorry, but I have to vent Glorfindela 1894 34 Nov 16, 6:54pm Jump to last post in thread (by greenbalrog)
       Collapse When I saw the subject title...(book spoilers) Cirashala 820 2 Sun, 7:37pm
           Collapse Not surprising you thought that Glorfindela 701 1 Sun, 7:43pm
               then they accomplished their goal Cirashala 642 0 Sun, 7:48pm
       Agreed... dormouse 619 0 Sun, 7:54pm
       I like this kind of venting :) Eruvandi 554 0 Sun, 8:36pm
       I agree with your vent! Old Toby 535 0 Sun, 8:54pm
       I must have listened to it 100 times already Ham_Sammy 534 0 Sun, 8:57pm
       Collapse Boring gkgyver 577 5 Sun, 9:27pm
           Collapse Move over, I need to burn with you *grins* Avandel 533 3 Sun, 9:52pm
               Collapse But.... but...... dormouse 277 2 Mon, 8:32am
                   Collapse Better bring the teapot LOL Avandel 84 1 Tue, 12:41am
                       That's the spirit! ;-) // dormouse 48 0 Tue, 8:15am
           I can understand not liking the song, but Boyd has a fantastic voice. MatthewJer18 334 0 Mon, 3:43am
       Collapse It is beautiful. Elessar 502 6 Sun, 9:56pm
         Collapse Three THINGiezz to Consider Bombadil 453 2 Sun, 10:50pm
               Agreed Elessar 407 0 Sun, 11:14pm
               Quite true!...// mae govannen 43 0 Tue, 9:50am
           Collapse Same here Ham_Sammy 404 2 Sun, 11:25pm
               Collapse I heard this and got Elessar 395 1 Sun, 11:35pm
                   yep Ham_Sammy 266 0 Mon, 5:02am
     Collapse Well, Glorfindela Lurker in the Mirk 341 10 Mon, 3:40am
           Collapse I've been thinking the same, re: the contemporary vibe... Eleniel 270 3 Mon, 8:18am
               Collapse If that's true, it baffles me even more Lurker in the Mirk 215 2 Mon, 12:29pm
                   Collapse Same world... arithmancer 136 1 Mon, 12:35pm
                       Exactly, same world Lurker in the Mirk 127 0 Mon, 12:53pm
           Collapse Agree with your (well worded) 'modernity' complaint mae govannen 269 3 Mon, 8:23am
             Collapse hmmm... the guitar isn't the problem, imo Lurker in the Mirk 211 1 Mon, 12:34pm
                   Well, for me guitar is precisely associated with folk music mae govannen 46 0 Tue, 10:15am
               Agreed with this Scorchster 116 0 Mon, 2:21pm
           Collapse Yes, it wasn't a troll post! Glorfindela 243 1 Mon, 9:10am
               And it's fine! Lurker in the Mirk 135 0 Mon, 12:38pm
     Collapse Am I glad I finally opened your post mae govannen 264 1 Mon, 8:05am
           THIZzz Whole Thread izz Over-Lookin' Somethingie VERY Important..? Bombadil 123 0 Mon, 4:15pm
       Find myself chanting it in my mind greenbalrog 47 0 Tue, 11:05am

  Collapse Fran Walsh Danielos 1385 15 Nov 16, 6:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by shadowdog)
       Collapse I don't know. Spriggan 795 6 Nov 16, 7:13pm
           Collapse ? Bumblingidiot 437 5 Sun, 11:32pm
               Collapse All over - TORN too on occasion. Spriggan 406 4 Mon, 12:41am
                   Collapse Very true dubulous 220 3 Mon, 11:24am
                       So have I // dormouse 180 0 Mon, 11:53am
                       Yes, I suspect that is indeed the case Kendalf 173 0 Mon, 1:46pm
                       Sometimes it's the other way around KeenObserver 120 0 Mon, 6:27pm
       Collapse Privacy There&ThereAgain 676 2 Sun, 8:21pm
           Collapse Bom Thinkzz She needz to Take CARE of ALL Bombadil 543 1 Sun, 9:29pm
               Ooo I didn't know about all this Bomby There&ThereAgain 478 0 Sun, 9:49pm
       Commentaries Mooseboy018 552 0 Sun, 9:25pm
       Collapse I believe it was a deliberate decision on her part Elarie 374 3 Mon, 1:46am
           This Starling 265 0 Mon, 7:09am
           That was the "party line" from them back in the LotR days... Eleniel 254 0 Mon, 8:45am
           He said that shadowdog 78 0 Mon, 8:42pm

  Moved: Music video for Billy Boyd's "The Last Goodbye" NewZeasYT - - Nov 16, 4:26pm Jump to last post in thread (by NewZeasYT)

  Collapse New Behind the Scenes Pics! Peterthorn of Rohan 1565 3 Nov 16, 2:38pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       WHOaa..Finally get to see the SIZE of.. Bombadil 657 0 Nov 16, 3:45pm
       Collapse That's Ravenhill Carne 537 1 Nov 16, 4:16pm
           The COOoLest job... would be SET Decorator... Bombadil 488 0 Nov 16, 4:27pm

  Collapse Appendices DoS EE - What a treasure Arannir 1104 11 Nov 16, 11:51am Jump to last post in thread (by Eruonen)
       I find that the new EE structure is more organised Annatar598 464 0 Nov 16, 1:32pm
       Agreed dubulous 390 0 Nov 16, 2:01pm
       I think all of the appendices are just fascinating Elarie 397 0 Nov 16, 2:19pm
     Have just started going through these Avandel 282 0 Nov 16, 6:22pm
       Just finished watching them for the first time thoroughly NecromancerRising 241 0 Sun, 8:25pm
       I love the appendices Old Toby 224 0 Sun, 8:50pm
       I'm about halfway through the first disk Glorfindela 171 0 Mon, 12:24am
       love The Hobbit EE appendices MouthofSauron 151 0 Mon, 1:12am
       Collapse Tea? Danielos 130 1 Mon, 4:18am
           Yeah, and here I thought I was bad with how much Diet Coke I drink! Old Toby 111 0 Mon, 5:47am
       For some reason, the music chapter had audio issues Eruonen 76 0 Mon, 2:31pm

  Collapse Trolls Mooseboy018 1028 9 Nov 16, 6:58am Jump to last post in thread (by KeenObserver)
       Collapse Well.. Drakblod 523 6 Nov 16, 8:59am
           Collapse About Snow Trolls Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 469 5 Nov 16, 11:45am
               Collapse Very well put. And I agree... DeadRabbits 318 2 Nov 16, 12:48pm
                   Collapse lego deskp 212 1 Nov 16, 6:12pm
                       Nice KeenObserver 90 0 Mon, 3:53am
               Collapse there are exceptions to those size rules Cirashala 169 1 Sun, 8:19pm
                   I'm sure PJ would find any excuse to go bigger anyway :D // Earl 89 0 Mon, 2:25am
       Collapse Where's this info from? // Carne 367 1 Nov 16, 11:28am
           From the Visual Companion... DeadRabbits 422 0 Nov 16, 11:51am

  Collapse What days are the Hobbit marathon? Hobbity Hobbit 401 9 Nov 15, 9:34pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
       In my area Ham_Sammy 192 0 Nov 15, 9:52pm
       Collapse Monday Dec 15 Kim 142 4 Nov 16, 12:50am
           Collapse Is the marathon shadowdog 77 3 Nov 16, 3:05pm
               Collapse I'm not sure Ham_Sammy 66 2 Nov 16, 4:03pm
                   Collapse A shame shadowdog 19 1 Mon, 8:56pm
                       I know Ham_Sammy 18 0 Mon, 9:00pm
       Oh okay thanks Hobbity Hobbit 132 0 Nov 16, 12:52am
       Here in Belgium Skaan 63 0 Nov 16, 4:00pm
       In The Netherlands... Flyyoufools 31 0 Mon, 8:15am

  Collapse !!!SPOILERS!!! A few more TV spot caps Avandel 1981 31 Nov 15, 9:20pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Collapse Where is Gandalf in his shot?! NoelGallagher 696 11 Nov 15, 9:32pm
           Collapse In the ruins of Dale? // BlackFox 597 1 Nov 15, 10:13pm
             love Gandy's face expressions,he is such a master NoelGallagher 605 0 Nov 15, 10:15pm
           Collapse dol guldur MouthofSauron 599 8 Nov 15, 10:26pm
               Collapse But isn't it from the scene... BlackFox 586 7 Nov 15, 10:31pm
                   Collapse hmmmm, possible. don't remember seeing that scene MouthofSauron 564 1 Nov 15, 10:33pm
                       Right at the beginning BlackFox 569 0 Nov 15, 10:34pm
                   Collapse Yes Avandel 493 1 Nov 16, 12:00am
                       Love Galadriel's dress Ardamírë 378 0 Nov 16, 2:38am
                   Collapse I don't think... arithmancer 418 2 Nov 16, 1:15am
                       Collapse It is how it appears KeenObserver 392 1 Nov 16, 2:00am
                           I can't analyze why... arithmancer 373 0 Nov 16, 2:05am
       Collapse Agree about Ken Stott's Balin.... dormouse 546 18 Nov 16, 12:14am
           Collapse *sigh* Thorin - maybe.... Avandel 485 17 Nov 16, 12:44am
               Collapse Thanks for the caps! Kim 439 8 Nov 16, 12:58am
                   Collapse Definitely Ravenhill Spriggan 435 1 Nov 16, 1:05am
                       oooh - thank you Avandel 407 0 Nov 16, 1:25am
                   Considering the OST KeenObserver 433 0 Nov 16, 1:19am
                   Collapse *waves to Kim* and question for you and anyone re Bilbo "I'm not afraid..." Avandel 409 4 Nov 16, 1:58am
                       Collapse *waves back* Kim 298 3 Nov 16, 7:04am
                           Collapse In Valinor..... Avandel 184 2 Nov 16, 4:12pm
                             Collapse Thrice Welcome..FEEEels Great! don't it? Bombadil 137 1 Nov 16, 4:37pm
                                   Thank you! *bows* and all will be well Avandel 123 0 Nov 16, 6:25pm
               Collapse By far my favourite BOTFAs screencap/image/visual yet! KeenObserver 495 7 Nov 16, 1:11am
                   Collapse the frozen water gets to me Avandel 415 6 Nov 16, 2:06am
                       Collapse Thorin's silhouette gets to me KeenObserver 310 5 Nov 16, 8:28am
                           Collapse A waiting warrior Avandel 103 4 Sun, 11:19pm
                               Collapse This should really be quoted on some picture of Thorin... Arveldis 86 1 Mon, 12:01am
                                   *Bows* thank you! Avandel 33 0 Mon, 11:54pm
                               Collapse Here, take this +1 KeenObserver 91 1 Mon, 3:09am
                                   Thank you! 13th Warrior is worth watching IMO! Avandel 33 0 Mon, 11:59pm
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