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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse Where's the crystal? Rochallor 653 11 Mon, 1:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Name)
       Collapse I thought Name 366 7 Mon, 2:05am
           Collapse Regarding this, Gandalf´s staff in DoS seems to have the shape of his withe one inside. Plus it prodeuces the same light as is withe one in ROTK against the Nazguls Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 114 6 Mon, 1:51pm
               Collapse Not sure what your point is.... Name 102 5 Mon, 1:57pm
                   Collapse just a mere obeservation Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 95 4 Mon, 1:58pm
                       Collapse Ah ok. Name 89 3 Mon, 2:01pm
                           Perhaps we could say Rady´s is a lesser staff but the fact that you can change crystals ... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 90 0 Mon, 2:07pm
                           Collapse I like to rationalize it this way.... joec_34 55 1 Mon, 4:13pm
                               Ah that's a good one! Makes sense too! Name 49 0 Mon, 4:25pm
       Collapse Yep Name 334 2 Mon, 2:23am
           Collapse well deskp 311 1 Mon, 2:35am
               Ohhhhhhhhhh Name 315 0 Mon, 2:37am

  Collapse Will we see the Iron Hills? (Potential teaser trailer spoiler) Sebastian the Hedgehog 722 2 Mon, 12:23am Jump to last post in thread (by Óintment)
       Collapse possible but i believe what we saw in that sneak peak was MouthofSauron 359 1 Mon, 3:11am
           guys its simple Óintment 232 0 Mon, 7:24am

  Collapse Any chance of seeing... Elutherian 487 1 Mon, 12:08am Jump to last post in thread (by Carne)
       I'm guessing this is something they're saving for the TDOS extended Blu-ray Carne 213 0 Mon, 12:15am

  Collapse How can Bard be this great war leader after being a bargeman? Avandel 1009 41 Sun, 10:20pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       Collapse Because... JamesPaganini 615 2 Sun, 10:22pm
           This. happydood 316 0 Mon, 2:09am
           Thank you! It appears the Elves are bowing to him for such a great feat... MasterOrc 85 0 Mon, 2:00pm
       Well... Arannir 546 0 Sun, 10:26pm
       Collapse He probably would have had a lot of practice Glorfindela 546 6 Sun, 10:34pm
           Collapse Now that's an excellent point Avandel 392 2 Sun, 11:32pm
               Collapse Now there's an image! Otaku-sempai 376 1 Sun, 11:50pm
                   LOL thanks for the correction Avandel 341 0 Mon, 12:06am
           Collapse I think he would have been capable DaughterofLaketown 223 2 Mon, 4:13am
               Collapse I'm surprised that no-one has used the hackneyed phrase..... Moahunter 234 1 Mon, 5:04am
                   Just like Aragorn ninquelote 157 0 Mon, 10:11am
       Collapse That brings up another point... Earl 475 2 Sun, 10:42pm
           Collapse well. deskp 406 1 Sun, 11:14pm
               Oh does he? Earl 396 0 Sun, 11:17pm
       What about the other weapons Kilidoescartwheels 414 0 Sun, 10:59pm
       Book doubt Rochallor 411 0 Sun, 11:04pm
       Collapse Bard the Militiaman? Otaku-sempai 392 6 Sun, 11:23pm
           Collapse But I think Glorfindela makes a great point Avandel 377 5 Sun, 11:39pm
               Collapse Kingdom of Heaven was butchered in the editing room... Aragorn the Elfstone 347 4 Mon, 12:14am
                   Collapse I'm on your side! Avandel 266 3 Mon, 2:05am
                       Collapse You'll have to pardon me... Aragorn the Elfstone 221 2 Mon, 3:53am
                           Siddig Aitieuriskon 216 0 Mon, 3:57am
                           Not at all Avandel 103 0 Mon, 12:35pm
       .. Faleel 293 0 Mon, 1:12am
       Collapse agree with some posters above here Cirashala 288 4 Mon, 1:56am
           Collapse "Blood groove" (pardon the tangent) Meneldor 245 1 Mon, 2:46am
             but I love these details Avandel 109 0 Mon, 12:21pm
           A blacksmith does not make a commander Aitieuriskon 232 0 Mon, 3:38am
           Cirishala, the difference between smith and soldier was often quite pronounced (think mechanic vs driver) some crossover but differentvprofessions ElendilTheShort 179 0 Mon, 9:08am
       that's what a rebel is MirielCelebel 248 0 Mon, 2:45am
       Collapse Well the same can be said about the Hobbits boldog 175 2 Mon, 9:26am
           This. And, the hero stuff greenbalrog 150 0 Mon, 10:15am
           Well, if Antonio Banderas can pick up a language just sitting around a Viking campfire Lurker in the Mirk 82 0 Mon, 1:39pm
       Collapse Why should he not be? dormouse 147 1 Mon, 10:46am
         There's been some fabulous and interesting answers... Avandel 120 0 Mon, 12:12pm
       Collapse I thought that too but... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 111 1 Mon, 12:30pm
           And then again Avandel 99 0 Mon, 12:41pm
       General Han Solo Darkstone 88 0 Mon, 1:41pm
       Bard is like a lesser Aragorn.... HeWhoArisesinMight 51 0 Mon, 5:12pm
       Collapse Bard probably can use a sword, but I think he prefers the bow. VeArkenstone 23 1 Mon, 11:19pm
           very, very close :) Cirashala 26 0 12:02am

Collapse Where art dwarves/Bilbo at SDCC and press? A little retrospective Avandel 653 34 Sun, 9:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       This cheered me up for some reason Bernhardina 322 0 Sun, 9:25pm
       Collapse Honestly, I don't feel like I know the majority of the Dwarves... Salmacis81 329 1 Sun, 9:26pm
           Yeah, the whole sauget.diblosio 81 0 Mon, 3:28pm
       Collapse Thanks for this post.. delius82 311 1 Sun, 9:29pm
           Gald you liked it! Avandel 284 0 Sun, 9:48pm
       Collapse Yes. Arannir 298 10 Sun, 9:44pm
           Collapse They made Sir Ian cry! Avandel 286 9 Sun, 9:58pm
               Collapse Thank you for posting these lovely pictures Glorfindela 247 8 Sun, 10:29pm
                   Collapse You are most welcome and one day Avandel 236 7 Sun, 10:46pm
                     Collapse Oh, that is wonderful, Avandel! Glorfindela 223 1 Sun, 10:52pm
                           You are most welcome! Avandel 211 0 Sun, 11:03pm
                       Collapse Lol that's a little scary Name 222 1 Sun, 10:53pm
                           *grins* Avandel 198 0 Sun, 11:22pm
                       Collapse ooops - sad - but reposted Avandel 189 2 Sun, 11:58pm
                           Collapse Great! Ataahua 170 1 Mon, 12:49am
                             And it's digital art - not a photo! Avandel 149 0 Mon, 1:43am
       Collapse Another lovely post, Avandel KeenObserver 254 1 Sun, 10:30pm
           Thank you *bows deeply* and Amen! Avandel 217 0 Sun, 11:00pm
     Collapse Cos Dwalin didn't bust out them knuckle-dusters to make attendance? Lurker in the Mirk 182 2 Mon, 12:43am
           Collapse Graham McTavish was there I guess Avandel 157 1 Mon, 1:52am
               Yeah, the Company will prolly be on a mad ride as Dec nears eh Lurker in the Mirk 147 0 Mon, 2:06am
       Collapse You and I are on the same page today Avandel Kim 133 2 Mon, 2:59am
           Collapse You're not alone Avandel 62 1 Mon, 12:45pm
               You are not alone there Lurker in the Mirk 102 0 Mon, 1:01pm
       Collapse Nice one Avandel Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 62 2 Mon, 12:31pm
           Collapse Thank you! *bows* Avandel 52 1 Mon, 12:50pm
               you bow to no man Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 105 0 Mon, 12:54pm
       Thank you for that lovely post Elarie 98 0 Mon, 1:12pm
       Collapse Great post Avandel. NecromancerRising 75 3 Mon, 4:08pm
         Collapse Thank you and a few more random moments that strike me Avandel 56 2 Mon, 5:55pm
               Collapse Many thanks for a series of lovely posts in this thread... dormouse 46 1 Mon, 6:40pm
                 Thank you! Avandel 32 0 Mon, 7:45pm
       Collapse Nice post Avandel Noria 23 1 Mon, 8:20pm
           dwarves missing in action? Avandel 27 0 Mon, 11:15pm

  Collapse I have a question PWOKristy 509 3 Sun, 8:12pm Jump to last post in thread (by PWOKristy)
       huh Barrel_Rider 220 0 Sun, 9:23pm
       Collapse Answer. delius82 231 1 Sun, 9:37pm
           Alright. PWOKristy 134 0 Sun, 11:43pm

  Collapse Not sure if this has been posted - Benedict shows off his "dragon voice" (for the first time in public?)! MatthewJer18 453 3 Sun, 8:07pm Jump to last post in thread (by phij2)
       Nice video but Bernhardina 263 0 Sun, 8:10pm
       Great minds think alike Barrow-Wight 145 0 Sun, 10:43pm
       Can i keep him?? phij2 26 0 Mon, 8:12pm

  Collapse Thread Locked WB announces teaser tomorrow at 12... peterLF 518 4 Sun, 7:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)
       Thread Locked i just soiled my pants.. MouthofSauron 198 0 Sun, 7:44pm
       Thread Locked Clickable Otaku-sempai 209 0 Sun, 7:45pm
       Thread Locked Maybe join the discussion in the first thread... Arannir 173 0 Sun, 7:46pm
       Thread Locked ---> Please post in the existing thread below // Altaira 152 0 Sun, 7:50pm

  Collapse It's Official! The Trailer will be released..... JamesPaganini 2297 83 Sun, 7:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by sauget.diblosio)
       Finally! KeenObserver 1041 0 Sun, 7:22pm
       Collapse Great first look here: Arannir 1252 38 Sun, 7:23pm
           Thank you, Arannir!!! KeenObserver 1027 0 Sun, 7:25pm
           Collapse Holy #$|!%*! BilboBagshot187 1024 13 Sun, 7:31pm
               Gandalf watching the eagles ? NoelGallagher 988 0 Sun, 7:36pm
               Collapse Reminds me of the shot in TTT Carne 981 11 Sun, 7:37pm
                   best shot for me NoelGallagher 957 0 Sun, 7:40pm
                   Collapse And also of another shot in TTT too Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 883 9 Sun, 7:51pm
                       Collapse Azog's non-existent wardrobe KeenObserver 613 8 Sun, 8:34pm
                           Collapse What a shame Bernhardina 571 1 Sun, 8:37pm
                               Ha! - Too conceited for his own good // KeenObserver 500 0 Sun, 8:45pm
                           Collapse You never know Shagrat 528 1 Sun, 8:40pm
                               I hope you're right // KeenObserver 493 0 Sun, 8:43pm
                           Collapse I would have preferred to see him in armor Carne 488 1 Sun, 8:51pm
                               I think Azog looks like a pokémon in that shot Bernhardina 553 0 Sun, 9:22pm
                           Well, re the WETA books Avandel 414 0 Sun, 10:27pm
                           I suspect it's because sauget.diblosio 31 0 Mon, 4:40pm
           Collapse Laketown, Gandalf's staff vexx801 836 6 Sun, 7:57pm
               Without any trees... Arannir 810 0 Sun, 7:59pm
               Collapse The Battle KeenObserver 765 4 Sun, 8:01pm
                   it has to be there Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 710 0 Sun, 8:04pm
                   Collapse Yes. Arannir 671 2 Sun, 8:08pm
                       Collapse Hopefully there are a few moments like... Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 649 1 Sun, 8:19pm
                           This is exactly what I want KeenObserver 606 0 Sun, 8:24pm
           Collapse OH MY GOD a teaser for the teaser XD Bernhardina 787 3 Sun, 8:00pm
               finally Rickster 474 0 Sun, 8:53pm
               Collapse some of the "a trailer for a trailer" comments are funny Avandel 462 1 Sun, 10:03pm
                   It's also a great marketing ploy to get more traffic for the Mad Max Trailer... glor 232 0 Mon, 1:44am
           That shot of Bard... BilboBagshot187 714 0 Sun, 8:09pm
           Collapse Take note of the fact Name 648 7 Sun, 8:23pm
               Collapse Yes... they really seem to look up to something. Bats? Arannir 513 6 Sun, 8:47pm
                   Collapse Perhaps it's Thorin KeenObserver 497 5 Sun, 8:53pm
                       Collapse Edit KeenObserver 544 4 Sun, 9:27pm
                           Collapse Im sorry bicho 487 3 Sun, 9:54pm
                               Collapse 21:00 or 9pm. :) Arannir 479 1 Sun, 9:55pm
                                   Thanks bicho 452 0 Sun, 9:58pm
                               9pm. Bofur01 468 0 Sun, 9:55pm
           So far… Glorfindela 426 0 Sun, 10:15pm
           Collapse Regarding first look Cirashala 275 1 Mon, 1:07am
               I was wondering the same thing with Mirkwood... TnuaccayM 227 0 Mon, 1:55am
       WWWHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! MJM 1038 0 Sun, 7:23pm
       Yay! Carne 982 0 Sun, 7:25pm
       Collapse wow Barrow-Wight 1017 8 Sun, 7:26pm
           Agreed. Arannir 986 0 Sun, 7:27pm
           boldog is gonna love that glimpse of Azog KeenObserver 984 0 Sun, 7:28pm
           Collapse An army that can move in sunlight... Seaborn 1011 5 Sun, 7:30pm
               Collapse Already in LotR... Arannir 946 2 Sun, 7:37pm
                   Collapse Orcs v. Daylight Retro315 635 1 Sun, 8:19pm
                       anyone recognise the music? boldog 189 0 Mon, 2:47am
               the only difference is that they cant go at great speed according of what can we see here Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 792 0 Sun, 7:55pm
               think back on it Barrow-Wight 412 0 Sun, 9:11pm
       Grrr... Aragorn the Elfstone 949 0 Sun, 7:36pm
       Collapse ... Faleel 887 1 Sun, 7:41pm
           Yes . . . KeenObserver 861 0 Sun, 7:44pm
     AAAWWWWYEAHNESSSSSS! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 869 0 Sun, 7:45pm
       It also seems... Arannir 867 0 Sun, 7:49pm
       *Yawn* Are we still going on about the trailer? DanielLB 727 0 Sun, 8:07pm
       Collapse Better/wider version on WarnerUK ChrizFox89 758 18 Sun, 8:20pm
           Collapse I'm gonna say it now Name 652 13 Sun, 8:30pm
               I agree!!! Bernhardina 580 0 Sun, 8:36pm
               Collapse Hmm SafeUnderHill 405 11 Sun, 10:31pm
                   Collapse Well...... Name 388 5 Sun, 10:41pm
                       Collapse Yes SafeUnderHill 311 4 Sun, 11:42pm
                           I guess what I mean Name 259 0 Mon, 1:07am
                           Collapse .. Faleel 257 2 Mon, 1:08am
                               About that shot Carne 258 0 Mon, 1:13am
                               I agree entirely! // adt100 123 0 Mon, 10:14am
                   Collapse That shot of Gandalf and the Elves... Aragorn the Elfstone 268 2 Mon, 4:08am
                       Collapse Is that green screen? Annatar598 245 1 Mon, 4:42am
                           Yeah, I didn't get that impression either. Name 58 0 Mon, 1:29pm
                   Collapse Ok let's not pretend LOTR was all 'physical' and The Hobbit is all 'digital' adt100 124 1 Mon, 10:24am
                       I know SafeUnderHill 90 0 Mon, 12:00pm
           Collapse Oh wow Kim 562 2 Sun, 8:42pm
               Collapse Not only the men of Laketown! Carne 484 1 Sun, 9:00pm
                   I assume that shot is in Dale...... Moahunter 420 0 Sun, 9:18pm
         YEEEEEAAAAAH!!!! aifeme 376 0 Sun, 10:40pm
       Collapse So, from the glimpse of the trailer... tsmith675 532 2 Sun, 9:59pm
           Collapse by the way bicho 468 1 Sun, 10:03pm
               At the bottom of the lake. // Carne 451 0 Sun, 10:10pm
       Even from that briefest of teasers of the teaser... adt100 503 0 Sun, 10:14pm
       Yay!! cats16 295 0 Mon, 12:55am
       Mockingjay Arannir 201 0 Mon, 8:08am
       Woot! Thanks, James! // Lurker in the Mirk 89 0 Mon, 12:04pm

  Collapse Humor in The Hobbit Beorn's Bees 615 19 Sun, 7:16pm Jump to last post in thread (by sauget.diblosio)
       Collapse Very fitting for the most part. Arannir 379 2 Sun, 7:20pm
           Collapse Hurray! Aitieuriskon 345 1 Sun, 7:25pm
               I actually quite enjoy it. Arannir 319 0 Sun, 7:46pm
       Collapse Mixed bag Aitieuriskon 361 1 Sun, 7:21pm
           Couldn't agree more... Eleniel 317 0 Sun, 7:44pm
       I have liked some of the humour BilboBagshot187 341 0 Sun, 7:24pm
       I like most of it Bernhardina 292 0 Sun, 8:06pm
       Collapse It's childish humor, yes. tsmith675 270 1 Sun, 9:12pm
           You are not alone. Arannir 244 0 Sun, 9:16pm
       IMHO Glorfindela 220 0 Sun, 10:21pm
       Collapse Martin's good, but so is Stephen Hunter Kilidoescartwheels 206 2 Sun, 11:08pm
           I love most of it, but.... happydood 153 0 Mon, 2:31am
           Freeman Yngwulff 157 0 Mon, 2:35am
       Collapse I love it Kim 146 2 Mon, 3:20am
           Collapse Agreed. Arannir 111 1 Mon, 7:18am
               Ditto KeenObserver 79 0 Mon, 9:46am
       I like it KeenObserver 71 0 Mon, 10:50am
       I enjoyed most of the humor Elarie 56 0 Mon, 12:51pm
       Not a fan for the most part. sauget.diblosio 30 0 Mon, 3:49pm

  Collapse Thread Locked Mad Max: Fury Road trailer is out! MJM 239 3 Sun, 7:15pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ataahua)
       Thread Locked Could we use the exisiting threads? Arannir 106 0 Sun, 7:16pm
       Thread Locked Awesome! KeenObserver 97 0 Sun, 7:21pm
       Thread Locked Yes, there are already two other 'trailer' threads that are live. Ataahua 89 0 Sun, 7:24pm

  Collapse There are gems in the mountain I too desire- Thranduil´s ayes sparkle and glitter when he says "desire" Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 441 11 Sun, 7:10pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       Collapse Yes... Arannir 277 7 Sun, 7:12pm
           Collapse Hmm Bernhardina 213 2 Sun, 8:07pm
               Collapse If you can't tell... Arannir 216 1 Sun, 8:11pm
                   Yeah but Bernhardina 187 0 Sun, 8:32pm
           Collapse Is that the scene Name 151 3 Sun, 10:03pm
               Collapse I believe the scene referred to is this one Loresilme 133 2 Sun, 10:43pm
                   Collapse Ah ok that makes more sense. Name 120 1 Sun, 10:46pm
                       It was :)! A bit more detail here -- Loresilme 109 0 Sun, 11:55pm
       Collapse White gems sparkle screenshots Lurker in the Mirk 102 2 Mon, 12:51am
           Collapse Must go back to watch the sparkle Glassary 78 1 Mon, 2:47am
             Great reason! And it does warrant close analysis... Lurker in the Mirk 27 0 Mon, 12:44pm

  Collapse Where would we be now if Del Toro had directed this whole series? Sebastian the Hedgehog 767 19 Sun, 6:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by Darkstone)
       Good question. Farficom 432 0 Sun, 6:28pm
       I honestly really wanted to see his take... Beorn's Bees 443 0 Sun, 6:31pm
       Collapse Somehow... Arannir 433 2 Sun, 6:33pm
           I've always felt that del Toro left Lindele 420 0 Sun, 6:46pm
           Totally FATE Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 291 0 Sun, 7:14pm
       Collapse Maybe wondering how PJ would have done it. TnuaccayM 378 2 Sun, 6:49pm
           Collapse I'm with you KeenObserver 79 1 Mon, 9:04am
               I have rarely seen this expressed in a better way. Arannir 68 0 Mon, 9:22am
       Collapse Would it really have been that different? IdrilLalaith 353 3 Sun, 6:59pm
           Depends Otaku-sempai 282 0 Sun, 7:30pm
           Collapse del Toro couldn't have done it MirielCelebel 154 1 Mon, 2:39am
               Ah, that makes more sense IdrilLalaith 123 0 Mon, 4:27am
       Collapse "chose to leave" Crunchable Birdses 323 1 Sun, 7:12pm
           Me too. Arannir 293 0 Sun, 7:15pm
       I love Guillermo Del Toro NecromancerRising 294 0 Sun, 7:18pm
       No idea, and I really don't think we ever will have... dormouse 293 0 Sun, 7:21pm
       Collapse The magic touch KeenObserver 73 1 Mon, 9:35am
           Interesting analogy Lurker in the Mirk 46 0 Mon, 12:52pm
       No EEs. Darkstone 36 0 Mon, 2:29pm

  Collapse So when will the trailer be released? MJM 1531 15 Sun, 1:40pm Jump to last post in thread (by NecromancerRising)
       Collapse There is nothing "to be heard", I think. Arannir 752 6 Sun, 2:06pm
           Collapse Actually bicho 822 3 Sun, 2:11pm
               Yeah but that will be taken down soon enough. Name 740 0 Sun, 2:13pm
               Please edit that. Arannir 720 0 Sun, 2:15pm
               i wouldn't exactly call it a batman vs. superman trailer MouthofSauron 137 0 Sun, 6:52pm
           Collapse Yup, Monday is what I've heard Carne 746 1 Sun, 2:25pm
               oh my Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 643 0 Sun, 2:46pm
       thehobbit.com Arandir 615 0 Sun, 4:02pm
       Collapse Oh this is too exciting! Bernhardina 398 6 Sun, 5:24pm
           Collapse hope bicho 238 5 Sun, 6:31pm
               Collapse I thought "this is it"... Arannir 215 2 Sun, 6:40pm
                   Seems like WB's bizarre marketing strategy is working... Bofur01 190 0 Sun, 6:45pm
                   This NoelGallagher 162 0 Sun, 6:50pm
               Collapse Mad Max: Fury Road KeenObserver 159 1 Sun, 6:55pm
                   Do not despair K.O. NecromancerRising 70 0 Sun, 7:21pm

  Collapse So I feel Bilbo will SPOILER during the battle Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1057 31 Sun, 12:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse Eh, I don't know Name 505 17 Sun, 12:53pm
           Collapse but an imprison when he realices what Bilbo has done it makes the whole sense Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 472 16 Sun, 1:09pm
               Collapse why wouldn't Thorin simply search Bilbo for it? MouthofSauron 216 15 Sun, 6:54pm
                   Collapse Because Bilbo is cleverer than that! DanielLB 199 3 Sun, 7:07pm
                       He puts the arkenstone in the ring LOL Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 188 0 Sun, 7:12pm
                       Collapse ok so... MouthofSauron 174 1 Sun, 7:43pm
                           Yes, he might have hidden it elsewhere. / DanielLB 150 0 Sun, 8:04pm
                   Collapse Bilbo's imprisonment KeenObserver 174 10 Sun, 7:52pm
                       Collapse I hope that you're wrong... Otaku-sempai 159 1 Sun, 8:02pm
                           I hope that I'm wrong // KeenObserver 137 0 Sun, 8:37pm
                       Collapse In face I would keep Bilbo as an exchange for the Arkenstone Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 152 7 Sun, 8:34pm
                           Whoa KeenObserver 135 0 Sun, 8:41pm
                           Collapse Thorin lost his head (book spoilers) Otaku-sempai 132 5 Sun, 8:45pm
                               Collapse Yeah but I feel its a safe way to keep Bilbo out of the battle but witnessing somehow Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 118 2 Sun, 9:03pm
                                   Collapse Safe, yes. But boring. Otaku-sempai 114 1 Sun, 9:11pm
                                       Ah then perhaps Loresilme 79 0 Sun, 10:24pm
                               Collapse But. Faleel 46 1 Mon, 1:39am
                                   That would be a shame. Otaku-sempai 14 0 Mon, 1:38pm
       Collapse If by ''imprison'' you mean to keep him inside, well, it could be TnuaccayM 384 1 Sun, 2:23pm
           I mean putting him after knowing what he has done with the arkenstone Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 370 0 Sun, 2:41pm
       This might very well be true Bernhardina 278 0 Sun, 5:31pm
       Collapse I think this may be true because it solves a couple of issues from the book-version Loresilme 237 7 Sun, 6:49pm
           Collapse You can call me isaac:-) or.... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 189 1 Sun, 7:11pm
               lol well thank you for the choices :) Loresilme 77 0 Sun, 10:27pm
           Collapse An active participant KeenObserver 122 4 Sun, 9:12pm
               Collapse not in the battlefield but Praps in Erebor Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 109 3 Sun, 9:35pm
                   Collapse That would be cool KeenObserver 92 2 Sun, 10:17pm
                       Collapse Edit: Perhaps Thorin is fatally wounded near the throne or treasure horde // KeenObserver 73 1 Sun, 10:40pm
                           That could be cool Name 72 0 Sun, 10:52pm
       Early indications Otaku-sempai 193 0 Sun, 7:36pm
       He'll most likely fight LordotRings93 67 0 Mon, 12:25am
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